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Tuesday, March 27th, 2012, 00:01 UTC
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[03:30:18] wagnerrp: Captain_Murdoch: you around?
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[08:11:29] Captain_Murdoch: wagnerrp, not much lately or for the next month due to real life, but am now for a short while if you're still up. /msg me if you want and I'll respond during the day when I get a chance.
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[10:45:31] stuartm: stuarta: no-one is proposing that we rm -rf mythweb, but we are going to write something with equivalent functionality that runs from the built in server
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[10:45:49] stuartm: which might eventually mean mythweb dies from lack of interest
[10:46:03] stuarta: i just thought i'd put it out there
[10:46:13] stuarta: tbh i don't see a lot wrong with the existing one
[10:46:24] stuarta: but it could definitely use the services API
[10:46:38] stuarta: i need to hack it a bit more as well
[10:47:01] stuarta: make sure it works on all of apache, lighttpd + php-fpm, nginx + php-fpm
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[10:47:22] stuarta: current master works on apache, fails on nginx + php-fpm
[10:47:29] stuarta: not tested lighttpd yet
[10:47:35] stuartm: a built-in solution avoids the need for the user to install/config a bunch of stuff like apache/php etc – we'd no longer have to work around bugs in php or problems with the default php/apache configs etc
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[10:47:50] stuartm: it would just work, out of the box on all systems
[10:49:09] stuarta: and i hate reinventing the wheel
[10:49:25] stuarta: given there are numerous very good web servers available
[10:51:08] peitolm: crumbs, a question between the two of you is difficult to follow :P
[10:56:32] stuartm: stuarta: that's your prerogative, as I say no-one is proposing to remove mythweb for those that want to use/maintain it
[10:57:30] stuarta: :)
[10:58:25] stuartm: one of the things you've always agreed is that setting up mythtv is more difficult than it needs to be, it's not hard to see why you might not think setting up a webserver is one of those challenges, it is after all what you do for a living :)
[10:59:32] stuarta: aye, now i also help those who cannot do it themselves and tell them how to do it
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[11:04:37] stuartm: personally I think it's overkill to use a full blown webserver to serve up one page at a time to a single client, but that's not really why I'm backing the idea of a built-in mythweb, it's just why I happen to think that the 're-inventing the wheel' argument falls flat – plenty of apps successfully offer built-in webservers for configuration/maintenance/control e.g. cups – http is easy, it only gets more complicated when you're dealing with
[11:04:38] stuartm: hundreds of requests simultaneously and that's where nginx/apache become necessary
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[11:13:59] stuarta: true true
[11:14:14] stuarta: my other reason is performance
[11:14:31] stuarta: nginx gives me back my mythweb pages far faster than apache
[11:15:06] stuarta: for configuration the built in webserver is definitely the right way to go
[11:15:18] stuarta: that i'm definitely in favour of
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[11:36:15] stuartm: if the external mythweb depends on the services API which utilises the same interface as the built-in mythweb then it really shouldn't be served any faster, the built-in version should actually be a little faster at least for the html itself since it's using C++ instead of php which has an additional run-time compilation overhead
[11:37:42] stuartm: nginx might somehow be able to serve up images faster, especially those local to nginx, the rest would be relayed over the service API so again that wouldn't be faster
[11:38:30] stuarta: you wouldn't relay stuff over the API if you could avoid it
[11:38:31] wagnerrp: Captain_Murdoch: was trying to figure out #10510, and it seemed like qt was somehow managing to get out of QHostAddress::LocalHost
[11:38:43] stuartm: I suppose nginx might offer some form of caching to keep it faster
[11:38:53] wagnerrp: but it turns out there was a host lookup being performed somewhere instead
[11:39:05] stuarta: bizarrely, nginx in front of apache, seems faster than pure apache
[11:39:07] stuartm: stuarta: well anything else requires directly mounting every storage group location via NFS
[11:39:29] stuarta: no different to now
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[11:41:42] stuartm: true ... yet another reason to prefer a built-in server IMHO :) I've already got half a dozen storage group directories defined for recordings, another 4–5 for videos and soon one for music ...
[11:42:19] stuartm: actually, make that ~10 for videos, I'm forgetting the storage groups for fanart/posters/screenshots/banners etc
[11:42:54] stuarta: i've only the 1x 2Tb drive, so i just have a default SG
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[12:05:13] Captain_Murdoch: wagnerrp, for 10510, do we do a GetSetting() call passing in the hostname and possibly get back nothing so default to perhaps it's code or perhaps his GetSetting SQL query is being case sensitive.
[12:06:37] wagnerrp: Captain_Murdoch: at some point, something is failing to convert from the lower case 'holmes' to the IP address stored in the database for 'Holmes'
[12:06:49] wagnerrp: so its getting passed through to MythSocket::connect unresolved
[12:07:02] wagnerrp: at which point it gets resolved... incorrectly... by a QHostInfo
[12:07:30] wagnerrp: because for unknown reasons, ubuntu decides that it needs to stuff the local system's host name into the hosts file as
[12:08:00] wagnerrp: i couldnt trace down the exact root of the problem
[12:08:01] Captain_Murdoch: possibly the GetSetting('BackendServerIP', 'holmes'); lookup.
[12:08:11] wagnerrp: but i wrote this up last night instead, which seems to fix things
[12:08:25] wagnerrp:
[12:08:27] Captain_Murdoch: not sure if we do a GetSetting on FileTransfer or if we do a dns lookup.
[12:08:43] wagnerrp: one last attempt at an internal resolution in MythSocket
[12:09:03] wagnerrp: with a catch in there to make sure gCoreContext has been init first before trying
[12:09:29] wagnerrp: i *think* that should take care of the initial mysql ping on startup
[12:09:33] wagnerrp: but im not certain
[12:10:54] Captain_Murdoch: I'll have to look at that later, have to run out the door to take my daughter to school. just thought I'd reply now when I saw your comment. I'd check into RemoteFile and/or RingBuffer to see how we try to open the file to see if there's an easier fix for now up in the code elsewhere.
[12:11:29] wagnerrp: yeah, something somewhere is detecting wrong and passing the hostname through unresolved
[12:11:35] wagnerrp: just havent figured out what
[12:13:49] wagnerrp: to be honest, i'd really like to rework a big chunk of the initial connection code for 0.26, such that all name resolution is performed through mainserver, rather than relying on the database
[12:14:39] Captain_Murdoch: RemoteFile::openSocket() doesn't do a BackendServerIP lookup, it passes the hostname it receives to the socket open call.
[12:14:42] wagnerrp: application connects to the master backend and reports its hostname, further applications connect to the master backend and query it as to the location of that hostname when trying to access content
[12:15:18] Captain_Murdoch: have to keep in mind that some users don't use hostnames, they use the host identifiers, so we need to standardize. not sure if host ID or hostname is used for things like which BE owns a recording.
[12:15:25] ** Captain_Murdoch looks at the clock and runs... :) **
[12:15:38] wagnerrp: ok, thanks for the pointers
[12:16:18] wagnerrp: id actually like to redo the whole host identifier thing too to be honest
[12:16:30] wagnerrp: stop using the hostname, and start using some ID stored in the config.xml
[12:17:06] wagnerrp: in a sense, requiring everything to use that LocalHostName definition
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[15:15:20] danielk22: FYI The trac commit links aren't working for me... Is that a known issue?
[15:15:54] wagnerrp: yes, the git and github plugins are not currently installed
[15:17:03] danielk22: wagnerrp: is trac using mysql now?
[15:17:12] wagnerrp: not that im aware of
[15:17:51] wagnerrp: i think the previous version was just copied straight over (minus the plugins installed externally)
[15:18:28] danielk22: Ok, I'll do some googling on that. I recall that was one of the issues on the old setup, but we deferred fixing it due to the temp setup.
[15:19:12] wagnerrp: IIRC, we tried it previously, but found trac's then mysql support to be very buggy
[15:19:18] wagnerrp: i dont know if that has changed in the mean time
[15:19:29] danielk22: Do you recall when that was?
[15:20:06] wagnerrp: nope
[15:20:16] danielk22: prolly a while ago then :)
[15:20:38] wagnerrp: maybe two years ago? it was when we were having all sorts of sqlite stalls that made trac unresponsive until the query timed out
[15:20:49] wagnerrp: but i havent seen that happen in a long time
[15:20:55] wagnerrp: probably ever since we disabled the code browser
[15:21:11] danielk22: wagnerrp: Yeah, unfortunately we turned off some of the best features of trac as a workaround to the sqllite issues.
[15:24:34] stuarta: danielk22: on an unrelated note, do you know why we limit the number of video buffers to (i think) 31/32?
[15:24:58] stuarta: in VDPAU i believe it's due to hardware limitations, but what about XV?
[15:26:15] danielk22: stuarta: XVideo memory is regular memory, I think we just limit it because it was thought to be enough.
[15:26:28] stuarta: alternatively, has anyone done a writeup on the states a video frame can be in?
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[15:26:54] stuarta: i remember someone (i think taylor) analyzing it a lot, but i don't know if it was documented
[15:27:42] stuarta: i ask since my frontend suffers from pauses and it's most commonly logged error is waiting for video buffers
[15:28:35] stuarta: i'm tempted just to double the video buffers number and try it
[15:28:54] danielk22: stuarta: I don't know of any writeup, but enum BufferType could use some de-oxygen docs.
[15:29:26] stuarta: it's low powered, but it's not maxing out the cpu, so my suspicion is it is stalling getting stuff into the pipe because it's "full"
[15:30:22] danielk22: stuarta: It's probably not waiting for avail[able] buffers, but instead waiting for buffers ready to display, i.e. the decoder isn't keeping up.. but it is possible that if the audio is way out of sync in the source file then increasing the video buffers will help.
[15:33:50] stuarta: if the decoder isn't keeping up, then i would expect the cpu maxed out decoding frames
[15:34:01] stuarta: but i don't see it maxed out
[15:34:39] danielk22: give it a try, it won't do any harm.
[15:34:49] stuarta: ineed
[15:34:52] stuarta: indeed
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[15:43:46] skd5aner: is there an issue with commits not reaching the mailing list?
[15:44:30] wagnerrp: likely the hook was never put back in place
[15:44:37] wagnerrp: need to ask Beirdo about that one
[15:44:53] skd5aner: yea, I'm thinking so... . . . ad.html#3876
[15:45:51] skd5aner: blah, I don't like looking at commits any other way – github's view is... confusing, the say the least
[15:46:02] skd5aner: s/the say/to say
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[15:47:30] stuarta: but pretty! :)
[15:56:44] skd5aner: I can be a sucker for shiny things, but... this is one case where the ugliest solution wins
[15:56:54] stuarta: haha
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[16:39:42] skd5aner: jya, danielk22: I know you've made some recent changes in this area related to the livetv schedule transition points, but here's some users who are reporting some issues that may be related –
[16:51:03] danielk22: skd5aner: taylorr applied a revert recently to address the transition problem.
[16:51:40] skd5aner: cool
[16:58:04] stuartm: danielk22: which apparently caused it to break for others
[17:02:20] danielk22: stuartm: heh, of course :)
[17:03:53] stuartm:
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[17:23:02] skd5aner: stuartm: looks like tralph removed himself as the assignee to that ticket
[17:23:32] skd5aner: (and since it's marked as a blocker.......)
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[17:34:03] danielk22: skd5aner: I've adopted the ticket.. I think the revert just wasn't complete. We track whether a transition needs to be treated as a discontinuity or might have a new codec via the livetv table but it looks like that info isn't making it to where it is needed.
[17:36:32] danielk22: Does anyone here know if projectX is still the best mpeg-ts remuxer, and what command line options to use for remuxing? I'm thinking remuxing might determine whether a large a/v pts discrepancy is causing stuarta's playback problem.
[17:41:21] Beirdo: skd5aner: yes, shortly after we moved back to our own server, the email hook was broken for a couple days, it should be working now
[17:42:09] Beirdo: if not, I'll go take another look
[17:42:30] skd5aner: Beirdo... I'm not 100% sure, I know some things within the last few days are missing
[17:42:49] skd5aner: but I think everything from the last day was there (if I remember correctly)
[17:42:53] Beirdo: OK, might still be missing a perl module. Thanks, I'll go take a look
[17:45:59] Beirdo: well, the last commit I see on github has an email in both firehose and commit (yesterday)
[17:46:16] Beirdo: I fixed it yesterday around noon Pacific
[17:51:30] Beirdo: wagnerrp: seems trac is having some issues with CSV output (looking at the error.log for
[17:51:44] Beirdo: something we should likely look into, no?
[17:52:28] wagnerrp: csv output from what?
[17:53:14] Beirdo: looks like the ticket reports
[17:53:41] Beirdo: gimme a sec, I'll pastebin the chunk of errors
[17:55:29] Beirdo:
[17:55:55] Beirdo: what a mess
[17:56:51] wagnerrp: that sounds like some web crawler scraping the website
[17:57:09] Beirdo: tis possible, but why do we crap out?
[17:57:42] Beirdo: as far as I can tell, that's all one transaction
[17:57:44] wagnerrp: because... we dont?
[17:57:51] wagnerrp: works fine here
[17:58:44] Beirdo: huh
[17:58:45] Beirdo: OK
[17:58:49] Beirdo: :)
[17:58:52] Beirdo: never mind then
[18:00:16] wagnerrp: gah...
[18:00:43] wagnerrp: when transferring files to another machine, its good to transfer them to a local disk, and not an NFS share from the system theyre currently stored on
[18:00:54] Beirdo: hahaha
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[18:01:08] Beirdo: doh!
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[18:04:20] wagnerrp: im not actually seeing references to these in the http access logs
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[18:07:01] Beirdo: – - [26/Mar/2012:22:00:46 +0000] "GET /trac/report/1?asc=1&format=csv HTTP/1.0" 500 588574 "" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)"
[18:07:51] wagnerrp: /opt/www/
[18:07:56] Beirdo: no
[18:08:06] Beirdo: /opt/www/
[18:25:32] danielk22: Hmm, Seychelles IP.. maybe one of the spammers?
[18:27:26] danielk22: I wonder if disabling CSV output would stem the tide of trac spamming...
[18:29:37] Beirdo: it's possible
[18:29:56] Beirdo: does anybody actually use it legitimately?
[18:35:44] danielk22: Beirdo: I don't know. I do have a "Live Bookmark" in firefox, but I assume that uses RSS.
[18:36:21] wagnerrp: is trac spam really a problem any longer?
[18:36:22] Beirdo: yeah, RSS I know we have valid users of :)
[18:36:45] wagnerrp: aside from the merge when trac was started back up without the anti-spam plugins
[18:36:58] wagnerrp: i dont think weve had one bit of spam in weeks
[18:37:01] Beirdo: heh, yeah, other than that minor oops
[18:37:31] wagnerrp: (out of the dozens of attempts per hour)
[18:40:11] kormoc (kormoc!~kormoc@mythtv/developer/kormoc) has joined #mythtv
[18:52:34] dekarl: wagnerrp: should --sourceid be a RequiredChild of --file and --dd-file? Its displayed differently compared to --xmlfile in the help
[18:53:17] stuarta: danielk22: it's across a multitude of different recordings. i don't believe they have a/v discrepancies but exactly how would i check?
[18:53:54] wagnerrp: dekarl: honestly, ive never used either of those options, i dont know
[18:54:08] ** stuarta is currently rebuilding with 63 rather than 31 buffers **
[18:58:32] thecardsmith (thecardsmith!~doug@pdpc/supporter/student/thecardsmith) has joined #mythtv
[18:58:45] dekarl: wagnerrp/stuartm: I'm just wondering as its set with Requires() but that seems to not be the opposite of RequiredChildOf(), . . . 276f06ca794b
[19:04:19] wagnerrp: correct, a 'child option' is only usable if one of its specified parents is used
[19:04:32] wagnerrp: a 'required child option' must be used if its parent is defined
[19:17:00] dekarl: wagnerrp: does that look sane? (I took the cardtype dependency from main.cpp, its enforced so it might be nice to document it, but I have no idea what it is)
[19:19:08] dekarl: The only reason to not do it that way might be because --sourceid is dual use, a) to specify the sourceid for some modes of operation and b) to limit the default operation to one source
[19:19:43] wagnerrp: can --sourceid not be used on its own?
[19:20:07] dekarl: I think so, see b) ^
[19:27:44] cocoa117 (cocoa117! has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[19:28:33] danielk22: stuarta: It's not A/V discrepancy really, its just if audio is muxed in say 800 ms behind video. Our GetFrame() approach to demuxing isn't too good at dealing with that. You can check by playing a dd copy of the first bit of a video and playing it in VLC, if the last bit of audio is missing then the mux is off.
[19:29:13] danielk22: stuarta: The PTS values will be correct so it will play in sync.
[19:30:14] danielk22: stuarta: it would generally apply to all recordings from the same broadcaster, it would not be program dependent.
[19:31:33] stuarta: hmmm, half my problem is ringbuffer starvation
[19:31:59] cocoa117 (cocoa117! has joined #mythtv
[19:32:10] stichnot: sphery: is it OK with you if I close as Won't Fix?
[19:39:05] danielk22: stuarta: this is on pre-recorded programming? The playback debug screen that mark added should show the ringbuffer fill.. mine sits at 99%,100% most of the time..
[19:39:42] stuarta: i'll have to recheck on master then, (it's got the same issues for me as 0.24)
[19:39:52] stuarta: and how do i get into playback debug?
[19:40:59] cocoa117 (cocoa117! has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[19:42:32] stichnot: stuarta: Menu > Playback > Playback data
[19:42:56] stuarta: ta
[19:46:43] cocoa117 (cocoa117! has joined #mythtv
[20:18:20] TheAsp: danielk22: Good news! I'm an idiot! I was modifying my .orig data... Anyway, patch has been updated and is working well
[20:18:37] TheAsp: err .orig source
[20:27:32] ThisNewGuy1: hey all – I have a show that was cut down to size by transcoding, after transcoding I've created a cut list, is there a way to cut the stuff from the cutlist without further degrading the quality with another transcode?
[20:28:02] wagnerrp: not through mythtv, lossless cuts in mythtv are only available for mpeg2
[20:28:09] ThisNewGuy1: oops – sorry wrong room
[20:28:28] wagnerrp: that too
[20:29:17] Jordack (Jordack! has quit ()
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[20:33:11] cattelan_away is now known as cattelan
[20:45:54] Beirdo: yup, the email hook is definitely operational :)
[20:53:26] jya (jya!~jyavenard@mythtv/developer/jya) has quit (Quit: jya)
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[20:54:50] TheAsp (TheAsp! has quit (Quit: ZNC -
[20:59:34] stuarta: that playback status screen is quite useful
[21:00:16] stuarta: so the problem is quite simple, on this recording the buffers go down to 0% and then the decoded frames start to drop off, and then i get stuttering
[21:04:38] danielk22 (danielk22!~danielk@ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[21:12:03] stuarta: so my lowly celeron actually has enough ompf to decode this provided it gets the data
[21:12:14] stichnot: stuarta: I recently fixed a problem with .nuv files and buffer starvation. What are the particulars of this recording?
[21:12:42] stuarta: mpg dvb
[21:12:57] stuarta: has 1 video, 2x audio, 1 subtitle stream
[21:13:13] stuarta: 720x576@25fps
[21:13:35] stichnot: I assume it's a .mpg file? mpeg-2 or h.264?
[21:13:41] stuarta: mpeg2
[21:14:02] stuarta: since it's dvb, it's as broadcast
[21:14:45] stuarta: i also have some h264, but i'm not silly enough to expect that to work :)
[21:14:56] stichnot: ok... I'm fairly ignorant of non-U.S. broadcasts
[21:15:18] stuarta: if you know ATSC you are 90% of the way there
[21:15:19] stichnot: what is the buffer size listed in the "Available Buffer" line of the debug screen?
[21:15:29] stichnot: ok
[21:15:41] stuarta: that's what varies
[21:16:23] stuarta: i've had it as high as 98%, but when it goes down to 0%, then i start to run out of decoded frames and then the stuttering kicks in
[21:16:43] stichnot: i don't mean the 98%, I mean the "of 8Mb" part
[21:17:05] stuarta: 0–98% of 8Mb
[21:17:38] stichnot: ok, so it's not dynamically resizing the buffer based on projected data rate, I think
[21:18:08] stuarta: it's pulling around 5–5.7Mbs storage to buffer
[21:18:25] stuarta: and 3–3.5Mbs buffer to decoder
[21:18:41] stuarta: which i'd expect, since i'm not using 2 of the 4 streams atm
[21:19:34] stuarta: this is only SD content so i wouldn't expect it to think it needs to up the buffer
[21:20:33] stichnot: I have a recording playing right now that reports 150–200 Mb/s storage to buffer and 3 Mb/s buffer to decoder, so I'm curious about your relatively low 5 Mb/s
[21:22:15] stuarta: hmmm, network between backend and frontend is running at about 41.65Mb/s
[21:22:35] cocoa117 (cocoa117! has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[21:22:46] stuarta: hmmm, so that's part of it, it's just dropped to 24
[21:23:09] stuarta: powerline networking and av content isn't the best :)
[21:24:44] stichnot: is it deterministic where in the recording the starvation starts happening?
[21:24:57] stuarta: tends to be in the same spots
[21:25:07] stuarta: lemme try the other recording again
[21:29:28] stuarta: i would say yes
[21:32:24] jya: Back from one week in Morocco, so what did I miss ?
[21:32:35] stuarta: the usual
[21:32:53] stichnot: this is getting beyond my expertise, but I would enable "-v file" on the frontend and see what ringbuffer messages come out
[21:33:08] jya: I see that Beirdo nice commit comment got paulh upset...
[21:34:55] cocoa117 (cocoa117!~cocoa117@ has joined #mythtv
[21:35:37] stichnot: and something up with taylorr? I was hoping he would get #10104 finished off...
[21:37:50] cocoa117 (cocoa117!~cocoa117@ has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[21:39:10] jya: Is taylorr gone too? I see that he's subscribe to the Torc channel
[21:39:23] stuarta: he's not said anything
[21:39:46] stuartm: he's just said that he's too busy for MythTV atm
[21:40:35] danielk22 (danielk22!~danielk@ has joined #mythtv
[21:40:45] stuartm: let's not start imagining things and second guessing everyone's actions
[21:41:11] skd5aner: agreed – but if you're curious, only 3 people are "officially" working on torc it appears –
[21:42:04] jya: stuartm: all I'm saying is that he's not subscribe to this channel, is subscribed to #torc and has removed himself from a rather important trac ticket.
[21:42:05] skd5aner: and I've seen people hanging on on both sides of the IRC fence (myself included) – just to see what's happening
[21:42:20] jya: skd5aner: so do I…
[21:44:02] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch: did you get my email? I don't need a response, just to know it didn't get lost on-route
[21:50:07] natanojl (natanojl! has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[22:03:25] TheAsp (TheAsp! has joined #mythtv
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[22:08:43] j-rod is now known as j-rod|afk
[22:13:12] Beirdo: jya: yeah, I didn't think my language in that checkin was out of line, but maybe I'm just biased.
[22:13:31] Beirdo: but whatever
[22:14:07] Beirdo: sigh
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[23:25:09] Captain_Murdoch: stuartm, yeah, got it. it looked good the first time through, but I do want to re-read. thanks...
[23:25:30] Captain_Murdoch: sorry for delay in responding, been pretty busy lately and will be that way for another month.
[23:51:46] zombor (zombor!~zombor_@kohana/developer/zombor) has quit (Remote host closed the connection)

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