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Tuesday, June 5th, 2012, 00:00 UTC
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[02:40:07] Captain_Murdoch: stuartm, I don't think we have a method to trigger a rsync with osuosl, we sync twice a day now though rather than once a day as prior to a few months ago.
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[02:58:55] Captain_Murdoch: jya, I just picked 10s out of the air for HLS, but I think it was partially based on seeing other stream samples with that size segment. I don't have any issues going with 4s or 5s.
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[03:01:17] Captain_Murdoch: if we had a way to generate segments more 'on demand' then smaller segments would make even more sense.
[03:02:11] Captain_Murdoch: rhpot1991, the BE you send the HLS request to should be able to stream the file from the BE that recorded the file, but I haven't tested that thoroughly since I haven't had a 2nd BE in my dev setup for a while.
[03:03:21] rhpot1991: Captain_Murdoch: ya my 2nd backend doesn't seem to like that, I end up getting a 404 from the API call
[03:05:03] Captain_Murdoch: ah, that probably only works if you are using the AddRecordingLiveStream, not
[03:05:09] Captain_Murdoch: not AddLiveStream
[03:05:59] rhpot1991: ah, ya I'm using AddLiveStream now
[03:06:00] Captain_Murdoch: if you're using AddLiveStream, try passing in the HostName arg with the value of hte hostname that owns the recording.
[03:06:09] rhpot1991: I'll try the recordings
[03:06:22] rhpot1991:
[03:06:31] rhpot1991: can it take hostname?
[03:06:35] Captain_Murdoch: AddRecordingLiveStream calls AddLiveStream with the hostname from the recorded table.
[03:07:12] Captain_Murdoch: yes, it can take a hostname.
[03:07:41] rhpot1991: wiki is out of date it looks like
[03:07:44] Captain_Murdoch: might have been added after that page was written. Robert added the helper method for Videos, then I think I added the one for recordings.
[03:07:47] rhpot1991: ok, let me try that
[03:09:57] Captain_Murdoch: if HostName is empty or equal to the BE's hostname, then it tries to find the file locally, otherwise, it generates a myth:// URL and passes that to the HLS code.
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[03:20:06] rhpot1991: Captain_Murdoch: that did it, thanks!
[03:21:18] rhpot1991: looks like my phenom 2 is struggling to keep up with a 720p stream
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[03:24:19] rhpot1991: bitrate may have been too high
[03:38:55] rhpot1991: Captain_Murdoch: ok, my AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 955 Processor seems to be able to keep up with 720p 2mbit stream
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[06:51:56] dekarl: "The main problem is that MythTV may not invoke Shepherd as the user you expect: it might be your own user, it might be mythtv, or it might be root, depending on your system." :(
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[06:56:46] dekarl: should mythfilldatabase (and mythtv-setup) store the xmltv config and channel icons into SG via a call to the MBE to get around the frontend/backend user split?
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[09:56:00] jya: Captain_Murdoch: yes, 10s seems to be what's used in most of Apple's example.. Going for something smaller would certainly speed up startup time
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[09:56:46] jya: I'll be in SF from Saturday, if anyone is in the area, would be nice to organise a meet...
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[13:36:44] stichnot: jya, taylorr, re #10622 and #10623 and yesterday's discussion of ffmpeg duration (mis)calculation. Interestingly, the version of ffmpeg installed on my system and the latest mythffmpeg give very different results on the sample.
[13:36:44] ** MythLogBot **
[13:36:44] ** MythLogBot **
[13:38:14] stichnot: mythffmpeg simply gives up, whereas ffmpeg gives a ridiculous duration
[13:41:37] stichnot: danielk22: despite the snarky tone of #10802, it seems that we would do well to have a system event handler for "Recording Failed"
[13:41:37] ** MythLogBot **
[13:43:16] stuartm: stichnot: I suggested that last week, although I wasn't the only one to do so
[13:43:54] stuartm: seems like an easy 'win', small simple patch that will prove very useful to a lot of people (especially HD-PVR users)
[13:44:59] danielk22: stichnot: I'm surprised it didn't print something out. It looks like it was canceled by the scheduler for lack of signal but it should have printed "Canceling recording since tuning timeout, 180 seconds, has been exceeded."
[13:45:06] stuartm: btw, who wants a sample of UK radio which doesn't play well in master/0.25?
[13:45:18] stuartm: with vdpau
[13:45:18] stichnot: stuartm: me too :)
[13:45:44] stuartm: stichnot: you beat me by a few months then ;)
[13:46:35] stuartm: the radio playback issue is a regression, I'm surprised there are no tickets open for it
[13:47:19] stichnot: stuartm: I have no experience with radio playback, but in what way does it not play well?
[13:48:06] stichnot: and my first guess would be something to do with low-bitrate ringbuffer optimizations
[13:49:15] stichnot: I'm happy to take a look, but I can't promise anything :)
[13:50:01] stuartm: stichnot: stutters badly, lots of 'Waited 0.2 seconds for data to become available' warnings and if you pause it takes several seconds to stop printing 'Player(n): Waited 100ms for decoder to pause'
[13:50:25] stuartm: "Waited 0.2 seconds for data to become available... 28672 < 32768"
[13:50:44] stichnot: that's a ringbuffer message, right?
[13:50:57] stuartm: seems like the bitrate might be less than what it's expecting as an absolute minimum
[13:51:11] stuartm: stichnot: aye
[13:51:41] stichnot: is this playback of a recorded stream, or a "live TV" setting?
[13:52:25] stuartm: recorded
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[13:52:55] stichnot: that's a relief. btw, by now I totally get why no one really wants to touch Live TV...
[13:53:16] stichnot: one of these days I'll try to tackle live TV
[13:53:22] stichnot: if jya doesn't get there first :)
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[15:13:40] danielk22: Just a heads up... I'll be merging in the UTC branch shortly..
[15:14:06] danielk22: I'll send a "what this means" message to mythtv-dev.
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[15:39:07] dekarl-too: danielk22: just looking around the utc changes, the database update does not seem to factor in DST?
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[16:07:38] danielk22: dekarl-too: Yeah, for existing recordings the time might be off by the DST.
[16:08:04] dekarl-too: I would have expected somesthing like "UPDATE program SET starttime=CONVERT_TZ(starttime, 'Europe/Berlin', 'UTC');"
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[16:09:35] danielk22: dekarl-too: That would be too error prone. The DB might not have timezone files loaded and if present they might be different from the current ones.
[16:11:57] dekarl-too: sounds like a trade-off between different issues then, ok.
[16:13:13] dekarl-too: but it stinks that in 2012 theres still such fundamental issues with mysql :(
[16:13:55] stuartm: wonder what that means for those of us already in GMT
[16:14:11] stuartm: nothing much changes I guess
[16:14:15] danielk22: stuartm: You still have daylight savings right?
[16:15:17] stuartm: aye, ah I've just read that bit
[16:16:44] stuartm: hmm, I might run a DB update then just to adjust the times back to what they were, not that it really matters too much
[16:17:58] dekarl-too: stuartm: you would be trading the times being off an hour in the winter against the times being off an hour in the summer, where's the point?
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[16:18:50] stuartm: dekarl-too: I can restrict the update to just those recordings between the start/end date of the BST period
[16:20:21] dekarl-too: stuartm: or you could make sure your database has proper timezone data loaded and use convert_tz, as little perl script that uses the bindings and does the fixup *if* correct timezone data is loaded would be appreciated :)
[16:26:36] sphery: besides, IMHO, if the recording is one you plan to keep long term, it probably makes sense to move it to the Video Library, which is better for archival of a large collection of videos (meaning the incorrect times aren't that important and will disappear with deletion and/or moving of recordings to Video Library)
[16:28:58] sphery: (that said, I'm sure the users will disagree with me and will tell us just /how/ important those historical times are--and after danielk22 finally gives them what they say they want ("times in UTC, like any sane program") they'll also complain that when they lived in NYC and recorded <whatever> at 8:00pm, it's showing as recorded at 5:00pm since they've moved to LA, and it's confusing because 5 isn't prime time!)
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[16:30:37] sphery: IMHO, all that's important is that the times link up across all the tables, since they're still used as keys--and danielk22's approach (with a single offset) is a great way of ensuring that's the case.
[16:31:06] stuartm: like I said, it doesn't matter too much, but on occasion I reference the time of a recording as a guide to why something else didn't record, or to differentiate between two different showings of a programme (say a repeat shown at 9pm before the new episode at 10pm)
[16:31:29] stuartm: both of those refer to recently recorded stuff generally
[16:31:59] stuartm: I don't keep stuff I recorded 6 months or 3 years ago because I want it archived, I just haven't got around to watching it yet ;)
[16:33:37] stuartm: like say this episode of Forbrydelsen I'm watching atm, recorded last November, I've only just got around to watching it now
[16:34:32] stuartm: once watched it will be deleted
[16:35:29] dekarl-too: stuartm, if you refer to the time to avoid repeats you need better guide data :)
[16:36:25] sphery: Right, so historical stuff probably isn't too critical for exact times, since you'll be looking at recent stuff for "what are they doing with the schedule" type questions. And, yeah, I have old stuff in recordings because I haven't gotten around to watching/deleting (but I won't care what time it says--just like I don't care what channel, since MythTV takes care of the when/where so I don't have to care). This approach will mean ...
[16:36:31] sphery: ... that the actual offset applied will be determined by when a person updates (during DST or not), so will likely confuse people after a change.
[16:36:51] stuartm: heh, in certain cases I want the repeat because I missed the original showing
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[16:38:17] stuartm: sphery: ah, ok, so the offset is determined by when the update is done, so recent recordings won't see their time changing ...
[16:38:32] sphery: right, it uses the utc offset at the time of the update
[16:39:19] danielk22: yeah, so unless you do the update right after the DST start or end you probably won't notice..
[16:39:36] sphery: stuartm: so don't update on Oct 28 :)
[16:39:58] danielk22: If we didn't use a fixed offset we'd need to deal with recstarttime conflicts..
[16:40:15] sphery: yes, it would become much more complex--and error prone
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[16:41:00] dekarl-too_: the upcoming program is interesting for people who upgrade from 0.25 to 0.26 in the weeks leading up to a DST switch... A hint in the release notes "if you use xmltv and upgrade around that time of year its suggested to force a full reload of the guide data" might be the simplest solution.
[16:41:14] sphery: I like the approach you're using better than any alternatives... I only fear the user scripts to "fix" the "broken" times
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[16:45:33] dekarl-too: I'm looking forward to dropping the xmltv time zone setting. Can we do that rather earlier then later so early adopters can bug guide sources that violate the spec before the mass upgrades? (I can come up with a patch)
[16:48:38] dekarl-too: at least this service will break as they use implicit local time
[16:49:14] sphery: yeah, sounds like a good plan
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[17:02:25] stuartm: we shouldn't be afraid to break compatibility with services that don't strictly follow the xmltv spec
[17:03:29] danielk22: We should inform them if we do so.. maybe an e-mail to the xmltv mailing list saying: if you don't do X then your grabber won't work with MythTV 0.XX.
[17:03:42] stuartm: since this is one case where we can actually enforce the spec (unlike broadcasters or manufacturers who don't stick to the DVB/EIT/UPNP specs)
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[17:04:18] stuartm: danielk22: anyone on the xmltv list already sticks to the spec, grabbers distributed through are subject to automated testing
[17:05:12] danielk22: ah.. So I assume there aren't really very many broken script out there...
[17:06:03] stuartm: it's the grabbers which use an approximation of the xmltv spec, e.g. Shepherd, the MCE feed stealing thing and the like that tend to pick and chose which bits of the spec they implement
[17:07:11] stuartm:
[17:07:41] dekarl-too: danielk22: looking at smolt I see *lots* of grabbers that are not part of the xmltv project and thus don't undergo the automated testing...
[17:07:43] stuartm: that doesn't look too good, but none are reporting timezone issues atm
[17:08:17] stuartm:
[17:09:02] stuartm: we should warn about it, but I'm not sure whether posting to the xmltv list will reach those people writing/distributing the non-compliant grabbers
[17:09:21] dekarl-too: ^- running tv_validate_{grabber|file} on any xmltv feed catches most errors
[17:10:36] dekarl-too: btw, I see 9 users run the combiner grabber that wraps multiple grabbers into one feed, nice <- obviously works best if no source uses floating local time of foreign time zones
[17:14:33] dekarl-too: stuartm: I just looked at your link to the xmltv-tester, try the upcoming release instead sp;:)
[17:14:41] cattelan_away is now known as cattelan
[17:14:52] dekarl-too: ^- mythbuntu has a checkbox to run nightly xmltv, too
[17:20:19] kormoc (kormoc!~kormoc@mythtv/developer/kormoc) has joined #mythtv
[17:29:44] NightMonkey (NightMonkey!~NightrMon@pdpc/supporter/professional/nightmonkey) has joined #mythtv
[17:34:35] jcarlos (jcarlos! has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[17:36:57] stichnot: What's a good way to browse through danielk's big set of commits to master? The links I expected in the mythtv-commits email are not there.
[17:38:12] jcarlos (jcarlos! has joined #mythtv
[17:47:18] stichnot: if only would let me sort commits by push date instead of commit date...
[17:48:03] Jordack (Jordack! has joined #mythtv
[17:48:42] sphery: this will give you the stuff for the branch since moving to the new git server (don't remember name of old branch before the move): . . . me&mh=25
[17:49:59] stuartm: dekarl-too: the one I linked is the one pointed to in the wiki
[17:50:13] stuartm: well at least from the Validation page on the wiki
[17:51:53] dekarl-too: stuartm, which page is that? I only know of pages that have both links (but the pages could use some makeover)
[17:53:36] stuartm: dekarl-too: ah, ok the page I was referring to (XmltvStatus) does list both, I only saw the second link though
[17:54:12] sphery: stichnot: oops, this is better... . . . me&mh=25
[17:54:54] stuartm: dekarl-too: I wonder why uk_rt is failing in nightly but not in release ...
[17:55:00] sphery: stichnot: and this is the old repo (but seems to have "garbage" in it--the commits to master that weren't actually put on the list because of broken github commit hooks, i.e. the reason we needed a new server :) ... . . . me&mh=25
[17:56:45] dekarl-too: stuartm: because release is the old grabber and nighly is a work in progress that nick has some small things to do before it will pass again. (debug output going to the wrong file handle etc)
[17:57:12] colonelqubit (colonelqubit! has joined #mythtv
[17:57:20] dekarl-too: so its not a false positive per se, but the tester is being picky
[17:58:52] dekarl-too: see
[17:59:37] stichnot: sphery: I can easily access those archived emails on my system. The problem is e.g. the second message in your "this is better" link. There's no link in the message to view the changes.
[18:01:51] sphery: stichnot: I think those are all just merges of changes from master
[18:02:39] stichnot: But I guess what would be best is a "git diff" command that shows the totality of Daniel's merge into Master. Probably something like "git diff 9b23866577096f2cdaa6ce5488fb03~174ca465bed1d9bfb6527692adf9bc"
[18:03:22] stichnot: which first requires me to do a "git pull", which I'm not sure I'm ready for...
[18:03:48] sphery: basically, because all of the "revisions listed above" "appeared on other notification emails" (for other branches), there's no "in full, below"
[18:04:02] dekarl-too (dekarl-too!51c8c614@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Quit: be back later)
[18:04:30] sphery: stichnot: I think you can do (without pull): git diff HEAD origin/master
[18:05:29] stichnot: but don't I need some sort of "pull" to get the latest objects onto my local system?
[18:07:22] danielk22: stichnot: git fetch --all <-- will download the changes but not apply them to the local version.
[18:09:11] stichnot: danielk22: cool. Then with sphery's command, I get 12K lines to look through :)
[18:09:45] danielk22: stichnot: I think "git show" or "git log" of individual commits may be more useful :)
[18:20:56] stichnot: something like this might be best: . . . a60a42%40%2F
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[21:44:21] stichnot: hmm, unfortunately mythutil --{g,s}etcutlist does not take a --file option, i.e. doesn't work for MythVideo content
[21:44:21] kc (kc!~Casper@unaffiliated/kc) has joined #mythtv
[21:46:41] sphery: ttbomk, we don't even honor cut lists in videomarkup (nor allow editing capability in Video playback), right?
[21:46:59] stichnot: no, it's there
[21:47:13] sphery: er, filemarkup
[21:47:44] stichnot: You won't see Edit Recording on the playback OSD menu, but you can press the EDIT key
[21:48:10] sphery: and it actually handles use of filemarkup versus recordedmarkup?
[21:48:28] stichnot: pretty sure
[21:48:37] stichnot: I'm preparing a response to #10800 so that he can provide a sample.
[21:48:37] ** MythLogBot **
[21:49:07] stichnot: though I'd better verify that changes made in the editor are actually saved out and honored
[21:49:40] kc (kc!~Casper@unaffiliated/kc) has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[21:50:55] stichnot: A long time ago I opened #7306 and claimed that the Internal player honors the cutlist
[21:50:55] ** MythLogBot **
[21:51:32] stichnot: and observed that this was important if you wanted to import an HDPVR recording into MythVideo
[21:52:36] mrand (mrand!~mrand@ubuntu/member/mrand) has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[21:53:05] stichnot: and since I keep hearing about a stronger integration between recordings and videos, this actually brings up a gap that should be filled
[21:53:13] stuartm: sphery: we do honour cutlists and allow editing of videos, if a seek table has been built (but that works out badly for mkv, the resulting seek table is all wrong and screws up seeking)
[21:53:32] mrand (mrand! has joined #mythtv
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[21:54:35] stuartm: that said you'd have no good reason to edit a mkv, since you're ripping a DVD/Blu-ray which doesn't have adverts to skip
[21:54:52] sphery: yeah, code seems to indicate that's true... I was under the impression it didn't work based on user comments saying it doesn't
[21:55:07] stuartm: so maybe we should just disallow seek table generation for matroska
[21:55:54] stuartm: sphery: it's worked as long as I can remember, at least as far back as when I wrote the bookmarking code which was 2006/2007 iirc
[21:56:20] stuartm: (probably my finest work)
[21:57:11] sphery: pretty sure we disabled seek table generation for mkv... jannau said something about not supporting the bitstream format or something and then disabled it, iirc
[21:57:35] stuartm: sphery: I was still able to generate a seektable for one just a couple of weeks ago
[21:58:03] stuartm: which is how I came to discover that really badly things happen ;)
[21:58:13] sphery: and, yeah, the users who said it didn't work were telling me why they couldn't use Video Library--meaning they probably never actually tried edits/cut lists
[22:00:22] sphery: hmmm, maybe only in mythtranscode --buildindex?
[22:00:42] stuartm: fwiw, I'm trying to nudge people in the right direction with these translation/qlocale commits, I'm hoping that I won't be the only one hunting down and replacing the current code
[22:00:45] sphery: patch from taylorr that I pushed when he didn't have a chance...
[22:01:05] stuartm: yeah, I was using mythcommflag --rebuild
[22:01:34] sphery: we really need to get down to one seektable regen... either mythtranscode --buildindex or mythcommflag --rebuild or (my preference) mythutil --something
[22:01:38] kc (kc!~Casper@unaffiliated/kc) has joined #mythtv
[22:01:39] stuartm: since I was under the impression that we'd deprecated mythtranscode --buildindex,
[22:01:55] sphery: if it's deprecated, it should be removed
[22:01:57] mrand (mrand!~mrand@ubuntu/member/mrand) has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[22:01:58] stuartm: maybe it's the other way around, it would really help if we just dropped one or the other
[22:02:22] sphery: yeah (or both--since you're neither flagging commercials nor transcoding when you rebuild a seek table)
[22:02:27] sphery: :)
[22:03:46] sphery: so, looks like we need something to the effect of for mythcommflag --rebuild
[22:05:18] mrand (mrand!~mrand@ubuntu/member/mrand) has joined #mythtv
[22:05:25] stichnot: stuartm: I plan to scour "my" code to try to help out the translators
[22:05:57] sphery: strange that . . . er.cpp#n1144 says QString(ic->iformat->name).contains("matroska") versus mkvfile = !strcmp(inputFC->iformat->name, "mkv") ? 1 : 0;
[22:07:09] stuartm: sphery: doesn't sound right
[22:07:26] stuartm: can't both be true
[22:07:29] stichnot: I was thinking of starting with tv_play.cpp, mythplayer.cpp, and deletemap.cpp (and maybe osd.cpp, subtitlescreen.cpp, teletextscreen.cpp)
[22:07:35] sphery: stuartm: yeah, that's what I was thinking
[22:09:32] sphery: (since both ic and inputFC are AVFormatContext*)
[22:16:14] mrand (mrand!~mrand@ubuntu/member/mrand) has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
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[22:50:47] nordle (nordle!~nordle@ has joined #mythtv
[22:53:42] nordle: I know it's not important, but felt I had to pop in and say thanks! I've just done a fresh install of Mythbuntu with MythTV 0.25, then restored a 0.24 database using backup/restore scripts from MythTV. The whole thing took less than an hour and worked perfectly. Utterly brilliant!!  :)
[23:03:14] hashbang (hashbang! has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
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[23:22:09] knightr: stuartm, don't worry, you won't... I have been too busy to work on it but I am definitely planning to work on it in the coming weeks (especially during my holidays)...
[23:23:32] knightr: stichnot, I have started working on a document with do's and dont't (and I'll probably put some general info in it)
[23:24:17] knightr: I haven't put it in the wiki though as it is still far from complete and its structure might change...
[23:24:45] stichnot: knightr: that will be much appreciated. The biggest thing I need a reminder of is the preferred alternative to QObject::tr(), e.g. in the TV or MythPlayer classes.
[23:25:34] colonelqubit (colonelqubit! has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[23:27:42] knightr: QCorreApplication::translate("a context, usually the class name when you use tr()", "disambiguation string, most of the time leave this empty (BUT NOT NULL)", "the text you want to translate")
[23:28:52] knightr: you can also specify encoding but that's not actually needed under normal situations and as soon as I commit one of the patches I have here it will no longer be needed...
[23:29:13] knightr: (I'll specify the encoding elsewhere...)
[23:29:28] knightr: oops, that's QCoreApplication:...
[23:29:41] knightr: stichnot ^
[23:31:32] knightr: A normal call would looks something like QCoreApplication("TV_play", "", "a string to be translated") for example if the string to translate was in TV_play and tv_play didn't inhedrit from QObject
[23:31:39] stichnot: knightr: thanks. Would the translators like any special warning when lots of strings in the QObject context in one source file are suddenly moved into a new context like "TV" or "MythPlayer"?
[23:32:18] knightr: should be needed unless we're talking hundreds...
[23:33:01] knightr: tge string get automagically recopied from one translation context to the next, the only thing they have to do is confirm that the translation is still good...
[23:33:09] knightr: s/string/strings
[23:33:47] stichnot: e.g., I count 49 in tv_play.cpp and 39 in mythplayer.cpp
[23:34:19] knightr: they are all using QObject?
[23:34:44] stichnot: yes
[23:35:00] stichnot: and 27 in deletemap.cpp
[23:35:58] stichnot: If the tools automatically track this, then it sounds like notification may not be necessary
[23:36:12] knightr: OK, let me think about it, I have something else I want to do (TV categories) which probably double that number at least so I might have to send them a little email about this...
[23:36:25] knightr: yes and no, they do have to confirm...
[23:36:35] knightr: usually we don't warn them..
[23:36:51] knightr: but we never had that kind of volume AFAIK...
[23:37:15] knightr: bah, no email for now...
[23:37:57] knightr: if I see that the number gets too big I'll warn them so that they don't end up having to do too much at the last minute for the next release...
[23:38:21] knightr: (are we still planning a release in a few months?)
[23:41:36] knightr: stichnot, sorry, I gave you the syntax backwaeds...
[23:42:04] knightr: backwards...
[23:43:21] knightr: it's QCoreApplication::translate("TV_play", "a string to be translated", "disambiguation string if needed but you don't need to provide it")
[23:44:10] stichnot: knightr: that's OK, I can figure it out from there :)
[23:44:27] knightr: (as you can see we haven't used it much yet so I got it backwards...)
[23:45:20] knightr: you can also used your own names for context (for example: (
[23:46:49] nordle (nordle!~nordle@ has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)
[23:47:49] knightr: stichnot, BTW, for reusable stuff, you don't need to put it elsewhere, I have started using QObject for that instead of having the translators translate (or at least confirm) there entries over and over again...
[23:47:57] taylorr (taylorr!~taylorr@unaffiliated/elmojo) has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[23:48:08] knightr: (reusable stuff: video, stereo, audio, etc...)
[23:49:17] stichnot: I see. Another option is to designate a context for just that, e.g. "Common"
[23:51:08] wagnerrp: stichnot, sphery: might want to discuss upcoming schema changes in regards to #10804
[23:51:08] ** MythLogBot **
[23:54:00] stichnot: wagnerrp: yeah. I just don't want that particular aspect to be overlooked. (Setting the milestone as 0.26 may have been getting ahead of myself...)
[23:54:30] wagnerrp: well the idea is that with the schema rewrite, cutlist data would be tied to a "file"
[23:54:39] wagnerrp: and the file table would be shared between videos and recordings
[23:54:52] wagnerrp: so cutlists for videos would almost "just work"
[23:54:59] stichnot: ok, that makes sense
[23:55:18] knightr: stichnot, yep, we could do that too, the only problem is we must make sure the context will not be used by a real class otherwise confusion would arise...
[23:55:21] stichnot: any idea when that schema change is targeted for?
[23:55:30] ** wagnerrp prods sphery **
[23:55:44] wagnerrp: some time soon, for the last two years... :P
[23:56:22] stichnot: knightr: good point. Using a prefix like "_" would probably be safe, e.g. "_common"
[23:56:42] knightr: stichnot, if you start modifying the context of string there's one thing we should avoid as much as possible though, backports...
[23:57:06] knightr: otherwise we break the existing translations in -fixes...
[23:58:16] knightr: stichnot, can we have an underscore in a class name?
[23:58:23] stichnot: knightr: right. I'm aware of the problem with changing/adding translated strings in -fixes.
[23:59:07] knightr: yep but it would be done on a large scale so it's something to keep in mind...
[23:59:44] knightr: I might be able to help in this regard though, I'll see what I can do..

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