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Thursday, February 24th, 2011, 00:01 UTC
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[00:02:04] iamlindoro: jams, No, no, no
[00:02:09] iamlindoro: in that order ;)
[00:02:15] iamlindoro: well, the profile being sent is in the logs
[00:02:39] jams: thats only 3 no's is their a 4th?
[00:02:40] iamlindoro: the log viewer and endless menu options makes it hopelessly confusing to use IMO
[00:03:20] iamlindoro: I strongly believe that outside of a simple opt-in/opt-out and submission, we don't need the log viewer/spawn a web browser stuff
[00:03:52] iamlindoro: I am very glad you worked on it, I just don't happen to agree with the complexity of the original implementation
[00:04:03] iamlindoro: and no, it's no across the board
[00:04:25] iamlindoro: If there is no UUID in the DB, it prompts you to decide whether or not you want to submit your profile. If you answer yes, it submits it. That's it.
[00:04:42] jams: right which was there in the first place
[00:04:44] iamlindoro: (and prints the profile information being sent to the log)
[00:05:19] iamlindoro: it was there couched in an (IMO) unnecessary log viewer and too much complexity, and being run as a plugin rather than in core, etc.
[00:05:35] jams: oh i agree it shouldn't be aplugin
[00:05:41] iamlindoro: This is basically a completely from scratch myth side leveraging the existing python bits
[00:05:47] jams: the plugin was there because i didn't want to maintain a patch
[00:05:48] iamlindoro: and built into core
[00:06:35] jams: i should say it was part of core, but i got tired of maintaining the patch so i moved it to a plugin
[00:08:02] jams: the log viewer was nice to see the errata..but if you don't want you don't want it
[00:08:12] iamlindoro: The advantage of my implementation is that a) everyone gets prompted, b) it requires no additional theming whatsoever, c) it's in line with our existing python script implementation and shell spawning stuff (MYTHPYHON and MythSystem) and is IMO much more idiot-proof
[00:08:38] iamlindoro: ie, it's a Yes/No question that everyone answers, and just done maybe a bit more tidily
[00:08:47] iamlindoro: I don't want to diminish your work in the slightest FWIW
[00:09:08] iamlindoro: I just think that this is maybe a better way of going about it for our purposes
[00:09:20] iamlindoro: and it mostly uses all the mythsmolt stuff you wrote umodified :)
[00:09:25] iamlindoro: er unmodified
[00:09:35] jams: which some seems to be modified to use the bindings and what not
[00:09:52] jams: when i started the pythong bindings were less the useful for what i wanted
[00:09:57] jams: hehe python
[00:10:10] jams: i don't know what pythong is
[00:10:19] iamlindoro: pythong kathong thong thong
[00:11:00] jams: frankly for the prompting thing, I had it setup to take care of that on the distro side via jumpoint. But yes I agree in-myth is much better
[00:11:39] iamlindoro: Thank you for all the hard work you did on it
[00:11:55] iamlindoro: All the rewriting I've done was this morning, so you left me very little work to do
[00:12:10] jams: there is more to be done, at least with the python stuff.
[00:12:10] iamlindoro: Just a very simple UI/Prompt, everything else is yours
[00:12:24] jams: working on some stuff to remove the need for hal
[00:12:28] jams: since hal is being replaced
[00:13:04] jams: as you saw the myth stuff was nothing more then a frontend to the python scripts.
[00:13:36] iamlindoro: yeah
[00:13:56] jams: that was by design for headless or MBE only machines
[00:16:40] iamlindoro: The UUID is based on the hardware, yes? ie, if the hardware changes drastically one can expect the hw UUID to change?
[00:18:01] jams: the UUID is jsut a random number, hardware changes dont' affect the UUID.
[00:18:11] iamlindoro: too bad
[00:18:25] jams: each time you update it will update your UUID account with the new info
[00:18:31] iamlindoro: Would be neat/nice if you could detect changes in hardware from changes in the UUID
[00:21:09] kormoc: if the UUID isn't in the database... where is it?
[00:21:23] iamlindoro: The UUID is both in the database and in a file
[00:21:36] iamlindoro: (in my version)
[00:21:48] kormoc: and if the file goes poof, all is still well?
[00:21:55] iamlindoro: yes
[00:22:03] kormoc: cool beans
[00:22:07] iamlindoro: The trigger of the prompt is based on the existence of the UUID for that host in the DB
[00:22:24] iamlindoro: if the user declines/opts out, the UUID for that host is set to -1
[00:22:29] iamlindoro: and the user isn't prompted again
[00:22:35] iamlindoro: (and nothing is sent)
[00:23:06] jams: kormoc- if that file is removed it will get recreated the next time is run
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[00:23:21] kormoc: jams, with the same id?
[00:23:31] jams: no
[00:23:54] jams: it will be brand spanking new profile
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[00:24:43] kormoc: it'd be nice to populate the file from the DB if it's missing (or use the DB value), less duplicate profiles that way, no?
[00:24:59] jams: i agree with that.
[00:25:08] jams: the file is the one that populated the DB
[00:25:56] jams: it's only stored in the DB for prompting reasons
[00:26:59] iamlindoro: Some of the logic is mildly different in my implementation, but what your saying still basically holds true
[00:28:32] iamlindoro: . . . 354d6c43a353
[00:30:09] iamlindoro: blah, and . . . 812d619686b5
[00:30:53] iamlindoro: Also protects the running of the hardware profiler on non-linux platforms since we can only support that so far
[00:33:39] iamlindoro: I have some neat ideas for periodically updating the profile and for integrating into headless backends without too much trouble, but that needn't prevent our setting up a server and getting this merged
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[01:18:55] iamlindoro: jams, kormoc: . . . e9f14a50d90f
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[01:36:44] ** kormoc rates iamlindoro A+++++ Would purchase from again **
[01:37:15] jams: i only give him a B because he he messed up my name
[01:41:03] ** wagnerrp bought a chair, got a bobcat, will not buy from again **
[01:45:04] iamlindoro: jams is just mad because is getting many, many updates from my dev machine ;)
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[02:08:39] elmojo: markk_: I'd like to start digging on av-sync issues if you have any logs or samples to look at – I personally only know of one issue with DTS passthru audio timestamps which I've already debugged and handed off for jya to look at
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[02:13:57] jya: elmojo: In the new audio code, the encapsulation of the digital audio in a iec958 stream is done within the audio class now
[02:14:16] jya: so this will impact how the timestamps are calculated in avfd ;
[02:14:30] jya: haven't run test yet, and will test with your video when I get home later today
[02:20:52] markk_: elmojo: the biggy is currently irrecoverable av sync. easily reproducable if you drop down to software decoding and start trying to play high end h264 interlaced content that starts off out of sync. It drops frames forever but never actually catches up – I think this is partly due to the fact that we (I) stopped pausing the audio during pre-buffering
[02:26:13] markk_: elmojo: do you want to test mark spieth's av sync patches?
[02:32:56] elmojo: jya: sounds good
[02:33:19] elmojo: markk_: I already have ran them – I didn't notice any differences to be quite honest
[02:33:48] elmojo: it really depends on how the audio and video are muxed relative to one another
[02:34:22] elmojo: it the delta between the audio and video is small then his code probably won't have much affect
[02:36:07] elmojo: markk_: do you remember the reason why you stopped pausing audio? to prevent the GetFrame deadlock when the audio buffer is too full or something like that?
[02:38:24] elmojo: also, the irrecoverable av sync could be due to bad timestamps – have you tested the scenario you describe with the latest changes to the timestamp fixups?
[02:42:29] markk_: elmojo: a variety of reasons. 1 – jya mentioned that it doesn't really do anything within the audio code. 2- particularly when using passthrough, the slightest buffering pause would cause a significant audio dropout. 3 – if the planets were in alignment, case 2 could lead to a vicious circle of buffering, audio dropout, av sync issue, buffering....
[02:43:06] kormoc_afk is now known as kormoc
[02:44:46] elmojo: it is now known that audio timestamp fixups for passthru is broken – the av sync code sometimes handles it well enough that a user will not notice but that's not always the case
[02:45:53] elmojo: please retry the irrecoverable scenario with the latest code and send my a log with -v playback,timestamp,extra – of course, there is no rush so whenever you have a moment and feel like it
[02:46:26] markk_: elmojo: the solution is probably to move the audio pause into the av sync code – i.e. if audio is more than X frames ahead of video, then pause it.
[02:46:46] elmojo: yes, that might work nicely
[02:49:58] elmojo: markk_; the big problem with pausing the audio and trying to pull video frames out of the demuxer until they are in sync is that you will overflow the audio buffers which is a really bad thing
[02:51:07] elmojo: it goes back to what danielk22 has been preaching for so long about with regards to the issues with GetFrame and av-sync for cases where the video isn't muxed very nicely
[02:56:32] jya: elmojo: I don't believe your solution of decoding the audio is a good one. First it will surely break for HD-audio passthrough for which ffmpeg has no decoder
[02:57:14] danielk22: elmojo: And I was holding my tongue :P
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[03:02:45] elmojo: jya: understood – hopefully you can figure out a good solution to the issue
[03:03:43] jya: Personally, running 0.24 (with trunk code) I have no issue whatsoever with AV Sync
[03:03:56] jya: has something changed that could have broken A/V sync ?
[03:05:21] elmojo: jya: the issue is with 0.24 – and I'm not interested if av-sync is broken for you or not – the timestamps are wrong – period – in fact, the sample I sent you causes a 192 ms error which is about 8 frames off
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[03:06:43] jya: elmojo: all Im saying is that fixing an issue I'm not seeing only makes things more difficult.
[03:07:02] elmojo: just make the timestamps right :)
[03:07:23] elmojo: did you look at the long I sent you last night?
[03:07:23] jya: how timestamps are calculated haven't changed from when I started.
[03:07:28] jya: I did
[03:07:46] elmojo: I know it hasn't changed – it's been broken forever
[03:08:10] jya: how the audio class calculate time stamp is simply based on how much data is in the hardware buffer as well as the audio code; factoring the size of a frame and the sampling rate
[03:08:25] elmojo: this problem has zero to do with that
[03:09:01] jya: avfd does the same thing: looks at the audio packet, and multiply by the same value
[03:09:17] jya: why would you say that the problem has zero to do with that ?
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[03:09:52] elmojo: because it's the packet/frame timestamp coming out of the decoder that is wrong
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[03:10:16] jya: so shouldn't it be fixed in ffmpeg then?
[03:10:33] elmojo: no, it's our timestamp fixups for missing timestamps that are broken
[03:12:05] jya: which is based on the size of the data right ?
[03:12:21] elmojo: it's simple – the lastapts calculation in avformatdecoder is designed for the decoded frame size – when we don't decode the audio packet we don't know the correct size to use
[03:12:33] jya: what about if you use the same old calculation but before it's encapsulated in a iec958 frame?
[03:12:34] elmojo: yes, size of the *decoded* data
[03:12:45] elmojo: how's that going to work
[03:13:02] jya: because no matter of the audio packet coming out of the decoder
[03:13:03] elmojo: you have to have a decoded audio frame for that calculation to work
[03:13:16] jya: once it's passed in the iec958 muxer, the data coming out is 2048 bytes long
[03:13:45] elmojo: if AC3/DTS have a known fixed value we could use then that would work
[03:14:02] jya: elmojo: because the bitrate of a DTS or AC3 frame is constant
[03:14:04] elmojo: right, it's 2048 in the encoded state
[03:14:35] elmojo: when I forced it to decode the frame I got 6144 bytes which made the timestamps correct
[03:14:51] markk_ (markk_! has joined #mythtv
[03:15:02] elmojo: if a decoded DTS packet/frame is always 6144 bytes then we can just hardcode it
[03:15:11] jya: so the size you are reading from the decoder (the raw AC3/DTS data) from tehre you can easily tell how long it would take to play it
[03:15:16] jya: it's not
[03:15:27] jya: DTS core is < 1536Mbit/s
[03:15:37] jya: can vary..
[03:15:51] jya: DTS-HD is 6.144Mbit/s and DTS-HD MA can be up to 24Mbit/s
[03:16:09] elmojo: then how to do you determine the duration of the packet?
[03:16:23] elmojo: that's the question that needs to be answered
[03:16:35] jya: the new ffmpeg code now has the ability to detect what type of DTS it is
[03:16:43] jya: right now , all we know is that it's CODEC_ID_DTS
[03:16:45] jya: nothing more
[03:17:08] jya: won't even know the bitrate of it with the current ffmpeg
[03:17:23] jya: I've been waiting for the ffmpeg resync for over 3 months now...
[03:17:46] jya: that's what I have started a fork on github.... so I could update to the latest relevant ffmpeg code
[03:18:17] elmojo: if ffmpeg provided timestamps for *every* audio packet then we would be fine – does the new ffmpeg code do that?
[03:18:19] jya: anyhow, I'm pretty sure we can have a simple way to determine the timestamp from the raw data, without having to decode it
[03:18:27] jya: elmojo: don't know
[03:19:08] jya: elmojo: the fix in ffmpeg is that it marks audio as having no timestamp for digital audio
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[03:20:50] jya: going to lunch
[03:20:54] jya: bbl
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[03:42:31] markk_: elmojo: just tried inception again with uptodate master. same audio sync issue. it occurs at the chapter boundaries – that disk seems to have a different m2ts file for each chapter. I get the same issue with DTS-HD track and AC3 (in Chinese!). so tentatively looks like a ringbuffer issue – or we're just not handling the transition well
[03:44:09] elmojo: markk_: I thought it was a single-file rip
[03:45:13] elmojo: what is the av-sync issue like? constant delta or does it ping-pong back and forth
[03:45:19] markk_: elmojo: sorry – should have been clearer. ripped to hdd in all it's bluray filestructure glory
[03:45:51] danielk22: markk_: I just replied to your ffmpeg e-mail.. I forgot to mention that even if we use pure upstream ffmpeg, we will still have "syncs" since the ffmpeg API is not very stable.
[03:45:58] danielk22: markk_: I maintain an ffmpeg sync for another project and still need to target each release to a particular ffmpeg revision; even using "vanilla" ffmpeg.
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[03:48:08] elmojo: markk_: if you get a chance to produce a log I'd be interested in having a look
[03:51:24] markk_: danielk22: thanks for the reply – exactly what I was looking for. I wasn't expecting to move away from sync
[03:51:27] markk_: ooops
[03:51:45] markk_: away from syncs as such – just make them a lot easier.
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[04:09:14] markk_: elmojo: – chapter/file switch happens at 2011-02–24 12:05:34.182. This is on the master backend with beefy cpu etc – so on second thoughts this looks like a sync issue rather than ringbuffer
[04:23:29] elmojo: markk_: ok, looks like maybe the video buffers aren't getting cleared on the switch
[04:24:54] markk_: elmojo: makes sense
[04:25:10] markk_: ... because they aren't :)
[04:27:44] elmojo: markk_: to be cleare we need to clear the decoded video frames (video buffers) and video packets that might be queued in avformatdecoder
[04:28:04] elmojo: cool, glad you know the problem
[04:30:51] elmojo: markk_: I'm curious when everything gets reset properly how smooth the ringbuffer transition will be – hopefully it's better than LiveTV :)
[04:30:57] markk_: elmojo: it's worse than that. assuming we want a seamless transition (which it should be), we need to allow the video buffers to drain (i.e. decode and display everything we have) and then switch to the 'new' file. trouble is the file switch is entirely internal to the bluray library
[04:31:27] markk_: i.e. the bluray player has not visibility of that change
[04:32:01] markk_: elmojo: are the video timestamps discontinuous?
[04:32:16] dougt_ (dougt_! has quit (Quit: dougt_)
[04:32:19] elmojo: looks like they might be
[04:33:22] elmojo: wait, no they are contiguous
[04:33:39] elmojo: maybe the problem is with the audio
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[04:36:49] markk_: elmojo: just to be clear, not that it really matters here, that new file isn't actually on a chapter boundary. it's at a pretty 'random' point
[04:36:53] elmojo: markk_: here's the weird part – after the ringbuffer switch the audio timecode goes from 8129521 to 8218082 which is less then the previous
[04:37:16] elmojo: that's the problem!
[04:37:22] elmojo: how could that happen
[04:39:21] iamlindoro: jams, sphery, xris, Beirdo, stuartm, and anyone else interested:
[04:39:27] iamlindoro: kormoc, ^^
[04:39:48] elmojo: markk_: from the demuxer perspective look at the line -> 2011-02–24 12:05:34.793 AFD: audio timecode 731727990 731727990 8130311 8130321 and the audio timecode line immediately following
[04:40:13] iamlindoro: I heartily suggest firefox or mythavtest, chromium butchers it
[04:44:55] markk_: elmojo: I can't account for it
[04:49:02] Beirdo: iamlindoro: I'll say it does :)
[04:49:19] elmojo: markk_: I wonder if we are confusing the ffmpeg demuxer?
[04:50:19] okolsi (okolsi! has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[04:50:26] xris: iamlindoro: huh? silence?
[04:50:39] iamlindoro: xris, ?
[04:50:54] iamlindoro: There's no musical accompaniment
[04:51:01] elmojo: markk_: are you resetting ffmpeg when the file changes?
[04:51:46] xris: iamlindoro: I get a minute or so of silence for that ogg
[04:51:54] iamlindoro: xris, it's a video
[04:51:58] iamlindoro: a silent video
[04:52:17] markk_: well you could at least mime it
[04:52:37] xris: oh. odd. mplayer doesn't even play it
[04:53:00] iamlindoro: mythavtest or firefox both do okay with it
[04:53:15] okolsi (okolsi! has joined #mythtv
[04:53:32] xris: in linux, maybe
[04:53:45] markk_: elmojo: no ffmpeg reset as we don't have visibility of the file change and presumably no callback triggered in avfd as it's happy that the stream hasn't changed
[04:54:19] xris: updated mplayer worked.
[04:54:20] xris: cool.
[04:55:16] elmojo: markk_: I believe what might be happening is that the audio timecodes may be relative to the start_time or something so when the file changes the ic->start_time doesn't get updated
[04:55:21] elmojo: just a wild guess
[04:55:40] elmojo: are you doing passthru? does it happen in you turn off passthru?
[04:56:51] xris: iamlindoro: looks good. jams and I chatted a bit today, and both agree that we need some way to get the two-way stuff going again, if at least as a file in ~/.mythtv.
[04:57:01] Beirdo: cool stuff
[04:57:02] xris: apparently smolt will pass back user-submtted stuff about the hardware
[04:57:18] xris: so you can get notes like "trouble configuring your XXX? check out this wiki page"
[04:58:31] xris: maybe keep it with other meta data so mythweb download it, or a cli script could email it out.
[04:58:40] xris: anyway, what you have looks pretty slick. is it committed anywhere?
[04:59:09] elmojo: markk_: is it possible for there to be a state change indicator in the ringbuffer class that avformatdecoder could query every time it processes a packet and if it detects a new ringbuffer then it could redo the ffmpeg stuff?
[04:59:46] iamlindoro: it's all in the branch
[04:59:51] iamlindoro: The one I committed earlier
[05:01:32] elmojo: markk_: could you do the following play, the two m2ts files separately and dump logs with the timecodes and see if they are truly contiguous
[05:01:46] xris: iamlindoro: will check it out once I get smolt up and running on our box.
[05:01:51] xris: after the kid gets to bed.
[05:02:19] iamlindoro: will need code changes once smolt is running, let me know the host and I'll make the changes in the morning
[05:02:38] iamlindoro: it's slightly more involved than it was before, but only slightly
[05:04:52] markk_: elmojo: the bdringbuffer is passed the url for the bd disc structure/directory. as far as the player is concerned, there is one ringbuffer. internally libbluray then opens sundry other files inside that structure using mythiowrapper. I've been putting code in place for callbacks from mythiowrapper – but I don't think they'd help in this case.
[05:05:28] markk_: you don't actually know which files libbluray is using for what – so you could end up resetting the decoder unnecessarily
[05:05:29] xris: iamlindoro: as long as I can do a text replacement, I should be able to handle it.
[05:05:42] xris: it'll be on, but not sure what subdir
[05:06:46] markk_: elmojo: is there a quick one line hack that I could use in avfd to keep checking e.g. ic->start_time ?
[05:08:02] elmojo: markk_: all the ffmpeg code that setup ic->start_time, etc is called when OpenFile() is ran
[05:10:53] elmojo: markk_: maybe av_find_stream_info(ic) would work?
[05:11:07] elmojo: dunno what that does exactly without looking at avformat.h
[05:12:32] elmojo: I think it might work from reading avformat.h
[05:14:10] elmojo: markk_: I'd put that line at the beginning of GetFrame and see if it fixes the problem :)
[05:17:01] jya (jya! has joined #mythtv
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[05:17:14] elmojo: markk_: what's the duration of the m2ts files?
[05:17:36] jya: elmojo: how do you enable the new logs for timestamp ? just with -v timestamp ?
[05:17:48] elmojo: -v playback,timestamp,extra
[05:33:26] NightMonkey (NightMonkey!debian-tor@pdpc/supporter/professional/nightmonkey) has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[05:48:29] NightMonkey (NightMonkey!debian-tor@pdpc/supporter/professional/nightmonkey) has joined #mythtv
[05:48:35] elmojo: markk_: I didn't ask but if the audio plays back perfectly then I wouldn't suspect a ringbuffer issue but it it has any oddities then I'd suspect something in the ringbuffer is providing old/stale data after/during the ringbuffer switch
[06:11:45] Chutt (Chutt! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
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[06:59:18] holomntn (holomntn! has joined #mythtv
[07:06:54] xris:
[07:06:58] xris: although it's about to go back down
[07:09:15] martin__ (martin__! has joined #mythtv
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[08:09:54] xris: grumble. smolt doesn't actually *allow* you to set it up as a subdir.
[08:09:58] xris: paths are hard-coded
[08:17:32] andreax (andreax! has joined #mythtv
[08:20:45] xris: iamlindoro: smolt should be up and running at… accessible as soon as OSU adds the cname.
[08:46:23] Goga777 (Goga777! has joined #mythtv
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[09:39:38] jamesba (jamesba! has joined #mythtv
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[09:49:34] stuartm: xris: did you point LF at that new SVG?
[10:07:19] tris (tris! has quit (Excess Flood)
[10:07:25] tris (tris! has joined #mythtv
[10:25:45] jamesba: ok, a weird issue I think someone here might know something about. Sometimes when I cancel the playback of a video (either through the network interface or by hitting Esc on the frontend) the screen continues to show a still frame of the video, even though as far as the frontend is concerned it's back on the main menu
[10:26:18] jamesba: the only way to clear it I've found is to alt-tab to a different window and then back again
[10:26:34] jamesba: not ideal for a set-top-box behaviour ;)
[10:27:17] stuartm: which video output method is being used? Xv, OpenGL or VDPAU?
[10:27:45] markk_: and which version?
[10:30:27] jamesba: the machine I'm seeing it on is a bit old — r27162 on the old svn repository
[10:32:40] jamesba: how would I check which video method is being use?
[10:37:15] xris (xris!~xris@mythtv/developer/xris) has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[10:39:45] markk_: jamesba: mythfrontend -v playback
[10:47:33] jamesba: markk_: that appears to just start the frontend normally, nothing obvious extra in the console output
[10:51:09] markk_: jamesba: you need to play something...
[10:54:21] jamesba: I am: it's saying 'video_output', then a mean, std. dev. and a fps valie
[10:55:03] markk_: jamesba: have you actually read the log output?
[10:57:37] jamesba: markk_: whereabouts would the log file be? /var/log/mythtv/mythfrontend.log doesn't have anything remotely recent in it
[10:58:04] jamesba: I'm reading the output on the terminal I started mythfrontend from
[11:00:43] jamesba: looks to be OpenGL
[11:00:45] jamesba: I think
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[13:23:25] dblain: oh, ddn't expect that to happen (merge commit). next time I'll un-commit before pulling to avoid. sorry about the merge noise.
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[14:42:51] j-rod|afk is now known as j-rod
[14:58:30] markk_: Beirdo: just heading to bed but before I do, can I plant a seed and see if you've looked at the configure patch in #9258. It's the last patch that needs sorting out for the windows build script to work out of the box.
[14:59:06] markk_: there are other patches outstanding but they're bug fixes and functional improvements rather than compilation fixes.
[14:59:20] markk_: The latest configure patch is at: . . . ef38;hb=HEAD
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[17:39:01] xris: stuartm: did not point to the svg. thx for the reminder
[17:40:04] stuartm: xris: figure it's better than some of the other unofficial images which they might go with instead
[17:41:13] xris: heh
[17:44:51] andreax (andreax! has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[17:45:19] stuartm: in fact, to make it easier to grab (github makes it difficult) –
[17:45:52] cocoa117 (cocoa117! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[17:48:51] paul-h: Someone should update and remove all the old plugin descriptions that no longer exist
[17:51:06] paul-h: Is the internal player supposed to work with http urls? I know markk added support for them back in December but I've tries about a dozen files and they all fail
[17:53:29] iamlindoro: paul-h: It works but is extremely problematic-- a long way from ready for primetime
[17:53:53] iamlindoro: ATM it doesn't do any of the "smart" stuff it need to do (like buffering/managing the buffer/etc)
[17:54:16] iamlindoro: so really, you sort of need to get lucky, and by lucky I mean play an MPEG-TS with a bitrate lower than your sustainable downstream
[17:54:45] iamlindoro: other containers like mov/mp4/etc. seem to fail hard
[17:55:32] jcarlos_ (jcarlos_! has joined #mythtv
[17:59:04] paul-h: iamlindoro: ok thanks. the media handler needs a slight tweek to work with http urls but I'll leave it as is for now
[18:01:43] gigem_ (gigem_! has joined #mythtv
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[18:03:45] iamlindoro: np
[18:07:53] Dracos-Carazza (Dracos-Carazza! has joined #mythtv
[18:08:19] Dracos-Carazza: hi does someone now, the correct name of the S100 remote?
[18:11:15] iamlindoro: Dracos-Carazza: wrong channel, see topic
[18:12:05] Dracos-Carazza (Dracos-Carazza! has left #mythtv ("Over and out...")
[18:25:37] sphery: why do I get the feeling that the "VAAPI is far enough along" comment isn't someone volunteering to implement support for it?
[18:37:08] andreax (andreax! has joined #mythtv
[18:40:55] natanojl (natanojl! has joined #mythtv
[18:55:24] Beirdo: markk_: thanks for the pointer, I'll take a look :)
[19:07:57] lcase (lcase! has joined #mythtv
[19:08:04] kenni: iamlindoro: Fixes to jamu, which way should I send them? Doug->you->git? you->git? Doug->me->git?
[19:10:32] iamlindoro: doug, since he has a suite of tests he performs on all changes
[19:11:08] iamlindoro: then either you or me committing it is fine with me, just so long as he's given his okay
[19:14:09] kenni: iamlindoro: ok, thanks
[19:15:40] iamlindoro: np
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[19:51:46] xris: iamlindoro / jams:
[19:53:31] ThisNewGuy (ThisNewGuy! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[19:53:40] jams: someone needs to run
[19:54:28] ThisNewGuy (ThisNewGuy! has joined #mythtv
[20:01:41] xris: tons of errors
[20:01:48] xris: seems that *that* needs the old sqlalchemy
[20:02:19] xris: oh, no.. those are just warnings. KeyError: 'pop(): dictionary is empty'
[20:02:36] xris: do I need to pass it a config file or something
[20:02:57] okolsi (okolsi! has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[20:04:02] XChatMav (XChatMav! has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[20:04:54] xris: sort of figured that out but it's still dying
[20:05:16] xris: complaining about ascii ordinal not in range
[20:05:24] okolsi (okolsi! has joined #mythtv
[20:05:52] xris: jams: smolt could use some serious html love
[20:08:09] mike|2 (mike|2! has joined #mythtv
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[20:12:05] xris: jams:
[20:19:36] paulmcmahon (paulmcmahon! has joined #mythtv
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[20:38:52] iamlindoro: xris: is it possible the user/system locale on that system is not set to UTF-8, or that the python is too old?
[20:39:17] iamlindoro: (random guesses based on the common causes of such errors in our metadata scripts)
[20:40:12] xris: old python is quite likely. but smolt won't work with 2.6
[20:40:51] jams: old python could be it..I know smolt works with 2.5
[20:41:02] xris: centos gives me 2.4 or 2.6
[20:41:06] jams: you could try running that query in a mysql prompt and see what comes back
[20:41:43] jams: shouldn't be anything odd as it's just looking for count's and the vendor_id
[20:42:37] jya (jya!~jya@ has joined #mythtv
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[20:42:42] xris: yeah
[20:42:54] xris: doesn't give me the actual value that it's querying for, though
[20:43:35] jams: you mean that %s ?
[20:44:53] jams: could setup mysql to log sql and see what it returns as the query.
[20:47:16] paulmcmahon (paulmcmahon! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:48:38] paulmcmahon (paulmcmahon! has joined #mythtv
[20:48:48] xris: yeah
[20:49:05] xris: otherwise there would be too mcuh return data to sift through to find the problematic record
[20:52:45] rooaus (rooaus! has joined #mythtv
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[22:42:04] iamlindoro: FWIW the smolt scripts don't work when pointed at I'm presuming there may be some port blocking involved
[22:42:14] iamlindoro: Error contacting Server: [Errno 14] HTTP Error 500: Internal error
[23:02:14] kormoc: not port blocking, just the server erroring
[23:09:32] j-rod is now known as j-rod|afk
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[23:51:15] pythonman is now known as wagnerrp
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