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Wednesday, March 28th, 2012, 00:57 UTC
[00:57:09] sphery: stichnot: feel free to do with #9613 as you please. I'll admit I haven't gotten around to looking at the code, yet, so you definitely know it better than I do.
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[01:15:20] wagnerrp: Captain_Murdoch: do you think that patch would have any repercussions with respect to startup?
[01:16:11] wagnerrp: i havent seen any issues so far, but then i dont start mythtv that often
[01:53:32] sphery: danielk22: re: V4L recording not working , wonder if this might help figure it out:
[02:20:42] stichnot: sphery: ok, I'll grab #9613 and close it with an explanation of its flaws.
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[03:36:23] DeviceZer0: any admins from #mythtv-users here?
[03:36:33] DeviceZer0: Seems my inet connection got fubar and I was banned.
[03:36:43] DeviceZer0: just wondering if I could get unbanned :)
[03:46:57] wagnerrp: done
[03:47:33] DeviceZer0: thanks :)
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[09:16:26] stuartm: do the following DB related warnings need to remain VB_GENERAL? Looking through my backend logs they appear very frequently but convey no useful information under normal circumstances –
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[14:42:04] gigem: stuartm: i agree. those should be changed to VB_DATABASE or lowered to LOG_DEBUG.
[14:47:31] jya: seems that -v database, yeild no information whatsoever related to the database access
[14:48:02] gigem: who's our eit person? danielk22? does the scanning follow any particular ordering and how often are reschedules requested? basically, i'd like to know if the updates already are or can be grouped into logical chunks for a change i'm working on.
[14:50:12] danielk22: gigem: the order is cardinput.sourceid, mplexid, atsc_major_chan, atsc_minor_chan. See the query in EITScaner::StartActiveScan()
[14:51:26] danielk22: gigem: By default I believe we change the mux and request a reschedule every 5 minutes, but this is user configurable.
[14:53:15] danielk22: gigem: I've haven't touched EIT in many years so my memory may be a bit rusty.
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[14:54:37] danielk22: stuartm: Those can be demoted to VB_DATABASE. I just wanted them in everyones logs after adding the new connection logic, but that has been sorted out for a while now.
[14:54:48] wagnerrp: stuartm: the bayesian filter was a separate plugin to the standard spam filter in trac?
[15:04:53] gigem: danielk22: thanks. so would sourceid and range or mplexids be a good grouping? also, what kinds of time ranges does eit typically cover? i assume we ignore anything in the past and, depending on the source, the data could be only for the next few hours or for several days into the future.
[15:08:01] danielk22: gigem: There is already a "GROUP BY mplexid" in the query since you only need to tune to one channel on an mplexid to get all the EIT for all the channels on that multiplex. The order by makes sure we scan each sourceid in turn.
[15:08:44] danielk22: On most DTV tuners there is only one sourceid, the exception is really DVB-S where each sourceid corresponds to a transponder which may need to move the dish.
[15:09:33] danielk22: the order by mplexid, atsc_major_chan, atch_minor_chan is totally arbitrary.
[15:10:49] danielk22: The EIT is delivered in 3 hour blocks. We always get the 3 hour block we are currently in and the next 3 hour block. The rest of the 3 hour blocks are sent at a lower data rate and there is huge variability in the amount of data we get.
[15:11:33] danielk22: So we actually do get some data for the past, and I believe we do insert it. But only a 3 hours back at most.
[15:11:53] danielk22: The 3 hour blocks are for ATSC EIT but I believe DVB is similar.
[15:13:44] danielk22: We don't always get guide data for only channels on the current mplexid. With satellite services in particular there is usually one mplexid that carries guide data for all the other mplexids and only current and next data is available on the mplexids that actually carry the channels.
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[15:14:07] danielk22: This may be the case for SCTE (Cable) EIT as well but we don't currently collect that data.
[15:14:40] stuartm: gigem: as danielk22 notes reschedules are every 5 minutes, although they are not configurable AFAIK
[15:15:09] danielk22: stuartm: oh, is it just the time between tuning a mplex that is configurable then?
[15:15:34] stuartm: in the UK/Europe you can get upto 14 days I believe, but more typically 7 days of data
[15:16:11] stuartm: danielk22: I didn't think even that much was configurable, but I'm starting to doubt myself on that
[15:17:06] gigem: danielk22: that's all helpful. thanks again. i should have been clearer. what i'm trying to achieve is a way for the eitscanner to inform the scheduler of the scope of changes so the scheduler can reduce the amount of work it needs to do. this is partly based on a suggestion by stuartm from last week and is part of bigger scheduler optimization i've been working on.
[15:17:20] danielk22: stuartm: The configuration options are still there in mythtv-setup, General->EIT Scanner Options->EIT transport timeout (mins)
[15:18:28] stuartm: danielk22: so it is, I must have missed that being added, I don't recall having noticed it before]
[15:18:36] danielk22: gigem: ok, I can help with that. Unless the "cross source eit" option is enabled the EIT data is restricted to just the current sourceid.
[15:19:06] danielk22: stuartm: That was there from the beginning :) My concern was that it might have been dropped at some point.
[15:19:10] stuartm: it must have been added for networks where the EIT data is sent faster or slower than most
[15:19:28] stuartm: danielk22: ah, I'm just not very observant then ;)
[15:20:17] danielk22: stuartm: That was the application for the option.. The other EIT option is really just for debugging; it should be hidden.
[15:21:21] danielk22: gigem: It wouldn't be difficult to track the channels for which we insert EIT. There just wasn't any use in doing it when the scheduler didn't optimize for it.
[15:21:57] danielk22: And thinking about it we may have tuned more than one sourceid in 5 minutes.. so we really should do that if the scheduler can use the information.
[15:23:25] danielk22: The waiting 5 minutes between reschedules was done because the full reschedule takes so long.. It would be very natural for the scheduler to be called once for every sourceid scanned.
[15:23:26] stuartm: danielk22: maybe something that can be automated if someone wanted to work on it, if the carousel comes around to the point where we started and we have a full set of guide data for that mux then we can move on or vice-versa
[15:23:34] gigem: danielk22: sourceid is easy, but i was hoping we could be more granular. let me do that part first. then hopefully someone can test to see how much it does or doesn't help.
[15:23:50] danielk22: stuartm: That was the original idea.
[15:24:45] danielk22: gigem: yeah, if we can reschedule for just a mplexid that would be very natural too. I believe that was the original implementation but then the scheduler really bogged down the system.
[15:25:57] gigem: okay. i'll do sourceid and mplexid, then.
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[15:38:12] stichnot: jya: early on in the logging overhaul, using "-v database" caused an infinite loop as the attempt to write a log line into the database was also being logged (into the database). Beirdo (I think) fixed that, but maybe a bit "too much"?
[15:39:17] jya: stichnot: thanks for the info.. It turned out I had to set --loglevel debug
[15:40:56] stichnot: ah, maybe that's why it didn't work for me recently
[15:43:10] jya: i'm trying to create a version of mythavtest that doesn't rely on a mysql server running
[15:43:17] jya: taking me forever to nail it
[15:44:13] danielk22: Beirdo: wagnerrp: Ticket #10519 didn't close on commit.
[15:44:51] wagnerrp: yes, the hooks are not installed
[15:46:08] wagnerrp: i think beirdo intends to just wait until we switch over to the local repo, as then we will be running completely different hooks anyway
[15:53:17] danielk22: jya: There is already a nodb option..
[15:54:07] danielk22: It's usable for mythcommflag and some mythccextractor
[15:54:13] jya: danielk22: how do I activate it ? I can't find it anywhere… and when I hacked the CoreContext::Init to set the nodb flag, it just fails miserably
[15:55:06] wagnerrp: the logging bits have a --nodb command line flag
[15:55:12] wagnerrp: than tells them not to log to the databse
[15:55:36] jya: do you mean --nodblog
[15:55:52] wagnerrp: yeah, that one
[15:56:10] wagnerrp: is that what youre referring to?
[15:56:15] jya: there is a boolean provided to the MythContext constructor, that disable db access… but that doesn't work
[15:56:17] danielk22: jya: no, i think it was called --skipdb.. Seems like it may have been lost in the commandline refactor.
[15:56:44] jya: danielk22: I do remember such setting a while back, I looked and looked and couldn't find it
[15:56:59] danielk22: hmm, still there.. in mythcommflag at least.
[15:57:14] danielk22: I think maybe its hidden in the help.
[15:57:14] wagnerrp: mythccextractor never uses the database
[15:57:25] jya: I'm guessing that just calls MythContext::Init with ignoreDB=true
[15:57:30] wagnerrp: and i believe --skipdb is only available for mythcommflag, not by any other applications
[15:57:37] danielk22: wagnerrp: yeah, makes sense.
[15:58:22] wagnerrp: . . . rser.cpp#L53
[15:58:53] wagnerrp: it has no "short help" string, so it is a hidden option
[15:59:29] jya: is that option available elsehwere ?
[15:59:52] wagnerrp: see also . . . in.cpp#L1129
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[16:00:14] wagnerrp: that link is likely what youre looking for
[16:00:22] jya: waso that's exactly what I was saying earlier
[16:00:26] danielk22: jya: nope, but it could be added to mythavtest. But there would probably be a few additional DB accesses that would need to be protected.
[16:00:28] dekarl-too: in DE/Europe you get 4 weeks worth of EIT for the public channels
[16:00:44] jya: it just call CoreContext::Init with ingnoreDB=true
[16:01:01] jya: that option doesn't work at all
[16:01:13] wagnerrp: jya: thats it, and then it makes sure not to use any gCoreContext calls that would otherwise access the database
[16:01:15] jya: not for mythavtest at least. it's the first thing I tried
[16:01:46] wagnerrp: which means direct file access only, and skiplist output to the terminal or file
[16:02:26] wagnerrp: you may need to rework the options stuff so it initializes the override file
[16:02:40] wagnerrp: that might not happen if the database is not configured at all
[16:03:21] jya: I've already done so… it does rely on quite a numerous amount of settings, from playback profile, playbackgroup, theme etc..
[16:03:31] jya: and as those are now not initialised, it just doesn't work
[16:03:56] jya: also, there's a setting in tv_play.cpp, that if database is ignored, it just doesn't create the videooutput
[16:04:07] jya: not sure why that stuff is there ....
[16:04:33] wagnerrp: as mentioned last night, settings should get taken care of by the --override-settings-file, assuming it is initialized properly with no database
[16:04:46] wagnerrp: but there are still all those other tables that have to fend for themselves
[16:04:50] jya: yeah.. I have taken care of that already
[16:06:16] wagnerrp: i wouldnt be surprised if all of that skipdb stuff was specifically written for the special case of mythcommflag
[16:06:44] jya: wagnerrp: actually, setting the override-settings-file is of no use whatsoever
[16:06:59] jya: because those values are only used if the entry in the database doesn't exist
[16:07:29] jya: of the database is not used, or if there's an error, it doesn't use the default value, instead the GetSetting function returns an empty string
[16:08:29] wagnerrp: im thinking if the database is not used, it never actually loads them
[16:08:34] jya: I actually think this could be changed without breaking anything. Righ now it does: if (d->ignoreDatabase || !HaveValidDatabase())
[16:08:35] jya: return value;
[16:08:45] jya: and value is an empty QString
[16:09:05] jya: wagnerrp: it does load all the override, they are just never access later because of that test
[16:09:57] dekarl-too (dekarl-too!51c8c614@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit ()
[16:13:22] wagnerrp: youre talking about libs/libmythbase/mythdb.cpp:346 ? MythDB::GetSetting
[16:13:30] jya: yes
[16:13:57] wagnerrp: it looks like it should be checking the overridden settings before performing that test
[16:14:04] wagnerrp: and return if a value is found
[16:14:38] danielk22: jya: The --skipdb option was really written for mythcommflag, mythccextractor type applications. But override should work, that may have been inadvertently broken by my DB connection changes.
[16:14:43] wagnerrp: although that is odd that overridden settings arent even used if the settings cache is enabled
[16:14:55] wagnerrp: that logic seems off
[16:15:03] wagnerrp: checking of overrides should be the first thing done, and always done
[16:15:35] wagnerrp: danielk22: . . . hdb.cpp#L346
[16:15:52] danielk22: The override-file stuff was added so values normally in the DB could be passed to mythcommflag.
[16:16:23] wagnerrp: right, but all the -O stuff, as well as --windowed and --mouse-cursor use that same interface
[16:16:31] jya: wagnerrp: the problem is that because of the ignoredatabase test, the value is never put in the cache..
[16:16:39] jya: so when you check the cache for it, you get nothing
[16:17:00] wagnerrp: right, but it should never even try the cache if that is set in the overrides
[16:17:26] wagnerrp: unless the overrides are loaded into the cache once and used from there
[16:18:19] wagnerrp: which does not appear to be the case
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[16:19:00] danielk22: wagnerrp: I get 404 with that link.
[16:19:12] wagnerrp: yeah, i manually typed it out from memory
[16:19:39] wagnerrp: danielk22: . . . hdb.cpp#L346
[16:20:27] wagnerrp: also strangely, this MythDB::ActivateSettingsCache takes a boolean
[16:20:36] danielk22: ok, that looks like a bug.. I'll take a look at it...
[16:20:41] wagnerrp: but true or false just decides whether it logs that the cache is enabled or disabled
[16:20:53] wagnerrp: after which in either case, it enables the cache and flushes its existing contents
[16:21:05] wagnerrp: erm, nevermind
[16:21:12] wagnerrp: its passing the boolean, not true
[16:21:13] wagnerrp: ignore that
[16:21:32] danielk22: jya: I think you just need to drop that else on line 362
[16:21:53] jya: danielk22: not sure it's worth be bothered for it at this stage… I was only attempting to use mythavtest for a very specific purpose.. there's a bug in the VDA macos X kernel module. apple has reported my bug as "works for me"… So I want to show them how to reproduce it
[16:22:45] jya: I doubt I will go very far if they have to setup mysql, run mythtv-setup and the lot just to play a partiular file
[16:23:15] wagnerrp: if were going to be switching to an embedded mysql database
[16:23:35] wagnerrp: i wonder if such 'database-less' operations would be better served by those applications simply spawning their own internal database
[16:23:44] wagnerrp: and populating a fresh one for temporary use
[16:23:44] jya: wagnerrp: the good news, is that's have pretty much been over every single file making mysql statement :)
[16:23:45] danielk22: jya: being able to use mythavtest without a DB would be cool but it might be a not insignificant task.
[16:24:20] jya: danielk22: well, I'm almost there.. I have my file playing now… now just have to emulate the playbackprofile
[16:24:24] wagnerrp: that seems like it would be a whole lot easier than trying to convert all the various tables playback uses to non-database operation
[16:24:42] wagnerrp: although it would require the much more difficult task of adding the embedded mysql database
[16:25:28] wagnerrp: since that work is going to be done anyway, it might be worth starting some new database connectors for that purpose in a feature branch
[16:27:03] jya: wagnerrp: to give you an example of what made my life so difficult, was that I had -O theme=Terra
[16:27:22] jya: well, it never actually read that value
[16:28:18] wagnerrp: right, with the code as it is, all those override options are non-functional
[16:36:34] danielk22: wagnerrp:
[16:36:34] jya: in any case.. no point wasting time on this… I got what I wanted.. I'll show you my patch to get mythavtest to work without db access
[16:37:55] jya: danielk22: I don't see hw this make any difference tbh, if there's a cache, it will use it first still
[16:38:25] jya: having the else or not make no fundamental difference
[16:38:35] danielk22: jya: But why would the cache matter? It will only load cached values from the override.
[16:38:52] jya: oh, my mistake
[16:39:13] jya: so if cache is active, and data isn't in cache…. that's where it will fail
[16:39:14] jya: my bad
[16:39:21] jya: 3:39AM.. that explains :)
[16:40:01] wagnerrp: the only way options are going to get into he cache is if GetSetting puts them there
[16:40:17] danielk22: yah, and I wasn't entirely accurate the cache will be empty since it is only loaded from the DB (there is no point in caching overriden values since reading from the override map is just as fast as reading from the cache.)
[16:40:21] wagnerrp: so theyre never going to be there if there is an overriddenSetting in place
[16:40:50] danielk22: wagnerrp: right, we only cache DB values and only if there isn't an override.
[16:40:51] wagnerrp: as SetSetting() does not populate the cache
[16:40:55] wagnerrp: maybe it should?
[16:42:31] jya: what I don't fully get too, is why the default value isn't used when ignoreDatabase is set
[16:42:58] jya: if (d->ignoreDatabase || !HaveValidDatabase())
[16:42:59] jya: return value;
[16:43:06] jya: should be: if (d->ignoreDatabase || !HaveValidDatabase())
[16:43:07] jya: return defaultval;
[16:43:22] danielk22: jya: Yeah, I think you are right.
[16:44:04] wagnerrp: so that makes it...
[16:44:26] jya: well, that one line change, make the whole thing work :(
[16:44:43] jya: I can't believe I spent that many hours just to find one line change fix it all :(
[16:45:06] danielk22: wagnerrp: Are we on Qt 4.8 already?
[16:45:19] wagnerrp: 4.6 as per the change logs, why?
[16:45:26] danielk22: wagnerrp: QReadLocker
[16:45:36] wagnerrp: should work fine in 4.6
[16:45:40] wagnerrp: if not, we have problems
[16:45:45] wagnerrp: as its already littered throughout the code
[16:48:57] danielk22: Ah, I thought it was newer than it is. It is in 4.6.
[16:49:02] jya: wagnerrp: why not just continue keeping in the current code's way, using lock/unlock
[16:49:14] wagnerrp: convenience?
[16:49:36] jya: I just don't like changing code style of an existing piece
[16:50:42] danielk22: wagnerrp: jya: I've fixed the code, without the QReadLocker.
[16:51:39] jya: I like on how I find a bug, and I have two dev working on it simultaneously… what about me ?
[16:52:07] danielk22: jya: The only reason I didn't use QReadLocker originally was because I thought it was a too new feature. I didn't use it now because I want to minimize the changes this close to release.
[16:52:52] danielk22: jya: I always try to fix the bugs I caused ASAP. :) I don't know about wagnerrp. :P
[16:52:54] ** skd5aner wishes he could find a bug and have 2 devs work on it simultaneously... **
[16:53:00] skd5aner: ;)
[16:53:18] ** wagnerrp is just avoiding more important things **
[16:54:01] jya: well, now why is it avoinding my custome static playbackprofile ...
[16:56:19] danielk22: VideoDisplayProfile::LoadDB() ?
[16:56:36] jya: danielk22: I have overridden that part.
[16:57:22] danielk22: jya: Are you going to make a git branch and point the apple dev to it?
[16:57:56] jya: danielk22: no, I'm going to post them the binary
[16:58:04] jya:
[17:01:31] danielk22: jya: Is LoadBestPreferences() clearing your pref ?
[17:01:58] jya: I haven't checked that yet
[17:02:10] jya: all I know is that 1 hour ago, it was properly loading my VDA code
[17:02:23] jya: the issue was with the Theme override not being used
[17:02:31] danielk22: gCoreContext->GetSettingOnHost("DefaultVideoPlaybackProfile", hostname);
[17:02:32] jya: so it always tried to use a "" theme
[17:02:44] jya: ah ah
[17:02:55] jya: now I do remember patching GetSettingOnHost
[17:03:00] jya: and reverting that change
[17:04:16] danielk22: Looks like it needs the same fix as GetSetting()
[17:06:53] kormoc (kormoc!~kormoc@mythtv/developer/kormoc) has joined #mythtv
[17:07:37] jya: it does look like it
[17:08:50] jya: it's not what is causing my VDA profile to be ignore though
[17:08:58] danielk22:
[17:09:45] jya: still need to replace the return value -> return defaultval
[17:10:05] jya: lne 621
[17:11:00] danielk22: jya: no GetSettingsOnHost() initializes value to defaultval; I don't know why GetSettings() doesn't just do that too.
[17:11:15] jya: ah my bad
[17:11:47] jya: thinking about it… something smells fishy
[17:12:22] jya: ah no, never mind.. jsut have crap in my eyes
[17:12:43] danielk22: jya: It might just be the late hour... :)
[17:13:05] jya: that an the 10 hours jetlag from yesterday's trip :)
[17:13:43] jya: danielk22: looking back at the other fix
[17:13:54] jya: instead of doing return defaultval
[17:14:05] jya: shouldn't it have been: return d->m_settings->GetSetting(key, defaultval);
[17:14:50] jya: so it uses the actual override key, rather than the static default value hard coded
[17:33:47] dblain (dblain!~dblain@mythtv/developer/dblain) has left #mythtv ()
[17:34:16] dblain (dblain!~dblain@mythtv/developer/dblain) has joined #mythtv
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[17:42:16] jya: finally.. done!
[17:46:41] Jordack-isCool (Jordack-isCool! has joined #mythtv
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[18:18:27] natanojl (natanojl! has joined #mythtv
[18:47:10] danielk22: Any cx8800/bttv users here? I attached a patch to #10519 which should address the streamon/streamoff issue...
[18:50:28] jya: danielk22: I think it would have been nice to mention the name of the user who provided the original patch...
[18:53:29] danielk22: which commit?
[18:53:42] jya: 22cb74b2bdafc3631a60c89f8a29c6ae63351626
[18:56:07] danielk22: jya: I'll credit you in the fix for the other GetSetting fixes :) I wrote all except for the defaultval part before wagnerrp posted his link.
[18:56:09] gregL (gregL! has joined #mythtv
[18:56:48] danielk22: It's just a variant of the "remove else" suggestion I gave earlier.
[18:57:22] danielk22: oh, you mean the V4L2_CAP_STREAMING?
[18:57:34] jya: yes, that one
[18:57:35] jya: . . . /330711.html
[18:58:54] danielk22: yeah, probably should have. I did link to his ticket though which lists as the reporter.
[18:59:30] jya: btw, while on the getsettings topics, what do you think of this:
[19:00:18] jya: same for GetSettingOnHost
[19:00:37] jya: though, for that one it doesn't really matte
[19:01:59] danielk22: To get the mysql.txt settings?
[19:02:08] jya: BTW, here is my change for the mythavtest working offline
[19:02:09] jya:
[19:02:27] jya: obviously, what you committed was the most crucial part to get it going
[19:03:05] jya: danielk22: no, instead of returning the static default value should the database not available, to return the value from the override
[19:04:33] danielk22: If it is in overridenSettings we will return a few lines earlier.
[19:04:53] jya: only if it's cached.. it may not have been at this point
[19:05:10] jya: ah never ming
[19:05:13] jya: yes, you're right
[19:06:12] jya: to be pedantic.. it's not just about who fixed the bug (that was rather trivial), but actually locating it took several hours.
[19:06:50] jya: allright, off for a shower, I've pulled an all-nighter once again
[19:06:53] skd5aner: sounds like my recent efforts at work
[19:06:58] skd5aner: 4 hours to discover, 2 minutes to fix :P
[19:07:24] danielk22: True, it's often most of the work. I'm very glad you found it!
[19:07:49] danielk22: And wagnerrp!
[19:11:07] wagnerrp: ?
[19:11:12] wagnerrp: oh
[19:11:23] gregL (gregL! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[19:11:42] danielk22: For finding the location of the bug :)
[19:11:53] peterpops12 (peterpops12! has joined #mythtv
[19:12:10] peterpops12: Hi, I have som trouble setting up lirc. I can se the codes with mode2 --device=/dev/lirc0 but not with irw ? anyone?
[19:13:30] wagnerrp: peterpops12: this is the mythtv development channel, not lirc or mythtv user support
[19:13:40] wagnerrp: try #lirc or #mythtv-users
[19:14:05] peterpops12: oh im sorry. I try that.
[19:14:33] peterpops12 (peterpops12! has left #mythtv ()
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[19:58:06] Beirdo: Test. #10510
[19:58:06] ** MythLogBot **
[19:58:17] Beirdo: yup, works here too
[19:58:48] Beirdo: now if it gets obnoxious, we can always disable it again
[19:58:56] skd5aner: very cool... love it, thanks again
[20:02:53] stichnot (stichnot!~chatzilla@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has joined #mythtv
[20:09:02] stichnot: My favorite is #10212. The poor guy was chasing it for 3 months, and it turned out to have a 1-line fix. (though that 1 line also took me many hours to find)
[20:09:02] ** MythLogBot **
[20:15:44] cocoa117 (cocoa117! has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[20:19:43] stuartm: oops, typo'd that commit message
[20:20:26] stuartm: Beirdo: nice, I can disable my auto-replace which sometimes backfires in other channels
[20:35:05] Beirdo: :)
[20:35:41] Beirdo: you can thank wagnerrp for having the time to get it 99% of the way there (it's fairly simple, but I'm pretty slammed at work)
[20:36:06] ** wagnerrp made about a dozen lines of change to an existing plugin for beirdobot **
[20:36:36] Beirdo: yup, and the remaining changes were from another (the svngit one)
[20:39:05] zombor (zombor!~zombor_@kohana/developer/zombor) has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[20:53:09] skd5aner: hey, and thank me for bringing up the idea in the first place... sure, I did 0% of the work, but I had 100% of the idea to ask someone else to do the work to make my life easier
[20:53:11] skd5aner: ;)
[21:10:03] Beirdo: hehe
[21:12:34] natanojl (natanojl! has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[21:15:41] skd5aner: Quick question, in 0.24-fixes, I can't bring up the EPG if the OSD is up, is this a known/fixed bug in Master?
[21:15:43] Beirdo: any update on #10490 lately? It's getting me concerned with so little time left
[21:15:43] ** MythLogBot **
[21:26:39] stichnot: danielk22: have you looked at #10518? To my untrained eye, it looks like it might be a backend deadlock at Live TV program transitions.
[21:27:03] Beirdo: hehe, trailing ? no go :)
[21:27:14] stichnot: I was wondering :)
[21:33:17] jeff999 (jeff999! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[21:34:52] jya (jya!~jyavenard@mythtv/developer/jya) has quit (Quit: jya)
[21:38:30] j-rod is now known as j-rod|afk
[21:41:22] danielk22: stichnot: yeah, it looks like cetonrecorder.cpp uses a local variable called _error, so when it sets it to true on an error in CetonStreamHandler::run() it doesn't get communicated to the StreamHandler::Start() which is waiting for either the thread to start or for StreamHandler::_error to be set to true.
[21:42:06] stichnot: nice.
[21:44:18] gigem: who's the MythCommandLineParser expert? is there a good example of a command line argument(s) being used for a QStringList? ultimately, it would be nice if mythutil --event could be used to send multi-line events. it's currently limited to single-line events only.
[21:51:30] dekarl: danielk22: would you consider to adopt #10496, too? (more regex tests ;) I'm running with it applied for 5 days now and didn't notice issues.
[21:51:30] ** MythLogBot **
[21:51:34] dekarl: nice
[21:56:26] danielk22: dekarl: Lets see how I get with the other outstanding issues...
[21:59:32] dekarl: sure, might be a bit invasive for pre-0.25 anyway. I saw you adopt its 10495 and thought it might be good to have them together
[22:00:35] dekarl is now known as dekarl_zZz
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[22:58:29] nocarrier1969 (nocarrier1969! has joined #mythtv
[23:01:40] nocarrier1969: Sorry to barge in, but danielk: if you want a real-time guinea pig for debugging #9830, I seem to have the same problem. (and it's POLLHUP via your latest patch)
[23:01:40] ** MythLogBot **
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