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Monday, May 16th, 2011, 00:05 UTC
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[00:22:44] GreyFoxx: So, to commit some changes is it as simple as a "git commit" followed by a "git push" ?
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[00:54:12] iamlindoro: GreyFoxx, barring any other issues, yes. Make sure you git pull before those two commands to avoid a merge
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[04:01:05] markk: anyone happen to know whether the frontend/backend is aware of its own ip address? (i.e. is this stored somewhere in a global var?)
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[04:55:18] kormoc: Anyone have any ideas on why myth thinks my hdpvr card type is a hdhr? . . . .11%20PM.png
[05:05:27] kormoc: never mind, ./configure doesn't auto-detect the hdpvr anymore on my box... checking why
[05:08:48] kormoc: my kernel is too new. no v4l support, just v4l2 and thus no hdpvr
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[11:14:03] stuartm: release news posted
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[11:14:28] stuartm: let me know of any grammatical/spelling errors I missed
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[12:22:06] danielk22: markk: It looks like there is some overlap in the UPnP stuff you're committing with stuff I added in the recording branch for the OCUR recorder.. Do you have a branch out there I could look at?
[12:23:13] markk: danielk22: no – just fixing/adding things as I see them at the moment :) anything in particular that clashes?
[12:24:03] markk: danielk22: I assume the ssdp notify stuff is relevant?
[12:24:23] danielk22: I haven't tried to merge it back yet, I just know that for instance I added full autodiscovery on the backend a while back + there was another commit message that reminded me of something I already did.
[12:26:34] danielk22: Yeah, that code was changed a bit. I pretty much touched the whole UPnP stack though. I was thinking of the multicast commit though, I created a new class for multicast in the mythtv-rec2 branch, one that multicasts on all interfaces.
[12:26:47] markk: danielk22: I've not added full autodiscovery on the backend yet (just the frontend) – but it is on my list. (y which I assume you mean performing a ->Find(ssdp:all)
[12:27:04] danielk22: yep, and waiting long enough.
[12:27:49] danielk22: I've been thinking of short-circuiting that once all the things we're looking for are found, but if you see a need for finding everything I won't..
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[12:31:10] markk: I'm currently operating on the basis that the search is a one-off at startup and is relatively cheap (i.e. it's in its own thread and the stuff I need isn't time critical and hence when it arrives, it arrives). I need frontends, backends and other mediaservers – so little advantage in doing a selective search
[12:35:59] danielk22: markk: The thing I'm waiting for on the backend is all the OCUR recorders to respond. And they can't be started up until they respond. Probably it makes sense to start a full search, and only block until required things respond — but handle the other stuff as it comes in.
[12:39:01] danielk22: What's the overall plan? Would it help if I tried to hurry UPnP bug fix merges over from mythtv-rec2 to master? The OCUR recorder is far from ready so it wasn't really high on my list.
[12:43:15] markk: danielk22: I'm mostly done with the frontend upnp changes (I think) – just fixing a few niggles; but they shouldn't affect you. other than that I'm starting to look at handling content from other media servers on the network (via scanning in the backend). Are there many upnp changes in your branch?
[12:45:45] GreyFoxx: how long after doing a git commit/git push does it usually take for the changes to be applied to the tree? I just commited a change but git pulls on my other machines are not pulling down the update (nor have I seen an email about it)
[12:46:14] danielk22: markk: There are a number of changes, but I don't mind merging in changes you make. I'm more concerned about you running into the same bugs I did and wasting time implementing a fix. One that you might run into is that some media devices require a particular header to advertise the UPnP version supported.
[12:47:00] danielk22: GreyFoxx: The "git push" shouldn't return to the command line until the change has been uploaded.
[12:47:17] GreyFoxx: [master 8bf5157] This patch adds IPv6 support to mythbackend and mythfrontend. I've been running this patch since XMas with no problems at all.
[12:47:17] GreyFoxx: 30 files changed, 213 insertions(+), 85 deletions(-)
[12:47:17] GreyFoxx: root@bork:/usr/src/mythtv/post/mythtv#
[12:47:25] GreyFoxx: It didn't give me any sort of error
[12:47:41] GreyFoxx: but I don't see it listed on github
[12:48:13] danielk22: GreyFoxx: Perhaps you pushed it to some other tree.. look at git branch -a and what branch your branch is tracking.
[12:48:30] GreyFoxx: root@bork:/usr/src/mythtv/post/mythtv# git branch -a
[12:48:30] GreyFoxx: * master
[12:48:59] danielk22: if you cloned from something other than github you need to add the github url to your push..
[12:49:01] GreyFoxx: This is the first commit I've done since the switch to git, so I could easily have done something wrong, but I'm not sure what
[12:49:35] GreyFoxx: I used "git clone :MythTV/mythtv.git
[12:49:36] GreyFoxx: "
[12:49:39] danielk22: what does "git status" return?
[12:49:54] GreyFoxx: to # Your branch is ahead of 'origin/master' by 1 commit.
[12:49:54] GreyFoxx: #
[12:49:54] GreyFoxx: nothing to commit (working directory clean)
[12:50:57] danielk22: maybe you forgot to do the push? "git pull --rebase; git push"
[12:51:44] GreyFoxx: I literally did clone, applied my patch, did a "git commit -a", then git push , filled in my commit message and saved it ...
[12:52:24] GreyFoxx: I'll try your suggestion though
[12:52:26] danielk22: When you do "git push" what does it say on the command line?
[12:53:17] GreyFoxx:
[12:54:51] GreyFoxx: Ok it just appeared
[12:54:56] GreyFoxx: there was just a long delay
[12:55:06] GreyFoxx: I'm use to it appearing instantly like it use to with svn
[12:55:12] GreyFoxx: Sorry for the false alarm :)
[12:55:29] GreyFoxx: so almost 15 minutes before it shpowed up on the site or was pullable
[12:55:56] danielk22: GreyFoxx: even if the commit message takes some time to appear it should have been pullable right away..
[12:56:15] danielk22: Perhaps github is having some problems..
[12:56:38] GreyFoxx: Had me worried I had messed something up hehe
[12:57:36] GreyFoxx: I had held off doing this commit for weeks mainly due to my trepidation with Git and noone active on IRC while I was ready to do it heh
[12:59:12] danielk22: Heh, I have big commit ready for this morning as well. I'll need to do a quick smoke check with your changes (they merged fine, but..)
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[13:00:34] GreyFoxx: I was worried for asecond this morning since I was getting and error after Markes QMulticast updates, turned out it was because I didn't have an IPv4 default route nor a route to the multicast IP range
[13:01:11] GreyFoxx: With no route to and no default route you get "QMulticastSocket: setsockopt – IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP Error (19)" errors
[13:10:02] danielk22: GreyFoxx: Ubuntu?
[13:13:04] GreyFoxx: Nope, Slackware
[13:13:28] GreyFoxx: granted, an older slackware (4 or so years old)
[13:14:15] GreyFoxx: I had just removed the default v4 gateway routes last week too , otherwise I wouldn't have seen it :)
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[13:37:52] stuartm: that error is actually pretty nasty, it can occur if the backend comes up before the network (e.g. wireless) and it prevents the backend from operating – no recordings
[13:38:25] stuartm: it's never been high on my list but I've been aware of it for a very long time
[14:06:16] GreyFoxx: Wow, really?
[14:06:20] GreyFoxx: hrm
[14:06:28] GreyFoxx: I'm gonna try that
[14:08:35] GreyFoxx: I just went into mythweb, scheduled something to record that was already in progress and the recording kicked off within seconds
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[14:10:29] GreyFoxx: One thing I have noticed lately though is that if the master backend dies, often (almost always) the slave will crash as well rather than than just loop trying to reconnect. (tested without the v6 changes so it's not related to those)
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[15:42:07] MythBuild: build #50 of master-linux-ppc is complete: Failure [failed compile core] Build details are at . . . pc/builds/50 blamelist: Stuart Morgan < >, Daniel Kristjansson < >
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[16:45:08] stuartm: danielk22: ^
[16:46:03] stuartm: GreyFoxx: ok, maybe different issues with the same general cause
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[16:51:35] danielk22: How do I see the compile errors?
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[16:54:29] Beirdo:
[16:54:57] Beirdo: I usually use the waterfall view
[16:55:53] Beirdo: and then click on "stdio" on the failed build
[16:56:24] GreyFoxx: Do any of you do any win32 builds?
[16:57:06] Beirdo: not yet. we need to get the build sequence usable first, which it might be now
[16:57:22] Beirdo: stuarta's working on an OSX slave
[16:58:12] GreyFoxx: I was just wondering as I was for curiousities sake thinking of putting up a virtual windows machines to try it but I don't know what buildscript I should use as there seems to be more than one of them
[16:59:08] Beirdo: yeah, that was the problem... Once we have something setup, we can give it a try from the buildbot... just not quite there yet
[17:00:40] Beirdo: I know Kenni (I think it was) has an available slave for win32
[17:00:49] davide_: GreyFoxx, or anyone else: does 8bf5157f break things in an ipv4 only environment? it appears to for me. specifically, "mythserver->listen(QHostAddress::AnyIPv6, port)" in MainServer::MainServer() fails. Shouldn't it fall back to ipv4 if ipv6 fails, or better, open both ipv4 and ipv6?
[17:01:06] Beirdo: we could try getting a cross-compiled windows build running too
[17:02:11] GreyFoxx: david: It doesn't for me. I've switched my machines back and forth with no problem
[17:02:25] GreyFoxx: Do yo uhave some logs of the error?
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[17:04:32] GreyFoxx: And I should check, what platform? Linux based host?
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[17:08:23] Beirdo: danielk: change #include "bswap.h" to "byteswap.h" and it no longer errors
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[17:08:32] Beirdo: would you like me to check that in?
[17:09:41] Beirdo: figured it would be easier to test right on the build machine (PowerBook G4)
[17:09:51] davide_: GreyFoxx: sorry for the delay, had some cut-n-paste issues. see
[17:10:25] GreyFoxx: david: This is a linux host right?
[17:10:34] GreyFoxx: I assume because of the V4L stuff
[17:10:56] davide_: yes, and it does not support ipv6 in any way.
[17:11:03] GreyFoxx: Ahhh ok
[17:11:10] GreyFoxx: Yeah I suppose that could be a problem
[17:11:30] GreyFoxx: I'ver yet to encounter a single box or person who tested this patch that had no v6 support)
[17:11:37] GreyFoxx: hrm
[17:11:52] GreyFoxx: I suppose I could make some sort of configure flag or some such
[17:11:57] Beirdo: nothing a modprobe ipv6 wouldn't fix, I bet :) Not that that's the right fix
[17:12:22] stuarta: don't forget that when you ask to bind to a wildcard ip address, not all platforms listen on both v4 and v6
[17:12:35] stuarta: some require a separate bind to the v4 address
[17:12:40] stuarta: -wildcard
[17:13:02] davide_: 'cept i don't even build the ipv6 in my kernels. i haven't wanted to make the time worry about the network security implications.
[17:13:12] Beirdo: we'll get it all worked out.
[17:13:37] GreyFoxx: stuart: What platforms in particular?
[17:13:47] GreyFoxx: I'll add them to my test list if possible
[17:13:48] Beirdo: limited time is always an issue
[17:13:52] stuarta: can't remember off the top of my head
[17:14:05] Beirdo: GreyFoxx: wouldn't be surprised if *BSD is on that list
[17:14:06] stuarta: but it's definitely a kernel tunable
[17:14:16] stuarta: i vaguely recall it being distro specific
[17:14:26] stuarta: Beirdo: i think that may be it
[17:14:34] Beirdo: including OSX, potentially, and FreeeBSD
[17:14:39] stuarta: linux does by default bind to v4 when you bind to v6
[17:14:44] Beirdo: yes
[17:14:45] stuarta: but you can tweak it
[17:14:49] stuarta: so it doesn't
[17:14:58] davide_: debian, i think, but i wasn't paying close attention when the issue came up a while back. i believe there is a /proc or /sys setting to control it so, in theory, it could be any linux box.
[17:15:01] Beirdo: ah.
[17:16:30] stuarta: definitely need to make sure we fall back to v4 if the v6 bind fails
[17:16:52] Beirdo: danielk22: I have the first compile fix ready for checkin for PPC. Would you like me to push through and try to catch them all?
[17:17:29] stuarta: GreyFoxx: do you still do mysql over v4, or leave that to Qt libraries?
[17:17:42] GreyFoxx: stuart: I leave that all to QT
[17:17:47] stuarta: on the basis that mysql didn't even support v6 connections until 5.5
[17:17:49] stuarta: kk
[17:18:32] GreyFoxx: I'm just trying to think of the most platform agnostic test for v6 ability to avoid a configure flag
[17:18:45] GreyFoxx: and pick Any/AnyIPv6 based on that
[17:19:06] Beirdo: well, try AnyIPv6, and if it fails, try again with Any?
[17:19:07] stuarta: cool
[17:19:12] stuarta: right, home time for me
[17:19:18] ** stuarta heads off **
[17:19:30] Beirdo: I think that's how BIND, for instance does it (or wget)
[17:19:58] GreyFoxx: Beirdo: Yeah, and there are only 4 or 5 places where we call listen, but it doesn't seem clean to me. I'd rather define "ListeHostAddressType" at startup and use that inplace of the QHostAddress:: define
[17:20:17] Beirdo: hmm, yeah, I hear ya
[17:20:22] GreyFoxx: Or I suppose I could do just that, try a listen and use that to set the flag for future listens
[17:20:29] GreyFoxx: A Listen on ::1
[17:20:37] Beirdo: yeah, that might be the way to test
[17:20:42] GreyFoxx: If there is no v6 localhost there is no v6
[17:20:54] Beirdo: or the sysadmin is a dork
[17:21:03] GreyFoxx: yeah and I don't care about them :)
[17:21:20] Beirdo: hehe
[17:22:05] Beirdo: OK, I need coffee
[17:22:42] Beirdo: I am home feeling like 40% of usual... but still need caffeine
[17:25:14] danielk22: Beirdo: Sure go ahead and push that bswap fix.. so far I've only gotten so far as clicking on stdio for the PPC and I only see warnings listed.
[17:25:50] danielk22: heh, I guess I clicked on warnings.. fat fingers
[17:32:02] Beirdo: hehe. OK
[17:32:23] Beirdo: I'm running a ful lbuild right now to see if there are more little issues
[17:36:28] Beirdo: which will take it a little while, but no use checking in one fix, then finding another and waiting a long time again...
[17:39:19] danielk22: Beirdo: true, iff you have other options.. :)
[17:41:19] Beirdo: well, the build slave is my old PPC laptop, so... run a manual build on it, see if anything else pops.
[17:41:52] Beirdo: I doubt we have many PPC users left, at some point we could consider just dumping it as a platform
[17:43:01] Beirdo: but after two large changesets, I can't say I'm surprised there was at least one little niggle
[17:47:55] GreyFoxx: In libmythupnp we already pull a list of all IP addresses from all interfaces from the looks of it
[17:48:29] GreyFoxx: That might be useful for detecting if any interface has a v6 address on it
[17:50:29] wagnerrp: Beirdo: the bigger issue is at what point do PPCs lose their usefulness as a media player
[17:50:51] wagnerrp: one could argue were already there, since even the high end PPCs struggle on broadcast MPEG2 HD
[17:51:11] Beirdo: agreed
[17:51:29] Beirdo: which is why fewer and fewer of them will be being used
[17:51:31] wagnerrp: theyre about as good as trying to run an old P4 or AthXP, but with much higher maintenance
[17:51:44] Beirdo: yup
[17:52:11] GreyFoxx: hrm, the v4lrecorder changes wont compile on my slackware boxes .
[17:52:50] GreyFoxx: Is this related to the include file you were talking about Beirdo ?
[17:53:18] Beirdo: I was? I think kormoc maybe?
[17:54:29] Beirdo: not sure, but it might be
[17:54:41] Beirdo: I haven't run across that one yet here
[17:57:01] GreyFoxx: my ubuntu system compiles it happily
[17:59:30] danielk22: GreyFoxx: That looks like something else. Like maybe pulling kernel headers into userspace.
[17:59:46] danielk22: "struct __kernel_fd_set fd_set"
[18:00:26] Beirdo: OK, core is building, now waiting for plugins
[18:00:55] Beirdo: err, core is built.
[18:07:29] GreyFoxx: It seems to be related to the linux/videodev.h include. If I comment that out I no longer get the redeclaration errors, just complaints about v4l stuff missing heh
[18:07:52] Beirdo: more v4l/v4l2 fun
[18:07:58] Beirdo: what kernel version?
[18:08:34] GreyFoxx: on one, on the other
[18:09:12] Beirdo: shouldn't be that then
[18:09:21] aloril (aloril! has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[18:11:57] GreyFoxx: hahaha I edited videodev.h and moved the include of types.h down below the include of videodev2.h and now it compiles
[18:12:19] GreyFoxx: that's kind of nasty though
[18:12:39] Beirdo: hmmm, wonder if they had a buggered header in those particular kernel version?
[18:12:47] GreyFoxx: Maybe
[18:12:56] GreyFoxx: Seems to be working on both machines now
[18:13:03] GreyFoxx: at least I'm further anyway
[18:13:07] Beirdo: cool
[18:13:21] Beirdo: and I'm still waiting for this compile to finish :)
[18:13:51] jams: GreyFoxx- Did you make any progress with the DVD changer? or have plans to commit somthing for it
[18:14:59] GreyFoxx: When I saw work being done on the ISO over SG stuff I stopped what I was doing to wait and see if they got encrypted ISO playback going. It would be a heck of a lot nicer than the NBD stuff I was doing
[18:15:27] danielk22: GreyFoxx: that's a distribution bug, the headers are supposed to be cleaned up before being copied over to /usr/include/
[18:15:41] jams: makes sense, just curious what the state was
[18:22:41] Beirdo: likely Rhode Island
[18:23:02] jams: hehe
[18:24:46] aloril (aloril! has joined #mythtv
[18:29:18] Beirdo: and committed
[18:29:29] danielk22: GreyFoxx: in the IPv6 changeset it looks like we send our UPnP address out with unencoded square brackets around our IPv4 address. I thought square brakcets were only an IPv6 thing? No?
[18:30:05] danielk22: GreyFoxx: an example would be the getDeviceDesc url we send out in upnptasknotify.cpp
[18:30:32] GreyFoxx: squarebrackets are valid for ipv4 and v6 addresses
[18:31:04] danielk22: This is all in RFC 3513 ?
[18:31:17] GreyFoxx: I don't remember off hand which RFC I read it in
[18:31:46] ** GreyFoxx is trying to deal with the fallout of someone reusing invoice numbers in our office billing system **
[18:31:59] GreyFoxx: which has caused hundreds of bills to have lineitems from years ago *sigh*
[18:32:33] Beirdo: OMG
[18:33:03] danielk22: GreyFoxx: Well concentrate on work now :) I'm just thinking we might want to only use the square brackets for IPv6, for maximum backward compatibility.
[18:33:17] GreyFoxx: absolutely
[18:38:45] hashbang (hashbang! has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[18:39:18] mrand (mrand!~mrand@ubuntu/member/mrand) has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[18:39:26] hashbang (hashbang! has joined #mythtv
[18:41:17] mrand (mrand!~mrand@ubuntu/member/mrand) has joined #mythtv
[18:46:40] GreyFoxx: Ever just want to strangle a coworker? Unfortuntely they did the problem years earlier and no longer work with you ?
[18:48:02] Beirdo: just about every day
[18:50:56] GreyFoxx: Ok, wtf did I just do. My commit "merged" some stuff from a previous commit
[18:51:48] Beirdo: don't worry about it
[18:51:54] GreyFoxx: ok
[18:52:02] Beirdo: you were developing in parallel with me, I think
[18:52:08] GreyFoxx: yeah likely
[18:52:25] Beirdo: so when you pulled my changes, it merges our two small branches back into one
[18:52:58] GreyFoxx: I'm paranoid about breaking the repo with git :)
[18:53:09] Beirdo: it's confusing at first, but it does make sense
[18:53:17] Beirdo: heh, don't worry too much
[18:53:40] Beirdo: if you are just pull/commit/push, there's not much damage that can be done
[18:53:55] Beirdo: thankfully
[18:55:11] taylorr: GreyFoxx: you will be told not to do it but if you use "git pull --rebase" before pushing it will eliminate the merge noise
[18:55:31] GreyFoxx: Why not do it? Potential breakage of some sort ?
[18:55:41] taylorr: dunno most projects require you to do it
[18:56:05] taylorr: I believe both ffmpeg and libav will refuse any pushes that haven't been rebased
[18:56:14] Beirdo: potential breakage in a very small subset of cases
[18:56:32] Beirdo: for 90%+ of changes, it should work perfectly
[18:56:39] taylorr: Beirdo: is it breakage on the client or server side?
[18:56:56] Beirdo: on the client side, basically
[18:57:04] Beirdo: AFAIK
[18:57:06] danielk22: taylorr: client side.. but easily fixed by just aborting the rebase "git rebase --abort"
[18:57:16] Beirdo: you should be good with it though
[18:57:23] Beirdo: yeah, easily fixed with an abort
[18:57:32] taylorr: ah, I didn't know about the "--abort" option
[18:57:48] taylorr: so no real danger to the project as a whole to use --rebase
[18:57:54] Beirdo: as people are more confident with git, using it makes more sense
[18:58:16] Beirdo: correct, as long as you fix any odd side-effects BEFORE pushing :)
[18:58:54] taylorr: danielk22: have you warmed up to git yet or are you still against it and want to move back to svn?
[18:58:59] danielk22: The times a rebase will work poorly is when there has been a lot of overlapping development in two trees.. then merge is a bit smarter.. for instance in mythtv-rec2 I can't rebase it on top of master everytime I do an update, but a merge does work. But with all smaller feature patches I rebase.
[18:59:44] Beirdo: YAY. no more warnings in plugins
[18:59:50] Beirdo: zero. :)
[19:02:39] danielk22: taylorr: I still think svn is better for our use case, but I'm not going to push hard on moving back.
[19:03:12] Beirdo: at some point, I think we'll be moving the "core" repository onto our own servers again, and at that point we can enforce using the --rebase (or rather not allowing micro-merges) if we want
[19:04:02] Beirdo: github, unfortunately, doesn't allow access to those controls
[19:04:16] okolsi: build problem with master:
[19:04:59] Beirdo: did you do a make distclean?
[19:05:02] taylorr: danielk22: I'm ok with using it now – not a big fan of github though
[19:05:35] okolsi: Beirdo: yes, seeing the same with 2 machines
[19:05:40] Beirdo: github has its pros and cons... unfortunately... the cons are starting to annoy us more ;)
[19:06:00] Beirdo: okolsi: I ask as it compiles fine here
[19:06:28] okolsi: Beirdo: yeah, also tried without -j option since that sometimes helps but no luck this time
[19:06:48] danielk22: I think about 60% of the git problems were either due to not being sufficiently prepared for the move or due to github.. The other 40%, git's own complexity, we can't do much about. But at least most of us here know git 101 now and can help casual contributors.
[19:08:04] Beirdo: agreed
[19:08:48] Beirdo: it was a rushed mess. not much can be done about that now
[19:09:21] danielk22: I have twice taken advantage of git's superiority over svn when at 30,000 feet ;]
[19:09:38] Beirdo: okolsi: I'm not sure what to suggest. It compiles fine here (and on the buildbot). You sure you don't have old installed headers around somewhere
[19:09:53] Beirdo: danielk22: that is definitely one major advantage of git :)
[19:10:05] Beirdo: not being tied to the repo all the time
[19:13:06] danielk22: Beirdo: "major" 1/ not useful that often 2/ github is actually quite painful when you are more than a few thousand miles away from their servers; the slowness of the speed of light + 2 dozen web 2.0 round-trips == painfully slow, when the pages don't time out entirely.
[19:13:40] Beirdo: that doesn't surprise me actually.
[19:14:12] Beirdo: hmm. Well, once we get the server situation more in hand, we'll see what we can pull off.
[19:14:34] Beirdo: I'd like to get the core repo on our servers, and have it auto-push to github (for those who use it still)
[19:14:47] danielk22: yeah, best of both worlds kinda thing.
[19:14:49] Beirdo: but all commits to our own server, with our own hooks, etc
[19:16:08] Beirdo: wonder what the progress is on the servers Captain_Murdoch was liberating for us
[19:17:04] Beirdo: danielk22: you like the interface cgit gives?
[19:17:30] Beirdo: such as at:
[19:18:00] Beirdo: the main thing I'd miss is the network diagram that github has, but it's flash garbage
[19:21:20] danielk22: Beirdo: I don't like the tree view very much. Maybe with our own server we could get the trac tree view to work, or we could just continue to use the github tree-view. It doesn't need to be all-or-nothing.
[19:21:56] Beirdo: yeah, we'll see what we can do :) I think having cgit running as well certainly won't hurt anyways
[19:23:24] danielk22: certainly.
[19:24:18] Beirdo: would be nice to get trac behaving better with git though
[19:24:31] Beirdo: no db caching.... yuck
[19:26:17] danielk22: yeah, maybe someone else will attack that problem by the time we get our servers in order.. if not, it's not like we don't have the knowhow and talent around here to scratch some itches, given sufficient time and itchiness.
[19:26:40] Beirdo: yeah. If I have to learn some python in the process, so be it.
[19:26:40] MythBuild: build #53 of master-linux-ppc is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at . . . pc/builds/53
[19:26:44] Beirdo: YAY
[19:26:51] Beirdo: god, that took a while
[19:27:02] danielk22: thanks for the bswap fix :)
[19:27:07] Beirdo: no problemo
[19:27:18] Beirdo: it's easier to test build here, so...
[19:27:51] Beirdo: heck, on that machine, I'd be fine with giving people ssh access (over IPv6 preferrably), but whatever :)
[19:28:54] andreax1 (andreax1! has joined #mythtv
[19:29:38] Beirdo: not like that laptop does anything else anyways :)
[19:30:01] andreax (andreax! has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[19:33:44] Beirdo: :3689
[19:33:52] Beirdo: argh, wrong window, sorry
[19:42:50] bugbear (bugbear! has joined #mythtv
[19:43:17] bugbear is now known as Guest35440
[19:58:44] Beirdo: hey, danielk22... did you want the buildbot to test build the -rec2 branch? Not sure if you've been asked before
[20:03:29] danielk22: Beirdo: Nah, I can deal with the problems post merge. Except for the UPnP changes and OCUR recorder I merged most of the changes in this morning.
[20:04:04] Beirdo: OK, just thought I'd ask. shoulda asked months ago
[20:04:25] Beirdo: if people want development branches added, it's pretty simple to do
[20:05:13] okolsi: Beirdo: configure without options works, but not these options I'm using:
[20:05:53] okolsi: Beirdo: could you try those or do you see any problems with those?
[20:06:14] Beirdo: let's take a look
[20:07:39] Beirdo: try specifically without the --disable-v4l ?
[20:07:48] okolsi: okay
[20:08:11] Beirdo: I think it may be related to that one. Could be some code that isn't properly using #if USING_V4L or the like
[20:09:16] stuarta: hmmmm. build borked for anyone else on NuppleVideoRecorder?
[20:09:19] jpharvey (jpharvey! has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[20:09:31] Beirdo: stuarta: for okolsi :)
[20:09:40] stuarta: \o/
[20:10:04] Beirdo: it's likely to be configure options, and something missing an #if USING_V4L or something like that
[20:10:53] ** stuarta hits stuff **
[20:11:35] Beirdo: once okolsi's done a test compile, we might be able to tell better
[20:11:55] stuarta: NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp:2619:74: error: no ‘void NuppelVideoRecorder::FormatTeletextSubtitles(VBIData*)’ member function declared in class ‘NuppelVideoRecorder’ ???
[20:12:05] Beirdo: that sounds about the same
[20:12:15] Beirdo: you using --disable-v4l?
[20:12:26] stuarta: nope
[20:12:29] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has joined #mythtv
[20:13:05] okolsi: looks like removing disable-v4l helped
[20:13:08] stuarta: basically only --enable-dvb
[20:13:36] stuarta: + --prefix, --dvb-path & --compile-type=debug
[20:13:38] Beirdo: stuarta: OK, but did configure disable it for ya? :)
[20:18:29] stuarta: Video4Linux sup. no
[20:18:34] stuarta: looks like it
[20:19:25] Beirdo: K
[20:19:42] Beirdo: sigh. Well, off to look at that code, I guess
[20:20:22] ** okolsi gotta head to bed **
[20:23:10] jpharvey (jpharvey! has joined #mythtv
[20:26:37] stuarta: thought so...
[20:26:41] ** stuarta fixes **
[20:27:01] Beirdo: OK, looks easy enough to tweak. You got it?
[20:27:06] stuarta: yup
[20:27:27] ** stuarta blames danielk22 :-p **
[20:27:41] Beirdo: we all take our turns
[20:27:54] stuarta: but of course. life wouldn't be any fun otherwise
[20:28:55] danielk22: stuarta: okolsi: I'll commit a fix in a few minutes.
[20:29:09] stuarta: i'm building the fix atm
[20:30:15] stuarta: feck. ran out of whiskey
[20:30:41] Beirdo: oh oh
[20:30:45] Beirdo: now that's a problem
[20:31:31] stuarta: danielk22: feel free to commit your fix. s/FormatTeletextSubtitles/FormatTT/ i assume?
[20:31:34] stuarta: Beirdo: aye
[20:32:01] Beirdo: there's also the VT_WIDTH redefine that needs fixing
[20:32:18] stuarta: worse. i'm not in the office tomorrow, thus nowhere near the factory outlet booze shop
[20:32:32] danielk22: stuarta: Beirdo: both, but I don't think those two are sufficient.
[20:32:51] stuarta: it's building so far with just the FormatTT change
[20:32:53] Beirdo: K. It's in fine hands :)
[20:33:08] danielk22: stuarta: but will it link ;]
[20:33:16] ** stuarta goes back to attacking osx-packager **
[20:33:23] stuarta: dunno
[20:33:25] Beirdo: ooh
[20:33:34] stuarta: yes ooo
[20:33:40] len (len! has joined #mythtv
[20:33:58] Beirdo: found an alias for git to use graphviz to make a graph like github's network graph
[20:34:25] Beirdo: it' missing the branch names... and uses buttloads of memory, but... cool
[20:35:45] Beirdo: right on of all places
[20:36:50] Beirdo: and a funcdiff alias too. that could be useful
[20:38:57] stuarta: nope, no link
[20:39:46] stuarta: maybe i should add my x86 box with dvb based configure options
[20:40:50] danielk22: stuarta: The real problem is mythtranscode it uses the NVR, but the NVR inherits from V4LRecorder.
[20:41:40] stuarta: ugh. does it help if we have a different output container from mythtranscode
[20:41:46] stuarta: we were talking about that
[20:42:16] danielk22: well yeah, but I'd like to fix this before then..
[20:42:23] stuarta: :)
[20:46:04] zombor (zombor!~zombor_@kohana/developer/zombor) has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:51:17] kormoc_afk is now known as kormoc
[20:53:54] Beirdo: stuarta: sure... if you want to create another builder for linux-master-dvb or something, that works :)
[20:54:23] danielk22: stuarta: okolsi: I've committed a compile fix..
[20:55:57] stuarta: danielk22: i'll pull and test
[20:56:32] Beirdo: nastiness :)
[20:56:43] Beirdo: I guess there's not much choice in the short term
[21:02:03] Jordack (Jordack! has quit (Quit: Peace!)
[21:04:55] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:09:15] stuarta: danielk22: hmm. not there yet
[21:09:32] stuarta: vbitext/vbi.c:17:28: fatal error: linux/videodev.h: No such file or directory
[21:10:28] stuarta: at least it's consistent. didn't build on osx either :)
[21:16:28] danielk22: stuarta: k, I'll put something in a pastebin shortly..
[21:16:30] natanojl (natanojl! has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[21:17:27] danielk22:
[21:21:23] tris (tris! has quit (Excess Flood)
[21:25:57] tris (tris! has joined #mythtv
[21:28:21] Beirdo: heh, danielk22, your changes make merging into new-logging so much fun :)
[21:30:47] danielk22: Beirdo: what is new-logging exactly?
[21:31:29] Beirdo: asynchronous logging such that the threads are never blocked. and it logs to several outputs using just the VERBOSE()
[21:32:11] Beirdo: part of it gives us debug logs that include what thread the log message came from, what line of code in what file
[21:32:59] stuarta: sounds nice
[21:33:09] stuarta: especially the "what thread" part
[21:33:14] Beirdo: and to get which thread, each thread has to be registered (to map the pthread_t * to a name, essentially)
[21:33:32] stuarta: danielk22: that patch appears to work
[21:33:34] Beirdo: yeah, we have too many to try to figure it out mentally
[21:33:41] danielk22: Yeah, but I don't see how that would be difficult to merge, isn't that mostly going to live within the VERBOSE macro?
[21:33:57] danielk22: Yeah — as in sounds good.
[21:34:02] Beirdo: the threadRegister() and threadDeregister() :)
[21:34:16] Beirdo: as you are busily fixing threads
[21:34:22] danielk22: ah, because of the threading changes.. got it..
[21:34:26] Beirdo: no biggie
[21:34:34] Beirdo: just keeping me on my toes
[21:34:45] stuarta: fun fun fun
[21:35:35] danielk22: heh, there will be a few more, but I'll give you a few weeks ;)
[21:36:13] Beirdo: no problemo
[21:36:37] Beirdo: before this gets merged in, I'm gonna sweep through to make sure I still have all the threads registering
[21:36:58] Beirdo: we *had* 91, but I htink we are down a few since from what you've been doing
[21:37:28] stuarta: holy thread count batman
[21:38:38] Beirdo: yeah, of course, that's across all of core plus plugins, and not all are running at once
[21:38:55] stuarta: still, that is quite ludicrous
[21:43:08] anykey_ (anykey_! has joined #mythtv
[21:43:33] Beirdo: yeah, surprised the crap outta me too
[21:44:09] ** stuarta tests osx build profiles **
[21:44:45] stuarta: sadly i don't appear to have build 0.24-fixes on here, so the first build is gunna take "a while" (tm)
[21:45:07] GreyFoxx: 2011-05–16 18:44:55.512 IPv6 Found!
[21:45:09] Beirdo: hehe
[21:45:13] GreyFoxx: Woop, I can detect it at runtime
[21:51:43] stuarta: \o/
[21:52:40] Captain_Murdoch (Captain_Murdoch! has joined #mythtv
[21:52:43] Captain_Murdoch (Captain_Murdoch! has quit (Changing host)
[21:52:43] Captain_Murdoch (Captain_Murdoch!~cpinkham@mythtv/developer/CaptainMurdoch) has joined #mythtv
[21:52:54] Beirdo: Ahoy there, Captain.
[21:53:39] danielk22: bah, I can't log into trac to close & lock #9709. Anyone else having trouble with trac?
[21:53:51] Captain_Murdoch: hey, restarting things here after a power outage or something earlier today. :(
[21:54:28] Beirdo: trac does seem to be dragging significantly
[21:54:31] iamlindoro: Jeez, the guy in #9709 is sort of a jerkwad
[21:54:39] iamlindoro: and by sort of, I mean, "is"
[21:55:17] Beirdo: restarted httpd
[21:55:34] Beirdo: we were half a gig into swap
[22:00:14] Beirdo: I think that one needs a'lonkin'
[22:00:18] Beirdo: lockin'
[22:03:48] simonckenyon (simonckenyon!~simoncken@ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:06:27] MythBuild (MythBuild! has quit (Quit: buildmaster reconfigured: bot disconnecting)
[22:06:34] MythBuild (MythBuild! has joined #mythtv
[22:10:41] Guest35440 (Guest35440! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:14:00] danielk22: iamlindoro: I've pointed out that his filesystem is out to lunch in my reply... I actually ran into something like this last year after buying my first SSD. It posted incredible statistics, except when it just decided not to do anything for a minute at a time.. His RAID configuration/system is similarly busted.
[22:19:44] hobiga (hobiga!~hobiga@ has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[22:24:03] stuarta: mysql 5.0 seems to have vanished off the face of the earth
[22:24:24] hobiga (hobiga!~hobiga@ has joined #mythtv
[22:26:34] Beirdo: resistance is futile, and all
[22:27:48] stuarta: aye
[22:27:56] stuarta: progress++
[22:28:04] Beirdo: Oracle--
[22:28:33] Beirdo: OK, I am finally hungry
[22:44:50] kormoc is now known as kormoc_afk
[22:50:07] ** stuarta leaves qt to compile and goes to bed **
[22:52:33] zombor (zombor!~zombor_@kohana/developer/zombor) has joined #mythtv
[22:57:43] zzattack` (zzattack`! has joined #mythtv
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[23:19:58] abqjp (abqjp!~abqjp@ has quit (Quit: abqjp)
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[23:29:30] zombor_ is now known as zombor
[23:39:18] MaverickTech (MaverickTech! has joined #mythtv
[23:46:03] kormoc_afk is now known as kormoc
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[23:54:52] wagnerrp: anyone messing with the server?
[23:55:02] wagnerrp: the webserver is unresponsive, and ssh is painfully slow
[23:56:32] wagnerrp: we are through both our 4GB of memory, and 8GB of swap

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