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Monday, December 10th, 2012, 00:06 UTC
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[01:18:00] ekristen: I have .25-fixes and an hdhomerun prime, and the video is getting recorded all pixelated and choppy
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[12:59:12] ekristen: I have .25-fixes and an hdhomerun prime, and the video is getting recorded all pixelated and choppy
[13:17:22] stuartm: ekristen: you've inserted your cable card?
[13:17:32] ekristen: stuartm: yes I have
[13:17:39] ekristen: I can stream using VLC with no problem
[13:18:20] ekristen: but it seems when mythtv records it gets all funky
[13:18:28] ekristen: not really sure how to explain, I can provide a sample
[13:18:32] stuartm: and it's definitely the recording which is corrupted, i.e. it plays back that way in vlc?
[13:18:48] ekristen: stuartm: yes plays back corrupt in vlc
[13:19:08] ekristen: at first I thought it was the transcode, but I copied the mpeg2 and played back with vlc and its all weird
[13:19:10] stuartm: ekristen: with devices like the hdhomerun we receive the stream unaltered from the device and just write it straight to disk
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[13:19:33] ekristen: stuartm: so possibilities are networking, or not enough resources on mythtv maybe?
[13:19:54] stuartm: it sounds a little like it's not being decrypted which is why I asked about the card
[13:22:33] ekristen: stuartm: hrm
[13:23:18] ekristen: I guess I could try a clearqam channel
[13:23:22] ekristen: and see if the same thing happens
[13:23:58] ekristen: but I don't know why mythtv would be receiving a stream that would be having encrypted issues, but VLC on my system does not
[13:30:00] stuartm: I don't know much about the HDHR Prime, one of the US devs might be able to answer that question
[13:35:17] ekristen: ok
[13:35:31] ekristen: I'll try a clearqam channel and see what happens
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[14:19:18] danielk22: ekristen: Linux buffer size. By default it is set to 128KB, you need it set to at least 2MB for video streaming to work reliably. Google linux networking.
[14:19:50] ekristen: danielk22: hrm, I changed on syctl option, not sure if that was it, let me look
[14:22:01] ekristen: so a clearqam channel seemed to work, but the audio is echoing horribly in the mpg file on playback
[14:22:22] ekristen: hrm wait that might be a quicktime issue only
[14:23:11] ekristen: that clearqam was also not HD
[14:24:24] stichnot: danielk22: Should I expect HDHR recording to work when I have my local backend IP address as and the HDHR address
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[14:33:08] ekristen: stuartm: is this what an encrypted channel looks like? . . . .17%20AM.png
[14:37:19] danielk22: stichnot: I would think so, but I'm uncertain.
[14:38:35] danielk22: stuartm: Beirdo: I'd like to clean up the buildbot server. Get rid of 0.25 compiles, ceton & mythsocket branch compiles, etc.
[14:38:50] danielk22: Do I have access to that stuff & if so where do I find it?
[14:39:15] stuarta: danielk22: i can do
[14:40:51] stuartm: ekristen: it depends on the encryption used, but that is similar to what I'd see with encrypted satellite channels in the UK
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[14:41:38] stuartm: I think we have at least one dev with a Prime, but you might find more people who can help in the #mythtv-users channel
[14:41:41] Jordack (Jordack! has joined #mythtv
[14:42:01] ekristen: stuartm: yeah I just checked it looks like my hdhr needed to be restarted — it wasn't picking up on the card info — I'm testing again — its possible that the entire time I've been testing mythtv the hdhr wasn't working right, the hdhr was working right at one point
[14:49:20] danielk22: stuartm: I've updated the master.cfg in 3 commits. I'd also like to add a clang/clang++ builder, but I'll do that after you get this master.cfg in place..
[14:49:54] stuartm: stuarta: ^^
[14:50:02] danielk22: oops :)
[14:50:29] stuarta: danielk22: did you commit it?
[14:50:36] danielk22: yep & pushed
[14:52:38] stuarta: right, i've a few extra cleanups i did
[14:52:43] ** stuarta commits **
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[14:55:40] stuartm: guess I should take a look at this stuff and get a coverity build setup
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[14:56:07] stuarta: danielk22: done
[14:56:44] jya: danielk22: I'm fairly certain your last commit will break the build on mac
[14:57:03] danielk22: jya: Why?
[14:57:17] jya: the QMAKE_CFLAGS += vs *= make a problem appear with qmake
[14:57:44] jya: on a mac, to select the architecture you want to build on you do: -arch i386 or -arch x86_64
[14:57:48] dmfrey (dmfrey! has joined #mythtv
[14:58:15] jya: problem is when building a universal: you do: -arch i386 -arch x86_64, which when you use *= becomes -arch i386 x86_64
[14:58:20] jya: a -arch is removed.
[14:58:33] jya: it used to be *= and changing to += was one of the fix
[14:58:38] danielk22: Ah, the second -arsc is removed as a duplicate?
[14:59:04] jya: yes.. I've lodged that bug to Qt, it was fixed in 4.8.1, but was reintroduced in 4.8.2 and 4.8.3
[14:59:24] danielk22: The problem I was solving on linux was that clang would see duplicate args If I didn't use *= and just refuse to compile.
[14:59:29] jya: having said that: i've been compiling using clang for nearly two years without having a problem
[14:59:48] danielk22: All on OSX?
[15:01:41] danielk22: The "-mllvm -stack-alignment=16" gets duplicated when we add the CFLAGS with += on linux.
[15:02:08] jya: but what's wrong with duplicates?
[15:02:17] danielk22: clang refuses to run
[15:02:51] jya: i have plenty of duplicates on my cflags, and it builds just fine using clang-421.11.66
[15:03:16] jya: there's someone else around here that build using clang, and has submitted a few bug reports about it.
[15:03:31] jya: maybe time for you to upgrade your copy of clang instead ? :)
[15:03:59] jya: danielk22: or maybe, do a macx: blah ; else blah
[15:04:06] danielk22: Heh, this is a fairly recent clang, "3.0–6ubuntu3 (tags/RELEASE_30/final) (based on LLVM 3.0)"
[15:04:20] jya: that's ancient
[15:04:35] jya: clang3 is at least 2 years old
[15:04:38] danielk22: jya: I think the macx might be the solution, I tried doing the -= stuff to remove the dups and qmake wouldn't comply.
[15:05:47] danielk22: heh, I guess that is old for clang :)
[15:06:20] danielk22: 3.0 does have a fair bit of C++11 in it, is it really 2 y.o. ?
[15:06:44] jya: ok.. maybe 1 :)
[15:07:09] jya: 4.2.1 is from june '12 already
[15:07:25] jya: clang 4 was first introduced in Xcode 4
[15:07:41] jya: which is about early 2011
[15:08:45] jya: oh well… even with the new ffmpeg resync, i get the same errors playing a file on storage group… bugger
[15:09:18] jya: most of the audio codec returns planar data … had to update all pieces using audio...
[15:09:29] jya: they renamed all codecs....
[15:09:41] jya: what a pain..
[15:10:01] danielk22: why would they do that?
[15:11:08] danielk22: jya: I'll commit the macx workaround with explanation comments shortly.
[15:11:21] jya: i guess they caught up with libav that renamed everything with AV_ at the front
[15:11:40] jya: they had renamed the codecs for a short while, which was then reverted a few days later…
[15:11:51] jya: no all CODEC_ID_blah became AV_CODEC_ID
[15:11:56] jya: s/no/now
[15:12:29] danielk22: Ah, so not too hard to adjust then.
[15:12:42] jya: hum… segfault in master on airplay. in QMutex::lock
[15:13:32] jya: in NetStream destructor… what this NetStream class ? that's new ?
[15:14:19] danielk22: I think that is part of what Captain_Murdoch is working on with the on-demand transcoding.
[15:16:22] danielk22: stuarta: I've pushed a new clang builder. The password for the new builder in config/ is the same as for my icc builder.
[15:26:55] ** stuarta checks **
[15:30:46] jya: danielk22: I got another case today where I changed channels in LiveTV and I got stuck in the same multiplex
[15:31:05] stuarta: danielk22: it's ready to restart when these builds are over
[15:31:11] jya: exiting liveTV, re-entering allowed to change channels once again
[15:40:42] gigem: stuartm, danielk22: The damaged recording indication doesn't currently get passed to the scheduler so oldrecorded.duplicate always gets set. I'm relunctant to change this aa I get way too many recordings falsely marked as damaged due to dts/pts discontinuiities.
[15:42:39] danielk22: gigem: I've learned recently that dts/pts discontinuities are sometimes flagged as ok in the transmission. We should look at your recordings and see if they are properly flagged and if so add support for that feature...
[15:42:49] danielk22: stuarta: great :)
[15:43:47] danielk22: jya: Is this a new install, I believe there is still a flag to control whether we allow channel changes across tuners via browse mode. But we changed the default to allow it. We should probably remove the flag altogether...
[15:45:02] jya: that's my old install, that has been upgraded from every myth version in the past few years
[15:45:15] gigem: danielk22: How and where are the discontinuities marked? I have a 31MB sample I captured a couple months ago that I can upload for you.
[15:45:50] jya: changing channels does work, sometimes… i usually not stuck in a multiplex
[15:47:12] danielk22: gigem: Upload it to the box account. I'm not likely to be able to look at it this week, but next week looks good. They are marked in the mpeg bitstream somehow. I don't know the details; I will need to research it.
[15:48:44] danielk22: jya: Hmm, hard to tell what happened if it usually works. Any chance all the tuners were tied up at the moment of the channel change or shortly before?
[15:49:18] jya: danielk22: no chance… when this happens , i just exist livetv and reenter immediately
[15:53:14] jya: ahah..
[15:53:20] jya: the crash in NetStream
[15:53:41] jya: is due to a conflict of name … I had a NetStream class in the RAOP code,
[15:53:57] stichnot (stichnot!~stichnot@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[15:54:00] jya: but there's now a netstream.cpp and it calls that destructor instead
[15:55:49] danielk22: ouch! Surprising the linker didn't complain
[15:57:04] jya: yes… i would have expected to get a warning or a compile error....
[15:58:11] gigem: danielk22: . BTW, do you know of a good Linux program for parsing and showing the structure of an MPEG stream?
[16:00:16] stuarta: ffmpeg -i file.mpg does a good start
[16:00:38] stuarta: i think you can get dvbsnoop to read files too
[16:07:35] danielk22: stuarta: The compiles are all complete...
[16:07:37] kwmonroe (kwmonroe!~kwmonroe@ has quit (Quit: Coyote finally caught me)
[16:08:32] danielk22: gigem: not really, I use mediainfo and ffprobe for basic info, but I usually just write something into myth temporarily if I need more info.
[16:13:34] gigem: stuarta, danielk22: I've used dvbsnoop a little in the past. My problem with it as I recall is I don't know enough MPEG/DVB specifics to figure out what options to use, and even if I stumble upon the right ones, I don't always reallize it.
[16:13:55] stuarta: danielk22: :) /me was busy working on cases
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[16:15:27] stuarta: danielk22: done
[16:21:36] kwmonroe (kwmonroe!~kwmonroe@ has joined #mythtv
[16:27:09] stuarta: danielk22: feel free to spin up the buildslave whenever you are ready
[16:29:24] danielk22: stuarta: I think I need to put it on a different port, not sure how to do that in the
[16:34:19] stuarta: what do you mean, you should be able to just startup a 2nd buildslave instance with a different config
[16:34:33] danielk22: On the same port 9989 ?
[16:34:39] stuarta: the port is on the server
[16:34:46] danielk22: oh, ok :)
[16:34:58] stuarta: :)
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[16:39:20] stuartm: gigem: oh, I thought it was getting passed to the scheduler – guess I'll have to patch that in locally then
[16:41:44] stuartm: jya: if we can refactor the mheg/hls stuff to use common code that would be good, I doubt that the BBC iPlayer stuff is anything but HLS under the hood
[16:41:54] stuartm: if I was on better terms with Lawrence I'd run it past him
[16:43:42] stuarta: danielk22: Traceback from remote host — Traceback unavailable exceptions.OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/buildbot/slave/master-linux-64bit-clang'
[16:46:35] danielk22: stuarta: That should be fixed, but it is still not running. any new complaints?
[16:49:03] gregL (gregL! has joined #mythtv
[16:49:04] stuarta: not on the server side
[16:49:15] stuarta: but it hasn't connected
[16:50:29] FabriceMG (FabriceMG! has quit (Quit: FabriceMG)
[16:53:20] danielk22: restarted.. it now appears to be building :)
[16:53:33] stuarta: \o/
[17:04:17] stuarta: right, i'm off home
[17:04:32] danielk22: thx stuarta
[17:18:11] danielk22: Beirdo: We're seeing the problem with clang that we saw with icc initially, configure is run as "./configure '--cc=clang --cxx=clang++ --disable-distcc'" The extra comments are preventing it from running properly. Do you remember what you did to fix that?
[17:23:03] danielk22: nm found it. The that is checked in is not up to date..
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[17:57:38] danielk22: stuarta: Beirdo: I updated the and sent a sighup to the buildbot but the linuxclang.pyc is still not updated and it is using the old one..
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[18:01:01] danielk22: Hmm, Just had to get the old pyc out of the way..
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[18:09:43] danielk22: Nope, looks like a restart is required. Reading section 4.5 in the buildbot manual lists this as a problem with SIGHUP handling. Imported modules are not reimported.
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[18:31:20] xris: btw, just submitted an open source license request for phpstorm PHP IDE (from the intelliJ guys), for mythweb. If they approve us (don't see why they wouldn't), anyone else interested in a license?
[18:43:17] zombor (zombor!~zombor__@kohana/developer/zombor) has joined #mythtv
[18:52:21] MythBuild: build #6 of master-linux-64bit-clang is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . ang/builds/6
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[20:25:48] stuartm: danielk22: it seems Coverity have an API we can use to get the 'defect' info and then render it into something simpler (and faster) for our own purposes, ala the cppcheck output – does this sound like it would be worth pursuing? If I'm the only one who would benefit it's going to be a very low priority, hence the question
[20:26:47] stuartm: I'm still trying to find full documentation for it, all I can find atm are oblique references to it in their community forums along with some client side python scripts to parse the xml
[20:27:51] stuartm: for instance I'm not sure if we'd be allowed to make the data public or not, obviously it's more useful if we can point potential contributors at it when they asking for work
[20:28:53] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[20:33:49] stuartm: anyway, while I was at it I came across this:
[20:34:44] stuartm: so it appears we can manage (or at least add) users ourselves, which is good
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[20:45:26] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch: m_bits in mythtranscode/audioreencodebuffer.h is unused, since it generates a warning any objection to commenting it out?
[20:46:26] stuartm: it generates a warning because it's not initialised, which doesn't really matter as long as it's not used
[20:47:10] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: As a code "janitor", I would find such coverity output useful, since most of my minimal contributions over the past have been to fix those small issueswarnings from clang/gcc which I can quickly grasp and the fix is fairly obvious. It *might* free up some core developers time if others can provide those patches. Of course, someone will still have to review them, and sometimes the review would take less time that doing it yourse
[20:47:55] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: sorry, I meant that sometimes the review would take *more* time than doing it yourself.
[20:49:11] stuartm: it can go either way, trawling through the list of issues found by Coverity and confirming that they are real bugs can be incredibly time consuming, so it would often be a real time saver
[20:51:36] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: Agreed. And in any case, for code "cleanliness", resolving all the issues (either as patches or identifications of false positives) means that the future reports become more useful.
[20:52:01] stuartm: in a lot of cases it's not clear without digging into the code whether it's a bug or not, e.g. I just skipped over one in mythtranscode that was warning that a string hadn't been null-terminated – that could be a bug but since it's writing into an mpeg-ts structure object I'd have to check the mpeg-ts spec, the libmpeg2 source code and documentation to find out for sure
[20:53:16] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: In some projects I have seen, after all the warnings were resolved, no new warnings were allowed to be introduced. It added a certain amount of discipline to the codes. And overhead. And sometimes frustration :-)
[20:53:56] stuartm: in fact I'm reasonably certain that it's a false positive because it just so happens that I _was_ reading the mpeg-ts spec for the audio language descriptor just last week, but that's just a matter of luck
[20:54:48] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: Or premonition.
[20:54:56] stuartm: garybuhrmaster: we are trying to achieve that atm, we already tell someone if they've added new warnings and expect them to fix it :)
[20:58:47] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: regarding premonition, if I am not moving this holiday week, I may have some time to look at mythtv codes (not a lot, but some). Is there some janitorial type work that I could work on, that if not complete would not be great loss?
[21:02:20] Guest9279 (Guest9279! has joined #mythtv
[21:02:40] stuartm: I'm sure there is something, but my mind is coming up blank just now
[21:03:44] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: Well, with the presumption that my approach to moving libhdhomerun to external/ will be acceptable, I was thinking about picking another victim.
[21:04:34] stuartm: garybuhrmaster: heh, well there are lots of things that need moving to external – libdvdnav and libbluary for starters
[21:04:50] stuartm: libbluray
[21:05:15] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: Or trying to look into the various unhandled switch values.
[21:05:43] stuartm: or that :)
[21:06:47] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: Ok, thanks.
[21:06:57] stuartm: phew, I've been outbid ...
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[21:08:07] stuartm: the danger of bidding days before the end of an ebay auction is that a better deal comes along in the meantime
[21:08:08] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: You could offer to double the bid. Twice nothing is still nothing :-) [I love the people who think you work for them]
[21:08:45] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: The only reason to bid (low) early is so that you get the right notifications for your later sniping.
[21:09:43] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: Not that *I* use that approach, mind you. It is just a theory I have heard about.
[21:09:54] stuartm: heh
[21:11:12] stuartm: I bid what I thought was low, only it was getting too close to the deadline for comfort and I'd already gone ahead and bought the item (camera lens) elsewhere for an even lower price
[21:11:46] stuartm: someone had bid me up to just below my maximum and then it went very quiet :)
[21:12:25] stuartm: anyway, totally OT
[21:12:36] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: Of course they did. That is they way to determine what the other person has bid, and then they can decide if it is worth it to bid later. All theory of course....
[21:15:25] stuartm: the amount of time you have to invest in getting a good deal on ebay sometimes isn't worth the saving you make
[21:17:20] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: OT: sorry I did not get the transition to your own auction...
[21:18:28] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: OT: Re: eBay time investment. Agreed.
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[21:28:10] natanojl: stuartm: which lens?
[21:30:33] stuartm: natanojl: nothing special, a rather ordinary 14mm Panasonic pancake for my GX1
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[21:42:56] natanojl: stuartm: ok, seems like a good one
[21:46:16] waynemcdougall (waynemcdougall! has joined #mythtv
[21:54:24] stuartm: it's certainly very decent for the price I paid, there are always better, faster lenses but you pay a lot more for them
[22:00:22] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: Looks like quite a nice wide angle lens, actually. Are you looking to use it indoors or out (I know, once you have it you will find lots of places to use it).
[22:01:38] garybuhrmaster: stuartm: Re: price: Yes, I know a friend you covets one of the 14mm Nikkor lens (at something like $1.5K or there abouts). I doubt they will get one anytime soon.
[22:03:56] stichnot (stichnot!stichnot@nat/google/x-znkxegfizlmfggsy) has joined #mythtv
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[22:04:19] stuartm: garybuhrmaster: had outdoors/landscapes in mind principally
[22:11:26] stuartm: on the GX1 body that 14mm effectively becomes 28mm, so not as wide as the Nikkor on a full frame
[22:12:21] sraue_ (sraue_! has joined #mythtv
[22:13:00] sraue_ is now known as sraue
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[22:28:50] Sharky-Sleep is now known as Sharky112065
[22:33:40] stichnot: I have a fake mysql db set up on my laptop. I'd like to set up a fake backend as well for frontend testing. mythbackend refused to run without a valid tuner and/or input connection defined. What's the best way around this?
[22:36:31] danielk22: stichnot: For a debugging backend, add an mpegrecorder with a file as the input device.
[22:37:03] natanojl (natanojl! has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[22:37:58] stichnot: danielk22: would that be "import test recorder" or "demo test recorder"?
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[23:29:49] danielk22: stichnot: Neither. I meant the recorder you use for HVR-2250 and PVR-250 analog recorders. It has a not well documented feature that allows you to use it as a debugging recorder by just specifying a file instead of a device as the input device.
[23:33:38] tonsofpcs: debugging recorder?
[23:35:15] stichnot: danielk22: thanks, V4L with /dev/null seems to work, though I do have to have an input connection set up
[23:37:17] stichnot: tonsofpcs: I think "debugging recorder" is for debugging the mythbackend recording-related code, not for users
[23:38:18] tonsofpcs: stichnot: I understand what debugging is, I'm just wondering how a 'recorder' can be used as a 'debugging recorder' for another software by replacing input with a file...
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[23:49:03] stichnot: tonsofpcs: didn't mean to talk down, what I meant was just that I think danielk22 uses a file to simulate the stream of data from a recording device, 1) to develop/debug on the road when no physical recording device is available, or 2) to take potential hardware flakiness out of the loop.
[23:50:13] tonsofpcs: oh, I see, "the recorder you use" is an input module, not a totally external software
[23:50:31] stuartm: in this context 'recorder' means a subclass of RecorderBase in libmythtv, the piece of code responsible for interacting with the hardware and feeding the stream of data to the stream parsers and file writer which ultimately place them on the harddrive
[23:50:39] stuartm: tonsofpcs: yes
[23:51:39] stuartm: module is about the best and most concise way of describing it without getting too technical

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