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Tuesday, May 17th, 2011, 00:01 UTC
[00:01:09] wagnerrp: weve got several hundred 50MB instances of httpd
[00:01:24] wagnerrp: im killing the webserver temporarily to see if that brings it back under control
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[00:58:23] danielk22: wagnerrp: no, it's been misbehaving today though and the OOM killer is on the loose.
[01:02:07] danielk22: hmm, looks like googlebot is indexing trac..
[01:02:59] danielk22: Googlebot/2.1; +
[01:03:01] wagnerrp: any time the timeline hits the commit logs, the server gets hammered
[01:03:10] wagnerrp: yahoo slurp was on there earlier
[01:04:01] danielk22: Can't we stick some spider prevention stuff in the robots.txt ?
[01:06:42] wagnerrp: sure
[01:07:37] wagnerrp: looks like is a good place to start
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[01:17:46] danielk22: wagnerrp: I've added some of those to the robots.txt + reduced the google crawl rate.
[01:22:19] danielk22: While I was there fixed to redirect to so it goes right to the wiki which all the developers can edit...
[01:24:47] danielk22: wagnerrp: It looks like it BOTH yahoo and google that are indexing trac right now.
[01:26:42] wagnerrp: danielk22: as opposed to the placeholder that linked to the buildbot as well?
[01:28:39] danielk22: wagnerrp: the /trac also links to the buildbot.. and it's a wiki so you can link to anything you like :)
[01:29:20] danielk22: wagnerrp: The wiki links to the waterfall view, but it could be changed if that isn't the preferred view.
[01:31:30] wagnerrp: hey, there is a link to the buildbot on the trac front page!
[01:31:36] wagnerrp: shows how much i read it... :)
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[02:05:53] jpabq: taylorr, Unfortunately, the nVidia 19x drivers don't want to build against my 2.6.35 kernel.
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[02:42:01] taylorr: jpabq: thanks for trying
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[03:24:20] bendailey: I was previously able to build mythtv without qt3support but it looks like commit 9b22460f broke building in mythtv/programs/mythtranscode/mpeg2fix.h on lines 31–33. #include <Q3PtrList> #include <Q3PtrQueue> #include <Q3ValueList>. Should I open a ticket for this is is qt3support still required?
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[03:33:44] iamlindoro: Multiple parts of myth still depend on Qt3support
[03:34:05] iamlindoro: we've not eliminated it as a requirement, so no, no ticket necessary
[03:34:52] bendailey: OK thanks the only other place I found QT3 code was in mythmusic so that I would pose the question.
[03:46:19] iamlindoro: knightr, git add filename, git diff HEAD
[03:46:42] iamlindoro: (the HEAD part being important otherwise you won't see the newly added files)
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[03:47:42] knightr: iamlindoro, thank you! I had found git add -N filename.ts followed by git diff --cached but your command is much simpler, thank you!
[03:48:38] iamlindoro: np
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[17:22:36] Beirdo: of course... I go to work today, and now the PPC slave says it's offline?
[17:23:36] Beirdo: wonder if I bumped the power plug last night. No route to host.
[17:23:51] Beirdo: anyways, it will be back once I'm home
[17:24:15] GreyFoxx: So I now have a simple patch that auto detecets if IPv6 appears to be available at startup and uses the right ::Any* based on that, but I can't test it til I get home to shutdown one of my boxes and bring it back up without v6 enabled :)
[17:24:23] Beirdo: hehe
[17:24:52] Beirdo: and it seems that everything we build with the buildbot is now -dirty. Wonder what gets tweaked.
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[21:19:20] stuarta: Beirdo: does the buildbot create a new clean directory for each build, or does it re-use an existing one?
[21:19:49] stuarta: i ask, because osx-packager builds *all* the deps underneath the working dir
[21:20:03] stuarta: qt, mysql etc etc. that's about 3hrs compile time :)
[21:21:29] j-rod: hrm. anyone complained about the contents of the 0.24.1 tarballs yet?...
[21:21:41] j-rod: seems to be an extra redundant directory level in them
[21:22:13] j-rod: was about to bump the rpm fusion packages, but shit went sideways
[21:22:54] stuarta: that was mentioned a few days ago by him who built em
[21:23:01] ** stuarta points over there a stuartm **
[21:23:15] j-rod: ok, so known then
[21:23:23] ** j-rod hasn't been paying a whole lot of attention lately **
[21:23:44] ** stuarta will be back tomorrow **
[21:23:53] stuartm: artefact of git-archive, I figured it wouldn't be a problem ...
[21:24:28] j-rod: git-archive can be made to Do It Right
[21:24:55] j-rod: and it does cause problems for package builds that are semi-dependent on the paths to bits and pieces, but I'll cope
[21:26:00] Beirdo: stuarta: it keeps a source dir, but the build dir is new every time
[21:26:03] stuartm: j-rod: well if we can figure out a reasonable way of doing it how people want then I'm fine with that, I'll re-spin the tarballs
[21:26:25] Beirdo: you can copy stuff over from the source to build dir though (which is how we currently do checkouts)
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[21:26:54] stuartm: j-rod: we use a script, not a complex script, but I wanted to keep packages built by the script rather than manually applying fixes
[21:28:06] stuartm: j-rod: the script is in the extras repo, if you want to play with it
[21:28:06] ** j-rod tries to remember the right git archive incantation... **
[21:30:49] stuartm: we don't _have_ to use git archive, but it seemed like the simplest way of 'exporting' in git and the tarball creation removes a step from the process at the same time, but I couldn't figure out a way of renaming the target directory so I used --prefix instead
[21:32:47] j-rod: in src/mythtv/mythtv/, run 'git archive --prefix=mythtv-0.24.1/ --format tar HEAD | bzip2 > ../mythtv-0.24.1.tar.bz2'
[21:32:58] j-rod: and you'll get the proper layout
[21:33:53] j-rod: src/mythtv/mythplugins/, git archive --prefix=mythplugins-0.24.1/ —format tar HEAD ' etc
[21:33:57] Beirdo: subsitute v0.24.1 instead of HEAD to grab it at the tag, I beleive
[21:34:02] j-rod: yeah
[21:34:43] Beirdo: dangit, out of coffee again
[21:34:53] ** j-rod going to cheat and push homemade tarballs for rpm fusion **
[21:35:38] Beirdo: well, I'm sure stuartm can tweak the script a bit, and re-release :)
[21:36:03] j-rod: I suppose I could get off my ass and update the script too
[21:36:29] j-rod: just don't have extras checked out, and trying to fire this off to the build system before I go home :)
[21:38:51] Beirdo: hehe
[21:39:03] j-rod: updating it now
[21:40:01] stuartm: j-rod: hmm, sure I tried that
[21:40:33] j-rod: just did it here, works as expected
[21:41:10] stuartm: ok, maybe the problem was that I thought I'd tried it but really I hadn't ;)
[21:43:34] Beirdo: hehe, we all do that at times
[21:43:53] ** j-rod tries full run of updated script... **
[21:44:36] j-rod: yep, good to go
[21:44:59] j-rod: mythweb no longer in mythplugins, even for 0.24.1?
[21:45:29] stuartm: ugh, I forgot that it had been broken out of the same repo
[21:45:44] stuartm: yay
[21:46:01] j-rod: oh, do you have to add it to the tarball manually?
[21:46:01] skd5aner: lol, I was going to mention it ahead of time... but... figured it was "thought of" :)
[21:46:06] stuartm: j-rod: I'll fix, unless you're feeling generous
[21:46:15] j-rod: um… I'm not even sure where it is now :)
[21:46:28] skd5aner: in it's own repo under mythtv
[21:46:29] j-rod: point me in the right direction and I'll see what I can do though
[21:46:42] skd5aner: mythtv/mythweb
[21:47:12] stuartm: nothing like keeping it simple
[21:47:13] j-rod: cloned
[21:47:23] j-rod: one sec
[21:47:46] j-rod: this might be slightly more entertaining
[21:48:15] j-rod: no tag, eh?
[21:48:28] stuartm: no, since it's not in the same repo
[21:48:36] stuartm: like I said, simple
[21:48:45] Beirdo: it needs tagging too :)
[21:48:58] stuartm: j-rod: yeah, tagging it's no problem
[21:49:00] j-rod: yeah, I'm assuming mythtv-themes got a tag
[21:49:20] j-rod: will add it
[21:49:22] stuartm: j-rod: we're not shipping tarballs of mythtv-themes, so I hadn't got around to it
[21:49:41] j-rod: oh? ah. still 0.24 for that.
[21:50:49] stuartm: j-rod: it's explained in the news article, but that wasn't really written with packagers in mind – I guess each distro will do it's own thing, either ship themes or leave it to the theme manager
[21:51:26] ** j-rod sucks at reading **
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[21:51:27] j-rod: :)
[21:51:49] j-rod: I saw a random email on -users that was saying thank you for 0.24.1, figured I should box it up.
[21:52:40] j-rod: hm. wonder if git archive will add to a tar or overwrite.
[21:52:55] stuartm: the site does still point at a themes tarball ... I was waiting for someone to point out that it's unnecessary before I edited the template
[22:01:35] j-rod: I think I just about have it
[22:05:04] j-rod: hackish, but scripted
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[22:13:30] j-rod: man. how do debian people ever get system updates done?
[22:13:38] j-rod: apt keeps stopping, asking me stupid questions.
[22:15:12] j-rod: stuartm: ok, script changes committed and pushed (and even tested)
[22:15:39] stuartm: j-rod: thanks
[22:17:00] stuartm: updated tarballs will be available shortly
[22:17:08] j-rod: danke
[22:17:46] stuartm: just having to clone the repos to my user directory on the server – last time I built them locally and then spent the next hour uploading
[22:18:05] j-rod: heh
[22:19:13] j-rod: stuartm: that, or, tell me where to upload them
[22:19:36] stuartm: j-rod: I'll be done in about 10 seconds :)
[22:19:37] j-rod: I've got the files sitting here on a plenty fast enough pipe
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[22:19:43] j-rod: ah, ok, nm
[22:24:11] j-rod: stuartm: pushed one tiny follow-up fix to remove the stray mythweb.tar too
[22:24:25] j-rod: inconsequential to the actual release tarballs though
[22:24:41] stuartm: slight delay while I create a browesable directory on the site for them (it will take a while for them to appear on the osuosl ftp server)
[22:26:34] stuartm: ugh, maybe not, xris has some redirect rules which are getting in my way
[22:26:53] stuartm: j-rod: are you ok to build from the ones you just created?
[22:27:03] j-rod: yep, full build just finished
[22:27:16] xris: yeah, the website is intentionally set not to allow raw file downloads
[22:27:19] j-rod: I'm not too picky
[22:28:31] stuartm: xris: that's fine, it just makes shortcutting the ftp mirror tricky
[22:28:46] stuartm: I won't bother now if j-rod is fine to build from his copies
[22:29:01] j-rod: in theory, they *should* wind up with the same md5...
[22:29:09] stuartm: I guess he could have grabbed them via scp
[22:29:17] j-rod: oh, that too
[22:29:40] j-rod: first though, whatcha got for md5sums?
[22:29:59] xris: stuartm: that's why we've always waited for the ftp mirror to catch up before posting anything on the website
[22:30:12] stuartm: 76aeefeff70b550b2d35c2d9d751df18 mythplugins-0.24.1.tar.bz2
[22:30:13] stuartm: 6870c679619ec58456e76839745411d8 mythtv-0.24.1.tar.bz2
[22:30:32] j-rod: hrm. mythtv one matches, plugins doesn't.
[22:30:37] stuartm: xris: right, j-rod was in a hurry that's all
[22:30:53] stuartm: j-rod: odd ...
[22:30:57] stuartm: let me check something
[22:31:12] j-rod: got a fully up-to-date mythweb repo w/the tag in it?
[22:31:19] j-rod: (I just pushed it a bit ago)
[22:32:02] stuartm: should be, but I'll pull again
[22:32:25] j-rod: git pull --tags may be necessary, not sure
[22:32:40] j-rod: hrm. can't remember wtf my password is on the server.
[22:32:42] j-rod: I suck.
[22:34:33] stuartm: ff1334730308d5ede27f1fda7ea9488b
[22:34:42] stuartm: any better?
[22:35:01] j-rod: 3fbe948f05263000fb50ec20d89835b6 mythplugins-0.24.1.tar.bz2
[22:35:24] stuartm: hmm, if I do this a third time, I wonder whether I'll get the same
[22:35:41] ** j-rod tries one more time... **
[22:35:55] stuartm: I'm guessing not ...
[22:36:17] j-rod: um… wtf.
[22:36:17] j-rod: afcf3644a76974267cd1218477c49af5
[22:36:47] stuartm: no, interesting, it's different every time
[22:37:10] j-rod: artifact of tar --apend maybe?…
[22:37:56] stuartm: that would be my guess
[22:38:34] j-rod: meh. oh well. whatever...
[22:38:37] stuartm: although it's certainly strange, at this point I suggest grabbing them from the server
[22:40:24] j-rod: *nod*
[22:41:11] ** j-rod heads for home **
[22:41:51] j-rod: will just finish cleanup from there, already way later than I'd hoped (always goes that way though...)
[22:42:09] j-rod is now known as j-rod|afk
[22:58:19] GreyFoxx: 1
[22:58:22] GreyFoxx: oops
[22:59:38] GreyFoxx: Can you put "fixes #1234" in the comment of a git comment and have it attach the comment to the trac ticket and close it?
[23:00:12] stuartm: yes, assuming the hook is working at the time you push
[23:00:20] stuartm: it's not 100% reliable
[23:01:00] GreyFoxx: k
[23:02:57] GreyFoxx: Guess I'll find out in a minute :)
[23:10:07] GreyFoxx: more many minutes.... github seems to be kinda slow... or at least varies a lot in how long from the commit to when you can pull/view it in the web interface
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[23:18:03] stuartm: yes :(
[23:18:19] GreyFoxx: Wow, it still hasn't shown up
[23:22:19] stuartm: which repo?
[23:24:56] stuartm: GreyFoxx: you did 'git push'?
[23:25:02] stuartm: after committing?
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