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Monday, May 30th, 2011, 00:01 UTC
[00:01:49] sphery: kormoc: so do that as select count(0) from logging use index (primary); or select count(id); (or count(id) with use index) or ???
[00:02:21] ** Captain_Murdoch prefers the method in the comment, "select count(id)" since that's using the same logic as "select id" which would only hit the index if there was an index on id. **
[00:02:42] Captain_Murdoch: select count(id) from logging;
[00:03:58] Captain_Murdoch: although I've seen queries at work where forcing an index gave me a 1000% speedup even though the explain showed the same info for both the forced vs non-forced query.
[00:05:01] sphery: well, we know that id has an index (and it's primary)... I don't know my mysql performance tuning well enough to decide--and I'm still myisam, so I won't even see the difference until we force the change to innodb
[00:05:13] Captain_Murdoch: had to have a customer force an index on a query of theirs and it took the query from 60+ seconds down to 1.9 seconds even though we were forcing the index it was already using according to explain.
[00:06:05] Captain_Murdoch: I'd just test it and go with the one that was fastest when uncached.
[00:06:49] sphery: with myisam, it stores the count in the MYI, so for me, they're all fast
[00:07:40] Captain_Murdoch: sphery, is there any rate limiting on the DB logging if we have all logs now going to the DB? I'm thinking of users who have had their drive fill up with logs, I don't want to imagine what their DB would look like if they had a flood of logs.
[00:08:00] Captain_Murdoch: sphery, just create a new copy of the table using the innodb engine if you have it installed.
[00:08:19] kormoc: sphery, I'd personally use SELECT COUNT(id) FORCE INDEX (primary)
[00:10:45] kormoc: ha... for my program table, SELECT COUNT(*) is 0.02, with the force index it's 0.06. I bet it's entirely dependent on the index size, how much of it is hot, etc.
[00:10:58] kormoc: I really doubt folks will notice
[00:14:31] sphery: kormoc: perhaps the multi-column index slows it?
[00:14:49] kormoc: yeah
[00:14:53] sphery: Captain_Murdoch: no rate limiting, but we do a daily cleanup... so if you can overload it in a day...
[00:15:58] sphery: daily cleanup will remove mythbackend/mythfrontend messages after 14 days and all others after 7 (adding the short expiry now) and we'll then delete the oldest entries to leave 140K max (at least that's the plan)... 140K should be significantly larger than needed for 2 weeks of logs
[00:17:48] iamlindoro: US EIT users could fill that in a day
[00:18:11] iamlindoro: it's very chatty
[00:18:31] sphery: even at normal logging?
[00:18:36] iamlindoro: yes
[00:18:36] sphery: versus -v all or -v eit
[00:18:59] sphery: the other option is for me to make 12 settings like before
[00:19:08] sphery: (ok, may have been more like 6, but still)
[00:19:31] iamlindoro: I haven't ready the backlog, I was more just thinking to have more than 140k
[00:19:48] TandyUK: guys regards mysql and forcing indexes, you may just be affecting the *order* in which mysql uses the indexes
[00:20:14] TandyUK: so although it still shows as doing the same query with the same index(s), the internal optimizer ran it in a different order
[00:22:08] TandyUK: totally counter-intuitive i know, but once you start digging into the internals of how mysql decides to run a query, it starts making sense :)
[00:23:23] TandyUK: you can also easily have cases wheere forcing an index actually slows it down too
[00:23:57] sphery: well, 140K messages would likely be in the 15–45MB range (though it could be as much as 300MiB, depending on actual character lengths), so we were trying to choose something reasonable that makes the db logging semi-useful as a short term view and let the files be the long-term view
[00:24:34] iamlindoro: sphery, Ah, I misunderstood 140K to be the data value, rather than a number of logged lines
[00:26:15] TandyUK: in general though, leave mysql to decide, as whether forcing an index is better or not is heavily dependent on the index, and the indexed data
[00:26:27] sphery: oh, yeah, we're allowing messages up to 2048chars in length
[00:26:46] TandyUK: so will vary machine to machine (as ive found out from experience in my own software)
[00:27:06] TandyUK: i need to get a myth box setup here
[00:27:33] sphery: well, in theory we should have a relatively small table, so it probably won't be that big a performance penalty either way
[00:27:53] TandyUK: theres a few bugs/features i have the setups to test, which quite a few people want, but very for devs (it seems) have the right setup to be able to test
[00:28:08] sphery: and we'll be able to better optimize once we roll it out and some of the users who have switched their schemas to innodb test it out
[00:28:18] TandyUK: or those who have the kit are in the wrong country for example :P
[00:37:59] superm1` is now known as superm1
[00:43:50] markk: taylorr: do you still have that video file with pausing issues?
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[00:54:22] sphery: Captain_Murdoch: What do you think about my pushing the 0.24-fixes V4L1 patch at . . . upport.patch ? Had an Arch user with 2.6.38-based system test it, and tgm4883 did a PPA and had several people test it (see comments 29 and above at ) with no reported issues.
[00:54:40] sphery: it basically just adds the videodev_myth.h back in and mods configure to not check for V4L1
[00:55:52] iamlindoro: It couldn't make things *more* broken
[00:55:59] iamlindoro: (than they are now in 2.6.38)
[00:56:22] iamlindoro: ie, "But what did you think of the play, Mrs. Lincoln?"
[00:56:43] sphery: heh, yeah, I'm pretty sure it fixes 2.6.38-based systems completely, and haven't seen any signs that it breaks older systems (nor do I have any reason to think it might)
[00:57:11] sphery: it's basically just going back to the way we had it before we got rid of the mythtv copies of V4L headers
[00:57:28] sphery: (except I didn't put the V4L2 header back)
[00:58:39] wagnerrp: iamlindoro: clearly youve never seen Hot Shots
[01:14:34] sphery: OK, I'm pushing the 0.24-fixes V4L1 patch.
[01:24:19] Beirdo: pusher :)
[01:24:21] sphery: tgm4883: Closed #9789, so you guys will need to remove your V4L1 patch from your builds
[01:27:26] MythBuild: build #6 of 0.24-freebsd-64bit is complete: Failure [failed compile core] Build details are at . . . bit/builds/6 blamelist: Michael T. Dean < >
[01:28:08] Beirdo: oh oh
[01:28:56] sphery: shouldn't be building libavdevice at all
[01:34:16] iamlindoro: Isn't BSD dead anyway?
[01:34:24] sphery: heh, so I stand corrected... it did make things more broken on BSD...
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[03:14:00] taylorr: markk: yes, I do
[03:14:53] taylorr: fyi, it's a 60fps matroska which exaggerates the issue of running out of buffered video frames
[03:16:09] taylorr: I haven't seen the issue that this video has with any other where libav goes and reads a ton of packets during av_read_frame – in a nutshell, it's extremely bursty
[03:16:33] markk: taylorr: can i get a copy to test?
[03:17:52] taylorr: it's quite large but you can let it download all day if you like
[03:18:28] taylorr: or I can dd a portion from the beginning which should be sufficient
[03:19:43] markk: taylorr: will dd work with mkv? but there's no rush, so all day download is fine
[03:20:11] taylorr: yes, you can cut the beginning of an mkv, it will just get the duration wrong
[03:53:09] MythBuild: build #7 of 0.24-freebsd-64bit is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at . . . bit/builds/7
[04:04:46] Beirdo: yay
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[10:54:58] htpcuser_: hi all, got a problem with mythbuntu 10.10 combined fe/be and getting the system to wake from suspend via the mce remote. Anyone's area of expertise?
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[12:48:48] Guinness2702: Is this the right place to discuss mythbuntu-repos package in ubuntu? I think it may have problems (but it could be somewhere else)
[12:49:48] Guinness2702: nb: I don't need support, I have fixed *my* problem, but I though somebody may want to know in case it needs fixing
[12:52:17] wagnerrp: we dont provide packages, only support
[12:52:24] wagnerrp: s/support/source/
[12:52:54] Guinness2702: fairy nuff – any idea if/who might be interested in what I discovered?
[12:53:08] wagnerrp: #ubuntu-mythtv ?
[12:54:01] Guinness2702: k, I'll give 'em a prod :)
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[16:34:42] iamlindoro: Lord, the two ffmpeg sides are really a bunch of jerks.
[16:35:24] iamlindoro: libav sending ffmpeg legal threats over the ffmpeg logo... someone needs to tell these guys they're embarrassing themselves
[16:35:42] iamlindoro: especially when the libav people were supposed to be the ones taking the moral high road.
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[16:40:47] wagnerrp: the moral high ground being the people who usurped control in the first place?
[16:41:39] iamlindoro: yeah, that high ground ;)
[16:45:17] wagnerrp: well im reading through the ffmpeg-dev mailing list
[16:45:46] wagnerrp: the key thing that they say right next to the link to the list is that it is for development of ffmpeg, not development of programs that use ffmpeg
[16:46:09] wagnerrp: and yet, heres an email from some commercial entity requesting for help in there developing a program that uses ffmpeg
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[16:46:24] wagnerrp: ... good to know other projects have problems with people paying absolutely no attention
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[18:03:35] tgm4883: sphery, thanks, doing that now
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[18:58:36] zertyu: hello
[18:58:38] zertyu: impossible de regarder la télé
[18:58:57] zertyu: mythtv not syncing with my freebox
[18:59:46] iamlindoro: wrong channel, see topic
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[19:07:10] zertyu: seriously you can not use an other channel
[19:07:30] zertyu: such as mythtv-dev or something else ?
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[19:07:48] zertyu: asking us to go there not so polite
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[19:17:05] iamlindoro: Maybe the IPTV recorder should just be dumped
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[19:17:54] iamlindoro: Hasn't been improved in ages, none of the devs can test it that I'm aware of, nobody maintaining it, etc.
[19:18:49] iamlindoro: and over 1/3rd of all open Recording tickets are IPTV related
[19:21:05] GreyFoxx: I can "fake test" it with some self generated streams. But that's not the same as any sort of real subscription service.
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[19:21:52] GreyFoxx: Though I don't know if it ever supported subcription services anyway
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