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Sunday, June 3rd, 2012, 00:20 UTC
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[01:37:06] jya: danielk22: I got two reports that my patch for IPTV fix most problems… however, none of them can change channels either.
[01:37:23] jya: though one said he could change channels using the program guide
[01:49:27] danielk22: jya: The Program guide uses a slightly different method for changing channels, I believe it uses chanid rather than channum in some places.. I can take a look at it sometime next week. It's probably something relatively simple.
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[05:47:26] jya: danielk22: ok… I will backport the iptv change so it gets into 0.25.1
[05:47:51] jya: I'm sure it's something simple too that won't take you long to find .. just a matter of knowing where to look
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[07:18:04] xris: not sure if it's a fedora-17 thing, or something else. libav stuff is throwing a ton of errors
[07:18:35] xris: stuff like: In file included from libavcodec/crystalhd.c:82:0: /usr/include/libcrystalhd/bc_dts_types.h:64:1: error: unknown type name 'bool'
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[09:08:32] analogue: hola
[09:09:04] analogue: anyone know why kMaxBufferSize in ThreadedFileWriter.cpp is hardcoded to ~128MB?
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[11:30:55] jya_: oh, xbmc has almost finally caught up with us when it comes to audio features.. . . . -2/#comments
[11:31:15] jya_: make that :
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[12:28:26] stuartm: yeah, they do a much better job of publicity than us
[12:29:01] stuartm: we really should update the news more often and not be so modest that we don't boast of our features
[12:29:56] stuartm: especially since xbmc make very big boasts about features as though they are the only media application to have that functionality
[12:32:08] stuartm: a large part of the popularity of xbmc comes from their ability to market themselves, which pulls in more users and in turn more developers/contributors
[12:33:36] jya_: stuartm: was thinking exactly the same thing…
[12:34:23] jya_: and when it comes to audio, we still have some features that they don't do (like re-encoding to AC3 on the fly for spdif only system)... we've had most of those *new* features in 0.24 already
[12:34:47] jya_: that was what.. 2 years ago?
[12:35:49] jya_: need to find a new name for all our component… AudioEngine sounds way cooler than "audio framework" as i've been calling it
[12:37:24] jya_: and we do it all in half as much code , 12618 LoC vs 22000 :)
[12:38:20] ** jya_ thinking i should add more comments **
[12:48:51] stuartm: we badly need a 'feature' page on the website that lists everything mythtv can do, all the codecs we support, all the audio features, the hardware users can use ... well everything
[12:49:40] stuartm: the MHEG support we have for example was written for MythTV and I think is still unique
[12:54:41] jya_: trying to debug why a hdpvr would play ok on a 0.24 build, and now doesn't in 0.25… the VDA hardware decoder choke on both, so at least it's not a regression on the vda code.. but using the plain CPU+ profile, 0.24 play the file at 58% CPU on my i5 (going from 55% to 64%. with 0.25, it goes between 68% and 79% with a very short peak at 92%
[13:00:25] jya_: interestingly, xbmc uses even more cpu usage for that file
[13:20:16] stichnot: After one of the recent ffmpeg resyncs, I'm seeing some weird playback behavior. HD-PVR recordings, VDPAU playback. If I seek to the beginning of the recording (e.g. press UP a few times, or 0-INFO), playback has a strange jitter like it's playing 2 frames, backing up 1 frame, and repeating. Audio is fine. If I exit and resume playback, the problem goes away (until seeking again to the...
[13:20:17] stichnot: ...beginning).
[13:20:37] stichnot: There are a couple interesting log messages when this happens:
[13:21:08] stichnot: Player(5): Timed out waiting for frames, and there are not enough free frames. Discarding buffered frames.
[13:21:18] stichnot: AFD: Audio 326 ms behind video but already 220 video frames queued. AV-Sync might be broken.
[13:21:49] stichnot: wondering if anyone else sees this
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[13:31:41] jya_: stichnot: can you go back to earlier resync and see which one cause the issue?
[13:34:42] stichnot: jya_: I can give that a try. Is there an easy way to tell git to just jump back to a particular commit?
[13:34:51] jya_: git
[13:35:09] jya_: do a git reset --hard HASH_COMMIT
[13:35:22] jya_: this will revert completely to that commit
[13:35:27] jya_: when you're done
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[13:35:36] jya_: do a git pull
[13:35:54] jya_: warning: don't do this is you have any commits you haven't pushed yet
[13:36:00] jya_: as they will be lost
[13:36:13] jya_: actually
[13:36:15] jya_: my bad
[13:36:16] jya_: instead
[13:36:24] jya_: simply do: git checkout HASH
[13:36:30] jya_: much better
[13:36:40] jya_: when you want to go back: git checkout master
[13:37:28] stichnot: cool
[13:38:02] jya_: to check the log while you've done your git checkout HASH and say you want to go to another resync
[13:38:20] jya_: git log master, so you can see the full log and find what hash to use
[13:38:54] jya_: i'm back on svn for a work project…. and really… it's a pain compare to git , i really miss the local branch
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[13:42:53] stichnot: looks like searching my gmail for "jyavenard ffmpeg resync" is a lot more straightforward than "git log master"
[13:43:50] stichnot: fortunately there haven't been any db updates recently, I think
[13:45:20] jya_: stichnot: there are easy ways to compile so any database change won't matter
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[13:46:23] stichnot: "Ticket #10708: FFmpeg Sync on 2012.05.07 Broke Compilation of RAOP Functionality" — I don't see evidence of that particular ffmpeg sync ???
[13:47:10] jya_: maybe you jsut aren't compiling raop :)
[13:47:19] jya_: you need dns_sd and libcrypto
[13:47:44] stuartm: I think he means he doesn't see an ffmpeg sync on that date
[13:47:49] stichnot: I mean, I don't see logs for an ffmpeg resync on or around May 7
[13:48:17] jya_: for running mythfrontend so it won't complain about a database change, add to configure the option --extra-cxxflags="-D IGNORE_SCHEMA_VER_MISMATCH=1 -D IGNORE_PROTO_VER_MISMATCH=1"
[13:48:17] stuartm: there wasn't one
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[13:48:39] stuartm: only commits on the 7th were by wagnerrp and I
[13:48:40] jya_: stichnot: the RAOP code was broken by Beirdo's early may resync
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[13:48:50] jya_: it took me afew days to look into it
[13:49:09] jya_: and the reason you're not seeing the resync
[13:49:20] jya_: because the merge was done on May, 7th
[13:49:37] jya_: but the actual change was done on March 30th by Beirdo
[13:49:38] stichnot: oh yeah, I forgot you weren't the only one doing ffmpeg resyncs :)
[13:49:58] jya_: when you merge, the commit dates stay as it's original commit date
[13:50:22] jya_: so even though it was added on May 7th, the date in the log would be around end of march
[13:50:43] stuartm: they were pushed on the 8th
[13:50:49] jya_: git log can be a bit confusing like this, with commit not always following incremental dates
[13:50:56] stuartm: at least in the original timezone
[13:51:34] jya_: stichnot: the easiest way for you to find out when the resync were done
[13:51:42] jya_: do a git log — mythtv/external
[13:51:53] stichnot: ah, nice.
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[13:53:11] jya_: of course, you could do a git bisect, but sticking to the commit applied on external/FFmpeg is a much narrower list of commits
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[14:02:14] stichnot: ok, not seeing the problem with 3f6ae11d93577e7ea6ed0b7535ed31 which I believe is May 7 pre-Beirdo resync
[14:02:59] stichnot: even though those "AV-Sync might be broken." messages still show up
[14:04:37] stuartm: stichnot: I was getting those yesterday, clean install fixed it for me
[14:05:07] stichnot: stuartm you mean getting those log messages?
[14:05:17] stuartm: although I'm not sure if it was the install or the frontend restart, if the latter then it seems possible for the frontend to get stuck in a state where playback fails
[14:06:03] stuartm: stichnot: sorry, didn't read closely enough, my warning was slightly different "Failed to initialise A/V Sync" or something, different issue
[14:06:18] stuartm: nothing would playback at all
[14:06:29] jya_: stichnot: yes, that's pre-ffmpeg resync
[14:06:42] stuartm: got 500ms of audio before it would error out with the above message
[14:06:53] jya_: so running with ffmpeg from over a year prior
[14:07:50] stichnot: post Beirdo commit 098c103f67e6e93ba927d82d2d9433 has the problem
[14:08:22] jya_: interesting, unchecking the deblocking filter option in the playback profile, has the opposite effect on what it was supposed to do… CPU usage is over 200% with it, and 60% without
[14:08:45] stichnot: great, so something happened to ffmpeg sometime in the past year, that should be fun to track down
[14:09:36] jya_: stichnot: good luck :P , and with the ffmpeg/libav fork, a git bisect is virtually impossible
[14:10:00] jya_: dates of commits are all over the place, and bisect gets it wrong
[14:10:44] jya_: it took me half a day to find a AAC fix back in october, trying to find which commit in ffmpeg actually fixed it
[14:10:52] stichnot: the difference between pre and post Beirdo resync is that post, I consistently get logs like this before the bad behavior starts: "2012-06–03 07:07:08.284772 N Player(0): Timed out waiting for frames, and there are not enough free frames. Discarding buffered frames."
[14:11:35] stichnot: which comes after a number of messages like "Player(0): Waited 405ms for video buffers fLLLLLLLLLLLLLAL"
[14:12:00] stichnot: so I may be able to play with the timeouts?
[14:14:03] jya_: that's also interesting… playing video with deinterlacer set to none, shows a CPU usage of over 200%
[14:14:16] jya_: something is broken here…
[14:16:23] stichnot: 2012-06–03 07:15:49.837416 E GetNextFreeFrame() unable to lock frame 100 times. Discarding Frames.
[14:17:53] jya_: ah no, it's opengl-lite that cause the 200% CPU… funny, onefield takes less cpu usage than none… though it's half the vertical resolution.. that could explain
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[14:23:12] jya_: has anyone ever used opengl-lite ?
[14:27:17] stichnot: so this problem with jittery playback after seeking to the beginning, is only happening with VDPAU Slim/Normal, and not the Slim profile. Since I'm the only one to mention it so far, I suppose it's probably something about my nvidia drivers (280.13), and I should find a newer version to try which is hopefully fairly stable
[14:33:10] jya_: stuarta: was just doing a 32 bits build and greedyhdeint doesn't compile.
[14:35:16] jya_: on a mac that is
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[15:04:19] Glen_: Hello
[15:07:42] Glen_ is now known as Glenuk
[15:09:13] Glenuk: Can anyone recommend a good video capture card, cheap with a remote?
[15:09:25] Glenuk: oh i am in the wrong channel sorry
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[15:17:55] jpabq: stichnot, I have experienced the behavior you are describing. Before the original recent Berido ffmpeg merge it was fine, and since it has that problem. Fedora 17 using VDPAU "normal" on a GT430.
[15:18:56] jpabq: That was actually the final straw that made me take the time to get rid of the initial "glitch" at the beginning of all HD-PVR recordings. I have not noticed that problem, since I re-did the signal monitor.
[15:19:29] jpabq: Sorry, make that Fedora 16.
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[16:48:54] jya_: stuartm: can you postpone tagging 0.25.1 for a day ?
[17:12:20] stuartm: sure
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[17:19:02] jya_: stuartm: never mind… found the problem… all good now.. backported what i wanted
[17:19:37] jya_: oh doh !
[17:19:46] jya_: damn shouldn't push at 3AM :(
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[19:24:52] taylorr: jpabq: nice work on the hdpvr improvements! livetv channels changes seem much improved
[19:28:33] jpabq: taylorr, yeah, should have made those changes a long time ago.
[19:38:06] taylorr: jpabq: so no more glitches? I haven't noticed any.
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[19:50:23] taylorr: jpabq: does this change improve scheduled recordings too?
[19:58:41] stuarta: jya_: i've been having problems with that on my 32bit build as well
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