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Wednesday, May 18th, 2011, 00:06 UTC
[00:06:01] GreyFoxx: sure did, just the mater repo
[00:06:06] GreyFoxx: [master 146bec7] This fixes #9781 by getting myth to check to see if IPv6 support appears to be inplace and picking between "::" and "" for listening based on that
[00:06:06] GreyFoxx: 8 files changed, 35 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)
[00:06:15] GreyFoxx: was what I got at the end of the git push
[00:06:36] GreyFoxx: so far I still don't see it showing up
[00:06:52] Beirdo: that looks more like a git commit
[00:07:43] GreyFoxx: *sigh* yes you are correct still messing svn commands with git commands in my head
[00:08:08] Beirdo: you have it locally committed now :)
[00:08:24] GreyFoxx: hmmm since some stuff has been commited since I lsat did that do I need to do another git pull or git pull --rebase ?
[00:08:33] GreyFoxx: then a push ?
[00:08:43] Beirdo: yep
[00:10:38] Beirdo: thar she blows
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[00:13:15] Beirdo: frick
[00:13:38] Beirdo: why does git describe think it's a dirty build for the buildbot, I wonder?
[00:13:58] Beirdo: if I go to the build dir and do a git diff, there's nothing changed
[00:14:20] Beirdo: but it insists that it's dirty *until* I do a git diff, and then it thinks it's not
[00:14:30] ** Beirdo scratches his head **
[00:14:37] Beirdo: not that it really matters, I guess
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[01:20:48] markk: iamlindoro: is there a facility to scan for videos automatically yet? can't quite remember where we got to with upnp scanning/mythvideo etc
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[01:26:41] markk: danielk22: any ideas what might have broken livetv/recording recently?
[01:26:45] markk: HDHRSH(12105D44–0) Error: DeviceSet(vchannel 4): ERROR: unknown getset variable
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[03:53:41] Beirdo: Forgot to restart that
[03:54:51] Beirdo: yeah, I think disabling timeline completely while we figure it out might be the best bet
[03:55:07] wagnerrp: or even better, we can enforce maximum days
[03:55:25] Beirdo: still, it grinds through all of git log history every time
[03:55:35] wagnerrp: ill disable it for now, and see if that resolves things
[03:55:41] wagnerrp: if so, we can tune it from there
[03:55:45] Beirdo: which will just take longer and longer as time goes on
[03:56:13] Beirdo: K, sounds like a good step
[03:56:59] Beirdo: there's a lot of git processes running as apache
[03:59:32] Beirdo: nice and quiet with httpd gone
[04:00:24] wagnerrp: three instances got locked open
[04:00:28] wagnerrp: i couldnt restart it
[04:00:39] wagnerrp: took a -KILL to take them out
[04:00:41] Beirdo: ahh
[04:00:44] Beirdo: nasty
[04:01:51] Beirdo: I think we are stable for now
[04:02:37] wagnerrp: is that one of us using opera 9.8?
[04:02:48] Beirdo: not me
[04:03:00] wagnerrp: xris?
[04:03:35] Beirdo: could be, dunno
[04:04:19] wagnerrp: and we really need some sort of log rotation
[04:04:28] wagnerrp: were nearing the 10GB mark on several
[04:04:34] Beirdo: yeah, crap.
[04:04:40] wagnerrp: we could probably do well to nix the debug logging on trac
[04:04:51] Beirdo: for sure.
[04:05:04] Beirdo: or at least truncate :)
[04:07:49] wagnerrp: im dropping it from DEBUG to WARN
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[04:18:59] superm1: Beirdo, yeah i'm here
[04:19:36] Beirdo: for your pull request: can you be sure to open a ticket in trac for those, link the pull request in it?
[04:19:45] superm1: oh i didn't realize that was the process, sure
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[04:19:53] Beirdo: most of us aren't paying attention to github much :)
[04:20:32] Beirdo: it's an odd hybrid approach, I realize :)
[04:20:51] Beirdo: anyways, is is ready to be pulled?
[04:20:59] superm1: yes it is
[04:21:09] superm1: #9787 is the ticket i just made for it
[04:21:15] Beirdo: OK, gimme a moment :)
[04:21:18] superm1: thx
[04:25:15] Beirdo: OK, done
[04:25:41] superm1: great thanks. tgm4883 can you get the teal button pushed for the builds?
[04:28:36] tgm4883: superm1, nope
[04:28:48] tgm4883: I don't have access
[04:28:50] tgm4883: still
[04:28:54] superm1: i mean if you see daviey
[04:29:05] tgm4883: yea I'll poke him a bunch
[04:35:31] xris: wagnerrp: ? to your earlier ? to me?
[04:36:43] wagnerrp: i just saw someone hit the timeline directly, immediately after restarting the server
[04:37:22] xris: ah. not me. too busy chasing a toddler around the house.  :)
[04:37:33] Beirdo: hehe, far more fun :)
[04:37:38] wagnerrp: yeah, there have been a lot more hitting the timeline since
[04:37:41] xris: or at least more exercise
[04:37:46] wagnerrp: it was just happenstance
[04:38:02] xris: he's very helpful. takes the huge glass jar of olives out of the grocery bag for us and carries it over his head.
[04:38:12] Beirdo: gah!
[04:38:36] Beirdo: no loud smash shortly after?
[04:40:18] xris: no, caught it in time.
[04:40:23] Beirdo: whew
[04:40:29] ** xris wonders if trac would run under gevent **
[04:40:54] Beirdo: I think the worst part is still the git part which shells out to git every time
[04:41:08] xris: well, yeah, that'd be an issue
[04:41:19] xris: I know that jesse keating was playing around with some git-python bindings.
[04:41:36] Beirdo: if we can work that out to actually cache to the db, and only use git to pull the last bit of changes each time...
[04:41:46] Beirdo: yeah, he'd be a good resource on this
[04:42:10] Beirdo: chatted with him a bit a linuxfest NW
[04:42:27] xris: jesse's a cool guy
[04:42:33] Beirdo: sure is :)
[04:43:04] ** xris ponders the bier du jour **
[04:44:35] Beirdo: I think I'll put another day between migraine and beer.
[04:44:40] Beirdo: beer tomorrow
[04:51:51] xris: bah, beer every day; it's good for you!
[04:51:54] xris: j/k
[05:05:03] markk: danielk22: I think I've worked most of it out. I'm using an EU dvb-t hdhomerun in Singapore. The original channel scan I did some time ago picked up the multiplexes, channels etc using the EU frequencies but recording wouldn't work. Using the hdhomerun_config_gui, I worked out that when scanning, it failed to find anything using auto but picked up channels with t8qam64.
[05:07:25] markk: So I changed my modulation values in the dtv_multiplex table to t8qam64 and everything worked. something has changed recently that filters out/errors when using t8qam64 and it is no longer passed to the hdhomerun. So I've hacked hdhrstreamhandler.cpp to replace qam_64 with t8qam64.
[05:07:36] xris: wagnerrp / Beirdo:
[05:08:46] markk: danielk22: googling and grepping the hdhomerun source gives no hint as to where the t8qam64 string comes from – but my gut feeling is that this is something we should somehow support...
[05:17:44] xris: Beirdo: what version of trac are we using?
[05:17:46] xris: and python?
[05:17:46] Beirdo: xris: cool
[05:17:50] Beirdo: umm
[05:18:08] Beirdo: 0.12.1 of trac
[05:18:23] Beirdo: 2.6.something for python IIRC
[05:18:45] xris: ok. 2.4 and 2.6 are both installed
[05:18:58] Beirdo: pretty sure we used 2.6
[05:19:09] Beirdo: 2.4 is what the OS had preinstalled
[05:19:45] xris: yeah
[05:19:55] xris: a lot of stuff uses 2.4
[05:20:04] xris: just reading up on the trac-git-plugin
[05:20:15] Beirdo: 2.6 for buildbot, AFAIK too
[05:27:07] xris: ok, way too much work to try to port that over to git-python
[05:27:13] xris: esp. since git-python is half dead, too
[05:37:39] Beirdo: sucky
[05:46:19] xris: need a fastcgi for git.  :)
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[11:30:47] danielk22: markk: You're still in singapore?
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[11:44:07] markk: daniel22: yes – not for much longer though
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[11:51:22] danielk22: markk:
[11:52:37] danielk22: markk: I was asking to assist in my googling for t8qam64.. but will you still be there @ end of next month? I may be in there for a conference.
[11:55:50] danielk22: I think perhaps with the HDHR t8qam64 is DVB QAM-64 while qam64 is ATSC QAM-64 (some base modulation but with different FEC coding or bandwidth requirements).
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[12:04:00] skd5aner: knock knock... anyone want to announce the release on the user mailing list? Figured most users probably check that more frequently than the front page of the site.
[12:06:27] wagnerrp: i was under the impression the release was more for packagers benefit
[12:06:50] wagnerrp: most users would just be running whatever the lastest package their distro provides
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[12:33:40] skd5aner: suppose so
[12:34:04] skd5aner: but, it's also just a nice thing for you guys to brag about (imho)
[12:35:16] skd5aner: I think MythTV is the nearly the only thing anymore that I run that isn't from my distro's packaging service – I still build manually, but do so with -fixes
[12:50:30] wagnerrp: presumably people building from source do so through the -fixes branch, and not the release tarballs
[12:54:40] danielk22: I think of the release tarballs as more of a tool for the distribution maintainers. They get a clean signed base on which to apply the patches from the fixes branch, so they only need to audit the patches for malicious code.
[12:58:00] danielk22: Probably none of the distro's require actual auditing, but they do sometimes have policies on what can be added once a release is cut + bug fixes on top of a release are allowed while cutting something completely new from upstream may not be.
[13:02:44] danielk22: markk: I've e-mailed nick @ silicon dust to get a full list of the supported tuning schemes across their product lineup & firmware releases.
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[13:08:43] ripthejacker: hi everyone
[13:08:52] ripthejacker: please help me setup mythtv
[13:09:01] ripthejacker: i have been trying to do this for days
[13:10:30] ripthejacker: conexant cx23102 chipset
[13:10:49] ripthejacker: nxp tda18211hd tuner
[13:11:14] ** stuarta points at the topic **
[13:11:48] ripthejacker: so is there no support channel?
[13:11:55] stuarta: #mythtv-users
[13:12:07] ripthejacker: thank you stuarta
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[13:55:33] markk: danielk22: sorry – keep on getting pulled away. may well still be here at the end of june, though currently looking at trying to sort out a big trip to the US before we leave:)
[13:56:18] markk: re t8qam64 – as far as I'm aware, the UK uses DVB QAM-64 as well, so I would have thought they'd be having the same issues.
[13:57:06] stuarta: QAM64 and QAM16
[13:57:23] justinh: everywhere post switchover is qam64 though :)
[13:57:29] stuarta: tho i don't believe any of us uk based dev's have the dvb-t hdhr
[13:57:58] stuarta: kormoc was pondering if all devs that should have one, have one
[13:58:47] stuarta: </hint>
[14:01:47] wagnerrp: anyone know how to get the mailing list running?
[14:01:56] wagnerrp: seems it never came back up after last night's server reset
[14:02:38] markk: Captain_Murdoch: I've finally figured out what is causing the worst of the performance issues with dvd playback over storage groups. If I disable the read ahead thread in mythiowrapper, I can take about 60–70% of the startup times and transitions between menus/still frames etc. but then I get buffering pauses when transitioning between chapter/part boundaries – presumably as the buffering is less effective. Any thoughts/hints/suggestions on h
[14:02:38] markk: ow to compromise between the 2?
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[14:10:32] stuarta: wagnerrp: not exactly, but look around for mailman, as that's what runs the mailing list
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[16:28:57] danielk22: markk: I'm not sure if you're encountering the same thing but just before 0.24 I looked at why the read ahead thread code was performing so much worse than it used to.
[16:29:54] clever: markk: maybe start off with a smaller buffer and increase it over time?
[16:30:29] clever: markk: i'm having similar issues manualy tuning -cache for mplayer, to play well over wifi but still startup/seek quickly
[16:30:53] danielk22: markk: For large mpeg-2 files the issue was that ffmpeg was seeking to the end of the file frequently to grab the last pts/dts values; there's now an optimization for this, but I also noticed something different with the Elephants Dream "Blue-Ray Disc" It was reading lots of small files and which the RingBuffer is just not the right tool for.
[16:32:37] danielk22: If DVD are doing something similar then we may just want to do a DVD/BD specific optimization and not use RingBuffers for all those little files, but instead just read them into a cache and keep them there until the DVD/BD is closed.
[16:42:29] wagnerrp: markk: do you have any minimum requirements for the direct3d output for windows?
[16:44:49] wagnerrp: some user complaining it not working against a P4 with a pre-GMA chip
[16:45:22] wagnerrp: the "intel extreme graphics" garbage
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[17:56:30] Beirdo: I guess we should change the new milestone in trac to 0.24.2?
[18:16:46] kth (kth!~kth@unaffiliated/kth) has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[18:28:30] wagnerrp: Beirdo: well get to see if my commit hook handles the milestone properly
[18:29:17] Beirdo: :)
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[19:34:38] wagnerrp: markk: im looking into rewriting TV::FillOSDMenuJobs as part of the jobqueue changes
[19:34:57] wagnerrp: and that stuff is going to be dynamically generated, as per the stored commands in the database
[19:35:35] wagnerrp: is there any way to build that and pass it to the UI in one step, as opposed to the recursive mechanism it currently uses?
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[20:13:57] stuartm: huh, we're still on the RS server, have we given up on our own server entirely?
[20:14:09] noahric (noahric!~noahric@nat/google/x-jpsowbdwavolsxjc) has left #mythtv ()
[20:14:56] stuartm: or should I just ignore the kernel name as a red herring?
[20:25:43] jpharvey (jpharvey! has joined #mythtv
[20:30:15] wagnerrp: no, still running on the 'cloud' server
[20:30:28] wagnerrp: dont know when the planned switch back to ours is
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[20:38:24] Captain_Murdoch: markk, are you talking about the readahead on the remote BE or the local FE? currently in mythfile_open(), we use a RemoteFile instead of a RingBuffer if the file size is < 51200 bytes. we still spin up the RingBuffer on the BE though. daniel once mentioned the idea of sending all file data back in the initial open request if the file was < X bytes, but that would mean we'd have to buffer that. I'm not sure how easy that woul
[20:38:24] Captain_Murdoch: d be with his RingBuffer rework. it probably would speed up these small file accesses though.
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[21:23:28] singlegirlarity: I have each channel listed twice....I deleted the second capture card, but still each channel is listed twice....
[21:23:36] singlegirlarity: how can I fix this?
[21:26:02] gregL: singlegirlarity, you want #mythtv-users
[21:26:37] singlegirlarity: oops! thank you
[21:26:42] gregL: np
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[23:48:46] markk: wagnerrp: re direct3d – if he's running 0.24 then it probably won't work. There have been changes in master to allow d3d to work with older hardware but I can't test them myself and I never got any feedback from Lawrence Rust on whether my final commits were working for him.
[23:49:18] wagnerrp: yeah, i mentioned to him the commits from lawrence in 0.25
[23:50:03] markk: and re jobqueue – is building the list going to be expensive?
[23:51:41] wagnerrp: if im building it on the frontend, i would prefer to have it one shot, since its going to be running a number of queries from the backend
[23:52:05] wagnerrp: if it has to be iterative like that, ill add some additional protocol commands to facilitate it
[23:52:22] wagnerrp: so its effectively built on the backend, and pushed out to the frontend as needed
[23:55:48] markk: wagnerrp: I doubt it will be any more expensive than TV::FillOSDMenuSource but it would be preferable to have something like a protocol command that just returns how many items need to be displayed. Other than that, is it something that can be cached? not really sure what you have in mind though.
[23:56:50] wagnerrp: instead of having transcoding, commflagging, and four user jobs, its all just user jobs, and all data is accessed over mythproto, rather than directly from the db
[23:57:03] wagnerrp: theres a type, name, and optional subname
[23:57:11] wagnerrp: so there would possibly be three levels i would need to build
[23:57:21] wagnerrp: plus testing whether jobs were running for each level
[23:58:04] wagnerrp: to be honest, i dont know how expensive protocol commands are versus mysql queries
[23:58:32] wagnerrp: but depending on how many jobs are defined, it could potentially be a lot more data to build

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