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Sunday, March 18th, 2012, 00:00 UTC
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[11:05:50] kenni: natanojl: Yes, please use the options from . . . _translation – When we always stick to these options, unchanged .ts files will always result in the same .qm files (eg. unchanged from the view of git).
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[11:18:59] natanojl: kenni: thanks!
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[12:21:44] jya_: [26098]
[12:21:44] MythLogBot: SVN 26098: (branch master)
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[13:15:51] quietone: thanks for such lovely software (looking forward to being able to obtain better hardware and a tuner)
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[13:34:24] jya_: Captain_Murdoch: I think you should commit your patch that downloads the theme on the frontend rather than the backend… I made a new install today, and getting a new theme on it was an absolute pain…
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[13:41:30] stichnot: jya: don't know how I missed the missing fanart/coverart. :( also, ION CPU usage was 80% just sitting there
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[15:07:40] stuartm: stichnot: in case you missed it, Paul had a one line fix that he was about to commit
[15:08:08] stuartm: it wasn't really necessary to revert
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[15:15:06] stichnot: stuartm: I guess I misinterpreted your statement "Ok, we'll revisit that for 0.26."
[15:17:21] stichnot: I'm concerned about getting reports that scrolling in 0.25 is sluggish / slower than before
[15:20:24] dekarl: here's a bt for mythbackend doesnt want to stop master from tonight on mythbuntu 11.04, service mythtv-backend stop didn't stop it
[15:20:38] stichnot: Something is making scrolling slower, even in the v7 patch that shouldn't affect MythUI. It would be good to work that out, and/or do something like start a background thread that computes deferred data right after the PBB starts up.
[15:21:17] dekarl: hmm, i could kill it with the normal kill (default signal) maybe its the startup script thats not working
[15:25:01] stuartm: stichnot: there were two changes in Paul's patch, one which fixes that issue and is fine, another which things speeds up but operates on an incorrect assumption and would break things – my comment was in regards the second bit
[15:33:38] stichnot: ok, that makes more sense now
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[15:35:25] stichnot: I'm not opposed to re-reverting the patch, but it's pretty late in the game and I would want to hear other people requesting that first...
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[16:41:58] danielk22: stichnot: My gut tells me to keep it reverted and clear it for backport to 0.25 once it has gotten a few weeks of testing in master post release.
[16:49:32] stichnot: danielk22: yeah, me too.
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[16:52:59] stichnot: actually, if the 0.26 cycle is as short as promised, I'd hold off until then, unless we get reports that loading Watch Recordings has somehow slowed down from fixes/0.24
[16:54:46] stichnot: danielk22: are there examples in the code of a helper thread that does some background task while its parent is still around?
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[19:35:09] knightr: If any dev have some time I need some review before commit please...
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[20:17:28] stuartm: there's still short a few locale files
[20:20:58] knightr: stuartm, not sure who you were replying to but I suggested to our translators to produce locale files recently... I know one of the Chinese ones is supposed to make one but I haven't heard of any others...
[20:23:26] natanojl: knightr: RogerM got the impression that I/we should probably create tickets for the Swedish translations. is that correct? I thought I could commit them myself
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[20:29:58] knightr: natanojl, It's up to you... If you do commit them yourself we'll no longer do any consistency checks on them since we do them when they are submitted and there's a risk that if we have to do manipulations on them (like the one we did when MythVideo was merged into core) we'll forget about the fact that you submit them directly and we could end up causing each other problems...
[20:31:36] knightr: (when we do stuff like that there's an exchange of emails or IRC messages between me and kenn i to make sure the other is aware of what's being done...)
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[20:33:58] knightr: (and even though neither kenn i nor I speak all the languages which are submitted to us I think we do a pretty good job of spotting problems...)
[20:39:38] sphery: knightr: I have a few minutes if you'd like me to look at the patches
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[20:39:53] knightr: sphery, thank you!!!
[20:40:07] ** knightr was beginning to be desparate... **
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[21:28:25] danielk22: stichnot: See playbackboxhelper.cpp, there is a helper thread that does tasks for the playbackbox. It uses an event to communicate the need and another event for the result.
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[21:39:22] deansouth8: I need help setting up IR blaster with LinHes and HD-PVR 1212... Is there somthing already there for me to put in the 'External channel change command'?
[21:40:31] sphery: deansouth8: /topic (you want #mythtv-users )
[21:40:41] deansouth8: tks
[21:40:42] danielk22: dblain: #10472 seems to be due to m_bonjour not being initialized to NULL (obviously not your code), however it looks like the MediaServer destructor is deleting m_pHttpServer, instead of the UPnp destructor. Is that a bug or is there some reason for that?
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[21:52:42] dblain: danielk22: MediaServer is creating the httpserver instance so I would expect it to delete it when done with it. The upnp class does not take ownership of it and doesn't try to delete it. This code has been refactored a few times since I wrote it... what is the issue you think the current code is causing?
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[22:19:36] knightr_: spery, I'm not sure you got my last message as I keep getting disconnected (and like you can see I'm not even logged on my real account now), sorry for having to leave in a hurry...
[22:20:14] knightr_: Apart from what I have to validate with other devs, all my patches were OK to commit, right?
[22:23:12] natanojl: knightr: I went ahead and commited the Swedish translation.
[22:24:46] stuartm: knightr_: did the plural translation problems with the Polish translation get fixed, or is warpme going to provide an updated patch?
[22:26:20] knightr_: stuartm, I committed what he has for now but it will have to be fixed... I redirrected the email from the dev mailing list to the translators mailing list to reply...
[22:26:37] sphery: knightr_: yes, all of the patches I didn't refer you to another dev on look good for committing
[22:27:49] knightr_: (would be nice if Trac could change reply-to address itself when it's translation-related but I doubt it's doable...)
[22:28:43] knightr_: sphery, thank you and sorry for the typos, I re-read what I wrote and noticed that there were quite a few...
[22:30:45] stuartm: we should add translation checks to what buildbot does for us, in particular looking at whether the plural cases have been handled properly – that's obviously something that causes confusion
[22:31:05] knightr_: stuartm, I wish I could see what he sees on his screen... I did some captures which I'll send to him...
[22:31:32] knightr_: only problem is that for a translation that's not complete we would get way too many positives...
[22:33:00] knightr_: stuartm, can we put screen caps on our wiki, I'm almost tempted do do some kind of tutorial or something like that documents how plurals should be handled...
[22:33:16] stuartm: we could ignore those strings which aren't marked as complete, although that's another test, number of strings marked as incomplete which have a value entered anyway
[22:34:49] knightr_: stuartm, btw I'm working on something to verify this...
[22:35:07] knightr_: (but I hadn't planned to have it run by the buildbot...)
[22:36:04] knightr_: stuartm, any idea why this would now be needed?
[22:37:15] knightr_: (either the tv grabber program used to return a character at the end of each line we didn't need or we wanted to get rid of the end of line which is not passed by readLine anyway)
[22:37:52] knightr_: somebody reports the problem and I tracked it down to that line...
[22:38:50] knightr_: natanojl, if you hadn't told me I wouldn't know, github didn't report it, only the merge...
[22:39:12] stuartm: knightr_: because linguist in QT4 tries to show so much, with a small window/low screen res it's possible that the paucal/plural string fields aren't visble, having test just now with a fresh install of linguist (wiped existing settings), the translation area is almost entirely hidden, the source view takes up 2/3s of the area
[22:40:36] knightr_: stuartm, lol, I thought of this but it's not the first time we tell him that they should be filled in so I though he would have reorganized his windows by now...
[22:40:57] stuartm: knightr_: it probably dates back to a time when the newline character was part of the string
[22:41:33] knightr_: stuartm, makes sense... Can I please commit this fix?
[22:41:33] stuartm: if we're certain that readLine strips the newline character then feel free to remove that line
[22:42:02] knightr_: give me a sec, I already checked this but will you you the doc...
[22:42:59] knightr_: IIRC, it's a QTextStream...
[22:43:02] stuartm: it's a dangerous way to strip a newline character, it doesn't even check that the string in question ends in a newline
[22:43:29] knightr_: (that's Qt 4.8 doc but I doubt it changed since 4.6...)
[22:43:46] stuartm: it hasn't I just checked :)
[22:44:21] knightr_: wouldn't a trimmed() worked too?
[22:44:42] stuartm: as the doc hints anway, if you want to safely strip newline then 'trimmed()' is the proper way to do it, and that existed even back with QT3
[22:44:52] stuartm: knightr_: right ;)
[22:45:11] knightr_: lol :-) :-)
[22:45:26] knightr_: s/worked/work
[22:46:20] stuartm: I didn't spot your question 20 seconds earlier ;)
[22:46:43] knightr_: I noticed... :) :)
[22:49:05] stuartm: I first wrote that code, but it's been re-written by others a couple of times since, converted from using QProcess to MythSystem – I'd like to think I'd never have done something like string.left(string.size() -1) instead of using trimmed() but I'm not going to dig up the original commit to check
[22:50:18] knightr_: Must be new because the problem was not reported earlier AFAIK...
[22:50:38] knightr_: but I won't try to track down who did it, the important thing is to fix it...
[22:50:40] knightr_: :)
[22:50:47] knightr_: stuartm, so I can commit this little "fix"?
[22:51:46] stuartm: knightr_: yes
[22:52:03] knightr_: Thank you!
[22:54:03] stuartm: knightr_: translators are clear that they have another week and a half to submit final translations? Ideally they won't want them to be submitted just hours before the release ...
[22:55:03] knightr_: BTW, I am having problems with those Chinese character but I should be able to track it down before RC, they render properly when I SSH the PC but not on the frontend...
[22:55:54] stuartm: knightr_: could it be the fonts used by your theme don't include those characters?
[22:56:16] knightr_: stuartm, let me check what we sent them... I believe that was said but I didn't write it this time so I am not a 100% sure...
[22:56:39] knightr_: stuartm, hmm, good idea! I'll try with another theme...
[22:59:37] knightr_: stuartm, we told them they have two weeks which is consistent with a release the 2nd of April...
[22:59:52] stuartm: I'm not sure what the best font would be, sphery might have an idea
[23:00:24] knightr_: stuartm, yep I know he had a lot of fun with that and his IRC client...  :)
[23:01:34] knightr_: but I believe he told me that Qt could do font substition if a character was missing so why wouldn't it work in all the themes?
[23:02:54] stuartm: I know it will do font substitution if the chosen font is missing, I'm not sure that it will substitute the font if a character is missing
[23:03:38] stuartm: in fact I doubt it, because that's the reason we didn't use Droid Sans Mono for subtitles, it lacked the extended character set
[23:04:10] stuartm: even though it's a much better looking font than Free Mono, which does include many more characters
[23:04:17] knightr_: maybe not... I'll do more test I shouldll eventually track this down..
[23:04:42] knightr_: funny thing is I see garbage, I would at least expect to see something like a question mark or something like that...
[23:05:03] knightr_: (which makes me thing it's some sort of encoding issue....)
[23:05:13] knightr_: s/thing/think
[23:08:23] knightr_: I guess I'll actually have to make my modifications to the code on my backend and not remotely and then check the result on my backend like I usually do it because I'm expecting to have to fix this by trial and error..
[23:10:26] knightr_: (though it would be a great way to lose weight to do it remotely and then test the result on my backend, the backend is downstairs and the pc on which I work is upstairs...)
[23:10:38] stuartm: heh
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[23:18:24] bcgrown: hi everyone, not sure if i should be asking here or in the -users channel, but I'm trying to build mythfrontend on osx and I get an error on libswscale (I think),
[23:19:04] bcgrown: i got an error in swscale when i tried to run the prebuilt frontend too
[23:23:16] danielk22: dblain: I think the current code works, I'm just concerned that deleting the http server in the media server dtor rather than upnp dtor will cause hard to diagnose problems in the future.
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[23:32:40] sphery: stuartm: when you tested using Droid Sans with mythui to display the eighth-note character, it displayed the right glyph even though the font doesn't have it--plus, I know that Liberation Sans doesn't have some of the characters that display in the Language chooser (as the whole reason Deja Vu exists is as a replacement for Liberation
[23:33:00] sphery: Sans that has better coverage of UTF-8)
[23:33:44] sphery: actually, seems it's extending bitstream vera... but pretty sure liberation doesn't have great coverage outside of western chars
[23:34:30] sphery: knightr_: I take it using QString::fromUtf8() didn't help?
[23:39:10] knightr_: sphery, didn't have time to test it yet and I had some email replies to do, I'll go test it in a few minutes just after I commit what I have to commit...
[23:39:29] sphery: ah, ok. was just wondering
[23:39:44] wagnerrp: so really, its for cultures liberated by the english language?
[23:42:36] sphery: hehe, liberated from having to use Arial to display their mostly-western script, it seems
[23:44:15] knightr_: at work we're forbidden to use Arial because, according to my boss (brace yourself), it hurts his eyes...
[23:44:36] sphery: so you use Comic Sans, instead, right?  ;)
[23:45:33] knightr_: sphery, since most of our PCs use Winblows I was tempted to use WingDings...
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