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Friday, May 13th, 2011, 00:01 UTC
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[02:09:07] ** taylorr rips his hair out **
[02:09:08] jya: jpabq: are you there?
[02:30:18] taylorr: markk: this is crazy – I replaced the surface block function with a while loop that wait's unitl the surface is idle – it works depending on the sleep amount and VERBOSE output
[02:35:40] markk: taylorr: can you elaborate?
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[02:37:22] taylorr: markk: basically if I change the timing a little bit around the code that waits for the output surface to become available it works
[02:43:01] taylorr: I didn't find anything useful by turning on tracing
[02:44:47] markk: taylorr: you're gonna need to be a bit more specific:) can you pastebin your code
[02:47:00] taylorr: markk:
[02:47:25] taylorr: with that code everything works with 4 output surfaces – if I remove the VERBOSE statement it has stalls
[02:47:56] taylorr: the VERBOSE on line 61
[02:50:14] taylorr: jya: regarding the audio buffer size being too low error messages in my logs – is that a problem in general or only if I'm doing HD audio, etc?
[02:50:38] jya: taylorr: it will actually always show now if you have 64kB
[02:51:07] jya: we request 500ms ; but 500ms of audio buffer isn't enough with 64kB, you need about 95kB (which I round to 128kB)
[02:51:27] jya: but it's harmless, I need to update the code and not display that message if you aren't using -v audio
[02:51:44] taylorr: jya: it sounds like it's important though
[02:51:47] jya: it using stereo or spdif : it doesn't matter, the 64kB buffer is fine
[02:51:56] jya: well, it is if you are using hdmi audio
[02:52:02] taylorr: if having less than 128kB causes underruns then it's good to know how to prevent it
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[02:52:15] taylorr: I use spdif
[02:52:28] jya: taylorr: the problem is that other than intel / nvidia audio : they all have 64kB hardware buffer usually
[02:52:29] ** kisak yawns **
[02:52:56] kisak: good evening, I'm looking for a tool to convert mysql.txt to config.xml
[02:53:27] kisak: or a template for me to fill in the blanks
[02:53:39] jya: taylorr: so I haven't found the best way to proceed: remove a log that is usually harmless under some circumstance, but can explain buffer underruns smetimes
[02:53:50] jya: kisak: #mythtv-users
[02:54:01] kisak: oh, sorry, I forgot
[02:55:21] jya: I guess I can remove the message if your hardware only has 64kB hardware buffer and we want more... cause there's nothing the user can do to fix the problem on his end
[03:00:44] taylorr: jya: is it always pcm1p that needs 128kB or do the other pcm*p devices need it?
[03:00:55] jya: it depends...
[03:01:09] jya: this is determine at run time based on the audio device you've selected
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[04:05:49] jpabq: jya, unfortunately, that change does not fix the LPCM "repeat" problem. Since I never used LPCM before you helped me get it working a couple of months ago, I have no idea how long that problem has existed — it has always done it during those couple of months.
[04:06:14] jya: but the corruption is gone with AC3 ?
[04:06:22] jya: I thought you didn't have the issue yesterday?
[04:06:30] jpabq: jya, I will set my machine to using AC3 instead for a few days to make sure, but so far it seems like it is in good shape.
[04:06:57] jya: ah I see what you mean with LPCM, it may have always been broken...
[04:08:15] jya: it's a GT220 or 430?
[04:09:16] jpabq: GT220. I did buy a 430, but sent it back because the fan was WAY too loud. Right now the loudest part of my system is the fan in my TV. The GT430 was MUCH, MUCH louder than that.
[04:09:37] jya: you have a fan in your TV?
[04:09:49] jpabq: The GT430 sounded like a very small child wailing for mommy.
[04:10:08] jya: ah, probably why I don't hear mine... too used to that kind of noises
[04:10:10] jpabq: I have a DLP TV. It uses LEDs for the light source, but even those need some cooling.
[04:10:50] jya: well, now that this dumb alsa related issue is gone, I can focus a tad more on the timestretch
[04:11:08] jya: interesting that you don't hear it with AC3 reencode thought
[04:11:26] jya: what is decoded and go through the timestretch is identical in both cases
[04:11:33] jpabq: Others still do?
[04:11:51] jya: just not going through the AC3 encoder
[04:12:19] jya: have to wait to find a 5.1 encoded audio to be broadcast
[04:12:58] jya: they are getting pretty rare here. they keep adding new channels, so they new bandwidth, so they reduce the quality of the existing channels and now it's mainly mp2 stereo audio
[04:12:58] jpabq: I could make a clip available.
[04:14:15] jya: if you have one, put it there:
[04:14:21] jya: and let me know when it's available
[04:15:00] jpabq: How big? Or how long? H.264 or mpeg2?
[04:15:18] jya: doesn't really matter
[04:15:24] jya: one where you can easily reproduce the problem
[04:15:38] jya: as for how long, I guess 2–3 minutes if possible
[04:15:50] jya: because with timestretch, it goes quickly
[04:16:03] jya: or do you have the issue if you set it say to 0.5X ?
[04:16:26] jpabq: The "repeat" problem? That is actually tough to do. If I rewind, it does not happen. It only happens about once every 5 minutes, so it is hard to make a short clip that will reliably show it.
[04:16:46] jya: I'm wondering if it's also alsa related... the last change we've put in ; I can't explain why it would do that for you
[04:16:51] jpabq: I don't typically use timestretch to make a show longer.
[04:17:22] jpabq: I will see what I can come up with.
[04:17:48] jya: ok thanks....
[04:17:58] jya: how much audio buffer have you set for your card?
[04:18:06] jya: what version of ALSA are you using?
[04:18:28] jya: what about if you upgrade all to 1.0.24 ? (and not just the library, with IIRC is what you did)
[04:21:05] jpabq: jya,
[04:21:32] jpabq: I though you recommended avoided the rest of 24?
[04:21:59] jya: with the 220 I have, that's what I did
[04:22:16] jya: but I use stereo PCM only as my map doesn't support LPCM
[04:22:43] jya: with 1.0.24, every once in a while (like once a day) I get audio corruption, and I have to reboot the PC to remove it
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[04:23:47] jya: that's why I went back to 1.0.23 for the drivers
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[04:24:32] jpabq: I can give 24 a try, but it will probably have to wait until at least sunday before I will have enough time to play with it.
[04:25:17] jya: it's just a matter of tar jxvf ; ./configure ; make && make install :)
[04:25:34] jya: plus you have a very fast machine to compile right ? :)
[04:26:11] jpabq: That machine is a first generation 3GHz Core2
[04:28:33] jya: that's not too bad ; that's what I have here.. they are quite speedy
[04:29:22] jya: right... off watching TV...
[04:29:43] jpabq: Dual core. VDPAU does most the work.
[04:29:53] jpabq: About bed time for me. have a good one.
[04:33:37] markk: okolsi: are you running 0.24-fixes or master? just looking at those lotr disc issues
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[06:09:45] okolsi: markk: I'm running latest master. Haven't tested those disks after your recent changes/fixes..
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[06:52:04] markk: okolosi: ok – actually I was hoping you were still on fixes:) the lotr discs don't get the subtitle languages correct here and I was trying to figure out whether that was a regression or not
[06:54:36] markk: okolsi: ^^
[07:16:00] okolsi: markk: I see.. unfortunately not on fixes
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[08:44:50] Maccco: danielk22: i saw you asked for a patch in #3702, i attached one in #9768
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[12:29:55] wagnerrp: dlblain: you around?
[12:33:07] wagnerrp: dlblain: im having difficulty with one of my XML methods not passing data on to the relevant internal methods
[12:33:18] wagnerrp: it seems to be chopping off the last 8 characters of the POST string
[12:33:31] wagnerrp: at least according to the 'sParams' output
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[13:25:40] Captain_Murdoch: wagnerrp, can you reproduce with wget or are you seeing all of the data come into the backend inside libmythupnp but not seeing it all get to your method?
[13:27:10] wagnerrp: on this one specific command, the POST string im sending as the last 8 characters chopped off in the logs
[13:27:32] wagnerrp: the command is returning false
[13:27:43] wagnerrp: i assumed because of the incomplete data set
[13:27:56] wagnerrp: i havent investigated further in the code to see exactly what its getting
[13:34:18] Captain_Murdoch: you can look in libmythupnp/httprequest.cpp HTTPRequest::ParseRequest() around line 1070 at m_sPayload and m_mapParams to see what the server is seeing and parsing out.
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[17:01:36] stuartm: danielk22: are you going to backport  ?
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[17:11:42] dlblain: wagnerrp: What XML method are you working on? With the new API Framework, you should need to worry about parsing the query string, or working with XML directly for that matter.
[17:14:11] wagnerrp: not XML, but rather POST data
[17:14:34] wagnerrp: a new method im working on to define whether a host is allowed to run a job command
[17:25:36] danielk22: Nah, there would be things much higher on my list if I were to do backport anything.
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[17:34:24] dlblain: wagnerrp: I'd be interested in seeing the code you're having issues with. what class are you changing (or is it new)?
[17:35:47] wagnerrp: dlblain: brand new class, adapted from the channel scanner stuff
[17:36:01] wagnerrp: give me a second and ill push what im working on to github
[17:36:09] dlblain: ok
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[18:14:25] wagnerrp: dlblain: . . . eue.cpp#L154
[18:14:40] wagnerrp: that was the method i was using at the time
[18:25:34] dlblain: wagnerrp: what log are you looking at for the Post data? Did you add a new verbose statement? Currently the code doesn't log POST data (as far as I know)
[18:28:28] dlblain: The only thing I see in the method you added is the use of QTime as a parameter type. Not sure I've tried that before.
[18:31:51] dlblain: That is most likely your issue. Looks like you would need to add support for QTime. libmythservicecontracts/service.cpp – Service::ConvertToParameterPtr method would be a good place to start.
[18:32:10] dlblain: It knows about QDateTime, just not QTime.
[18:34:48] wagnerrp: sParams: 'RunAfter=00%3A00%3A&IdleMax=1800&RunBefore=23%3A59%3A59&HostName=my'
[18:34:54] wagnerrp: for some reason, it worked that time
[18:35:07] wagnerrp: last time i did it, it ended at '&CmdId=4&'
[18:35:12] wagnerrp: and chopped off the CPUMax value
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[18:35:57] wagnerrp: that was manually ordered, and actually entered a value into the database, although it still returned false
[18:36:08] wagnerrp: probably because of some database error from the null time values
[18:38:09] wagnerrp: the first time, it was ordered automatically by a python module, which put RunAfter as the last value, which got chopped off halfway through
[18:40:28] dlblain: I see where the verbose statement is now... Can you use a tool to look at what is being sent on the wire? It should be reading "Content-length" bytes as the payload. I wonder if python is not including the escape characters when it calculates the length?
[18:44:32] dlblain: counting the escaped characters, it matches up with where you said it was truncated.
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[18:48:37] wagnerrp: you mean its sending the character length before conversion to %3A and such?
[18:48:54] dlblain: That is my guess.
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[21:04:35] danielk22: Beirdo: I forgot to ask re your hd-pvr problems. Are you using the IR stuff? I had lots of problems when I tried using that; so I just gave up on it and forgot about the fact that it had an IR transmitter built in...
[21:06:12] Beirdo: no, I used to use it a while back, but have since unloaded drivers and put electrical tape over the window
[21:06:30] Beirdo: no transmit, no receive
[21:10:00] danielk22: k, don't know if that is still an issue, just wanted to make sure. The HD-PVR support in the recording branch is a bit more robust, but I don't think it will deal with the issue where the device needs a full reboot.
[21:10:28] stuarta: there are some failure cases it's just plain impossible to handle
[21:12:11] kormoc: I swear mine just overheats and needs a reboot
[21:12:27] kormoc: Is there any dev that doesn't have one that should?
[21:13:16] stuarta: do they do a european dvb-t or dvb-s version?
[21:13:38] Beirdo: it's analog input only (component or composite)
[21:13:46] danielk22: heh, I was just about cherry pick [e4c5909], fadvise changes, into 0.24/fixes but someone has already done it :)
[21:16:00] ** stuarta pulls a funny face after putting to much whiskey in his glass **
[21:16:11] stuarta: not a bad thing mind
[21:17:11] Beirdo: mmm, whiskey
[21:17:21] ** stuarta sips... **
[21:17:44] stuarta: now to watch recording or hit osx buildbot or multitask....
[21:48:30] stuarta: bit of both methinks...
[21:51:14] ** stuarta sighs **
[21:51:26] stuarta: not a good start when libavcodec doesn't compile
[22:16:31] j-rod is now known as j-rod|afk
[22:23:53] Beirdo: eek
[22:24:24] stuarta: i hit it several times and it has behaved :)
[22:24:31] Beirdo: well, once I'm home in a few hours, let me know if there's anything you need help with there
[22:24:41] Beirdo: yeah, it needs a beating sometimes
[22:25:01] stuarta: i'll be in bed before then. now it's a case of just run through the build and verify it still works
[22:25:07] Beirdo: make domestic-incident
[22:25:31] stuarta: await.wifey.return(drinking_n_eating)
[22:26:06] Beirdo: heh. Anyways, it would be nice to have the OSX builds done :)
[22:26:23] stuarta: aye. thought i'd pull my finger out :)
[22:26:41] stuarta: start tonight with the check it still works stuff
[22:26:47] Beirdo: yup
[22:26:54] Beirdo: tis a good start
[22:27:11] stuarta: then tomorrow i can move onto layer up the profiles stuff
[22:27:17] Beirdo: cool
[22:27:17] stuarta: layering
[22:27:38] stuarta: default profile being whatever is needed for head
[22:28:23] stuarta: no idea how this would even work with laurence rust's stuff
[22:28:30] stuarta: not even looked at that
[22:28:41] stuarta: we can cross that bridge at another time
[22:29:06] Beirdo: heh
[22:29:50] Beirdo: well, whatever works. I personally don't care what becomes our official build procedure for OSX or Windows, as long we have them and can test with the buildbot
[22:30:08] stuarta: aye
[22:30:13] stuarta: we can start with one
[22:30:28] stuarta: can always add the other as another buildbot config
[22:30:33] Beirdo: yup
[22:30:38] stuarta: and then pick the best
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