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Thursday, March 29th, 2012, 00:15 UTC
[00:15:30] danielk22: nocarrier1969: Can you try the latest patch on ?
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[00:19:46] nocarrier1969: danielk22: on my way to try
[00:20:18] nocarrier1969: I'm on a pvr-500 by the way, (cx23416) if that matters
[00:36:59] nocarrier1969: (sorry taking so long, in car obtaining beverages for the evening first)
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[00:41:22] nocarrier1969: I've been logging at "-v all", what's the right level for this prob?
[00:43:51] wagnerrp: stuartm: i installed the Bayesian filter for trac again, and im going through and adding some ham
[00:44:09] wagnerrp: were dangerously close on some of these comments without it
[00:44:42] wagnerrp: and i think we need to disable a couple of the enabled filters
[00:45:04] wagnerrp: specifically the 'BlogSpam' and 'StopForumSpam' seem to be returning a number of false positives
[00:46:11] wagnerrp: apparently Gary Buhrmaster's IP got on some blacklist at some point
[00:54:04] nocarrier1969: danielk22: Okay, not sure what I'm looking for here, debug overload, but first DeviceReadBuffer at the problem spot is still 'poll error', next is "fill_ringbuffer: error state"
[00:54:21] nocarrier1969: Can pastebin this if you want
[00:57:32] nocarrier1969: Full log, watching channel briefly (fine), then attempting channel change (which is an external placeholder btw) —
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[01:36:54] danielk22: nocarrier1969: did you do an git pull before you applied the patch? The Poll error should have said what type it was.
[01:37:13] danielk22: nocarrier1969: and "-v record,channel" would be a better log level.
[01:38:32] nocarrier1969: I'd been trying some stuff of my own so I just purged and re-cloned master before that patch, so didn't have the pollhup one, sorry... Will run right now with that -v
[01:40:14] TheAsp: danielk22: I'm still getting some 0 length files off of firewire that I am definitely getting packets for, not related to my mpeg4 problems, so i think something is still broken in there
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[01:44:34] danielk22: nocarrier1969: can you test with the latest master first without the patch and produce a log and then reproduce the same steps with the patch. I'd like to have a good baseline to compare against.
[01:45:36] nocarrier1969: Okay — just about to run with latest master + 9830 patch + 10519 patch. Will pastebin and then reclone.
[01:47:21] nocarrier1969: Whoa whoa whoa, something else change underneath me? Working?!?
[01:51:09] nocarrier1969: The hell? 9830-debug-v1 was the only difference from my last run, and obviously just log change — but now it's working perfectly.
[01:51:24] nocarrier1969: (god I hate when people do this to me)
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[01:55:50] nocarrier1969: Rebooted, still worked fine. Not sure if happy or pissed. Pulling latest master with no patches.
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[02:14:13] danielk22: nocarrier1969: If channel changes work with latest master without patches that's great but I'd still like to see the logs with and without the patches. The current master probably won't work if the recording profile changes.
[02:14:40] nocarrier1969: Okay I'm not completely retarded — fresh master pull didn't work. Logs coming up, patches being applied.
[02:15:47] danielk22: Actually a test with just 9830 and with both patches would be good, I don't need just master.. but with update to master before either test.
[02:16:26] danielk22: I'm heading off to bed now, but I'll review everything you post tomorrow morning.
[02:17:19] nocarrier1969: Here's the master only, whether you need it or not (heh) —
[02:17:47] nocarrier1969: Thanks for the help, will now do the patches one at a time...
[02:30:01] nocarrier1969: ...and with only 9830-debug-v1.patch, which is of course an obvious duh, just shows poll error POLLHUP:
[02:40:17] nocarrier1969: ...and seemingly working, after 10519-v2.patch: But I swear this didn't work the first time, master+this patch, so I'd be afraid something else is at play.
[02:47:59] nocarrier1969: (confused at difference between pastebin 2133459 and 2133472, only change should have been meaningless pollhup output, but former didn't work? Any chance pure disk activity of the -v all was involved?)
[02:49:32] nocarrier1969: If I can help rather than confuse, I should be here most of tomorrow... Apparently working, but willing to break stuff.
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[12:32:35] danielk22: nocarrier1969: 2133459 was before doing a git update, that is likely the difference.
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[14:37:37] danielk22: TheAsp: I'm pretty sure the MPEGStreamData isn't getting something it needs. Perhaps there is some slop in the data we get over wire after a channel change so we see the PAT for the last channel in the FirewireSignalMonitor and tell the MPEGStreamData to use that? Or we don't clear out the old PAT & PMT from the cache? Or we just don't pass MPEGStreamData the updated tuning data?
[14:38:15] danielk22: TheAsp: I'm pretty sure when this was initially developed the firewire STBs always output the same PAT and PMT.
[14:42:47] gigem: danielk22: do you want to handle #10526 or do you want me to take it? it fixes a problem i have personally seen though not in a few weeks.
[14:42:47] ** MythLogBot **
[14:44:31] danielk22: gigem: My hands are pretty full so if you can take it... It doesn't look bad from a cursory look, but I didn't review it in any detail.
[14:45:01] gigem: okay.
[14:45:34] danielk22: Beirdo: The logbot ticket thing is pretty cool, saved me from some cut-n-paste just now.
[14:47:37] gigem: yeah, i noticed and like it too.
[14:49:15] ** skd5aner takes all the credit for forcing the idea upon Beirdo and Wagnerrp ;) **
[14:49:28] skd5aner: (the ticket link idea that is)
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[14:55:30] wagnerrp: ugh...
[14:55:48] wagnerrp: is too large
[14:56:56] wagnerrp: its failing insert into mysql
[14:58:22] danielk22: heh, that is crazy long. But if it is a TEXT column, isn't the size unlimited?
[14:58:52] danielk22: PS I guess this means you are looking at converting to mysql for trac? :)
[15:00:24] wagnerrp: yes
[15:00:45] wagnerrp: text is only 2^16 bytes, mediumtext is ^24 and longtext is ^32
[15:00:47] jams: it's not unlimited, there is also mediumtext and longtext
[15:00:55] wagnerrp: but its actually failing on the data protocol
[15:01:13] wagnerrp: hitting some 32MB network packet limit
[15:02:16] wagnerrp: im wondering if its some client-side caching since im only doing periodic transaction commits
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[15:21:35] wagnerrp: jams: that single entry is just simply too large to send over the network
[15:22:06] wagnerrp: i guess the only recourse is to crank up max_allowed_packet?
[15:27:55] jams: only thing i'm aware of
[15:28:16] wagnerrp: looks like it doesnt require much, the freebsd defaults are 1MB
[15:38:59] danielk22: stuarta: I'm seeing some of that low buffer availability in livetv, it takes a long time to get up to 99% even if I pause the video.
[15:45:39] wagnerrp: ok, i think that did it
[15:46:08] ** wagnerrp sits back and waits 20 minutes for the massive amounts of cookie data to transfer **
[15:47:37] wagnerrp: or... 2 minutes
[15:47:55] wagnerrp: ... who knew using something other than the mysql default configuration could make that much of a difference
[15:48:11] wagnerrp: of course 1/10th the time, 10x the memory usage
[15:50:02] danielk22: wagnerrp: distro mysql defaults are notoriously bad. There is a reason we still have mysql tuning documentation after all these years.
[15:54:21] wagnerrp: looks like you cannot resize innodb log files without completely recycling the respective tables?
[15:54:51] stuarta: danielk22: interesting. i did some more testing yesterday, and even on a i7 quad core, i got buffer stalls at the same place in this recording
[16:06:47] stuarta: wagnerrp: no you cannot resize the innodb log files downwards, hence one of the reasons to use innodb_file_per_table
[16:07:02] stuarta: at least that way when you drop the table it recycles the space
[16:07:38] stuarta: you can do it by dump and restore all of your databases which use innodb
[16:07:57] stuarta: simplest to say _all_ for the non-dba's
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[17:25:31] wagnerrp: danielk22: its up, but authentication is broken for reasons i havent discovered yet...
[17:25:47] wagnerrp: Beirdo: ^^^
[17:27:40] skd5aner: Are you going to wait until releaseday to cut the 0.25-fixes branch?
[17:28:30] skd5aner: in the past, it's usually been created a few weeks early to seperate master (trunk) a lttle early
[17:37:36] gigem: skd5aner: afaik, it hasn't been discussed yet. imo, there hasn't been a push for it this time around for a couple of reasons. one, perople seem to be more focused on producing a stable release than in the past. two, git makes it easier for people to continue development on other, sometimes private, branches.
[17:38:01] gigem: s/perople/people/
[17:39:36] Beirdo: the little it has been discussed, we aren't intending to create fixes/0.25 until release, but it hasn't been talked about much
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[17:49:40] skd5aner: gigem: yea, I don't have one opinion over the other – was just curious :)
[17:50:12] skd5aner: gigem: actually, I used to not like it, because I felt things fell through the cracks (i.e.,fixes would get pushed to master, but wouldn't get "backported" to -fixes prior to a release)
[17:51:04] Beirdo: having the bother of a fixes too early isn't worth it in my opinion
[17:52:05] Beirdo: and as gigem pointed out, we can easily work on branches that bridge over release boundaries :) We have a few of those already in the works
[17:53:12] gigem: yes, there were at least two of the most recent releases where fixes was cut way too early and created a lot of extra work.
[17:53:59] Beirdo: yeah. Not much point to it that I can see, personally, and since nobody asked for it to be split early, it just didn't happen :)
[17:54:30] ** Beirdo slaps his vista slave... again **
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[17:59:13] Beirdo: that VM just likes to periodically hose itself
[17:59:52] Beirdo: and away it goes
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[18:24:03] theli: Hi! Is anyone responsible for the MythTV wiki at http:// ?
[18:24:18] theli: I'm getting an internal error hen trying to save a page
[18:24:20] wagnerrp: yes, we know the wiki is not currently allowing modifications
[18:24:28] theli: ah. ok
[18:24:34] theli: thanks
[18:26:59] stuartm: theli: we've just moved servers, not everything is working as it should yet
[18:28:30] theli: thank you for the info
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[19:24:41] stuartm: anyone here in Denmark and using EIT?
[19:25:13] Beirdo: kenni is in Denmark... dunno about EIT though :)
[19:33:20] stuartm: it's ok, the more I look at this the less I think it's fixable for 0.25, I think there's a basic flaw in our handling of EIT and fixing it will probably break other countries until proper fixups can be written
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[19:45:13] danielk22: stuarta: remux info: java -jar ProjectX.jar -out OUTPUT-DIRECTORY -tots INFILE
[19:52:41] Beirdo: The idea of using Java for that just leaves me cold
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[19:54:24] stuartm: ​must have missed the first half of this conversation :)
[20:00:11] danielk22: stuartm: just generating a test video with good a/v packet synchronization.. there are some indications that isn't the problem but rather it's some kind of RingBuffer issue, but it's good to eliminate it.
[20:02:56] danielk22: Beirdo: Java is pretty good at data crunching compared to python, perl, etc. It's not C++ fast, but it is easier to program in. If you don't need real-time, but still want something pretty fast java isn't a bad choice.
[20:05:18] stuartm: ah, ok, that makes more sense, I was a little lost for a moment there – I still think I've missed some part of this discussion, perhaps because it happened in trac or the -users channel maybe, but I now know that I don't need to know any more ;)
[20:06:11] stuartm: oh, wait, now I see ... stuarta's buffering issue, I'd forgotten about that
[20:15:38] nocarrier1969: danielk22: That 10519 patch does indeed seem to have fixed my #9830. Thank you very much!
[20:15:38] ** MythLogBot **
[20:20:00] danielk22: nocarrier1969: Great, I'll turn that into a proper patch when I get the time.
[20:33:47] stuartm: any theories for . . . r_a_a_bt.txt ?
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[20:52:07] stichnot: hmm... $ mythutil --chanid 12906 --starttime 2012-03–28T22:59:00 --queuejob metadata >>> ERROR: --chanid requires at least one of the following arguments >>> --clearcutlist --clearskiplist --gencutlist --getcutlist --getskiplist --setcutlist --setskiplist
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[20:54:13] wagnerrp: whoops
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[20:59:38] wagnerrp: stichnot: fixed
[20:59:49] stichnot: thanks!
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[21:12:52] wagnerrp: stuartm: for what its worth, i can verify #10095
[21:12:52] ** MythLogBot **
[21:13:16] wagnerrp: i see the same problem when trying to play back on a remote X server
[21:13:37] wagnerrp: i just dont really care and would just as soon see that whole ability removed... :)
[21:13:56] stuartm: wagnerrp: with the same backtrace?
[21:14:13] wagnerrp: never bothered with a backtrace
[21:14:37] wagnerrp: just used it for the occasional tuner test with livetv if my testing box was not online
[21:15:07] wagnerrp: from headless freebsd backend to Xming 7.5 on windows desktop
[21:17:11] stuartm: if you can grab a better backtrace than the one in that ticket I could attempt a fix, but this is really Mark's area and I'm just not up to speed yet
[21:17:31] wagnerrp: im perfectly content letting that ticket stay closed
[21:17:46] wagnerrp: im saying its a verified bug, but IMHO not a bug worth fixing
[21:18:15] wagnerrp: especially since danie lk22 has remarked wanting to get rid of the X11/XShm outputs anyway
[21:20:37] stuartm: yeah, I just can't be that laid back about a crash, even if it's a crash when doing something that we don't think should be done :) If it's unverified I can leave it closed, but otherwise I'll feel the need to leave it open until a fix it committed – even if that's a fix which prevents the frontend running over a forwarded connection
[21:21:33] ** wagnerrp waves his hand **
[21:21:48] wagnerrp: that is not the bug i was referring to, you have no need to look further
[21:21:50] wagnerrp: move along
[21:21:51] wagnerrp: :)
[21:25:02] stuartm: heh
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