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Tuesday, June 12th, 2012, 00:08 UTC
[00:08:41] Beirdo: time to go home before I bork something at work in my last two weeks :)
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[00:17:02] knightr: danielk22, en_us is mainly to handle the plurals correclt,y en_ca spells colour correctly... :) :) :)
[00:17:20] knightr: sphery, thanks, i hadn't seen your response...
[00:18:33] knightr: stuartm, I didn' see it but maybe I have to change the view? I'll go check it again...
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[00:43:22] danielk22: knightr: Montreal is my favorite city in Canada to visit. (To live in I might choose Toronto, just because it has a larger variety of food but I do really love the chocolate shops in Montreal.)
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[01:33:15] Beirdo: Montreal does have pretty crazy drivers though. Toronto's only slightly better in that regards. :)
[01:33:34] Beirdo: Oh, and Montreal no longer has a baseball team (boooo!)
[01:35:43] Beirdo: other than those minor details... great city
[01:44:33] danielk22: I found driving in Montreal to be relaxing. But then when I drive in Brooklyn get I'm honked for stopping at red lights so it can be relative.
[01:45:03] danielk22: s/ get/,/
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[02:09:38] Beirdo: heh
[02:23:24] skd5aner: knightr: heh – yea, but I actually thought it was someone else who was from France, but then I looked on the wiki and realized it was you – didn't mean to imply I thought it was you and you were french :)
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[05:08:28] knightr: danielk22, I'm not sure I would like to live there eiither but it's a nice place to visit or to work in...
[05:09:01] knightr: Beirdo, unless it has changed Quebec is even worse (as far as driving is concerned...)
[05:09:25] Beirdo: heh, wouldn't surprise me
[05:09:46] Beirdo: my dad got rearended at 110km/h on an onramp to Hwy 40 in Montreal... by a city bus
[05:10:07] Beirdo: apparently 10 over the limit wasn't fast enough on the dang on-ramp
[05:10:51] knightr: skd5aner, no problem.... The giuys I work with for the French translation are from France so that's probably were the confusion came from...
[05:11:01] knightr: Beirdo, bus drivers and taxis are the worst...
[05:11:10] knightr: (in Montreal...)
[05:11:38] Beirdo: that and the signs being invisible until you are going through the intersection, then have to loop back like 20km
[05:11:40] Beirdo: heh
[05:11:47] Beirdo: but Montreal IS a cool city
[05:13:30] knightr: I used to go take my car to go to Montreal and that was far from a relaxing experience...
[05:15:07] knightr: now I take the bus and the metro, it costs me less and it's a lot better on the nerves... :-)
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[07:03:42] stuartm: Beirdo: how can I ensure that the log buffer is flushed before we exit() ?
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[08:55:01] stuartm: Beirdo: even if that means wrapping exit() so that we can instruct the logging thread to flush() before actually exiting
[08:55:31] clever: stuartm: what about atexit()?
[08:56:41] stuartm: or that
[10:37:32] sphery: stuartm: that's what his logging-zeromq branch is all about--it moves the actual logging to a different binary that starts (and stops) automatically. TTBOMK, the only reason he hasn't yet merged it is because he's trying to get it to compile on Windows, first, and is encountering some issues with the Qt zeromq stuff.
[10:38:33] sphery: that will also mean that the logger will get and write all messages, even in the event of a segfault or abort
[10:39:24] sphery: (even when it's asyncrhonous/not holding time-critical code back)
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[11:33:21] danielk22: stuartm: With the current logging the log should be flushed when you shut down the logging thread.
[11:38:14] knightr__: stuartm, I'm not sure you got my reply or not since you got disconnected last night. I haven't seen the problem here (but it's possible I might be doing something wrong...) so it looks like it might be what I though, that the language change was not processed properly (it happens sometimes). The qm itself is up to date BTW (checked by looking at the file itself and trying to update it) Got to go, ttyl...
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[13:05:03] stuartm: danielk22: yeah, that's the problem, exit() doesn't exit cleanly
[13:06:17] stuartm: knightr__: odd, this was starting with en_US ... if we're not loading translations for whatever reason then that's something that needs to be looked at
[13:07:23] danielk22: stuartm: Where are we using exit()? I thought all of those were long gone and all we had left were some abort() calls in libav.
[13:07:23] stuartm: it must be the installation step that's failing, because the code I'm working on now checks that we're able to load/process the qm
[13:08:21] stuartm: danielk22: there are a few exit(), but I'm trying to use it now to avoid a huge refactor just so we can abort startup if the translations are not installed
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[13:10:35] danielk22: grep exit\( */*/*.cpp | grep -v QCoreApplication | grep -v qApp | grep -v pthread | grep -v mthread | grep -v system-unix.cpp | grep -v atexit | grep -v "s_pgq->" | grep -v qt_exit | grep -v programs | grep -v signalmonitor.cpp <-- using this I only count 3 in total.
[13:10:47] danielk22: libs/libmythbase/mythdbcon.cpp: exit(1);
[13:10:47] danielk22: libs/libmythtv/util-xv.cpp: exit(GENERIC_EXIT_NOT_OK);
[13:10:47] danielk22: libs/libmythui/cecadapter.cpp: exit();
[13:11:18] danielk22: Only two of those look like actual exit(int) calls..
[13:13:06] danielk22: The first is commented out, and the second should never happen (we opened XVideo ports but couldn't close them).
[13:13:29] stuartm: your right, I was counting those in plugins/apps in my total
[13:13:39] stuartm: you're
[13:14:00] danielk22: I'm assuming the ones in programs are safe, but that may be an invalid assumption..
[13:14:48] danielk22: I spent countless hours eliminating exit(int) calls in the code, but I concentrated on the libraries.
[13:14:56] stuartm: the translation load calls are all over the place and occur before we've started the event loop, so QApp..::exit() can't be used and passing back the result through all the intermediary class/method calls so we can return in main.cpp would require some work
[13:15:54] danielk22: Why are the translation load calls all over the place? And why would a failed translation call require crashing the program?
[13:15:57] sphery: stuartm: hehe, sorry you're having to go through all of this just to tell users when packagers broke their install...  :(
[13:16:01] stuartm: I'll figure out a way to do it without exit()
[13:16:28] stuartm: danielk22: not crashing, exiting – things don't quite work as they should without a translation loaded
[13:17:32] danielk22: Calling exit() won't exit cleanly. It can even require a reboot to restore the system to working order if some X11 resources are in play.
[13:18:09] sphery: danielk22: bt, which indicates that the CentOS packages aren't installing the i18n dir/files on backend-only installs (again making me hate the idea of packagers splitting apart a proper install to try to save a few MB of HDD space)
[13:18:11] stuartm: danielk22: normal startup, first install startup (bootstrapped prompts), translation requested not installed (results in display of prompt again), translation changed/reloaded, each translation for the plugins is loaded seperately
[13:20:28] danielk22: stuartm: A pop-up seems a more elegant way to deal with that. Even though people prefer their native language few if any people who can afford a computer running MythTV, lack English proficiency entirely.
[13:20:48] danielk22: s/,//
[13:21:51] stuartm: danielk22: it's not that exactly, we need to load the en_US translation even though the strings are written in English for things like numerous form translations to work
[13:22:15] stuartm: but I'll go with a popup because it's the easy way out
[13:23:25] danielk22: We should ping the CentOS packagers about the packaging problem... I wonder why they didn't just copy the fedora package.
[13:24:52] danielk22: sphery: I think the rationale isn't so much for mythtv, but for the # of packages that the frontend and backend together depend on.
[13:25:29] danielk22: Of course, I don't know if splitting the program up really saves on that since libmythtv pulls in most of that stuff either way.
[13:26:01] sphery: I asked Michelle to let the packager know that translations are required for both frontend and backend installs, so I'm guessing it will get reported
[13:26:54] danielk22: sphery: I would probably carry more weight coming from us than a "random user".
[13:26:58] sphery: FWIW, Paul Bender--the guy in charge of MiniMyth, a distro specifically created to be a tiny install for diskless MythTV systems--doesn't split up frontend/backend, and said that the difference when you do is "in the noise"
[13:28:00] sphery: being his post
[13:29:27] danielk22: At least we're no longer doing the backend/frontend only compiles of libmythtv.. that was painful.
[13:30:59] sphery: I'll admit that I've never tracked dependencies of external libs at all, but I'd guess--since most of our code is in shared libs that are required on both, and those libs pull in the external libs--about the only non-MythTV difference would be not needing an X server (10MB for server and drivers, or so?) on a backend only system (just the X libs)
[13:31:37] danielk22: stuartm: My goal isn't to create more work for you, I just know that things really do blow up spectacularly on an exit(int) and we can't deal with it all with atexit() routines (although we do some of that).
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[13:35:21] danielk22: sphery: We do have a lot of dependencies. I can tell when I do a "apt-get build-dep mythtv" on a new install..
[13:36:57] danielk22: ldd `which mythfrontend` | wc # == 83 libs..
[13:37:12] danielk22: But we also do a lot...
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[14:17:41] superm1: sphery: well right now it's shared because of the way the build system is architected. at the end of the debian package run, one of the packaging tools goes and spits out a gazillion warnings that such and such dependency on a particular package can be dropped if the linker didn't link to so much unused stuff for specific binaries
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[14:22:40] superm1: which i think happens because the way qmake is setup the same libraries get linked for all binaries
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[14:35:29] danielk22: superm1: pulls in all the libs even when not needed.
[14:36:22] superm1: yup, that's it
[15:07:58] stuartm: danielk22: yeah I know where you're coming from, and calling exit() wasn't really my first choice because I know it's ugly, but this wasn't an issue worth the work that the proper solution involved
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[15:09:11] stuartm: I hadn't really considered a popup warning and I'm happy enough with that as an alternative, if it's shown every time the frontend starts then hopefully users won't just blindly dismiss it every time
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[15:14:26] stuartm: what I wanted to avoid was users seeing the subtle issues arising from a lack of translation and just dismissing them as quirks of the application, rather than a problem with their install
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[16:55:50] stuartm: knightr__: fwiw I can't reproduce the translation issue now, I guess it wasn't being loaded as you suggested, now I have to discover why that was
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[17:35:34] Beirdo: stuartm: the code was in there to flush the buffer, but I think it got removed or borked. It doesn't really matter too much as the zeromq branch changes that significantly.
[17:35:54] Beirdo: once I get it to compile for Windows, I intend to be merging it... so soon
[17:37:48] Beirdo: it is being a PITA. I hate qmake :)
[17:49:44] stuartm: Beirdo: ok, good to know, I'm going a different direction so it doesn't matter in this case but if the frontend/backend crashes it's useful to have all the log output up to the moment it died
[17:52:03] danielk22: Beirdo: Any idea if the flush code got borked before or after we cut .25? I thought I had tested it 4–6 weeks before the cut..
[17:52:47] Beirdo: I think it was after, but it never really worked as desired
[17:52:53] Beirdo: we kill it too soon
[17:53:29] Beirdo: stuartm: that should be the case with the zeromq setup. including for segfaults, unless the segfault is in the logging thread
[17:53:37] danielk22: Right, is that tree ready for the rest of us to hammer on it or do still have some issues to tackle?
[17:53:50] Beirdo: it's ready for everything but mingw
[17:54:02] Beirdo: feel free to hammer it :)
[17:54:05] danielk22: :)
[17:54:16] Beirdo: and if we find issues, they will get fixed :)
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[18:05:12] dekarl: danielk221: did you add a DVB-C frequency table for burkina faso back in the channel scan rewrite?
[18:05:43] danielk221: dekarl: not that I recall. but I wouldn't necessarily recall that..
[18:05:51] dekarl: I'm wondering what that might be "fmap["dvbc_qam_bf0"] = new FrequencyTable(" and if it needs to be added to the selection list
[18:06:16] danielk221: git blame should get the commit #
[18:06:31] dekarl: it just got me the hash of the merge :(
[18:07:24] Dj_FlyBy|MS| (Dj_FlyBy|MS|! has joined #mythtv
[18:08:14] danielk221: Ah, yeah you need to run blame the version in the branch itself. :|
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[18:26:07] sphery: dekarl: we may have lost that history when the mythtv-channel-scan branch was deleted from svn in [20428]
[18:26:07] MythLogBot: No match for SVN revision 20428
[18:26:25] sphery: . . . 79694#379694
[18:31:39] dekarl: sphery: thanks, already figured that it might be gone.
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[18:32:57] stuartm: there should be a commit email corresponding to that change, but without the diffs it might not be easy to find
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[18:33:29] sphery: yeah, trying to guess the right search terms, but it's not easy
[18:35:00] stuartm: yeah, coming up empty here
[18:38:56] sphery: hehe, why did it take me so long to figure out I should look at the actual ticket that tracked it – #2695
[18:38:56] ** MythLogBot **
[18:39:08] dekarl: [19945] sounds good
[18:39:08] MythLogBot: No match for SVN revision 19945
[18:39:13] sphery: dekarl: perhaps: (KDG network)
[18:39:22] sphery: yeah, same one
[18:39:50] sphery: or possible [19948] –
[18:39:50] MythLogBot: No match for SVN revision 19948
[18:39:54] dekarl: yup
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[19:09:36] Beirdo: I need to kick the guy hosting the PPC slave.
[19:09:52] Beirdo: install libuuid-dev already!
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[23:04:51] stichnot: #10829 – does anyone have a sample with mixed 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios? (Or if the fix is immediately obvious, feel free to grab the ticket...)
[23:04:51] ** MythLogBot **
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