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Saturday, March 17th, 2012, 00:04 UTC
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[00:10:05] stichnot: stuartm: One thing I just noticed about the lazystrings patches. With the older version of the patch, paging is a bit slower than unpatched. With the newer version, paging is about the same as unpatched, but the UI gets updated in the background, so you see the full entry for the highlighted listing but the other listings are blank for a fraction of a second while the computation is going on.
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[01:36:57] stichnot: stuartm: I have to say I'm not entirely happy with the simplified patch leaving blank button list items briefly before the data is filled in. Any ideas on how to trigger the data initialization before the initial drawing of the (blank) button list item?
[01:37:02] stichnot: New version at . . . ngs_v8.patch
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[01:51:18] stichnot: danielk22: do you recall why you removed PlaybackBoxListItem::SetToRealButton() in commit c65a45682845f16c3ce6bf500d9b2119bcdb13ef ?
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[01:57:07] stichnot: because I suspect that's exactly the hook I need, but I wouldn't want to mess up preview generation
[02:03:19] danielk22: stichnot: I believe simply because it was redundant at the time, it just called the parent SetToRealButton() with the same params.
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[02:05:05] stichnot: danielk22: the current commented-out code isn't quite a no-op, it calls UpdateUIListItem() with a guard to ensure it's only called once per object
[02:06:37] danielk22: Oh, calling UpdateUIListItem() is bad it will make everything much much much slower.
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[02:16:16] jya: danielk22: I;m seeting something very weird on my mac. the behaviour varies according to which version of Qt you are using. With Qt 4.8.0 it's not as severe (e.g it takes longer to reproduce).
[02:16:46] stichnot: even if it's only called once per PlaybackBoxListItem object? And is it just the image stuff that makes it slow?
[02:16:48] jya: Basically, after going into the old settings, it's like the application doesn't have focus anymore: pressing a key will just beep. Using the mouse works
[02:17:37] stichnot: I want to know what to watch out for if I reenable SetToRealButton and have it call something similar to UpdateUIListItem
[02:17:48] jya: I've put some logs in MythMainWindow::eventFilter ; but I thing nothing special there… don't seem to even receive the event
[02:20:52] danielk22: jya: I haven't seen anything like that. But eventFilter can do weird things, do we already have an eventFilter perhaps that you've disabled by setting the MythMainWindow one ?
[02:21:33] danielk22: stichnot: Watch out for doing the UpdateUIListItem() work multiple times, esp on list update events.
[02:22:23] jya: when I edit the playback profile, go into edit an entry, finish, re-edit the same entry.. Now the keyboard just do beep. eventFilter receives no more events when I press a key.
[02:22:45] jya: danielk22: I haven't set any events … it's plain mythfrontend only happened to be compile on a mac
[02:24:55] danielk22: jya: I've never seen anything like that. Maybe I'll be able to think of something more helpful in the morning... :|
[02:25:17] jya: it only occurs in the old settings screen
[02:25:23] jya: everything else works just fine
[02:26:11] danielk22: hmm, in that case Chutt_ might be able to shed some light on the issues...
[02:27:03] jya: have to add that I only see this one code compiled with llvm, when compiled with gcc on macos 10.6 , it's all fine
[02:27:44] danielk22: We do some kind of trick to allow old settings to work with MythUI. Something involving putting one layer behind the other, maybe that isn't working in some circumstance.
[02:28:33] jya: ahh, yes, that does ring a bell… that's probably where the weird change of focus occur
[02:32:16] jya: I'll ask stuartm when he's back alive
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[05:34:59] stichnot: ok, "final" version of lazy pbb loading, . . . ngs_v9.patch
[05:56:35] jya: stichnot: you're happy with how it appears now?
[05:56:40] jya: let me try it on my mac
[05:57:12] stichnot: jya: yes, it appears equivalent in all respects to the previous version
[05:57:12] jya: what are the #if 0 for ?
[05:57:22] stichnot: to reduce the size of the patch :)
[05:57:45] jya: is that code you ever thing will be re-activated later?
[05:58:22] stichnot: the code inside #if 0 is either redundant with UpdateUIlistItem or moved there. I would clean the #if 0 code out for an actual commit.
[06:00:07] jya: ah ok
[06:03:59] stichnot: jya: I'm ready to hit "Send" on the feature freeze exception email. Let me know if the new patch works for you so I don't embarrass myself :)
[06:14:52] jya: sorry, wife and the "you spend time with us on the week-end" line…
[06:22:03] jya: stichnot: 1.1s to display my 2900+ recording
[06:22:33] jya: so it seems a tinybit slower than one of your earlier patch
[06:22:39] jya: 1.1, 1s..
[06:22:50] jya: I was constantly below 0.9
[06:23:35] jya: oh well. working great… Go for it...
[06:23:49] jya: can't see any difference to how it was being displayed before
[06:23:52] jya: g2g
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[07:05:02] stichnot: jya: likely that UpdateUIListItem() is doing slightly more work per item than updateRecList() was
[07:05:31] stichnot: there are discrepancies between those functions that I don't understand, I think they may be bugs/omissions
[07:05:50] stichnot: which may make this patch a bug fix :)
[07:06:59] stichnot: message sent... off to sleep
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[13:13:26] taylorr: danielk22: uh oh, we forgot to revert dafabdc9 and 13722d7 – that would be one reason LiveTV switching is slow
[13:14:01] taylorr: please forgive me
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[13:32:35] stichnot: stuartm: after your latest mythuibuttonlist.cpp commit, the previous lazystrings_v8.patch looks good while paging through listings — no more displaying a page of blank buttons for a fraction of a second before the text gets filled in
[13:33:43] stuartm: stichnot: right, v8 is the best, the SetToRealButton() stuff was commented out because it wasn't really needed once I added the itemVisible signal
[13:34:25] stuartm: stichnot: although v8, but calling UpdateUIListItem() from itemVisible() might be better still?
[13:35:09] stuartm: that way the code duplication between UpdateRecList(itemVisible) & UpdateUIListItem is also fixed ...
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[13:35:50] stichnot: so I don't quite understand why there are differences between updateRecList and UpdateUIListItem
[13:36:45] stichnot: audioprops, videoprops, subtitletypes, categorytype are all missing from updateuilistitem
[13:37:10] stichnot: and there are probably things missing from updatereclist but i didn't really check in that direction
[13:37:53] stichnot: are they meant to be in sync?
[13:38:07] stuartm: perhaps because those were originally thought unlikely to change hence they wouldn't need an 'update', however that's not actually true, we don't get a proper value for videoprops until we've finished recording so that does need an update
[13:39:02] stuartm: similarly audioprops could change, it won't at the moment, but future code to detect the actual audio properties from the recording will get added at some point
[13:39:14] stuartm: stichnot: just copy those into UpdateUIListItem
[13:39:40] stuartm: i.e. it really doesn't matter if those are 'updated' even if they remain the same, the overhead is tiny
[13:40:40] stichnot: yeah, v9 actually moves (not copies) those into UpdateUIListItem
[13:40:55] stuartm: yeah, move, that's what I meant ;)
[13:41:16] stichnot: ah :)
[13:46:44] stichnot: stuartm: so you're suggesting sort of a combination of v8 and v9 — move the missing stuff from updateRecordingList into UpdateUIListItem, remove the rest from updateRecordingList, and have ItemVisible call UpdateUIListItem in addition to the other stuff it does?
[13:49:19] stuartm: stichnot: right
[13:49:40] stuartm: and no need for the SetToRealButton stuff to be uncommented
[13:50:03] stichnot: yeah, changes limited to just playbackbox.cpp
[13:54:00] stichnot: stuartm: invoke UpdateUIListItem with force_preview_reload=false, right?
[13:54:41] stuartm: right
[13:56:38] stuartm: that forces a regeneration of the preview image, we definitely don't want that
[14:39:37] stichnot: stuartm: new patch uploaded: . . . gs_v10.patch . Maybe the last? :)
[14:42:03] stuartm: looks good to me
[14:45:29] stichnot: now I'll just wait another day for implicit approval or veto...
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[15:18:50] natanojl: stuartm: stichnot: I've made a patch for #9429 and #9407, however autoselection does not seem to work for LOTR, and sometimes the highlight from the language selection screen flashes by in when you get to the title menu.
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[15:39:50] danielk22: stichnot: It looks pretty safe just looking at the patch. But I'll try to test it today and look for any problems.
[15:40:39] stichnot: thanks, the more eyes the better, especially people with fast frontends
[15:42:38] danielk22: hmm, it seems really really slow here :|
[15:44:59] danielk22: yeah, just recompiled without it and things are zippy again.
[15:46:16] danielk22: Without the patch I can move from one entry to the next in watch recordings in the zip of an eye, but with the patch feels like it takes a second or two.
[15:48:04] danielk22: There doesn't seem to be any change in watch recordings startup time (but admittedly not a huge collection here.)
[15:48:25] stichnot: What do you mean by "one entry to the next"? Programs, or groups?
[15:49:02] stichnot: and do you have stuartm's commit from a few hours ago?
[15:49:02] danielk22: programs.. but switching groups is odd too it takes a while for the screen to get populated.
[15:49:21] danielk22: stichnot: no I don't have stuartm's commit.
[15:49:27] stichnot: if you don't have stuartm's commit, the refresh will be weird.
[15:49:48] stichnot: that's why I changed from v8 to v9
[15:50:19] danielk22: I'm using v10 with the ceton branch, merged from head yesterday.
[15:50:53] stichnot: v10 is basically a slightly modified version of v8
[15:51:47] stichnot: the stuartm commit is
[15:52:22] danielk22: k, recompiling now
[15:55:36] danielk22: Much better!
[15:56:41] stichnot: is there an emoticon for deep relief? :)
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[16:18:56] stichnot: natanojl: stuartm: if #9407 and #9429 are problems in dealing with the DVD structure, then it's not any area I have expertise in (especially without being in possession of the DVD), so please feel free to take those tickets
[16:20:19] TheAsp: I have some recordings off of firewire that exit as soon as they are played. They play fine in mplayer and play fine in myth after using mythcommflag --rebuild. If I was to start a ticket, what information out of the files would be helpful?
[16:22:35] TheAsp: I should add it's new for me in 0.25
[16:27:00] stuartm: natanojl: if you can attach the patches, maybe we can spot the issue with auto-selection – the highlight bug is trickier
[16:30:26] natanojl: stichnot: I don't have the expertise either :)
[16:30:53] natanojl: stuartm: Do you think the patch makes any sense?
[16:31:35] stuartm: oops, missed the pastebin url
[16:32:59] stuartm: natanojl: the overall aim of the patch seems sound, using what the DVD reports instead of relying on ffmpeg, it will take me a minute longer to review it in detail ;)
[16:33:36] TheAsp: stuartm: Thanks for the comment. Is #10443 only for livetv?
[16:33:52] natanojl: stuartm: :)
[16:36:23] stuartm: natanojl: the track filtering seems fine to me, I can't make an informed comment on the highlight fix as I don't know that code at all
[16:36:32] stuartm: natanojl: if it works though ...
[16:37:06] stuartm: TheAsp: yes, I take it you're seeing failed recordings then?
[16:37:34] TheAsp: Yeah, not live. I don't have duplicate entries either.
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[16:38:21] stuartm: ok, different issue entirely then, danielk22 might have some insight on that, firewire recordings are well outside my area of expertise
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[16:38:39] TheAsp: Yeah, I suspect firewirerecorder isn't fully accepting the fact I am getting h264.
[16:40:23] stuartm: natanojl: I'll see what's necessary to get auto-selection working
[16:41:14] TheAsp: There is a bunch of mpeg2 specific stuff in there which is very similar to what was in 0.24 when I added h264
[16:42:29] natanojl: stuartm: The auto-selection seems to be working for DVDs that doesn't trigger the track filtering
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[16:55:05] danielk22: TheAsp: There is a patch in trac for adding H.264 support to the firewire recorder, but h.264 isn't currently supported.
[16:55:16] TheAsp: danielk22: that was my patch :)
[16:55:22] TheAsp: and it works in 0.25 without the patch
[16:55:35] TheAsp: aside from some issues im having
[16:57:14] stuartm: natanojl: a "-v playback" log might shed some light on why auto-select is failing
[16:58:13] stuartm: danielk22: I think there might have been two such patches, the ticket I've just closed and a second that I triaged a week or two back
[16:59:43] stuartm: I can't seem to find the second one though, so maybe I'm confusing it with something else
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[17:52:01] andrewju: Hi All
[17:53:43] andrewju: Could someone please help me to troubleshoot an
[17:53:44] andrewju: error: " cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" ?
[17:56:12] andrewju: Ugh, wrong room! Sorry! :)
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[18:38:45] taylorr: danielk22: did you see my earlier comment?
[18:56:16] danielk22: taylorr: Yeah, are you still planing to address those? Before tomorrow night would be best.
[19:02:04] danielk22: stuartm: TheAsp: #10080 is the one I was thinking of. That's TheAsp's patch. I haven't really looked at it, but it doesn't look quite right. We really should just be using the video packet processing in DTVRecorder.
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[19:25:33] taylorr: danielk22: if you want me to make the changes I'll try to get them in
[19:27:35] danielk22: taylorr: Yeah, I think it impacts LiveTV enough to warrant pushing it.
[19:29:08] stuartm: these are the changes that meant livetv was no longer seamless?
[19:35:06] taylorr: stuartm: yes
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[19:58:05] Beirdo: heh, yeah, the 18th is tomorrow, not today.
[19:58:11] Beirdo: I must need more sleep
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[21:03:19] natanojl: kenni: I'll probably be commiting some Swedish translations tomorrow, so I wonder if you are providing any options to lrelease when you run it?
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