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Friday, March 23rd, 2012, 00:00 UTC
[00:00:29] Beirdo: hehe, I know how that goes
[00:03:59] dekarl: I hope the issue is not something like tableid 0x83 having a CRC in ATSC but being without CRC in DVB or similar funny stuff
[00:04:19] Beirdo: that would suck
[00:04:53] dekarl: sooo, packages are being build
[00:05:47] Captain_Murdoch: danielk22, I think that's probably a regression in PBB, I'm not sure of the current state, but thought the expirer used the normal delete code to do the delete so the event would get sent to PBB no matter how/why the recording was deleted.
[00:06:41] Captain_Murdoch: kenni, my packaging script just packages and compares the old package to the new, it doesn't look at version numbers. so the new package with the same version will get uploaded to the site, but users won't notified to re-download if the version doesn't change.
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[00:53:46] TheAsp: woah, neat
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[01:54:02] TheAsp: danielk22: Yes, I am getting packets – I LinuxController linuxfirewiredevice.cpp:99
[01:54:02] TheAsp: 1 (linux_firewire_device_tspacket_handler) LFireDev: Still receiving packets
[01:54:49] danielk22: TheAsp: Then the packets are getting filtered out, maybe the MPEGStreamData needs to be reset with a new PAT and PMT...
[01:55:31] TheAsp: So it keeps track of the previous channel?
[01:56:27] TheAsp:
[01:57:10] danielk22: It keeps track which streams to record, it should get reset on channel changes, but maybe that code is missing from the firewire recorder.
[01:57:38] TheAsp: cool, btw, check out the PMT
[01:57:40] TheAsp: :)
[01:58:01] TheAsp: type(0x1b video-h264)
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[02:01:38] danielk22: TheAsp: Try getting rid of FirewireRecorder::SetStreamData(), just use the DTVRecorder one.
[02:02:00] TheAsp: aye aye
[02:04:00] TheAsp: building now...
[02:27:57] xris: mythmessage go away?
[02:40:00] TheAsp: danielk22: Same result, but it did work for the first recording
[02:42:00] xris: I guess so
[02:47:44] Beirdo: xris: yes, it's part of mythutil
[02:48:34] xris: yeah. guess it's been longer than I thought since I recompiled
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[06:49:14] dekarl: man, I can't cast to safe my life it seams... anybody know how to do that?
[07:03:55] dekarl: trying now with reinterpret_cast instead of const_cast, lets see
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[08:46:46] dekarl: wrt CRC Error on Sections 0x82,0x83... seems to not have CRC if its EMM (table_id 0x80–0x8f), but does have CRC when its DishNet longterm EIT (0x80–0xfe) on PID 0x300. So HasCRC returns true when it should not... and it does that for all tables >=0x80 that don't have a special case :(
[08:47:07] dekarl: ECM/EMM => conditional access stuff
[09:21:33] stuarta: dishnet is a much smaller user base vs people who see conditional access packets
[09:21:54] stuarta: i'd vote for dropping the CRC check for the majority case
[09:22:56] dekarl: I'm just compiling a fix for the ECM/EMM case. I think my attempt to fix CRC error in TDT uncovered that bug
[09:23:44] dekarl: and the other patch is part2 of fixing the CRC errors due to using the wrong HasCRC function (PES functions instead of PSIP Section function)
[09:26:26] dekarl: <- ECM/EMM case
[09:30:03] stuarta: explain to me why when the tableid's of dishnet eit and ECM/EMM are mutually exclusive, should has_crc be set to true in the first place for ECM/EMM?
[09:30:43] dekarl: the table_ids do overlap
[09:31:01] stuarta: ah, that explains it
[09:31:27] dekarl: and Dishnet is 0x80–0xfe... might overlap with some other stuff, too :)
[09:31:41] dekarl: ECM/EMM ist 0x80–0x8f
[09:32:01] stuarta: i wonder if the dishnet tableid's are too wide in scope then
[09:36:50] dekarl: thats the one that I hope will fix CRC errors on TDT a bit better
[09:40:12] dekarl: ^- contains a typo (doesnt compile) git and me didn't agree about what to merge ;)
[09:42:33] dekarl:
[10:02:56] xavierh: stuartm: sorry I rename it to from2 to comment it and forgot to remove it
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[10:39:55] dekarl: stuarta: thanks!
[10:40:17] stuarta: np
[10:40:32] stuarta: not sure what for mind :)
[10:40:52] dekarl: #10067
[10:40:57] stuarta: ah :)
[10:41:12] stuarta: it's only half done, but in my overnight test it worked quite nicely
[10:41:33] stuarta: ramps up to steady state much quicker than it did before
[10:41:36] dekarl: well, its the "subtle bug" wrt EIT description part... memory is cheap :D
[10:42:09] stuarta: i don't see any of the parital eit data
[10:42:11] stuarta: do you get that?
[10:42:41] dekarl: I have no idea.. I'm mainly using my own xmltv source these days... but I was seeing it a year or two ago
[10:43:02] stuarta: i only use eit data
[10:43:07] dekarl: its not partial. its just that descriptions end up on the wrong program
[10:44:27] dekarl: but as the code mentions ETT it might as well be only a fix for the sympton on ATSC, who knows
[10:45:00] dekarl: I take it by "partial" you refer to holes due to bad EIT updates
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[10:55:15] dekarl: hmm, channel scanning does run to the end again, but creates large number of duplicates (and its often mpeg instead of dvb channels) maybe I should add #10054 to the mix... stuarta, you don't see that issue, do you?
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[11:40:58] stuarta: finally off the phone...
[11:41:50] stuarta: dekarl: i didn't see that when i scanned last week
[11:47:13] dekarl: I've just tested it and it makes a huge difference
[11:48:26] dekarl:
[11:48:52] stuarta: the patch in the pastebin makes a huge difference?
[11:48:59] dekarl: apparentley you have to restart mythtv-setup after each scan if you want consistend results... but I have no idea what that could be
[11:49:11] stuarta: i really should read the pastebin first
[11:49:25] dekarl: the patch in the ticket #10054, pastebin is my scan results
[11:52:13] stuarta: that should go in for 0.25
[11:52:20] stuarta: i've reset the milestone on it
[11:54:23] dekarl: going to channel surf a bit to see if the CRC errors are better now
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[12:05:26] danielk22: TheAsp: I dunno what the problem is, but it's probably getting lost in MPEGStreamData. It filters out all the pids that aren't in the PAT/PMT. If it is filtering on that, then MPEGStreamData has the wrong PAT/PMT. If not, then the data just isn't getting relayed to the recorder via the proper listener interface.
[12:05:40] stuarta: dekarl: you should attach those test results to the ticket
[12:06:09] dekarl: aye aye
[12:11:03] stuarta: i wonder if the same goes for the other tables
[12:13:53] dekarl: I've seen the mumudvb folks completely rewrite their table parsing due to various issues. And while hacking #10496 I've come across comments that suggest that we have to do that, too. See;a=t . . . 37;hb=master
[12:15:27] dekarl: I'm seeing _L_s when tuning to some channels now (maybe encrypted) and only _LMS for FTA channels. I wonder where the T went ;)
[12:16:16] dekarl: I'm not sure if thats good or bad as I've just changed something wrt the s/S
[12:16:29] dekarl: s/S being SDT => #10054
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[15:03:53] danielk22: stuarta: dekarl: The logic sounds correct in #10054. I wish I had seen it earlier...
[15:05:51] stuarta: danielk22: i remember having the same suspicions the last time i was knee deep in that code
[15:06:30] stuarta: i'll try to find time tonight to do a test as well
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[15:21:17] stuarta: danielk22: i also need to review the handling of the other tables, as i suspect they do the same thing
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[15:25:26] stuarta: dekarl: my backend memory usage has been static all day after my last commit
[15:26:03] danielk22: stuarta: Feel free to make the changes, I'll review next week. (I'm away for the weekend.)
[15:26:22] stuarta: do you mind if i commit it if i'm happy with it?
[15:27:52] danielk22: not at all, commit away.
[15:28:01] stuarta: tnx
[15:28:05] ** stuarta heads to meeting **
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[16:18:57] stichnot: humph. Thanks mythcommflag for not logging what program you're flagging...
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[16:54:25] stuartm: jpabq-: Steppes/zoneminder-ui.xml:90: element area: Schemas validity error : Element 'area': '0,0,100%,' is not a valid value of the atomic type 'area'.
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[17:22:15] stichnot: stuartm: if you have a chance, I would appreciate your feedback on . This adds the capability for background buttonlist initialization, via the StartInit() and StopInit() methods. An itemInited signal is emitted to allow the receiver to initialize an item. (this would be targeted to post 0.25 of course...)
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[18:01:12] ** Beirdo gently pokes the vista slave. **
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[18:18:56] stuartm: heh, the following spam email just slipped past my filters "Turn your computer into a multi-channel tv!"
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[18:27:54] Beirdo: heheh, a little late for that
[18:28:11] Beirdo: as long as it's not from Torc :)
[18:28:19] xavierh: :D
[18:28:40] Beirdo: I'm pretty sure they wouldn't stoop to spamming :)
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[18:46:40] stuartm: it's a streaming thing, you know the sort of thing where you pay good money to watch low bitrate, low res stuff on that $1000 1080p TV you bought for it's outstanding picture quality
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[18:58:51] Beirdo: is there a bug in for analog channel changing being borked, or is that user smoking something good?
[19:09:49] stuartm: Beirdo: yeah, there is a bug, introduced by the rec branch merge, jams was tracking it down but I've no idea if he found the exact commit
[19:10:12] stuartm: can't remember the ticket # – mentions PVR-350 in the subject iirc
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[19:11:46] Beirdo: hmmm, we might want to make sure we try to fix that :)
[19:12:18] Beirdo: can't say I've seen any issues with my 2250 analog-side
[19:12:54] Beirdo: but then again, I don't often do livetv, which would probably show the issue (unless it's a tuning issue, not an svideo-in issue)
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[19:26:24] stuartm: seems to affect the PVR-150 and PVR-350 at least
[19:26:27] sphery: is the ticket
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[19:35:00] Beirdo: danke
[19:35:30] Beirdo: so that's definitely livetv by the looks of it
[19:36:28] Beirdo: hmmm, and seems to be not tuner related (i.e. using an external input)
[19:36:42] Beirdo: definitely seems to be assigned to the right person
[19:36:43] Beirdo: :)
[19:37:15] Beirdo: and agreed, seems to be a blocker
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[19:40:07] ** Beirdo slaps a coworker (virtually). Whaddya mean there's no rsync on this box? **
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[20:04:23] dblain: I just committed some changes to a new branch. If I inadvertantly checked it into master, it was a mistake. Please let me know ASAP if I did it wrong.
[20:04:56] Beirdo: doesn't look like you pushed anything to master on github anyways
[20:05:28] Beirdo: OK, meeting time. yay
[20:05:47] dblain: thanks for checking.
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[20:46:15] stichnot: Lately in master, I've been seeing a disturbing number of commflag jobs failing with status 140 – GENERIC_EXIT_KILLED according to exitcodes.h. In all cases I see in my logs, it happens while at least one other commflag job is going on, and it happens just under 12 minutes after the recording starts, or it happens within 1 second of the job starting when I try to manually rerun commflagging...
[20:46:17] stichnot: ...from mythfrontend. Does this ring any bells?
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[20:59:11] stuartm: huh, just noticed a new bug, we're putting local previews into ~/.mythtv/remotecache ... as the name implies that should only cache remote previews
[21:06:37] Beirdo: ummm, aren't all previews remote, technically?
[21:06:57] Beirdo: they are generated by the backend and sent over the remote protocol to the frontend
[21:09:16] TheAsp: success!!!!!
[21:09:34] ** TheAsp parties down **
[21:10:42] TheAsp: Also, I am an idiot. I had made the change to the orig directory instead of the dir i was building out
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[21:17:42] Beirdo: dblain: that new branch... is that a personal branch, or a development branch?
[21:29:41] stuartm: Beirdo: technically, but there's no benefit to caching previews which are on the same machine, there isn't the same lag associated with grabbing them over the network
[21:30:16] Beirdo: agreed
[21:30:31] Beirdo: other than code complexity to determine that this is the case
[21:30:48] Beirdo: which we likely already have :)
[21:30:58] stuartm: I added the remotecache stuff originally to speed up PBB, I'm not sure if the bug existed in the original code or whether it's crept in since
[21:31:45] Beirdo: heh, yeah.
[21:32:00] Beirdo: sorry, been having one hell of a day today :)
[21:38:38] stuartm: we might not actually need remotecache now that we're using mythui which does it's own caching, although it would still reduce the number of times we hit the remote backend to grab images where multiple different sizes are used in PBB
[21:39:07] Beirdo: sounds like you have some fun experimenting to do for 0.26 :)
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[22:07:29] dblain: Beirdo: I created it because I have changes I'm making that I wanted to share prior to 0.25 being released. I plan on merging it to trunk once the release is done.
[22:08:17] dblain: I thought that was the prefered method... was there a different approach I should of taken?
[22:10:40] gregL (gregL! has joined #mythtv
[22:11:22] stuartm: dblain: no what you did was perfectly correct
[22:12:15] stuartm: "TV: Attempting to change from WatchingPreRecorded to WatchingPreRecorded" << frontend got a little confused I think ...
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[22:28:40] stuarta: Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[22:28:40] stuarta: 0x00007ffff6d72b10 in MythCoreContext::SetGUIObject (this=0x0, gui=0x0) at mythcorecontext.cpp:1210
[22:28:43] stuarta: 1210 d->m_GUIobject = gui;
[22:28:46] stuarta: hah
[22:29:12] clever: sounds like a good place for an assert!
[22:29:34] stuarta: don't need an assert when it's already crashing!
[22:30:37] clever: looks like it would be harder to catch though, if it saves the null in a global and then crashes later with a diff stack trace
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[22:31:05] stuarta: it's on shutdown, it's a cleanup issue
[22:31:17] clever: ah
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[22:37:13] stuarta: dekarl: the ECM/EMM patch didn't do anything for my logging output
[22:38:06] dekarl: stuarta: funny, I was just about to say "I have 0xc1 and 0xcd in my log, lets disable the DishNet case" :)
[22:38:53] stuarta: PESPacket: Failed CRC check 0xc8445e00 != 0xaea19e02 for StreamID = 0x82
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[22:39:00] stuarta: ATSCStreamData::HandleTables(): Unknown table 0x82
[22:39:03] dekarl: it is possible that you need #10496, too :(
[22:39:06] stuarta: thats my two
[22:39:16] stuarta: i'm testing 10054 atm
[22:39:45] dekarl: ok
[22:40:13] stuarta: actually i've extended it a bit, same issue exists for PATs
[22:40:32] dekarl: ATSC? I thought you are in the UK
[22:41:15] stuarta: i am, there's overlap between the atsc and dvb tables
[22:41:47] dekarl: aye, like ECM/EMM :)
[22:41:48] stuarta: and the one that throws the error is the atsc table checks as thats the last one run
[22:42:25] stuarta: ah finally i have my full verbose logging back
[22:42:55] stuarta: i remembered it as channelscan, it may have been shortened to chanscan in the logging rewrite
[22:45:45] dekarl: ok, you are looking at #10495 with the channel scan?
[22:45:56] stuarta: not yet
[22:46:00] ** stuarta looks at ticket **
[22:46:47] dekarl: hmm, you are testing #10495 (CRC stuff) with mythtv-setup
[22:47:12] dekarl: just wondering as I had different errors, but I was looking at mythtv-backend
[22:47:24] stuarta: ah, i applied that and it made no difference to me
[22:50:28] dekarl: My line of thought was that you get "PESPacket: Failed CRC check 0xc8445e00 != 0xaea19e02 for StreamID = 0x82" even with #10495 because PESPacket::HasCRC gets called instead of the fixed PSIPTable::HasCRC, for which the refactor in #10496 might make a difference
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[23:16:11] jpabq-: stuartm, Thanks!
[23:16:57] jpabq-: What do I need to do, to send to the mythtv-theming channel? Close it and re-open?
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