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Wednesday, December 5th, 2012, 00:10 UTC
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[01:26:29] danielk22: :/ I can't get yuv2rgb.cpp:91 & friends right. I don't understand why the compiler wants to convert something like 0xf37df37df37df37dULL to a long long int to initialize a union that contains an unsigned long long. :|
[01:29:11] danielk22: With C99 you could do ".uq = ", but AFAIK C++ doesn't have anything like that.
[01:30:24] skd5aner: jheizer: what platform is is going to run on? mobile app for windows phone? mono for windows 8? IIS/.Net Web Server?
[01:33:59] skd5aner: stuartm: perhaps smolt could collect the filter settings and show which ones are used by how many users (and how many users have 0 filters set)
[01:34:54] skd5aner: danielk22: and I still see analog material... daily... many cable broadcasters still leverage it – and from the number of users complaining about analog live tv failures, I'd wager many more people still use it for recordings
[01:36:09] skd5aner: danielk22: but, I would say the number has to be getting smaller... but I suppose there could be large libraries of exported materials or other "analog quality" material in people's video libraries rather than just recordings
[01:38:10] skd5aner: needless to say, the quality of encoders on the old hauppauge pvr-*** devices isn't the best quality to begin with, so filters could help
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[02:06:35] gigem: xris (or kormoc): Week/timeslot and Finddaily/weekly will soon no longer be allowed for normal recording rules (i.e. non-search and non-manual). What do I change in mythweb to enforce this change? Alernatively (and my preference), I can send you what I've already done and let you finish it. I doubt it would take you very long.
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[02:38:32] xris: gigem: will you have a way to migrate existing rules over to whatever is new? if so, deleting from the UI is probably the most important first step
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[02:49:35] Captain_Murdoch: danielk22, yeah, I have a TODO list of items to fix in AVFW, one of which you fixed today (++x vs x++). I hadn't locked around those since that code is only used in mythtranscode where there's no race, but do need to lock since I want to use AVFW in NuppelVideoRecorder eventually. I'll add the lock and cleanup to my TODO. Thanks.
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[03:52:50] Beirdo: stuartm: upgrade of cppcheck imminent... to git master
[03:53:22] Beirdo: MythBuild: force build cppcheck-master now
[03:53:23] MythBuild: build forced [ETA 1m06s]
[03:53:23] MythBuild: I'll give a shout when the build finishes
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[03:59:48] MythBuild: Hey! build cppcheck-master #1581 is complete: Success [3build successful]
[03:59:48] ** MythLogBot **
[03:59:48] MythBuild: Build details are at . . . /builds/1581
[04:11:32] gigem: xris: Yes, the migration is already handled. I just need to update mythweb so it won't create invalid rules. I think I can handle the obvious delete parts myself. The tricky thing is weekly and daily rules are still allowed for manual and search rules so I can't just delete all references to those rule types.
[04:12:09] xris: yeah, removing it from the couple of pages where it's not allowed is probably the easiest
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[04:21:21] gigem: Right, but which pages? I see schedules_custom.php and schedules_manual.php, but the schedules.php which I'd expect the other, normal rules to use looks quite different.
[04:22:31] xris: and record*php
[04:22:47] xris: I literally haven't looked at that stuff in years
[04:23:07] xris: or maybe detail.php
[04:27:13] gigem: detail.php definite references all rule types. If searh and manula rules don't use detatil.php, that probably the right place. I'm afraid, though, that if I delete those refences, it will break something else.
[04:32:25] xris: just comment out the stuff in the template
[04:32:30] xris: the detail.php template
[04:32:45] xris: can leave the stuff in the controller part once you know the UI is gone
[04:50:13] gigem: Okay. I'll give it a try tomorrow.
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[09:09:29] stuarta: morning
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[10:39:21] stuartm: morning
[10:39:34] stuartm: Beirdo: thanks for that
[10:40:04] stuartm: danielk22: some nice new checks in the latest cppcheck, e.g. the fix I just pushed to cddb.cpp
[10:44:37] stuarta: stuartm: that is nice
[10:47:54] stuartm: always better when you're catching genuine bugs
[11:05:23] stuartm: Return value of std::remove() ignored. Elements remain in container. mythtv/libs/libmythtv/videobuffers.cpp:356
[11:06:50] stuarta: intereseting
[11:06:58] stuarta: -e
[11:09:16] stuartm: hmm, might be false positives after all, the lines it's triggering on aren't using std:remove()
[11:10:41] stuartm: still, there's the potential for some confusion there since MythDeque::remove() actually erases()
[11:23:44] stuartm: added noConstructor and redundantAssignment checks to the suppressions list
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[11:34:13] dekarl: stuartm: your fixes to select the non-AD audio channel from BBC HD recordings is only in master? I was about to suggest running the recording through mythtranscode prior to converting to iDevice format in that thread on the users list.
[11:38:55] stuartm: dekarl: master only I'm afraid
[11:41:34] dekarl: ahh, another point for the "does 0.27 contain any good stuff?" list
[11:42:13] stuartm: I haven't actually established that mythtranscode uses that code path yet
[11:42:38] stuartm: but the exclusion of AD tracks from auto-selection and the labelling are nice additions on their own
[11:45:20] dekarl: aye. making it a avoid/prefer toggle might be icing on the cake for visually impaired users.
[11:46:25] stuartm: that would be great, unfortunately there are two types of AD track, those which include the main audio and description and those which only include the description
[11:46:28] dekarl: thinking of bilingual channels with AD in both languages and stereo+surround tracks => 6 audio tracks to chose from
[11:46:46] stuartm: the latter are meant to be combined with the main audio track, which we cannot currently do
[11:47:04] dekarl: I've not seen the latter in the (german) wild
[11:47:30] stuartm: the latter are used on DVB-T, the former on DVB-S
[11:47:54] stuartm: mostly because Sky hardware can't handle decoding two audio streams
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[11:50:20] stuartm: dekarl: is the AD labelling working in Germany?
[11:50:37] stuartm: I obviously could only test with UK examples
[11:50:46] dekarl: I have to update
[11:50:58] dekarl: but I have to update anyway as teletext is broken, again
[11:51:28] stuartm: dekarl: well if you don't want to, a sample would be enough
[11:52:06] stuartm: if it ticks some other boxes for our sample collection then even better
[11:52:55] dekarl: hmm, how does this sound. A collection of manualy crafted test cases + unit tests to verify that they still are properly handled?
[11:53:48] dekarl: I'm throwing the idea around for some time and lately had a look at what QT has to offer wrt unit tests.
[11:54:13] dekarl: With all the dvb table corner cases its needed anyway
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[11:55:56] stuartm: dekarl: it sounds great, danielk22 and I have also discussed it, it just needs someone with the time to implement
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[12:03:21] stuartm: dekarl: if you want to make a start, however small then we can build on that over time
[12:16:05] dekarl: btw, is there a place to collect "nice to have schema changes"? I've started to look into "Adjust your join queries to always utilize indexes" and "join_buffer_size (> 128.0K, or always use indexes with joins)" suggestions from mysqltuner
[12:16:07] stuartm: I'm not sure what unit tests for video would look like exactly, but I guess the most basic would check stuff like the number and codecs of video, audio, subtitle streams found in a sample, the identification of their language and type (commentary/AD/main), the number of frames/keyframes and duration, the time they take to play broken down by startup/decoding/shutdown, the count of errors/warnings received during playback
[12:17:41] stuartm: dekarl: in the past we've put that stuff on pages in the trac wiki e.g.
[12:17:42] dekarl: stuartm: aye, starting with stuff like "the language is detected", "teletext presence is detected" moving on to "mythtranscode does not strip the language signaling"
[12:17:51] stuartm: obviously that example is way out of date
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[13:27:51] dblain: jheizer: I wrote the core Service API framework and I'm a Microsoft/.net programmer so not all is lost. Did you use WSDL to generate a service proxy? (I focused on WCF compatibility when I coded the WSDL & service intefaces)
[13:31:22] danielk22: stuartm: In videobuffers.cpp I don't think it is using std::remove(), that has 3 params not 2 and 2 of those are iterators.
[13:31:48] stuartm: danielk22: yeah, already came to the conclusion that it was a false positive
[13:32:06] stuartm: [05/12/2012 11:09:14] <stuartm> hmm, might be false positives after all, the lines it's triggering on aren't using std:remove()
[13:32:22] danielk22: We should rename that function anyway. It doesn't use our method naming convention...
[13:38:25] stuartm: in the process of building with cov-build so we can update the coverity report
[13:38:52] stuartm: really needs to be done with a faster machine than mine :)
[13:43:02] stuarta: you need new shiny things
[13:44:22] stuartm: yeah ..
[13:44:47] stuarta: i can relate. i'm all out of shiny things with zero prospect of new ones :(
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[14:01:34] bas-t: stuarta: are you here?
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[14:02:05] ** stuarta hides **
[14:02:17] bas-t: bummer
[14:02:36] stuarta: no i am here
[14:02:55] bas-t: want to have a look at ?
[14:03:30] bas-t: it says you own it...
[14:03:38] stuarta: yeah i do
[14:04:03] bas-t: if you can find the time that is
[14:04:07] dekarl: bas-t, last time I looked at it there was that veto from stuartm...
[14:04:12] stuarta: thats the hard part
[14:04:26] bas-t: ithought he retracted that
[14:04:50] dekarl: no idea, after all that was two years ago :/
[14:05:00] bas-t: let's ask him
[14:05:27] bas-t: stuartm: still vetoing ?
[14:05:46] bas-t: if so why?
[14:05:52] dekarl: ohh, I see. it was you who I talked into preparing it for wider testing :)
[14:06:03] bas-t: yeah
[14:06:20] stuarta: dekarl: if you want to test it doesn't break the 99% feel free to work on it
[14:06:21] dekarl: Never heard a "does not break DVB-C/S/T/ATSC when not enabled" back :(
[14:06:58] stuartm: I said it didn't work as expected here, that wasn't a strict veto, if it works for others then ...
[14:07:22] bas-t: it's only active at scantime, so no harm done, i think
[14:07:32] dekarl: stuartm: hmm. that was bad wording by me.
[14:08:59] stuarta: well it need to work for both those that require it, and those that don't.
[14:09:14] stuartm: using it where we don't have broken tables resulted in a complete mess
[14:10:19] stuartm: so a confused user could easily end up as I did with duplicate sets of channels, one set not working etc
[14:11:02] bas-t: stuartm: having correct tables means an id of 1000, does it not? so defaulting to that number would resolve your issue?
[14:11:05] stuartm: it's one of those 'last resort' options that really a user shouldn't ever seen unless they try scanning and it fails
[14:17:09] stuartm: I'm wondering if there's some way we can implement this along the lines of a fixup instead of something requiring the user to enter a value that they aren't going to know without outside help
[14:17:39] stuartm: either per-locale, or keying off some other information in the tables
[14:18:17] stuartm: that way it just works were it's actually required and doesn't get used everywhere else
[14:19:36] bas-t: wher i live you need the exact number, which you get from your provider
[14:19:51] bas-t: Ther's no way around it
[14:20:22] dekarl: stuartm, there are often lists in PDF form on the providers website
[14:20:23] bas-t: No id = no channels (well a few)
[14:20:37] stuartm: bas-t: but we can maintain a list of those values in the code instead of requiring users to go searching/asking for them from the broadcaster
[14:20:53] bas-t: no, you can not.
[14:21:01] dekarl: scaning without knowing the proper network_id is easily possible via a full spectrum scan
[14:21:03] stuartm: it was just a thought, the whole thing is f'ing ugly :(
[14:21:24] bas-t: for instance: ziggo uses quite a few id's where all are ziggo
[14:21:37] dekarl: maybe collect the various lists at and let the use choose in the gui
[14:21:58] bas-t: dekarl: never worked for me, as it assumes an id of 1000
[14:22:02] stuartm: bas-t: I'm not following
[14:22:20] stuarta: stuartm: they way that patch (v3) is written it should only be active if it's setup
[14:22:24] stuartm: bas-t: do these ids change frequently at random?
[14:22:28] stuarta: so "it should work" (tm)
[14:22:41] ** stuartm shrugs **
[14:23:19] bas-t: the trouble is that the id 1000 actually exists witin ziggo, but it is not my id, so only the services that match the id of 1000 will get properly scanned
[14:23:32] bas-t: no they don't change
[14:23:41] dekarl: bas-t, where does the 1000 come from?
[14:23:42] bas-t: but it gets worse:
[14:23:46] stuartm: alternative approach, repeated application of a two by four to the head of the broadcasters chief exec
[14:24:09] bas-t: 1000 is the main network id
[14:24:40] dekarl: stuartm: but it was designed to allow simple=>cheap headend equipment back in the days of yore.
[14:25:18] stuartm: bas-t: network ids are network specific
[14:25:22] dekarl: if you want to club some engineers you can try russian, israeli or australian broadcasters who abuse the random original_network_ids
[14:25:40] bas-t: ziggo refuses to use standard nit because they earn money by forcing people to buy their receivers
[14:26:26] bas-t: stuartm: so 1000 is not the standard?
[14:26:30] dekarl: stuartm, you still hace to follow some allocations...
[14:26:39] dekarl: s/hace/have/
[14:26:51] stuartm: anyway, if I had the time and energy to argue it, I'd say a fixup is a much better approach and I've not heard anything to indicate why it could not work
[14:27:22] dekarl: bas-t, the proper way is to have one "NIT active" and possibly heaps of "NIT other" tables
[14:27:38] dekarl: the is no "magic number"
[14:27:55] bas-t: dekarl: I can provide those for ziggo
[14:27:55] stuartm: bas-t: there is no standard, each broadcast network gets a unique ID, this is included in the NIT, the difference here is that they aren't including the ID
[14:28:08] dekarl: the real question is, why does the full scan not work
[14:28:37] bas-t: dekarl: because it scans 1000
[14:28:47] dekarl: If I had to guess then I'd bet on the scanner getting confused by different frequencies with the same ONID/TSID
[14:28:58] stuartm: anyway, I have to go run an errand while it's still daylight
[14:30:22] bas-t: dekarl: where the needed staring freq of 369000 is in both 1000 as well as my id
[14:30:54] bas-t: in fact in all id's
[14:31:15] bas-t: starting*
[14:32:17] bas-t: but ziggo has 1000 as the default/main id
[14:32:20] dekarl: bas-t... Lets say the NIT active has the network_id 1000. The scanner moves to frequency X, sees the PAT/SDT and updates the multiplex. Then it sees a NIT active and updates the multiplex with that data. Due the the primary key of ONID/TSID it'll write the wrong NIT's (network_id 1000) data over the good PAT/SDT data.
[14:33:02] bas-t: very well possible
[14:33:29] dekarl: ^- I have not yet verified that in the code, yet. But I know that multiple copies of the same transport on multiple transmitters cause that issue.
[14:34:09] bas-t: That is indeed what happens
[14:34:34] bas-t: And maybe more...
[14:34:38] dekarl: e.g. I've scanned DVB-T in a location where I get the same transport multiplex on four distinct frequencies. (with the strongest one preferred) but I end up with the highest frequency in the multiplex table
[14:35:30] bas-t: that does not apply i think, it is dvb-c. no 'stronger' freqs
[14:36:10] dekarl: bas-t, I'm trying to make a case for "the primary key is ONID/TSID" and "stuff that passes the scanner later will destroy good data scanned earlier"
[14:36:42] bas-t: plus not detect other good stuff
[14:37:18] bas-t: in fact, most of it
[14:37:40] dekarl: for DVB-C you need to factor in the various NITs (needs manual entry of network_id), for DVB-T its either factoring in the area_id or just do something senseful when confronted with multiple transports with the same ONID/TSID.
[14:38:26] bas-t: agreed, and that is what the PR does, offering a manual input for a dvb-c network
[14:39:33] bas-t: so maybe the patch coeld be active once you confir that you have a dvb-c network?
[14:39:41] bas-t: confirm*
[14:40:00] bas-t: could*
[14:41:02] dekarl: true, but it adds a new configuration option that is argued to be unneeded.
[14:41:30] bas-t: i don't follow...
[14:41:47] bas-t: oh, i do
[14:41:48] dekarl: there are two ways to make ziggo scan properly
[14:41:58] dekarl: a) manual entry of network_id
[14:42:05] dekarl: b) fix the full scan
[14:43:46] bas-t: b) for all possible nit id's? i don't think so, you would have to enter at least your zipcode and have it translated to the right id
[14:44:07] bas-t: so i say a)
[14:44:26] bas-t: like on each and every tuner ziggo sels
[14:45:14] dekarl: not really. b) as in "do not allow the wrong NIT data to break good PAT/SDT data"
[14:46:17] bas-t: ok, i don't know enough about it to argue that
[14:46:30] dekarl: the benefit you get from a) is the speed up by not scanning unused frequencies
[14:47:22] bas-t: yeah, but don't let's mess up stuartm's config!
[14:47:58] dekarl: aye. the only regression test was done by stuartm and it had a negative result.
[14:48:21] bas-t: so if you can make b) work properly, i'm fine with that
[14:48:41] dekarl: someone needs to do a regression test with the current code base (there have been a bunch of fixes to the scanner in the meantime)
[14:50:28] bas-t: i did tons of tests with the current and almost all older code bases, and they all failed me
[14:51:15] bas-t: they all mean heavy editing of database and use some tricks..
[14:52:50] bas-t: odd thing to know: if the channels do not have 1000 in the database eventually, i don't get any EIT.
[14:53:16] bas-t: It gets scary...
[14:53:38] stuarta: EIT relies on proper signalling of NetID/MplexID/ProgramID
[14:53:42] dekarl: bas-t, thats the other thing that makes it hard to understand... when the codes says network_id its really meaning the original_network_id in 95% of the cases :D
[14:54:04] stuarta: dekarl: liberal interpretation of the dvb standards
[14:55:13] dekarl: stuarta, I thought that once upon a time the vdr author got it wrong and many people copied from there as it was an early dvb implementation
[14:56:24] tonsofpcs (tonsofpcs! has joined #mythtv
[14:56:27] dekarl: that and the funny spec writers that add stuff like "lets just use your allocated network_ids in the original_network_ids place" when the relevant broadcaster have their own original_network_id allocated for exactly the relevant use case (hi australia)
[14:57:09] tonsofpcs: aww, I missed PSI rants :(
[14:57:14] dekarl: stuarta, I have a patch that allows EIT collection with not multiplex at all :)
[14:57:35] stuarta: it's partly due to being a closed loop system, they control what is sent, and how it is received = no incentive to get it right
[14:57:35] dekarl: ^- multiplex as in, an entry in the dtv_multiplex table
[14:58:04] stuarta: dekarl: is that an extension to my earlier commit which fixed it if the netid was wrong?
[14:58:15] dekarl: it only breaks if someone wants to write a DVB-T/DTT software that works in all markets... but these extensions are to protect domestic markets...
[14:58:36] dekarl: stuarta, aye. an extended variant of the patch I put on trac
[14:59:04] dekarl: basically the "lets enable EIT for IPTV / HLS" part
[15:02:05] bas-t: so basically you guys are leaning towards b) ?
[15:05:23] bas-t: Though it is in Dutch, it might help to understand the way ziggo has got their networks messed up over here:
[15:05:31] zombor (zombor! has joined #mythtv
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[15:07:38] dekarl: bas-t, the network is not messed up at all. the mess up is that they don't flip the active/other bit of the NITs they send properly.
[15:12:55] Goga777 (Goga777! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[15:13:44] dekarl: With a proper headend they'd just set the real network_id at the headend, thus enabling the bit fiddling in their hardware, removing the need for every user to set the real network_id.
[15:14:02] Goga777 (Goga777! has joined #mythtv
[15:16:52] bas-t: that is what i call messed up, but you are of course free to call it otherwise
[15:18:01] bas-t: I mean, why for the love of god use all these different id's?
[15:19:08] bas-t: I cannot imagine why they do that in a small country like the netherlands
[15:19:32] stuarta: nor can we
[15:24:42] bas-t: have to run now, thanks for your attention and hope you can do something about it
[15:25:27] bas-t (bas-t! has left #mythtv ()
[15:28:41] jheizer: skd5aner: It is all going to be web based. So IIS or Apache/Mono.
[15:29:46] jheizer: dblain: Ah nice. My problem with the vidoes was something with the datetimes. I went in and changed the service xml format to use xs:string for them instead and it started working. Not sure what the problem is as they look ok and all the rest of the datetimes under recordings worked.
[15:29:54] bas-t (bas-t! has joined #mythtv
[15:32:37] bas-t: One last thought: it should be possible to detect that you are on a ziggo network (I know tvheadend does), soit could be done so that if this is detected, you are presented with a list of id's to choose from, or just fill in the right id
[15:32:57] bas-t: using (parts of) the patch
[15:34:26] bas-t: bey now, have a nice evening
[15:34:31] bas-t (bas-t! has quit (Client Quit)
[15:38:00] stuartm: that's what I suggested an hour ago ...
[15:46:10] jheizer: And since you guys got me thinking about the project already this morning... teaser pic of the Tablet UI's "Home" screen
[15:49:08] Jordack (Jordack! has joined #mythtv
[15:49:14] jheizer: disk space is going to move under conflicts or something
[15:49:17] jheizer: just added it last ngiht
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[17:13:25] danielk22: jheizer: :)
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[17:21:31] NightMonkey (NightMonkey!~NightrMon@pdpc/supporter/professional/nightmonkey) has joined #mythtv
[17:24:59] jheizer: Thanks. Hope to have it in a preview releasable state in 1–2 weeks.
[17:25:17] jheizer: Wife has been using it 2+ times a night while feeding the baby w/o issues.
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[18:17:06] stuartm: ok, Coverity report updated, but it doesn't include mythplugins since a) I forgot b) I'm not sure how to include them anyway
[18:23:56] stichnot (stichnot!stichnot@nat/google/x-dwxrmhqwmtakcnut) has joined #mythtv
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[18:50:18] peper03: stuartm: I've created the ticket with patch for the still menu with audio problem (#11275). It's a start but it's an area that feels like it needs a bit of clean-up.
[18:50:18] ** MythLogBot **
[18:51:47] peper03: If I comment out the title search code in the DVDRingBuffer so that we start at 'first play' and just let it run, rather than suddenly jumping to the first playable title and then back to first play, on the test DVD I created, no audio codec is created and the problem reappears.
[18:53:17] peper03: It seems like jumping to the first title is (effectively) just a way of creating codecs, but it's ugly and doesn't always work cleanly. Surely there's a way to create the codecs (actually, decoders I guess) without having to start playing the DVD?
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[18:59:53] joki- is now known as joki
[19:16:26] Beirdo: stuartm: my pleasure :)
[19:16:28] dekarl: Whats the use case for ChannelUtil::GetBetterMplexID? I'm looking at the case where it will return a different mplexid based on ONID/TSID when the expected and actual ONID/TSID do not match. (in the "we have learned about transports from the wrong NIT" use case. Where we expect transport A on frequency A but really get transport B on frequency A)
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[21:15:30] dblain: jheizer: regarding the datetimes in videos... I remember seeing a change to the format used. I think it was to support the GMT change. Don't remembe the details. (unfortunately I haven't had time to play so I haven't done any work on myth in a long time :( )
[21:16:23] jheizer: ah
[21:16:32] jheizer: and even if so I am still on .25.3
[21:16:39] jheizer: so I would not have seen it yet anyway
[21:17:41] jheizer: works just fine with it set as string and not values I care to display anyway in videos
[21:18:48] dblain: Odd. I know I tested dates with .25 and .net
[21:18:50] Jordack (Jordack! has quit ()
[21:19:48] Sharky-Sleep is now known as Sharky112065
[21:20:53] jheizer: at first I was just getting parse errors
[21:21:10] jheizer: truncated my video Db tables and let everything reimport
[21:21:39] jheizer: at that point I had very little metadata fill in so it got made that they were all missing the Release Date? maybe
[21:21:42] jheizer: as they were all null
[21:22:00] stuartm: anyone here playing blu-ray isos via remote storage groups?
[21:22:37] stuartm: I need to check that Captain_Murdoch's blu-ray streaming code is still working following the libbluray resync
[21:22:55] wagnerrp: nope, just m2ts files
[21:22:55] Lomion0815 (Lomion0815! has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[21:23:04] wagnerrp: i could rerip one and give it a try later tonight
[21:23:26] jheizer: yeah never tried an actual iso here either
[21:23:32] wagnerrp: i didn't think we supported BD ISOs in the first place, i thought it was just BDMV folders
[21:25:22] stuartm: wagnerrp: right sorry, s/isos/BDMV folders/
[21:26:14] stuartm: I replaced all mine with straight rips to mkv containers, I can re-rip but I can't test streaming atm so that only gets me halfway
[21:27:03] stuartm: we can't do iso because libbluray can't do iso – although it can be worked around by mounting the iso
[21:27:56] stuartm: wagnerrp: I've got it to the point of compiling, I think I'll push and people can test it in master :)
[21:29:46] stuartm: it's a big patch otherwise that's difficult to distribute
[21:32:25] jya (jya! has joined #mythtv
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[21:49:04] peper03: stuartm: Ok, another ticket, patch #11276 and sample DVD. If you play the sample DVD (stills.iso), it'll flicker like mad at the beginning but settles down after about 5 seconds. That's due to the 'jump to first playable title' code in DVDRingBuffer. If you comment that out (and the last bit of StartFromBeginning), it plays fine (but there's more to be done there than just that).
[21:49:04] ** MythLogBot **
[21:52:22] kenni: stuartm: Sure, I'll be glad to help with testing of patches and/or providing network IDs for – I have a couple of DVB-T dongles which I don't use. I'll probably be able to setup one of them on my test system on Saturday.
[21:53:09] stuartm: kenni: great! thanks
[21:53:14] stuartm: peper03: thank you
[21:54:09] kenni: xris: Ok, thanks. I'll backport your two fixes to 0.25-fixes and if it turns out to break something, I'll revert it.
[22:10:36] sl1ce (sl1ce! has joined #mythtv
[22:11:12] gigem: I'm going to push the recording rule changes in about 30 minutes. Does anyone want to take a look before I do it? kenni and knightr, I changed the rule type text descriptions to be a little more consistent. If you or anyone else doesn't like them, speak up and I'll change them back.
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[22:46:24] stuartm: gigem: do the changes include db fixups for existing rules?
[22:47:19] gigem: stuartm: Yes.
[22:47:40] jya (jya! has joined #mythtv
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[22:48:28] stuartm: thank answering that, I realised almost immediately that you had pushed the changes and I could just look for myself :)
[22:48:34] stuartm: thank you for
[22:49:23] stuartm: new keyboard has developed a sticky ctrl key which causes me to invoke a dozen shortcuts
[22:50:06] gigem: Oh. I just thought Beirdo needed to reboot the stuartm-bot!
[22:50:16] Beirdo: hehe
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