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Thursday, March 8th, 2012, 00:00 UTC
[00:00:38] xavierh_: stuartm: I will try that
[00:01:18] stuartm: xavierh_: just trying to save you some time creating a new background, since that's pretty time consuming
[00:03:11] stuartm: I use some outset/inset stuff that doesn't scale properly because of a an Inkscape bug ... it's undermines the advantages of using svg in the first place
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[00:11:46] xavierh_: stuartm: this background will do :
[00:12:00] xavierh_: as you said
[00:12:39] coop: anyone have any speculations as to using the new [1080p / A5 ] Apple TV 2 as a frontend?
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[00:16:12] stuartm: only that speculation would be a waste of time? :)
[00:17:27] stuartm: it sounds more powerful than the last, which was pretty useless, but it's too early to say if this one will be any better and who knows if it will be jail broken?
[00:18:01] stuartm: Apple might actually put a TCM module in there this time to make that impossible
[00:18:10] wagnerrp: its going to be just as limited as the previous
[00:18:22] wagnerrp: but will be allowed to do 1080p rather than just 720p
[00:18:42] coop: assuming it will eventually be jailbroken, i was just unsure about the limitations of the current [A4] atv2 — i can't tell if we're CPU contstrained or memory constrained at the moment
[00:19:06] wagnerrp: coop: insufficient CPU for software decoding
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[00:19:18] wagnerrp: and no API available for our hardware decoding needs
[00:19:34] wagnerrp: our needs being content sourced somewhere other than itunes
[00:19:47] coop: right
[00:20:09] wagnerrp: which puts us right back in the same position as the previous appletv
[00:20:17] wagnerrp: and in a worse position than with the original applet
[00:20:18] wagnerrp: v
[00:20:44] coop: i know that people have played with transcoding files; do you know if anyone has had any success with transcoding live tv?
[00:21:01] wagnerrp: see HLS code in 0.25
[00:21:54] coop: cool, thanks
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[00:22:58] stuartm: it's not always going to be the case that these things will be hackable, Apple etc haven't really been trying all that hard to prevent that, there are hardware measures that if implemented will mean it's almost impossible (and when it's eventually achieved the device will be so outdated that it wouldn't have be worth the hassle)
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[00:24:17] wagnerrp: stuartm: yeah, but at least for the next couple months, its our DMCA-given right to do so
[00:24:33] wagnerrp: of course that doesnt mean anything on the other side of the lake
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[00:29:11] stuartm: after all, consoles need to be chipped, the protection mechanism physically bypassed or compromised, and even then, the old TCM platform has been revived for use in newer tablet devices, that's where every important bit of hardware is given it's own unique key when they are all assembled together, so sticking a foreign chip in the middle won't work – that's the stuff that's coming down the pipeline very soon
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[00:30:56] ** wagnerrp longs for the end of 'bundling' **
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[01:32:11] knightr: stuartm, (you are most likely asleep so I'll be brief and ping you tomorrow) it looks like you misunderstood what I wanted to say, I actually agree with not being able to do whatever I please without review. The reason I made the comment about people not realizing I am a programmer is that, on more than one occasion (the latest one was when I was given OK to modify strings in the source code), others devs didn't seem to realize I am actually a
[01:32:11] knightr: programmer.
[01:34:55] knightr: while I am a programmer I am definitely not as "fluent" in C++ as you guys are (ie before playing with MythTV I hadn't programmed in C++ before, I had programmed in C and in other OO languages but not C++) which is part of the reason I got into translation, that's somewhere I could help right now...
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[01:37:08] knightr: the reason why I noticed the problem I mentioned yesterday is that I actually look at the other commits to see how you guys handled these problems so I can learn from that...
[01:38:09] knightr: knightr, gee, I was supposed to make that brief.. :) :) Thank you and have a nice day!
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[02:21:16] skd5aner: jams: do you know why the HVR-2250 was listed as N/A in that example? Obviously that's one piece of hardware that would be nice to ensure get counted in the aggregate statistics
[02:22:46] wagnerrp: skd5aner: its either missing an entry in the hardware database, or no one has defined the device on the smolt wiki
[02:22:51] wagnerrp: you have a link?
[02:23:08] skd5aner: wagnerrp: are those not dynamically populated?
[02:23:19] skd5aner: the one I mentioned a few hours earlier
[02:23:33] skd5aner: 16:44 EST
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[02:24:21] wagnerrp: is that the 'illegal vendor id'?
[02:24:38] wagnerrp: no, nevermind
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[02:25:52] skd5aner: . . . 4dc9f321bc0d – under "WinTV HVR-2250", the link points to
[02:26:06] wagnerrp: right, i see it
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[02:26:32] skd5aner: it's like the only thing on that whole page that links to an "n/a" – even Beirdo's HDPVR killer gets a valid link
[02:27:11] wagnerrp: likely something lacking in what it pulled out of sysfs
[02:27:58] skd5aner: I could be wrong, but all the other links look like it matches up direclty with the name
[02:28:11] wagnerrp: theres an invalid device at the bottom of the page
[02:28:19] skd5aner: either way, out of all of the devices listed on that page, I would think any tuners would be at the top of list of relavence :)
[02:28:23] Beirdo: yeah, which is odd
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[02:35:58] ** jya wonders how someone dare to criticise his carefully crafted code **
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[02:36:52] skd5aner: jya: because they didn't write it?
[02:37:20] wagnerrp: well... he did recant his sins
[02:37:40] jya: nothing annoys me more than someone pointing at something saying it's wrong when clearly, he hasn't thought much about it
[02:38:13] jya: wagnerrp: yeah, but I read email sequentially… and the flow of hanger has taken over by then, and my body mass has already increased
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[02:43:04] wagnerrp: did you say flow of hanger?
[02:45:09] jya: some people have fun jobs
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[06:14:25] jya: I wonder how the mythmusic piano visualiser ever got to compile...
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[06:19:58] wagnerrp: jya: are you decently versed in the UI code?
[06:20:16] jya: jpabq__: I'm not sure if this is purely related to your new theme. But I haven't managed to get it properly working on the mac.. It takes forever for the frontend to start with that theme, and I get heaps of errors like MythPainter::GetImageFromTextLayout: Invalid canvas.
[06:20:28] jya: i don't see those with any other themes
[06:20:50] jya: wagnerrp: not really, but let say that if I need to find something, I usually get my way around it
[06:21:49] wagnerrp: any idea why we dont have something like a MythScreenSequence?
[06:22:07] wagnerrp: something to handle these sequences of menu pages
[06:22:18] wagnerrp: preload them all at once, close them all at the end
[06:22:31] wagnerrp: and manage focus while shifting back and forth between them
[06:22:32] jya: ah, it goes on a bad start, I don't even know what MythScreenSequence is :)
[06:22:53] jya: now if you give me a couple of hours, I will learn about it
[06:23:12] wagnerrp: its nothing, i dont see any such thing in the code
[06:23:31] wagnerrp: im just looking at this SetupWizard code
[06:23:39] jya: I'm not sure you would want to load all pages at once though
[06:23:54] wagnerrp: and when you go back, the current screen brings the previous to the foreground, and then destroys itself
[06:23:58] jya: especially if a page inherit on the action of another
[06:24:05] jya: I see...
[06:24:11] jya: Like iOS NavigationStack
[06:24:20] wagnerrp: dont know anything about iOS
[06:25:14] jya: it does exactly what you describe… When you create a new page from an existing page, it is added to the default navigation stack, you then transition to the new page. To return, you simply pop the stack, the current page is freed and the previous page resumed
[06:25:34] wagnerrp: im saying keep the current page
[06:25:36] wagnerrp: dont free it
[06:25:50] wagnerrp: leave it sitting around until we get around to finishing the whole sequence
[06:26:03] wagnerrp: so if we go backward, and then forward again
[06:26:11] wagnerrp: data that had been altered in that forward page isnt lost
[06:26:12] jya: ah… I'm not aware of any similar functions.. .Net and Silverlight have a similar navigation stack
[06:26:36] jya: but once you return to the previous page, while the previous page may not be destroyed immediately, you have no control on if it will or not
[06:27:11] jya: so what I'm saying, is what you describe isn't something common across GUI stuff
[06:27:39] jya: usually, it's up to the child page you are returning from to communicate to its parent what data to retain
[06:28:55] wagnerrp: ill try to throw what im envisioning together, see what stua rtm thinks in the morning
[06:28:56] jya: With .Net, Silverlight, iOS or Android (the OS I'm most familiar with), you can query the calling view, and pass them info.
[06:29:36] jya: but in all, once you quit the view, it is effectively destroyed, up to you to recreate it with the value you want at startup
[06:30:09] wagnerrp: looking at the setupwizard in the frontend, thats not the case
[06:30:21] wagnerrp: views are retained forward
[06:30:35] wagnerrp: so the last screentype in the chain has to destroy all of them
[06:30:57] wagnerrp: they are just not similarly retained backward
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[06:31:59] jya: I can understand why you would want to retain them forward (actually, I don't see how you could do it any different way).. But I don't see the point of keeping the page you're on once you go backward
[06:32:45] jpabq_ (jpabq_!~jpabq@mythtv/developer/jpabq) has joined #mythtv
[06:32:47] jya: why don't you simply pass a point from the current page when you create the new one, and when the new page is about to quit, it calls the caller and pass info
[06:33:31] wagnerrp: right now, the behavior of most of our menus is that the none of the pages save their data until the whole sequence is complete and you hit 'finish'
[06:33:43] wagnerrp: with some of those sequences running maybe 10 pages long
[06:33:51] jya: yes…and I think that's a pain…
[06:34:18] jya: most OS these days take on the approach that you modify something, and it's active immediately.
[06:34:24] wagnerrp: so say you go forward to page 6, make some changes, go back to page 4, make more changes, and then go back to 6
[06:34:29] jya: so having to do next, next, next is confusing
[06:34:33] wagnerrp: those changes you previously made were lost
[06:34:38] wagnerrp: as the page holding them was destroyed
[06:34:53] jya: wagnerrp: have you read any of the things I've written ?
[06:35:19] wagnerrp: yes, youre saying such a thing isnt needed, because we shouldnt be building our menus that way in the first place
[06:35:36] jya: that's not what I'm saying
[06:36:09] jya: I'm saying is make it so your page pass to the caller the info it needs to save it, and use that saved data when you get back to the forward page
[06:36:42] jya: I did exactly what I describe in the audio settings when you go into the advanced menu. You can modify the main page, go into advanced and the configuration of speakers you see there is based on the temporary values set in the main page.
[06:36:48] jya: without having to save
[06:36:56] jya: sorry I mean the test screen
[06:37:04] wagnerrp: seems a lot more complex then just keeping the page around and letting it store its own data
[06:37:28] wagnerrp: where something like the test screen, you specifically need to do that
[06:37:31] jya: say I change from 6 to 8 speakers, when you go into the test screen, it shows 8 speakers, even though none of the settings have been saved
[06:37:38] wagnerrp: since you are testing an unapplied configuration
[06:37:52] jya: exactly...
[06:38:03] noahric (noahric!~noahric@ has joined #mythtv
[06:38:06] jya: I needed to do just that: test an unapplied configuration
[06:39:12] jya: so in the constructor of my "forward" page, I pass the information it needs that is current. The information is using a reference to an object held by the main page. So if the forward page modify the value, I go backward, and go forward: the info is as you left it earlier
[06:39:15] jya: does it make sense?
[06:40:05] wagnerrp: i understand the design, i just dont know why you would enforce that when very few of our setup pages need to know anything about their siblings
[06:41:04] jya: but isn't that what you asked on how you could do it ?
[06:41:38] wagnerrp: in a sense
[06:41:46] wagnerrp: it achieves the same end effect
[06:41:53] wagnerrp: but taking a wholly different approach
[06:42:00] RingZer0_ (RingZer0_! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[06:44:21] jya: wagnerrp: you'll find that it is the way you have to do it on most frameworks
[06:44:57] wagnerrp: is that just a memory efficiency thing?
[06:45:03] gigem_ (gigem_! has joined #mythtv
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[06:45:04] gigem_ (gigem_!~gigem@mythtv/developer/gigem) has joined #mythtv
[06:45:08] knightr (knightr!~knightr@mythtv/developer/knightr) has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[06:45:10] wagnerrp: better to just keep a screen's temporary data around, rather than the whole screen?
[06:45:57] jya: some make it easier than others, such as iOS or .net : the caller doesn't have to tell the new window who it is, the "forward" page, can query it's parent very easily..
[06:46:57] jya: so you'd do something like this in the new page: view->getParent(); and retrieve the values yourself. rather than having the parent pass the info
[06:47:11] jya: but conceptually, it's the same
[06:47:20] knightr (knightr!~knightr@mythtv/developer/knightr) has joined #mythtv
[06:47:36] RingZer0 (RingZer0! has joined #mythtv
[06:47:37] jya: wagnerrp: I would assume so yes.. Plus that way, the new window can be built totally differently
[06:48:06] jya: why would you want to cache a configuration that is no longer relevant because the original settings have been changed?
[06:49:10] wagnerrp: because as mentioned, in our setup screens, its rare that one screen affects the next
[06:49:15] jya: but again, I'm an embedded software guy, memory usage is still the thing I worry the most about… and I certainly don't like the idea of keeping things in ram, should, just in case, still need it later
[06:50:03] ** wagnerrp is an HPC guy, and is use to having TB of the stuff at the ready **
[06:50:08] jya: wagnerrp: yes, I know.. and that annoying. Like for example in the audio settings, when you go to the next page, it shows you the mixer page. Those are only relevant if you are using ALSA. yet we show it all the time
[06:50:18] jya: I'd like to redo it all, but couldn't be bothered
[06:50:36] jpabq_ (jpabq_!~jpabq@mythtv/developer/jpabq) has quit (Read error: Connection timed out)
[06:53:09] jya: wagnerrp: at this stage, I would assume you don't want to change the framework, too mcuh consequences. so using an approach like I did is the safest and easiest way to proceed
[06:53:41] jya: but having a navigation stack would help here I agree (provided once you go back, the current page is destroyed)
[06:54:26] jpabq_ (jpabq_! has joined #mythtv
[06:55:36] wagnerrp: no reason the forward page couldnt be told it is current again, and given the option of grabbing its previous sibling and redrawing itself
[06:57:51] jya: I'm actually sure doing it that way would happen to be much more complicated than recreating the page again
[06:58:13] jya: Imagine something like this (I use audio settings as an example, as it's the clearest use case in my mind)
[06:58:27] wagnerrp: but it would leave it up to the page in question to decide that for its particular case
[06:58:52] jya: I set the audio type as ALSA, go to the next page. It shows the different mixer for that audio device, plenty of them, you define how you control them
[06:59:26] wagnerrp: that output device --> mixer is very possibly the only case where you would actually need to change a subsequent page based off previous data
[06:59:30] jya: now I go back, select Pulse, the audio settings is now just a small slider for the initial volume and a checkbox to say if you change globally, or just the application
[06:59:51] jya: if you were to keep the whole page in ram from the previous config, you would have to remove the elements you don't want, add the new one
[07:00:02] wagnerrp: even the audio tester and the playback profile editor, are technically out of sequence
[07:00:05] jya: much easier to restart from zero, assuming everything got destroyed in the first place
[07:00:45] jya: wagnerrp: not really. if you go in the test page, you'll see that the drawing of buttons depends on the number of speakers
[07:00:48] jya: so it does change
[07:00:50] wagnerrp: or the screen just says to the sequence carrier "reload me", at which point it gets trashed and a new one built in its place
[07:01:20] wagnerrp: jya: what im saying is that its not a primary sequence page
[07:01:26] wagnerrp: its a subpage off the device selection
[07:01:49] jya: Let's put it that way… there are reasons things are done in a similar fashion under all frameworks. trying to do differently is , in my opinion, ill-advised
[07:06:36] davide (davide! has joined #mythtv
[07:06:49] Dr{Wh0}: Q. Mythfrontend seems to respect the Visible flag in the channel table but other programs that use the Guide_Service API dont. The docs show that the Visible flag is a valid attribute but I am not seeing it. I am running 0.24.2. Can anyone confirm they have these attributes maybe I need a setting to make it include this attribute in the xml file?
[07:07:35] Dr{Wh0}: I am noticing this issue while using mythdroid where I have channels I dont want to show up on the guide.
[07:08:01] ** jya off for dinner **
[07:08:19] RingZer0 (RingZer0! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[07:08:40] wagnerrp: erm.... there is no Guide service or Services API in 0.24.2
[07:09:34] jpabq_ (jpabq_! has quit (Read error: Connection timed out)
[07:10:17] gigem_ (gigem_!~gigem@mythtv/developer/gigem) has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[07:10:22] wagnerrp: are you perhaps seeing these types of results instead?
[07:11:06] Dr{Wh0}: let me compare to my tcpdump brb
[07:11:14] Dr{Wh0}: they look simmilar
[07:12:15] wagnerrp: for the most part, yes
[07:12:32] wagnerrp: however the new Services pages do not use XML attributes
[07:12:33] Yancho (Yancho!~mpulis@unaffiliated/yancho) has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[07:12:47] wagnerrp:
[07:12:57] Dr{Wh0}: ya looks like its the MythXML response.
[07:13:31] wagnerrp: all the same information is used in both, but its formatted differently, and as such cannot be used interchangeably
[07:13:35] Dr{Wh0}: so based up on that. Any way to exclude channels that are not visible?
[07:14:07] jpabq_ (jpabq_!~jpabq@mythtv/developer/jpabq) has joined #mythtv
[07:14:15] Yancho (Yancho!~mpulis@unaffiliated/yancho) has joined #mythtv
[07:15:57] wagnerrp: lousy firefox... i dont want to parse the wsdl, i just want to see the text
[07:16:15] Dr{Wh0}: It takes a long time to download the entire channel list to mythdroid so I figure I will exclude 99% of the channels I never watch. This worked well with mythfrontend and makes looking for stuff to watch a lot easier.
[07:16:52] wagnerrp: well by all rights, hidden channels should be... hidden
[07:16:59] wagnerrp: you shouldnt be getting guide data from them
[07:17:33] wagnerrp: there were some recent discussions on how to change hidden channels to be more consistent everywhere a couple days back
[07:17:45] Dr{Wh0}: I could see a case where you would want to "Query" all visible or invisible but it should be a query option ?visible=1 etc
[07:17:50] wagnerrp: if the new services API is returning guide data on hidden channels, that should be changed before release
[07:18:47] Dr{Wh0}: How can I test what port is that on? mythdroid uses port 6544
[07:19:14] wagnerrp: mythxml is the old XML interface, run through the backend web server, on port 6544
[07:19:15] Dr{Wh0}: dho. oh ya its not in my version
[07:19:33] wagnerrp: services api is the new interface, in the same location, only available on 0.25
[07:20:18] Dr{Wh0}: bummer. well I cant test. I guess I could get off the packages and build it from svn but I dont see any opensuse 12.1 packages for .25
[07:24:25] davide (davide! has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
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[07:30:27] MavT (MavT! has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[07:30:58] Dr{Wh0}: would the developers consider adding Visible=0/1 as a parameter to GetProgramGuide?
[07:31:06] Dr{Wh0}: in the new api
[07:36:04] wagnerrp: as mentioned, there was a bit of discussion involving channel visibility on the 25th
[07:36:15] wagnerrp: but skimming through the commit logs, nothing seems to have come of it
[07:36:46] wagnerrp:
[07:39:51] MaverickTech (MaverickTech! has joined #mythtv
[07:41:13] Dr{Wh0}: interesting. I have to read more on channel groups if that is a better solution. I guess I had one idea as to what "Invisible" means and others seem to have a different definition.
[07:41:51] Dr{Wh0}: to me visible means it shows up on the UI but has nothing to do with if you can tune to it or record from it.
[07:42:48] wagnerrp: the argument there was about 'visible' being officially turned into 'disabled', rather than just de facto abused as such
[07:42:59] Dr{Wh0}: imho. if one wants a channel to be not tunable or recorded from then they need to add a new attribute Disabled
[07:43:02] Dr{Wh0}: ya
[07:43:12] Goga777 (Goga777! has joined #mythtv
[07:43:31] Dr{Wh0}: Visible is what is is. If a door is invisible it does not mean i cant open it.
[07:53:08] MaverickTech (MaverickTech! has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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[09:38:20] xavierh: stuartm: Something I don't understand is how the bottom bar (with Date/Time) is displayed on all screens ? regardless of the window definition
[09:42:33] Goga777 (Goga777! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[09:52:05] MaverickTech (MaverickTech! has joined #mythtv
[09:56:21] stuartm: it's in the base/background window
[10:14:50] xavierh: stuartm: yesterday I was wondering If I could inherit from a window i.e. I would like the title to be exactly at the same position with same background, is this possible ?
[10:19:19] stuartm: xavierh: I typed out a nice explanation of what is and isn't possible, but it occurs to me to ask which title/background since there maybe be a different answer :)
[10:22:40] stuartm: basically you can't inherit directly from another window, you can inherit items within that window which exist outside another window, from base.xml, from the -ui.xml file or from another custom xml file where you stick include="mycommonxml.xml" as an attribute of <window>
[10:23:24] stuartm: xavierh: there's a lot that Terra doesn't demonstrate since powerful features like <group>, 'depends' and 'include' were written at a later date
[10:25:10] stuartm: for Terra each screen starts with
[10:29:36] stuartm: that can actually be condensed some using <group>, but I've yet to do that
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[10:47:41] xavierh: stuartm: Then can I override the value of the textarea ?
[10:48:47] stuartm: yes
[10:50:44] stuartm: everything about an inherited definition can be overridden just by defining a new value in the inheritor – it's pretty much like sub-classing in OOP
[10:56:44] xavierh: stuartm: something like this ?
[10:57:12] xavierh: also I will redo the popup I have done yesterday with shapes instead
[10:58:16] MaverickTech (MaverickTech! has joined #mythtv
[10:58:32] stuartm: xavierh: exactly like that
[10:58:44] stuartm: xavierh: call it 'baseheader' or something
[10:58:57] xavierh: It is a shame that the title of a window is not normalised, sometimes it is heading, sometimes title ...
[11:00:05] stuartm: xavierh: where the title comes from the code we should fix that, but obviously it's not going to happen for 0.25 – elsewhere you can call it whatever you like
[11:05:03] mike|2 (mike|2! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
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[11:13:05] xavierh: stuartm: Does not seems to work, can I enable more log than -v gui ?
[11:14:38] stuartm: nothing that's going to help here AFAIK, you could --loglevel debug but that's going to be noisy
[11:14:51] stuartm: xavierh: the real thing didn't contain – <font>blah blah blah</font>
[11:14:53] stuartm: ?
[11:17:57] xavierh: stuartm: no :)
[11:20:00] xavierh: solved thx
[12:58:24] damagic (damagic!58981a0c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #mythtv
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[13:05:19] damagic (damagic!58981a0c@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #mythtv ()
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[13:50:02] wagnerrp: danielk22: you need to explicitly set pointers to NULL?
[13:50:36] stichnot: The help text for the FrontendIdleTimer setting is too long. On my screen, it is truncated after "A value of".
[13:53:28] wagnerrp: danielk22: re #10418, that chunk of code works fine for me without explicitly initializing it
[13:54:38] stuartm: wagnerrp: yes, it's one of those odd quirks of C/C++ that types aren't default initialised to sane values, uninitialised pointers point to a random region of memory and for that reason they should always be explicitly set to NULL
[13:55:15] stichnot: Same issue for DeletedMaxAge, ends with "A recording will always".
[13:55:35] stuartm: stichnot: what screen res?
[13:55:47] stichnot: 1366x768
[13:57:17] stuartm: wagnerrp: whether it segfaults or corrupts memory or does nothing at all is just a matter pure luck
[13:59:23] wagnerrp: stuartm: that still doesnt explain why he is actually crashing
[13:59:33] wagnerrp: that socket is used in exactly one place in the entire code base
[13:59:47] wagnerrp: which is in mythraopconnection, sending a 'retry' request
[14:00:01] wagnerrp: should there be too much line traffic, causing UDP data to be lost
[14:00:16] wagnerrp: and hes not using RAOP according to those logs
[14:00:46] wagnerrp: which leaves the only other possible situation being the 'delete m_udpSend;', which would only be caused during teardown
[14:01:27] wagnerrp: its the same reason why i left #10405 open even though he claimed it was resolved
[14:01:32] stuartm: when is ServerPool::close() called? If that occurs during execution and m_udpSend is pointing somewhere it shouldn't, then delete will delete an entirely unrelated region of memory
[14:01:35] wagnerrp: his frontend is being self-terminated for unknown reasons
[14:01:37] stuartm: ah
[14:01:53] wagnerrp: which just happens to be triggering this issue causing a crash
[14:02:11] wagnerrp: the crash is ancillary to his real issue
[14:02:30] stuartm: wagnerrp: well the question to ask is does initialising m_udpSend fix his crash, if not then we know something else is at fault but at least one bug is fixed
[14:11:20] simonckenyon (simonckenyon!~kvirc@ has quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.1 Equilibrium
[14:16:53] zombor_ (zombor_!~zombor_@kohana/developer/zombor) has joined #mythtv
[14:26:40] wagnerrp: stuartm: do you know of any way to get system uptime besides /proc/uptime?
[14:30:31] wagnerrp: i want to add this simple wait in ServerPool that will delay a short amount of time if the specified IP addresses are not available on the first pass through
[14:30:44] wagnerrp: but would rather not call out to proc or 'uptime'
[14:31:21] stuartm: wagnerrp: no, sorry I don't know of an alternative
[14:33:04] zombor_ is now known as zombor
[14:33:17] wagnerrp: forums seem to indicate even the gnu uptime calls proc
[14:33:45] stuartm: yep, that was my understanding
[14:34:09] stuartm: and the man page seems to agree
[14:39:54] xavierh: stuartm: I created the background popup with shapes, and I simulate the shadow with three shapes with differents opacities, anu objection ?
[14:41:10] xavierh: stuartm: also when positionning button, <position>-112,440</position> is not giving me the same result as <position>0%-112,440</position>, do you know why ?
[14:43:16] kormoc (kormoc!~kormoc@mythtv/developer/kormoc) has joined #mythtv
[14:50:17] clever (clever!~clever@ has joined #mythtv
[14:50:54] gregL (gregL! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[14:50:55] stuartm: xavierh: so long as it doesn't hurt performance noticeably
[14:51:43] stuartm: xavierh: no, I don't know why the difference, I didn't write the relative position stuff so I'm familiar with it's quirks
[14:52:17] xavierh: stuartm: I don't feel any difference, slightly less "pretty"
[14:52:20] xavierh: ok
[14:53:06] stuartm: I will just note that positioning anything outside it's immediate parent will break on the QT painter (it will get clipped) and it won't work too well with a mouse either, i.e. it's best to keep things inside the area of their parents, even if that means expanding the parent size to accomodate it
[15:04:31] xavierh: stuartm: I am not trying to draw outside, and I was surprise that it was not clipped. I was trying to position 3 buttons horizontally regardless the width of the popup. such as : <position>25%-112,100%-70</position> <position>50%-112,100%-70</position> and <position>75%-112,100%-70</position> with 112 being half of the width of the button
[15:05:15] xavierh: and notice the first and last button are not draw where I thought they would draw. which is why I tried -112 and 0%-112
[15:08:10] stuartm: ah
[15:08:59] stuartm: opengl painter doesn't do clipping, mainly because it doesn't need to for performance reasons (although performance might be higher if it did)
[15:27:17] gregL (gregL! has joined #mythtv
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[15:35:15] xavierh: stuartm: reading the source code 25%-112 is equivalent to 25%+112 i.e. +/- is not considered
[15:36:16] xavierh: :(
[15:39:49] xavierh: actually yes it is taken into account, do not what the problem then. bnevermind
[15:40:09] xavierh: s/do not/don't know
[15:50:43] davide_: Dr{Wh0}, wagnerrp: nothing new was done for visible channels because it was past the feature freeze and the risk of breaking other things was too high. it will be re-addressed in 0.26.
[16:02:46] stichnot (stichnot!~chatzilla@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[16:07:01] seeker (seeker!~seeker@unaffiliated/seeker) has joined #mythtv
[16:10:40] wagnerrp: why do we have 'MythTranslation::load("mythfrontend")' in mythbackend/main_helpers.cpp?
[16:11:53] rsiebert_ (rsiebert_! has joined #mythtv
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[16:47:01] davide_: Beirdo: for syslog logging, why did you leave out threadname, file, line and function?
[16:48:31] wagnerrp: its left out of terminal logging as well
[16:49:21] seeker (seeker!~seeker@unaffiliated/seeker) has joined #mythtv
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[17:09:54] skd5aner: wagnerrp: I think the settings pages should be completely rethought... something more attuned to what you'd see in Chrome | Options would be nice... tabbed settings on the left column, and the right side of the screen is a single verticle scrollable page – no concept of pagination/screen sequences
[17:10:11] skd5aner: wagnerrp: I had a (really bad) mockup I posted a few weeks ago...
[17:13:29] skd5aner: wagnerrp: something similiar to this – , only I've kind of thought of some better ways since I through the crappy thing together
[17:13:53] skd5aner: but I believe someone in the last few weeks added verticle scroll capabilities to MythUI – great timing :)
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[17:23:45] Beirdo: davide_: well, at first it was to keep it more compact, but I've been meaning to add it, just kept forgetting. Thanks for the reminder. I think that should be fixed before release.
[17:24:26] Beirdo: especially if that's what mythbuntu is choosing to use (a large number of users)
[17:26:26] Beirdo: having that info for debugging is definitely useful
[17:29:35] jpabq_ (jpabq_!~jpabq@mythtv/developer/jpabq) has joined #mythtv
[17:33:33] stichnot (stichnot!~chatzilla@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has joined #mythtv
[17:33:46] Dr{Wh0}: davide_: thanks for the update. I will attempt to get my home system on svn build before then so I can help test.
[17:43:47] Dr{Wh0}: I have been noticing that at the top of the hour live tv seems to pause and stutter. I presume it is related to the rotation of the livetv stream file. I would think this would be a smooth process closing a file reopening a new one etc. I am mostly watching HD content on a HDHomeRun Prime any suggestions as to what I can do to fix this?
[17:45:52] wagnerrp: its due to you upgrading your filesystem to one that uses barriers by default, and the database load during the switchover, combined with the radically reduced database write performance incurred by barriers, causes the stuttering
[17:46:34] wagnerrp: it delays that whole process sufficiently long that the transition is no longer seamless
[17:49:28] skd5aner: wagnerrp: I experience the same thing (although I live with it) – I use ext3 for the fs that has the db, and XFS for the filesysem that contains the recording storage group – any recommended workarounds/fixes?
[17:50:42] wagnerrp: is your distro possibly enabling barriers for ext3?
[17:51:35] Dr{Wh0}: my database is on my root partition and is ext3 and my incomplete video folder is on a separate drive using ext4 but it also did this when I had it on an ext3 partition.
[17:51:37] skd5aner: how would I check – I'm running ubuntu 11.10 (kernel – 3.0.0)
[17:53:06] Dr{Wh0}: looks like they are enabled by default in my 3.1 kernel i will read up on this I am not familiar with barriers.
[17:53:23] skd5aner: wagnerrp: that said, I've seen it happen for a long time now
[17:53:35] skd5aner: wagnerrp: probably at least a year or more
[17:53:44] skd5aner: (multiple kernel/distro upgrades)
[17:55:29] Dr{Wh0}: looks easy enough to disable. I will give it a try.
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[18:04:52] skd5aner: Dr{Wh0}: let me know if, and by how much, that helps
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[18:05:54] davide_: Beirdo: okay.
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[19:31:46] wagnerrp: Beirdo: so the --logfile stuff is staying removed?
[19:32:49] zombor (zombor!~zombor_@kohana/developer/zombor) has joined #mythtv
[19:34:18] Beirdo: yes
[19:34:47] wagnerrp: ok, im going to put in a 'removed' notice for -l and --logfile
[19:35:03] Beirdo: as long as it exits after the notice
[19:35:18] wagnerrp: yes, its recorded as a parser error
[19:35:21] Beirdo: I don't want people lulled into thinking that it is working when it's not
[19:35:28] Beirdo: cool, that's perfect then :)
[19:35:49] Beirdo: and thank you, that's a wonderful idea
[19:36:00] wagnerrp: it prints an informative message saying the option has been removed, with an optional method as to the alternative
[19:36:11] wagnerrp: and then returns to the application where it terminates
[19:36:21] Beirdo: sweet :)
[19:37:56] skd5aner: Beirdo: this is what is called out in the special notes section of the release notes – "Scripts used to start MythTV programs (e.g. mythbackend) will fail to start if they use the -l or --logfile argument. The --logpath argument replaces them. See Logging for additional options."
[19:38:15] Beirdo: Sounds good to me.
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[20:12:52] sphery: Dr{Wh0}: FWIW, what you want is not the visible flag (which should become a disabled flag). You want support for Channel Groups in the guide service--then you could choose from among any number of user-defined channel lists (all, Favorites, Premium, Movies, ...)
[20:13:46] sphery: that said, we don't yet support specifying channel groups in the guide service (but a patch would be appreciated). Also, since you said, "SVN," above, note that we have switched to git and the latest SVN version is an old/broken one. See
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[20:28:51] tester68: sljgalj
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[20:56:12] Captain_Murdoch: wagnerrp, the frontend translation is loaded in mythbackend for the HTML setup since we translate the setup pages. I think that was discussed when it went in, but should probably be re-discussed post 0.25 if we get the ball rolling on the web based setup again.
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[23:11:19] jya: wagnerrp: mythmusic/dbcheck.cpp compilation is broken for me
[23:12:04] jya:
[23:13:11] jya: hum… nothing to do with your changes really
[23:16:37] jya: my bad, was just bad 0.24 header I hadn't deleted
[23:19:45] sphery: stuartm: Regarding stichnot's mention of cut-off text in the settings help, the only thing that affects Qt-based (non-themed) UI font size (i.e. in settings screens), now, is theme baseres. We normalize fonts as if we're displaying at 100dpi on a screen at baseres resolution. That means that non-themed fonts will be 2/3 the size on a theme with a 1920x1080 baseres (like Arclight) versus a theme with a 1280x720 baseres (like Terra or ...
[23:19:52] sphery: ... MythCenter-wide) (i.e. they're 720/1080 the size), and fonts on a theme with a 1280x720 baseres are 1.2 times as large as on a theme with an 800x600 baseres (like MythCenter). Would it be possible to add in scaling for those non-themed fonts based on baseres in MythUIHelper::GetBig/Medium/SmallFont() (do we even know the baseres at that point?) – . . . er.cpp#L1585 . ...
[23:19:58] sphery: ... Seems if we just scale the point sizes specified based on the baseres height (i.e. normalize to 720 height displays), everyone would see the same "perceived" font size, regardless of theme.
[23:20:02] sphery: wow, sorry--that was much longer than I thought :)
[23:21:04] sphery: er, 800x600 has fonts 1.2 times larger than 1280x720
[23:25:30] stuartm: we probably haven't loaded the themeinfo at that point, so no ... we could move the themeinfo loading to occur earlier but what happens if we then try to load the actual theme and fail, we'd load another theme instead with a possibly different base res ...
[23:26:18] stuartm: sphery: probably safest to update/reload those fonts later after we've loaded the theme I think
[23:31:09] sphery: do we store the theme baseres, currently? how do you access it? could we just say if the theme baseres height is 0 (or whatever flag value), assume 720, otherwise, scale based on baseres height?
[23:32:13] sphery: ah, seems ThemeInfo::GetBaseRes() gives a QSize with baseres
[23:32:50] sphery: it defaults to 800x600, but that's probably reasonable...
[23:33:53] stuartm: GetMythUI()->GetBaseSize();
[23:34:20] stuartm: will return the correct base size after the theme has been loaded
[23:34:29] stichnot (stichnot!~chatzilla@mythtv/developer/stichnot) has joined #mythtv
[23:34:44] sphery: yeah, and seems MythUIHelper has access to d->m_baseHeight ...
[23:35:53] stuartm: GetMythUI() returns the global instance of MythUIHelper
[23:36:19] stuartm: GetBaseSize() returns d->m_baseWidth and d->m_baseHeight
[23:36:42] zombor (zombor!~zombor_@kohana/developer/zombor) has joined #mythtv

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