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Sunday, May 1st, 2011, 00:13 UTC
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[01:25:51] sphery: stuarta: Really strange thing is that MythSocket shouldn't ever connect to MySQL--that's what the Qt MySQL driver does, not any custom code of ours.
[01:28:08] Beirdo: jya: just got home, whazzup?
[01:31:52] jya: Beirdo: fixed it now...
[01:32:07] jya: the AC3 encoder in the new ffmpeg now uses float samples
[01:32:15] jya: we were using S16 int
[01:32:48] elmojo: jpabq: it's interesting you had the issue to a lesser degree before the ringbuffer changes last Sept – do you recall if you had them before the mythui-osd merge occured?
[01:34:08] Beirdo: ahhh
[01:34:13] jya: so I updated our AC3 encoder ... I'm thinking of rewriting it to fully use float, as more often than not we use floats internally... need to check on how fast the new float AC3 encoder is.
[01:34:22] Beirdo: is it significantly slower/faster using float?
[01:34:40] jya: right now we still use the S16 AC3 encoder, it was renamed.
[01:34:51] Beirdo: it's something to to be concerned about should someone want to use ARM processors :)
[01:35:11] jya: the most common cases where we'll be using the AC3 encoder is when using timestretch or upmixing
[01:35:13] Beirdo: cool, well, I'm glad you found it
[01:35:21] jya: in both case we use floats
[01:35:39] jya: then we convert them back to S16 and feed them to the AC3 encoder
[01:36:07] Beirdo: heh
[01:36:09] jya: with the new ffmpeg AC3 encoder, we don't need that conversion and can feed directly floats
[01:37:14] Beirdo: yeah, the lack of conversions should speed things up on FPU-enabled systems, which is most of what will be used
[01:37:23] jya: so right now, I've just made a quick fix that changed very little to our existing code...
[01:37:52] jya: Beirdo: there will always be a conversion required S16 -> float mainly. As S16 is still the most common type ffmpeg feeds back when decoding
[01:38:20] jya: allright, going for brunch... be back in 1–2h
[01:38:23] Beirdo: cool
[01:39:17] jya: Beirdo: I hope there are no more of those hidden broken things. I was reading the ffmpeg devel list earlier, and I see a few patch submission to fix things following the conversion to floats
[01:39:37] jya: may be worth following what's going on, and update soon
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[03:01:15] elmojo: jya: I see this message a lot -> "ALSA, Error: Unable to sufficiently increase ALSA hardware buffer size – underruns are likely" – why are underruns likely?
[03:01:27] elmojo: trying to figure out the playback pause issues people are seeing
[03:03:52] jya: elmojo: because the default 64kB of audio buffer isn't enough in some cases. Having said that: it is sufficient for your typical stereo, 48kHz, 16 bits audio
[03:04:16] elmojo: for SPDIF passthrough?
[03:04:19] jya: it's not enough if you are using hdmi or analog and 5.1 audio
[03:04:28] jya: spdif passthrough is really stereo, 48kHz, 16 bits
[03:04:39] elmojo: ok – so no worries for me – thanks
[03:04:45] jya: so it's fine under most circumstances..
[03:04:58] jya: I was thinking of making this a warning instead of an error...
[03:05:02] elmojo: do you see the playback pauses happening much?
[03:05:13] jya: me personally? no
[03:05:39] elmojo: I thought on the mailing list you mentioned you did but it was better in master
[03:05:41] jya: but my frontend is a rather powerful machine C2D 3.4GHz is the slowest
[03:05:57] elmojo: I believe the problem is the backend
[03:06:10] jya: elmojo: I did see a lot of pauses at the start of playback, where it can take uover 5s for playback to start
[03:06:23] jya: it also happens now that those 5s at the beginning , the audio is lost
[03:06:31] elmojo: ah, that's probably a different issue
[03:06:54] jya: elmojo: with a C2D 2.4GHz I had no issue with my backend, now it's a i5 quad-core sandy-bridge.. so will be even less of an issue now
[03:07:07] elmojo: this is brief pauses after everything is up and running smooth – just pauses in random spots from time to time
[03:07:24] elmojo: very inconsistent – seems like users report it's worse when the backend is under load
[03:07:24] jya: yeah, no I never see those. once playback has started, it's all good
[03:07:43] jya: yes, I was reading about that if it start comflagging, then it stops playback
[03:08:02] elmojo: stops? or do you mean pauses?
[03:08:51] jya: pauses
[03:10:12] jya: did you read about people's memory usage of the frontend?
[03:12:58] jya: Last I ran valgrind, there were so many reports , that I gave up not knowing where to start
[03:13:38] elmojo: I don't see any frontend memory increase with 0.24-fixes
[03:14:54] jya: I shutdown my frontends at night , so I never bother looking
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[04:19:37] elmojo: jpabq: actually the RingBuffer patch only applies to the frontend
[04:21:07] elmojo: interestingly I don't see it go beyond 448k per read but it's not experiencing any issues either – going to look at debug when it happens next time
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[09:36:45] zoran119: can someone tell me if the source linked to from mythtv website ( is the checkout of fixes/0.24?
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[11:10:56] stuartm: zoran119: it isn't, it's 0.24 without the fixes
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[11:15:38] zoran119: stuartm: do you know if 0.24 and fixes/0.24 would work as a frontend/backend combination?
[11:20:29] stuartm: zoran119: normally they should, we usually don't allow two releases with the same major version to become incompatible but it has happened in the past because it's necessary to fix a major bug ... I don't remember that being the case with 0.24 but my head is generally in the latest code and I can't really remember what changes were made months ago
[11:21:12] stuartm: so in summary, it should work fine but I reserve the right to be wrong
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[11:25:43] stuartm: I'd recommend running the latest fixes version all the same, it should be much more stable
[11:26:34] stuartm: I'll try to get a 0.24.1 release done this week
[11:27:00] stuartm: to obtain a copy of 0.24-fixes -> git clone -b fixes/0.24 git://
[11:35:16] zoran119: stuartm: thanks for the info
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[19:12:13] wagnerrp: stuartm: got a few UI engine questions that could use some advice
[19:12:30] wagnerrp: i started looking into migrating mythgallery over to storage groups last night
[19:12:58] wagnerrp: at current, it uses its own thumbnail cache
[19:13:07] wagnerrp: and specifies the file locations to the thumbnails
[19:13:15] wagnerrp: completely bypassing the theme cache
[19:13:56] wagnerrp: with the move to storage groups, thats not going to be an option for performance reasons
[19:14:07] wagnerrp: so the theme cache would have to be used for at least those
[19:14:19] stuartm: wagnerrp: yeah, that was ugly but the mythgallery caching pre-dated the mythui port and it was simpler at the time I did the port (incomplete) to leave it alone
[19:14:32] wagnerrp: at which point, would there still be reason to maintain a shared thumbnail storage
[19:14:45] wagnerrp: or just have each frontend generate the thumbnails as it needs them
[19:15:56] wagnerrp: looking through the mythvideo code, it seems i can just feed the UI engine the myth uris, and it will handle downloading them on its own?
[19:15:56] stuartm: I really don't remember many of the details so I probably won't be of much help
[19:16:36] stuartm: wagnerrp: yes, it should, iamlindoro/CM wrote much of that myth url handling
[19:17:13] wagnerrp: well im more wondering how quickly it would be able to download and scale all those images, to build the button list
[19:17:32] wagnerrp: sorry, have to run unexpectedly
[19:17:38] stuartm: it's not going to be fast enough to avoid the need to cache
[19:18:41] stuartm: it's reasonable for theme images which are relatively small, but photos range from 5–15 megapixels are much, much larger than anything we normally handle
[19:19:38] stuartm: the speed of download alone would be a limiting factor, so it might be worth considering maintaining a thumbnail cache on the backend instead of the frontend
[19:19:46] wagnerrp: so the thumbnails would still need to be generated and stored as before, and then stored again in the theme cache for each frontend
[19:20:45] stuartm: that's what I would suggest unless anyone has a better idea, it's not ideal but a limited amount of diskspace is a fair trade for speed
[19:22:18] stuartm: it's not that different to how we handle recording preview thumbnails, they are generated and stored on the backend (or accessible to the backend at least) then the frontend caches them locally in the theme cache after retrieving them
[19:24:24] elmojo: jpabq: I think I see what's happening and it doesn't make any sense – I'm seeing video getting behind audio all of sudden and then it deletes EVERY frame in an attempt to get back in sync
[19:25:09] elmojo: but the drops don't improve the sync it's still the same or more than before the video frame was dropped which is impossible
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[19:53:07] elmojo: jpabq: are you using VDPAU on your frontend with the intermittent pauses?
[19:55:19] jpabq: Yes
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[20:04:10] elmojo: jpabq: it appears that the video output is getting blocked for a significant amount of time
[20:04:23] elmojo: not sure if it could be a VDPAU driver issue or MythTV
[20:05:24] elmojo: in one case there was a 270ms delta between one frame being displayed and the next
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[20:05:49] elmojo: which made A/V sync get out of whack and drop every frame in the video buffers
[20:06:19] elmojo: jpabq: which nvidia driver version are you using?
[20:07:14] jpabq: Lately (with that patch you gave me), the short pauses are pretty much gone. However, I occasionally get some stuttering which will go on for up to 10 seconds before things settle down again. That bad stuttering usually only happens about once per hour, sometimes twice.
[20:08:28] jpabq: plus, of course, I always get bad pauses when a new show is starting to recording on the backend.
[20:09:25] jpabq: looks like I am running 260.19.36
[20:15:00] elmojo: jpabq: I believe there are more than one issue in play here
[20:16:53] elmojo: in some cases the frontend has plenty of video buffers but still has an occasional large delay between displaying frames which could be a display thread issue
[20:18:13] jpabq: I have to go run some errands. Be back in an hour or so.
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[20:53:46] Digdilem: i have a variety of satellite channels. The EIT works for all of them – but one is in a different timezone, programs are showing up 60 minutes slow to me. Is there any way to change the offset just for one channel?
[20:57:09] sphery: Digdilem: /topic (you want #mythtv-users )
[20:57:24] Digdilem: gah, sorry. my mistake
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