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Thursday, June 21st, 2012, 00:10 UTC
[00:10:29] Beirdo: home time
[00:17:29] MythBuild: build #1230 of master-vista-mingw-32bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . /builds/1230
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[01:30:39] danielk22: stichnot: stuartm: Interesting.. backend cpu usage just streatming to a frontend 2%, recording 4%, doing both on different recordings 20%, doing both on the same recording 77%
[01:32:34] danielk22: One would expect the CPU usage of doing both to be about 6–7%..
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[01:33:59] Beirdo: that is wonky.
[01:37:01] danielk22: It feels like spin-lock contention. Except the RingBuffer doesn't do spinlocks it's all mutex based.
[01:40:33] danielk22: Beirdo: Did you see my comment last weekend about mythlogserver user permissions? When the frontend user and backend user on a machine are not the same, only one of them seems to be able write a log, and which one depends on which one starts up the mythlogserver first.
[01:41:19] danielk22: The only solution I can think of is that each user needs to start their own log server.
[01:41:44] Beirdo: why would you run them as separate users?
[01:41:54] Beirdo: that seems to be a totally non-standard setup
[01:42:12] danielk22: mythtv is a system user, danielk or mythtv-user is a regular user.
[01:42:31] danielk22: I don't log in as mythtv..
[01:42:54] Beirdo: you could put them all in a group and make the logdir sticky group and writable group
[01:44:50] danielk22: I guess that could work, just set up /var/log/mythtv kind of like tmp, except with a sticky group instead of sticky user?
[01:45:08] Beirdo: yeah, that would be my first thought
[01:45:23] Beirdo: we could look at making it create one per user, but that gets messy fast
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[01:46:01] danielk22: Yeah, let me try the mythlogger group idea. We can put it in the release notes if it works...
[01:46:50] Beirdo: K, sounds good. If we can't get that to work, we'll think up another solution
[01:48:06] danielk22: Would that be g+t or g+s ?
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[01:49:02] Beirdo: g+s, I think
[01:49:21] Beirdo: or just 2775 will likely get it
[01:50:34] danielk22: chmod g+ws /var/log/mythtv works.
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[01:54:28] danielk22: drwxrwsr-x <- final permissions on a directory owned by mythtv:mythtv and with danielk added to the mythtv group allows writing the frontend log there (once I log in again for the new group membership for danielk to take effect.)
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[01:55:15] danielk22: I also needed to restart the mythlogserver so it would belong to the group.
[01:55:43] Beirdo: cool
[01:57:33] danielk22: Yep
[01:58:00] danielk22: BTW My patch for QTimer was reviewed. They just want me to clean up the commit message :)
[01:58:54] Beirdo: nice
[02:00:02] stichnot: danielk22: I attached VTune to the mythbackend process for 10 seconds while in abnormally high CPU usage mode (3 frontends doing playback, no recordings or anything else going on). As I expected, most of the top hotspots were malloc/free/new/delete related. The # 2 hotspot was QCoreApplicationPrivate::sendPostedEvents and # 9 was QListData::append. At # 1 was _nv000007gl (from
[02:00:04] stichnot: 195.36.24) which is strange given the backend does not have nvidia hardware (though it used to so presumably the nvidia drivers are still installed).
[02:00:41] stichnot: Now when I try to run vtune again, it claims the PMU resources are in use, so I have to figure out how to get that reset
[02:01:10] danielk22: stichnot: The nvidia libraries cause problems for anything malloc related, you need to recompile without linking to them to get a good trace. Has happened to me before.
[02:02:42] stichnot: Given sendPostedEvents, is it possible that some sort of event storm is going on?
[02:02:55] stichnot: or do you think nvidia makes the whole report suspect?
[02:03:44] danielk22: An event storm is consistent with the strange CPU usage I saw and with the ever growing CPU usage others have reported.
[02:04:15] stichnot: I see CPU usage and memory usage growing hand in hand, which seems consistent
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[02:04:27] danielk22: Yep.
[02:05:12] danielk22: And my memory debugging showed very little memory permanently lost.
[02:05:42] danielk22: That is consistent with Qt being too busy to deal with the deleteLater() queue...
[02:06:10] danielk22: (Of course I don't really know how it deals with that queue.)
[02:06:15] stichnot: Interesting, and then it gets cleaned up when you shut down, leaving no traces
[02:07:06] stichnot: but with CPU usage starting out at 2% and steadily growing to 50+%, I don't see how the event loop would run out of resources to delete
[02:08:08] stichnot: also, I think mallocs and deletes are both going on, leading to heap fragmentation
[02:08:22] Beirdo: out of curiosity, how much are you stressing the logging while testing that?
[02:08:53] stichnot: -v general,system,playback,commflag
[02:08:56] danielk22: stichnot: This kind of thing has happened before when the mythbackend connected the event socket to itself. We have checks for that now though, so it's probably something else.
[02:09:00] Beirdo: hmm
[02:09:34] Beirdo: if anything, I'd expect the logserver to have a problem if it were deep in the nzmqt stuff, for instance
[02:10:03] danielk22: What happened in the event socket case is that it would get an event on the socket, and that forward it out on all event sockets, then it would get that same event back and forward it, get it back, etc.
[02:10:13] Beirdo: gah
[02:10:14] stichnot: the logserver? you mean the mythlogserver process? that one seems fine, it's mythbackend with the problem
[02:10:39] Beirdo: Hmm. OK, well, I'll take a look at the log sending part anyways.
[02:10:41] stichnot: danielk22: is there a log argument to capture that?
[02:10:59] Beirdo: danielk22: didn't you see the same problem with LOG() stubbed out, or was that something else?
[02:11:29] danielk22: -v network used to, don't know if it needs to be at the debug log level or not now.
[02:13:10] stichnot: hmm, "sh ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86– --uninstall" claims no nvidia drivers are installed. I wonder how I can unbork my system
[02:13:30] danielk22: looks like "-v network" alone shows MythEvent debugging.
[02:14:03] Beirdo: heh
[02:14:12] danielk22: rm -Rf /usr/lib/tls/*
[02:14:16] Beirdo: we might want to move it to -v event or somethin later
[02:14:45] stichnot: what does "tls" mean here?
[02:15:29] danielk22: Thread local storage
[02:16:11] danielk22: It's a wrapper for ELF TLS so that it looks the same to the driver whether it is running on windows, linux, bsd, etc.
[02:16:19] stichnot: ah, ok.
[02:16:51] danielk22: the glibc malloc is really ptmalloc, which is a threading friendly malloc..
[02:17:34] stichnot: nothing in /usr/lib/tls, but plenty in /usr/lib/nvidia-current ... maybe I'll just rename that dir
[02:21:01] danielk22: try "ldd mythbackend | grep nvidia" to see where the nvidia linkage is coming from..
[02:23:54] stichnot: hmm... mythfilldatabase is running right now... it isn't supposed to run for another 7 hours :)
[02:26:07] Beirdo: you sure? are you 7h off GMT?
[02:26:24] stichnot: yeah
[02:26:35] stichnot: I think
[02:26:45] Beirdo: the timestamp is in UTC, as far as I know ;)
[02:27:29] stichnot: the point being, I have MythFillMinHour=2 and MythFillMaxHour=3, meaning run between 2:00am-3:00am but it's running now at 7:30pm
[02:28:12] Beirdo: as I said... UTC
[02:28:22] danielk22: stichnot: can you open a ticket on that? It probably got missed in the conversion...
[02:28:30] stichnot: ok
[02:28:32] Beirdo: do date -u
[02:28:43] Beirdo: it's currently 02:28 UTC
[02:28:50] stichnot: Thu Jun 21 02:28:38 UTC 2012
[02:29:31] danielk22: hehe, yeah. It's probably enforcing that mythfilldatabase run between 7–8 localtime :)
[02:29:35] Beirdo: so it's doing it right, at least... just unexpected if you expect FillMin and FillMaxHour to be localtime :)
[02:29:44] stichnot: indeed :)
[02:31:20] stichnot: In my early days of myth, I used the default setting of letting SD say when to run. Invariably it ran in the middle of primetime during 3 simultaneous recordings, causing major dropouts (I probably had just one hard drive back then), so I put a stop to that...
[02:32:23] danielk22: stichnot: the best time to run it is just before prime-time, then you get the latest data for the prime-time recordings. (The data is updated at 1pm EST).
[02:32:46] stichnot: ooh, nice to know
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[02:37:38] danielk22: stichnot: looking at the housekeeper, I definitely missed that.
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[03:10:06] danielk22: stichnot: so was there a MythEvent storm or is it something else?
[03:11:09] danielk22: Beirdo: on mythbackend --setverbose "Error: Not all threads were shut down properly: Thread SignalingTimer is still running"
[03:11:41] danielk22: I guess we're not shutting this down before MythCoreContext shutdown?
[03:15:54] danielk22: stichnot: FYI I'm not seeing a MythEvent storm here.
[03:17:25] Beirdo: hmmm
[03:17:55] Beirdo: I'll take a look, I don't know off-hand
[03:20:31] Beirdo: It's possible that it's the logging timers
[03:20:42] Beirdo: I'll take a good look in a moment
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[03:31:37] stichnot: danielk22: I haven't tried turning on that logging yet
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[08:21:06] stuartm: wagnerrp: how is that tmdb v3 support coming?
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[13:40:37] wagnerrp: stuartm: should be working, has been working for a month or two
[13:41:16] wagnerrp: i just havent had a chance to get a through run through to make it the default
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[13:50:41] danielk22: Has anyone here used gerrit? It's what the qt project is using for code-reviews. I didn't know it existed until yesterday, but it seems like a good concept.
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[14:35:02] gary_buhrmaster: danielk22: I have used gerrit in another project. I like the concept, and it can work,
[14:36:06] gary_buhrmaster: danielk22: but the challenge (at least in that project) is having sufficient core developers to be able to have the time to properly review the submitted codes
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[14:37:44] stuartm: danielk22: when I was looking at the QT one last night it seemed that at least under Opera/Konqueror it was a bit broken, most of the links didn't work and I never was able to view the diff/patch
[14:38:30] wagnerrp: dblain: you around?
[14:39:04] danielk22: gary_buhrmaster: Yeah, I can see how it would be a bad fit for us. Nokia has employees which it can compel to do review work when they would rather be coding..
[14:39:27] gary_buhrmaster: danielk22: qt (should) have that critical mass of people participating (to insure/enforce code quality/standards/whatever).
[14:39:30] stuartm: wagnerrp: ok cool, I'll have to give it a try sometime
[14:39:44] danielk22: stuartm: Did you have flash installed? It uses flash for some things.
[14:39:53] stuartm: danielk22: I do
[14:41:17] danielk22: stuartm: It does seem to work under firefox... Websites not working under all browsers seems epidemic these days, I had to switch to chromium to buy a ticket on KLM last night.
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[15:47:25] dblain: wagnerrp: Not at my desk much today, but checking once and awhile... how can I help?
[15:47:50] wagnerrp: ive been thinking over #10847, and im not sure how to deal with it
[15:47:50] ** MythLogBot **
[15:48:03] wagnerrp: at the moment, the python bindings are fairly time zone ignorant
[15:48:12] wagnerrp: because up until recently, all of mythtv was time zone ignorant
[15:48:28] wagnerrp: everything in there just assumed the data it was handling was in the local time zone
[15:48:43] wagnerrp: except it appears the calls to and responses from the services API are all UTC
[15:49:22] wagnerrp: for 0.26, im certainly going to need proper handling
[15:49:39] wagnerrp: for 0.25, im not sure if i should touch anything
[15:50:03] wagnerrp: since if people are using it, they've already implemented their own work arounds for things being of the wrong time zone
[15:50:17] wagnerrp: in which case fixing it would change the behavior, and in effect break things
[15:50:28] wagnerrp: im not sure if i want to do that on a release branch
[15:51:13] wagnerrp: just curious as to your thoughts on the matter
[15:51:31] dblain: I'm almost certain that the Services API was changed to use UTC in 0.25 even though he rest of MythTV didn't. I'd have to look at the history to be sure. (I didn't make the change).
[15:52:09] wagnerrp: as it stands, the patch in the ticket is not usable, as changing it there to properly handle data from the services api would break in other places
[15:52:13] dblain: If that proves to be true, I would think fixing the python bindings to handle UTC correctly for all Service API calls would be the correct solution.
[15:52:24] wagnerrp: and im not quite sure where would be the best place to do so
[15:52:45] wagnerrp: part of me is just reluctant to fix it as the fix for 0.25 and 0.26 would be completely independent
[15:52:55] stoffel (stoffel! has joined #mythtv
[15:52:56] dblain: I've never used the python bindings... is there a seperation between myth protocol calls and service api calls?
[15:53:38] wagnerrp: the MythTV class handles data through the backend protocol, the MythXML (never changed the name) class handles data through the services API
[15:53:44] dblain: I can understand your reasoning... I guess it depends on how long before 0.26 is released :)
[15:54:06] wagnerrp: the specific issue in question is with some code that injects responses from the services api into the Program class
[15:54:30] wagnerrp: which was originally written to handle the time zone ignorant responses from ProgramInfo queries through the backend protocol
[15:55:05] dblain: Ah, so it's mixing data sources into a single object.
[15:55:18] wagnerrp: would it be safe to assume ALL responses from the services api will be in UTC?
[15:55:26] sphery: iamlindoro changed Services to use UTC (I think because of some devs saying to do so in here):
[15:55:28] dblain: I believe so.
[15:55:43] wagnerrp: as far as i can tell, everything it returns is just ISO format with no offset
[15:55:47] dblain: sphery: thanks, I was having trouble locating the commit.
[15:56:26] wagnerrp: its possible if the services api returned 'Z' or '+0000', all of this code would "just work"
[15:56:29] wagnerrp: but im not certain
[15:57:04] wagnerrp: probably not, as i dont think there is any mechanism in Python for the proper converters to know what the local time zone is
[15:57:19] wagnerrp: but that may be worth doing in the services api anyway
[15:57:28] wagnerrp: i dont know if that would be more proper, but it would at least be more explicit
[15:58:44] wagnerrp: if everything coming out of there is going to be UTC, it would be as simple as tacking on the string ' +0000' to any QDateTime conversion in the serializer
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[16:00:03] dblain: I'd just want to make sure current parsers of the data can handle that format. (javascript, .Net, etc)... I don't know ISO format well enough to know what languages support what features.
[16:00:04] sphery: I agree that we should probably include a 0 offset or Z on the times in services output (and possibly input?)
[16:00:38] dblain: Makes sense that they should support something so fundimental.
[16:01:34] dblain: I don't have the bandwidth to make the change this week, but if you want to make it, I can test it against .Net/WCF
[16:02:02] wagnerrp: something so fundamental isnt supported natively in Python
[16:02:32] wagnerrp: it has built in code to output ISO8601 strings, and i think they will include the offset if the time zone is defined
[16:02:38] wagnerrp: but there is no ISO parser built in
[16:02:47] wagnerrp: i had to write my own
[16:03:02] dblain: oh :/
[16:03:29] wagnerrp: but thats everything, not just to handle the offset
[16:05:41] wagnerrp: speaking of which, it seems i need to fix my regular expression
[16:06:01] wagnerrp: i ignore the offset if there is a space between the time and the offset
[16:13:50] brfransen (brfransen!~brfransen@ has quit ()
[16:14:56] brfransen (brfransen!~brfransen@ has joined #mythtv
[16:18:27] cattelan_away is now known as cattelan
[16:19:32] danielk22: sphery: Hmm, looking at that commit it looks like we need to remove the dt.toLocalTime() on service.cpp:80
[16:20:30] danielk22: It won't actually affect program execution though, it's just silly to convert to localtime there.
[16:21:59] danielk22: wagnerrp: There is a bug filed with Qt on the QDateTime ISO output not including the timezone data, incl "Z".
[16:22:33] danielk22: wagnerrp: We could of course put it on our output, but there might be some fallout from that.. probably why Qt has marked this as low priority..
[16:22:58] Jordack (Jordack! has joined #mythtv
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[16:30:31] joki- is now known as joki
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[16:41:03] natanojl (natanojl! has joined #mythtv
[16:42:04] danielk22: wagnerrp: It looks like the "Z" is added in TV::GetStatus(), seems kind of odd that it's only done in that one place.
[16:49:32] Mousey (Mousey! has joined #mythtv
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[17:36:19] MythBuild: build #1232 of master-vista-mingw-32bit is complete: Failure [4failed compile] Build details are at . . . /builds/1232 blamelist: Daniel Kristjansson < >
[17:39:03] Goga777 (Goga777!~Goga777@ has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[17:54:58] Beirdo: Oh look, it wasn't me this time
[17:55:49] Beirdo: danielk22: you might want to change your commit message practice :)
[17:56:17] Beirdo: the first line is supposed to be about 50–60 long max, then an empty line, then wrap at 75 or so
[17:56:40] Beirdo: that way the automatic change logs on releases are formatted correctly with no extra work
[17:56:54] Beirdo: just sayin
[17:57:21] Beirdo: oh, and if you didn't realize, your commits don't have a email on them for author
[18:00:39] sphery: FWIW, here's a great blog post about proper git message format (which I would love to make a policy for MythTV): . . . essages.html
[18:01:22] sphery: (specifically the 50-char-max, one-line summary at top followed by 72-char-max lines)
[18:02:00] sphery: and vim has a wonderful syntax file for git commit formatting that checks those--I'd guess even emacs might be able to handle something similar ;)
[18:06:49] stuartm: aww, supplying the commit message at the command line saves me like 5 seconds!
[18:07:43] stuartm: Beirdo: that "&&i" in that last commit is a typo right?
[18:08:28] stuartm: . . . 452c91f38e9e
[18:09:56] Beirdo: argh
[18:10:39] Beirdo: thanks, fixed
[18:16:42] sphery: hehe, was that a vim "insert" :)
[18:30:13] Beirdo: yup, it was me going to split the long line and not noticing I was already in insert mode
[18:30:42] Beirdo: and as I don't have libcec, it didn't actually make a difference for me
[18:30:44] Beirdo: oops
[18:33:23] danielk22: I'm of the mind that if the tool doesn't work properly it's the tool that should be fixed. :) That said, when I can think of a good short description I do use it. I'm just not going to delay a commit or use a bad description for the sake of brevity. As for the e-mail, I don't really like the e-mail thing. It's like maintaining ops in IRC all the time, it puts me on a different category from other contributors.
[18:33:57] Beirdo: actually, right now, you are in a different category
[18:34:11] Beirdo: you are the only committer not using an email
[18:34:56] Beirdo: and I wasn't asking you to make worse commit messages... just be careful with the formatting as there is a standard that is expected by the tools
[18:35:02] Beirdo: and the tools will not be changed.
[18:35:34] Beirdo: anyways, whatever.
[18:35:40] danielk22: Oh, we won't be using git forever, no more than we were going to use cvs or subversion forever.
[18:36:18] Beirdo: that could well be, but I wouldn't hold your breath :)
[18:37:21] danielk22: :) It works well enough for now. And I do try for brevity, I'm just not always capable of it.
[18:37:25] Beirdo: oh, and even if you stick with your current email :) on one machine, you have "Thor" in there, and one you don't (in the full name)
[18:37:34] Beirdo: dunno if you wanted that or not :)
[18:37:40] Beirdo: just happened to notice
[18:38:16] Beirdo: if it's what ya want, so be it, I just figured you may not have realized
[18:39:05] danielk22: Heh, and on one machine I do have the mythtv e-mail in there; but that's a machine I never do stuff for other projects on..
[18:39:31] Beirdo: I'm sure you are giving Ohloh a migraine. Screw them :)
[18:39:35] danielk22: My middle name isn't a secret, I'm just a lazy typist on some days :)
[18:39:51] danielk22: Ohloh has my different e-mails in there :P
[18:39:51] Beirdo: and it's a cool name too, I might add
[18:40:36] danielk22: I pinged ohloh today to run the update. It got stuck sometime last month.
[18:40:39] Beirdo: very Scandinavian, and it's a good thing to embrace one's past, and all
[18:41:01] NightMonkey (NightMonkey!~NightrMon@pdpc/supporter/professional/nightmonkey) has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:41:32] Beirdo: heh, I hadn't checked for a while
[18:42:32] danielk22: I was twiddling my thumbs waiting for the time to call someone I was interviewing. Caught up on some e-mail too :)
[18:42:49] Beirdo: good plan
[18:45:56] danielk22: Did you notice I started signing off on patches? ;]
[18:46:15] Beirdo: yeah :) Thanks, it does make it easier to track :)
[18:50:29] stichnot (stichnot!~chatzilla@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
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[19:57:34] Beirdo: stuartm: ping on #2077 :)
[19:57:34] ** MythLogBot **
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[20:10:49] danielk22: The guys that helped us set up schedules direct ( did good today. They defended Google against the Oracle Java lawsuit and Oracle is going to be paying the legal bills (highly unusual in the US).
[20:16:46] Beirdo: nice
[20:20:05] gregL (gregL! has joined #mythtv
[20:32:26] stichnot_ (stichnot_!chatzilla@nat/intel/x-mtvdkjwcpzgldjpo) has joined #mythtv
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[20:43:15] danielk22: stichnot: On the constant checking of the timezone. Qt 4.7 introduced currentDateTimeUtc(), we should be able to use that in MythDate::current() now with a Qt version check macro.. That might provide some immediate benefit..
[20:50:51] gregL (gregL! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:50:55] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:51:53] danielk22: Actually that appears to have no discenable impact on stats of /etc/localtime.
[20:53:09] danielk22: <-- this is what I get in terms of strace in heavy rotation while the frontend is running.
[20:54:43] natanojl (natanojl! has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[20:55:17] danielk22: I wonder if it has something to do with bonjour? I tried --noupnp and that had no effect.
[20:58:42] Jordack (Jordack! has quit ()
[20:59:02] stichnot: danielk22: if something is going wrong with reference counting in the backend, I think it could explain the ever-increasing CPU and MEM usage. Do you think it's practical to revert those commits and test?
[20:59:36] jya (jya!~jyavenard@ has joined #mythtv
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[20:59:36] jya (jya!~jyavenard@mythtv/developer/jya) has joined #mythtv
[20:59:50] danielk22: stichnot: Sure, they should roll backward fairly easily. Not too much reference counted on the backend. Mostly just MythSocket.
[21:00:07] stichnot: ok, I'll give it a try later
[21:00:43] danielk22: The ReferenceCounter object also has it's own leak debugging... disabled by default, but that's how I hunted down leaks in the MythUI stuff.
[21:04:18] wahrhaft (wahrhaft! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
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[21:47:38] stuartm: master build is broken for me atm, it's building libmythservicecontracts before libmythbase, which is backwards
[21:48:34] ** Beirdo slaps the windows slave **
[21:49:05] Beirdo: MythBuild: force build master-vista-mingw-32bit now. And work!
[21:49:06] MythBuild: build forced [ETA 52m32s]
[21:49:06] MythBuild: I'll give a shout when the build finishes
[21:49:22] Beirdo: I can't even find a valid error.
[21:49:37] Beirdo: I might change it to build with make rather than make -k
[21:49:49] Beirdo: then it should stop RIGHT at the error
[21:50:15] Beirdo: had it the other way around because we wanted more than one error at a time to minimize churn
[21:51:50] Beirdo: found it.
[21:51:53] Beirdo: Creating library file: liblibmythservicecontracts-0.26.a./service.o: In function `ZN7Service21ConvertToParameterPtrEiRK7QStringPvS2_':
[21:51:57] Beirdo: d:\\buildbot\\mythtv\\master-vista-mingw-32bit\\build\\source\\mythtv\\libs\\lib mythservicecontracts/service.cpp:79: undefined reference to `_imp___ZN8MythDate10fromStringERK7QString'
[21:52:01] Beirdo: collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
[21:52:32] Beirdo: seems we have a windows problem with the recent changes to service contracts
[21:52:45] stuartm: Beirdo: this is what I was saying
[21:52:50] Beirdo: ah :)
[21:52:51] stuartm: affects linux too
[21:52:58] Beirdo: OK, sorry, I missed it
[21:53:14] Beirdo: a bit too distracted today... exit interview's in 7 minutes :)
[21:54:26] stuartm: yeah, I never really understood those
[21:55:47] Beirdo: gonna be a waste of time, I'm pretty sure
[21:56:09] Beirdo: tomorrow's last day here... Monday I start the new job
[22:09:09] stuartm: good luck with that :)
[22:10:22] mrand (mrand!~mrand@ubuntu/member/mrand) has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[22:16:52] stichnot: exit interview: please remember that we can and will sue your a$$ off if you misbehave in the future :)
[22:18:16] mrand (mrand!~mrand@ubuntu/member/mrand) has joined #mythtv
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[22:20:43] MythBuild: Hey! build master-vista-mingw-32bit #1236 is complete: Failure [4failed compile]
[22:20:43] ** MythLogBot **
[22:20:43] MythBuild: Build details are at . . . /builds/1236
[22:39:49] mrand (mrand!~mrand@ubuntu/member/mrand) has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[23:05:02] danielk22: shouldn't libmythservicecontracts depend on libmythbase ?
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