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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011, 00:24 UTC
[00:24:38] markk: Beirdo: windows build looks good now
[00:25:13] Beirdo: YAY
[00:25:25] Beirdo: there's been a lot of little churn in there.
[00:25:53] Beirdo: I figured I'm happy to keep tweaking it if others are busy, etc.
[00:48:36] elmojo: Beirdo: can you perform DTS passthru with you setup?
[00:49:58] Beirdo: nope, I don't have DTS at the TV end
[00:50:47] elmojo: ok, nm then, was hoping to find out if the new ffmpeg sync provides audio timestamps for every packet even when we don't decode by perform passthru
[00:52:19] Beirdo: hmm. I'm not sure. :(
[00:52:32] elmojo: I thought you were the expert :0
[00:52:36] Beirdo: you could try it by checking out the branch though
[00:52:54] Beirdo: heh. Not yet )
[00:53:15] elmojo: no I can't because my only frontend with passthru runs -fixes and there is no way I'm running trunk in production
[00:53:36] Beirdo: heh, couldn't completely blame ya there
[00:53:50] Beirdo: I do, but i realize that I'm crazy in that way
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[02:53:07] Chutt: so, err, if you guys are going to change the list admin password, please change it away from me as the owner email :p
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[02:55:51] jflatt: is anybody else getting a segfault with Scan For Changes in mythvideo trunk?
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[03:06:43] Captain_Murdoch: Chutt, I think there was talk of making a "list-owners" list. Beirdo may know.
[03:08:35] Chutt: either way
[03:08:54] Chutt: i don't want the email, and i apparently don't have access to change it
[03:14:42] Captain_Murdoch: Beirdo, xris ^^
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[03:19:07] Chutt: (or i could just be forgetting the email pw) =)
[03:24:32] xris: Chutt: list owner pw isn't changed. only commits@ had a different pw, and I fixed that so it would be the same one
[03:25:06] xris: will work with Beirdo tonight to get things straightened out for the listadmin stuff.
[03:25:20] xris: kormoc, iamlindoro.. you guys were interested in this, too, right? anyone else you can remember?
[03:25:25] Chutt: hum
[03:25:36] Chutt: ok, i can't remember my own pw? =)
[03:25:39] Chutt: ah well
[03:26:55] Chutt: ah hah
[03:26:56] Chutt: got it
[03:27:58] xris: still need someone to change it *to*
[03:28:12] Chutt: you guys already did that for the other lists
[03:28:18] Chutt: just not the 'mailman' list
[03:28:20] xris: ah, so I see
[03:28:22] xris: list-admin@
[03:28:28] Chutt: that's what i was trying to change :p
[03:28:42] xris: I missed that part of the conversation
[03:28:53] Chutt: sorry
[03:28:54] Chutt: =)
[03:29:49] Chutt: i don't know if i said that, actually
[03:29:54] Chutt: just "the list"
[03:39:38] Beirdo: ahhh, sorry about that
[04:02:51] xris: jams: you are/were the one doing mythsmolt, right?
[04:08:57] xris: cesman: poke re mythsmolt
[04:14:21] cesman: hello xris
[04:14:30] cesman: yes, jams is the one doing mythsmolt
[04:14:34] xris: you happen to have a link to the code?
[04:14:42] cesman: just a sec
[04:16:07] cesman: xris:
[04:16:42] xris: thanks
[04:16:59] cesman: you're welcome
[04:17:52] xris: would really like to see this get into mythtv proper
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[09:34:41] jya: elmojo: can you post the video where you see an obvious A/V Sync issue ? I'm interested to see how the version I'm running plays with it now. I think one of the issue with passthrough you're seeing is that the size of the data is of the iec958 encapsulated packet. In the version I'm running, encapsulation doesn't occur here ..
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[10:41:09] ** stuarta hmms **
[10:41:32] stuarta: zoneminder is now on the front menu whilst watch recording is in tv/watch recordings
[10:41:52] stuarta: not only that but the default selection under tv is watch tv aka livetv
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[12:03:20] GreyFoxx: stuart: Which of the menu layouts is that? Seems kind of odd for the usage pattern I imagine most fall into :)
[12:20:35] stuarta: the brown one.
[12:20:41] stuarta: terra i believe
[12:20:52] ** stuarta runs away for a bit **
[12:30:29] stuartm: terra doesn't provide a menu theme
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[14:22:09] danielk22: jpabq: The HD-PVR resets... I know we do reset in the analogsignalmonitor.. is there any similar mechanism in the recorder itself?
[14:23:20] danielk22: I'm getting broken recordings where the HD-PVR feeds data to the signal monitor, but not to the recorder itself. This is in the mythtv-rec branch, so I'm wondering if it is a regression I've caused or just a limitation of our reset code.
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[14:59:08] danielk22: jpabq: AFAICT there is no reset in the mpegrecorder...
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[15:23:31] jpabq: danielk22, The only "reset" the analogsignalmonitor does is to "stop encoding" / "start encoding". I really wish there was a true "reset" that could be sent to the HD-PVR. I have tinkered with trying to change the HD-PVR's input, to try to recover from a wedged situation, but that does not seem to work.
[15:24:03] jpabq: If the DeviceReadBuffer poll times out, *then* mpegrecorder will do the same "stop encoding" / "start encoding" to get it going again.
[15:24:31] danielk22: hmm, ok in mythtv-rec I'm using -1 as the poll timeout value..
[15:24:55] iamlindoro: FWIW it looks like there's some interest in geting the hardware profiler in-- I wanted to speak up and say that I have some pretty strong concerns about the implementation as it is
[15:25:00] jpabq: danielk22, in DeviceReadBuffer, the poll timeout is only 10ms. Personally I have increased that to 100, and that actually seems to help me avoid glitches.
[15:25:17] iamlindoro: There are some serious usability issues as it is-- a bunch of esotheric menu options, log viewers, etc.
[15:25:52] danielk22: jpabq: In master, in mythtv-rec I changed it to an infinite timeout value so long as we have a kill fd...
[15:25:54] iamlindoro: as well as some code issues that need sorting out (it hardcodes the python executable name, doesn't use mythsystem, etc)
[15:26:31] iamlindoro: IMO if we want to use smolt, we should put the required scripts in programs/scripts/profiler and implement a super simple yes/no prompt at the end of each frontend's initial setup
[15:26:32] jpabq: danielk22, kill fd?
[15:26:49] iamlindoro: "Do you want to submit your hardware profile to help support future mythtv development" Yes/No
[15:27:01] iamlindoro: no log viewer, random console output, etc.
[15:27:17] iamlindoro: xris: ^^ (and also probably of interest to stuartm, sphery, et al)
[15:27:55] danielk22: jpabq: There is a pipe created so that you can stop the DeviceReadBuffer even with an infinte timeout. (And more quickly with a larger, but still not infinite timeout.)
[15:28:17] jpabq: ah. Cool.
[15:41:39] skd5aner: hope this is a simple Q – what's xris's mythtv email address?  ?
[15:42:37] stuartm: cpetersen@
[16:08:26] sphery: So, not sure what's going on, but the web stuff seems to be bouncing a lot or just so slow it sometimes times out and sometimes succeeds.
[16:11:12] danielk22: jpabq: nm, found it..
[16:22:33] Captain_Murdoch: sphery, must be windy day in the cloud
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[16:24:57] danielk22: Anyone who uses HD-PVR online right now? I'm wondering if this returns a lot of hits: grep "Device error detected" /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log
[16:25:23] iamlindoro: danielk22: Six returns over five days
[16:25:38] iamlindoro: all for HD-PVR dev nodes
[16:26:51] danielk22: iamlindoro: Approx what percentage of recordings? And are these concentrated on a specific recorder, or only on the older/newer ones?
[16:28:05] iamlindoro: danielk22: I'm totally guessing at percentage, but it'd have to be 5–10% at the most? It's all on one of my two HD-PVRs, and I can't tell easily which is which from here at work
[16:28:27] danielk22: I noticed a large number of lost recordings after I accidentally disabled the reset code, but I'm also running outdated firmware and a very old HD-PVR.
[16:29:45] danielk22: iamlindoro: Ok, so it could be a hardware or firmware issue. I'm very curious what the revisions of the good vs bad box are and if they have different firmware.
[16:29:55] iamlindoro: One of my two is maybe 6–8 months older than the other
[16:30:04] iamlindoro: let me see if I still ahve dmesg re: firmware
[16:30:34] danielk22: I'm using "0xf"
[16:30:38] iamlindoro: They're both 0xf
[16:31:13] danielk22: jpabq: abqjp: ^^^ I assume you are using later firmware?
[16:32:50] danielk22: iamlindoro: if it is only happening on one of your two boxes, that may point to HW..
[16:36:06] iamlindoro: It could be-- I need to check to see which node corresponds to which tuner # to see if it's the primary or the "extra"
[16:36:09] natanojl (natanojl! has joined #mythtv
[16:36:51] iamlindoro: Looks like it's my primary-- so it probably does 6–8 recordings a day, which means 1 or 2 of those are getting the device error per day
[16:37:17] iamlindoro: though I don't recall 6 failed recordings in the last five days, so I'm going to presume it recovers somehow
[16:40:03] danielk22: iamlindoro: yeah, in trunk it resets the recorder after not seeing data for 2.5 seconds.
[16:40:39] skd5aner: danielk22: I ran that grep line, and I'm getting several concentrations of those for my HD-PVR
[16:42:07] danielk22: iamlindoro: elmojo: This causes pts/dts discontinuities and some loss of data, but it generally goes unnoticed.
[16:42:59] iamlindoro: danielk22, elmojo: Yeah, that device reset seems to be the culprit for when a working ~60 minute recording will show a duration of 4 minutes, or whatever other random duration
[16:43:11] iamlindoro: presumably it reports the duration at the moment of the discontinuitiy
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[17:11:51] abqjp: iamlindoro: elmojo has fixed that recently.
[17:12:23] iamlindoro: abqjp: OK, I'm a couple of days back, just recall seeing it within the last week or so
[17:12:47] abqjp: danielk22: I had been running 0x15 on one, and 0xf on the other for a long time. I recently downgraded the 0x15 to 0xf to test, so both are at 0xf at the moment.
[17:13:55] abqjp: iamlindoro: yeah, the reason I downgraded firmware was trying to figure out what caused that. Finally figured out that it was due to "stop/start"s in the middle of a recording. elmojo fixed it quickly once we figured that out.
[17:14:07] iamlindoro: nice
[17:14:10] iamlindoro: (and nice work)
[17:15:09] abqjp: For me, 0xf and 0x15 seem to work about the same. I will probably go back to 0x15 on both boxes when I get the chance, though.
[17:17:10] abqjp: I *seem* to get the "Device errors" more on my older rev c2 box than my newer one --- BUT, I think it actually may be channel related. I read that someone noticed that his HD-PVR glitched when the S/PDIF input changed between 5.1 and 2.0 (for commercials). That audio switch probably happens on certain channels more than others and that may be what I am seeing.
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[17:37:34] elmojo: abqjp, iamlindoro, danielk22: I'll be working on duration and position more in the future – we now have more options since Beirdo added commflag generated duration to the DB
[17:38:19] elmojo: danielk22: any chance that the recorder class could generate the duration as it's recording?
[17:39:17] elmojo: that would really help with accurate duration, frame rate calculations and position
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[18:19:36] danielk22: elmojo: We try to avoid frequent DB operations in the recorder. They sometimes take along time to process which can mess up the recording. The thing we update most often in the keyframe map, but even that we do in small batches (and in a separate thread.)
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[18:20:41] danielk22: elmojo: We could update the duration when we update the keyframe map, but it would be a bit behind reality.
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[18:32:21] elmojo: danielk22: even if it was just updated once at the very end of the recording that would be fine
[18:33:28] elmojo: for in-progress recordings the player currently queries the recorder for the frame count so it can use that to calculate the duration using something like recorder->GetFramesCount() – it would be nice if the recorder had a GetDuration() function
[18:33:35] danielk22: elmojo: It should be, I'm actually looking at a bug in mythtv-rec where that isn't happening. I didn't realize that problem affected master as well.
[18:33:35] stuartm: xris: interesting, I only started working on improving the existing svg version (which isn't very close to the original) just last week
[18:34:31] stuartm: it's still limited by that background image, very difficult to closely match that and for the moment I'm using the highest res version of that artwork I could find embedded in the svg
[18:34:39] elmojo: danielk22: it would also be acceptable to me to base the duration off of a timer so that duration was simply current_time – real_start_time
[18:36:05] elmojo: probably not best to base duration off of the scheduled start_time because recorders can take time to "start" – maybe store the time of the first packet arrival – of course this all can get messy if errors occur or timeouts, etc
[18:36:23] elmojo: probably best to add the duration of each packet written to the file
[18:36:47] Jordack (Jordack! has quit ()
[18:38:13] elmojo: danielk22: do we have a way to calculate the duration of each packet that gets written – when we read the packets for playback ffmpeg provides the duration of each packet – I'm assuming we don't have this while recording
[18:39:01] danielk22: elmojo: Well recstartts is never going to be 100% accurate. We no longer use it exclusively to find recordings on disk but making it different than recstartts we use to generate the filename will cause confusion for little gain.
[18:39:45] danielk22: elmojo: We don't have that while recording.
[18:41:17] elmojo: too bad since duration for each packet can very (which is why we are having to do this in the first place) all we really need to know is how many repeated frames there are
[18:42:05] elmojo: I think we are just going to have to live with some short-comings on this type of stuff
[18:42:18] danielk22: It makes more sense to generate that kind of info in mythcommflag where we are running it through libav anyway. With the recorder we're just trying to get those bits to disk as fast as possible so when then the disk pauses for 2 seconds because we don't lose any data ;)
[18:42:57] danielk22: s/because// I deleted the cursing, but not the "because"
[18:43:30] elmojo: true, the only time it will be an issue is if we don't run commflag or the time between the end of recording and commflag ends
[18:49:25] sphery: FWIW, adding a bigint for timestamp to the recordedseek table would change rows from 24bytes to 32bytes (i.e. 33% larger recordedseek table) with the current schema. That said, the new recordedfile schema will reduce the seektable size from 24B/row to 16B/row, so if we add in a bigint for timestamp, the new schema will have the same-as-current-size recordedseek, so... ?
[18:53:49] xris: stuartm: We've mostly been switching to the non-blue logo. You have an svg of just the text?
[18:54:33] stuartm: xris: we have?
[18:55:07] Chutt: no more sproingy thing?
[18:55:07] xris: maybe I have a bad memory.. mythweb dropped the blue one awhile ago, and I thought that arclight and other newer themes did as well
[18:55:08] stuartm: xris: I can split the text out from the rest, but it looks pretty sad on it's own
[18:55:37] iamlindoro: No MythTV logos at all in Arclight
[18:55:46] iamlindoro: (not that I remember putting in, anyway)
[18:55:51] xris: iamlindoro: that'd be why I don't remember seeing the blue one.  ;)
[18:55:57] xris: we still use both. just saying that I've seen more and more stuff using the non-blue logo
[18:55:58] iamlindoro: heh, true
[18:56:51] xris: btw, if anyone is curious, I got mythsmolt checked into the xris-mythsmolt branch
[18:57:06] xris: Beirdo's going to help get it switched over to mythsystem
[18:57:14] xris: then we'll probably merge to master.
[18:57:21] iamlindoro: Please please please don't
[18:57:34] stuartm: I'm still working on it, as I noted the springy bit in the background is still an image (but on that bit) and it's not a precise match for the version on the website –
[18:57:40] iamlindoro:
[18:57:42] iamlindoro: Here
[18:57:49] iamlindoro: I rewrote it to address my own concerns
[18:58:06] xris: iamlindoro: ???
[18:58:10] iamlindoro: Uses mythsystem, addresses the major usability problems, removes all the ugly code, and now it's not a plugin
[18:58:31] iamlindoro: It's just a nice, simple prompt to submit your hardware profile when you start a new frontend
[18:58:44] iamlindoro: no ugly log viewer, hacked mythhello plugin shell, etc.
[18:58:51] xris: I haven't looked at the UI
[18:59:07] xris: I just know that smolt handles things like monthly updates, etc.
[18:59:18] iamlindoro: It's all the same scripts
[18:59:24] iamlindoro: well, the ones that are actually used anyway
[18:59:28] xris: heh
[18:59:33] xris: yeah, I noticed it was a bit antiquated.
[18:59:43] iamlindoro: just integrated into core, using out MYTHPYTHON env variables, configure updated to check for the dependencies, etc.
[18:59:53] xris: if you have something better, I'm all ears. would love something that's more aware of the bindings, etc.. I want to be able to pull stats on providers, etc.
[18:59:59] xris: as well as some basic geographical info
[19:00:03] iamlindoro: The above patch is a rewrite
[19:00:12] iamlindoro: It addresses my concerns
[19:00:22] stuartm: in the hands of a graphic artist, I'm sure an exact replica of the website logo could be done in SVG – but I think the version I've got comes close, good enough to pass a casual inspection
[19:00:26] iamlindoro: namely, that mythsmolt as it was was sort of a disaster
[19:00:41] iamlindoro: UI-wise, codewise, etc.
[19:01:04] xris: yeah, haven't played with it.. it was the only thing that people talked about when we've brought it up here.
[19:01:05] iamlindoro: This makes it super simple-- it merely prompts the user to submit his hardware profile when he starts a new frontend, after the language prompt
[19:01:17] iamlindoro: just a nice yes/no
[19:01:22] iamlindoro: also makes it not a plugin
[19:01:26] xris: stuartm: that one looks awesome
[19:01:35] iamlindoro: and has it check that you're actually on linux, and have the required python installed
[19:01:35] xris: iamlindoro: yeah, plugin thing was kind of silly imho.
[19:01:42] xris: plus we want one that'll run on a headless backend, too
[19:01:56] xris: need one that runs on not-linux, too
[19:02:08] iamlindoro: Yeah, that's outside the scope of what I was willing to do
[19:02:10] xris: imagine what would happen if we found out half of our users were osx (or windows)
[19:02:18] xris: but your thing gives us a start
[19:02:21] iamlindoro: I just really, really don't want to see it checked in as it was in that branch
[19:02:26] iamlindoro: so I spent this morning fixing it
[19:02:34] xris: cool
[19:02:42] xris: brb, need coffee
[19:02:51] iamlindoro: I have not tested it yet, outside of having tested my changes to the script, which work
[19:02:57] iamlindoro: I can test the prompt when I get home
[19:03:20] iamlindoro: but this is at least properly MythUI'd, requires no extra theming, and should more or less work
[19:03:45] stuartm: xris: it scales pretty good which is something of a surprise considering it's part bitmap
[19:05:11] iamlindoro: stuartm: You may be interested in the above pastebin, it's more or less modeled after the language prompt, and set up to run directly after it-- Only the first ~250 lines of it are actual code, everything else is just additions of the python scripts
[19:06:28] stuartm: iamlindoro: yeah, I'll take a look
[19:06:43] iamlindoro: compile-tested, and scripts tested, so I only really need to check that the prompts work properly (and, of course, someone would need to set up a smolt server since right now it's still reporting to jams')
[19:10:31] stuartm: I've pushed that svg to the extras repo
[19:10:54] stuartm: I may continue to tweak it
[19:14:09] cocoa117 (cocoa117! has joined #mythtv
[19:14:39] xris: stuartm: cool
[19:14:56] stuartm: any thoughts on license?
[19:15:02] xris: iamlindoro: could you push that change to a branch?
[19:15:11] xris: image license? not sure we've ever talked about it.
[19:15:26] iamlindoro: xris: I can once I've tested it this afternoon, give me until this evening
[19:15:52] xris: no problem. we still don't have a server to post to yet. heh
[19:15:58] iamlindoro: I'm not sure it's worthy of a branch, it doesn't change any existing behavior, just adds a prompt for new frontends
[19:16:01] elmojo: sphery: a 32-bit int should be good enough
[19:16:11] iamlindoro: right now it's reporting back to the mythvantage server as the plugin did
[19:16:14] elmojo: for duration
[19:16:14] xris: yeah, that's fine, too
[19:16:56] xris: I figured we should get our own server set up. something official
[19:17:12] iamlindoro: Yes, I agree
[19:17:14] xris: smolt/smoon server seems easy enough to run
[19:17:34] xris: but it was 2 am by the time I got around to looking at it. figured I should sleep instead
[19:18:03] iamlindoro: Changing the server it reports to is a single line change, so easy to switch when ready
[19:18:27] elmojo: sphery: more specifically a 32-bit unsigned int would give 4 billions ms of duration – I think that should easily cover our needs :)
[19:18:56] xris: yeah
[19:19:19] elmojo: sphery: plus we shouldn't need to add this to the position map
[19:19:35] elmojo: just a single db entry per recording
[19:19:47] elmojo: I'm not sure how Beirdo implemented it
[19:22:01] danielk22: elmojo: sphery: A "real start time" and "real end time" could be added to the markup table without a schema change.
[19:22:12] Beirdo: for the duration? It's one recordingmarkup row with the total duration (in ms) in it
[19:25:47] cesman (cesman!~cecil@pdpc/supporter/professional/cesman) has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[19:26:31] Unhelpful (Unhelpful!~quassel@rockbox/developer/Unhelpful) has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[19:26:38] Unhelpful (Unhelpful!~quassel@rockbox/developer/Unhelpful) has joined #mythtv
[19:27:05] cesman (cesman! has joined #mythtv
[19:27:05] cesman (cesman!~cecil@pdpc/supporter/professional/cesman) has joined #mythtv
[19:27:05] cesman (cesman! has quit (Changing host)
[19:27:44] stuartm: we need to setup the wiki to allow svg
[19:30:36] sphery: elmojo: Yeah, it's currently a single row in recordedmarkup--was just mentioning the size thing based on the "probably best to add the duration of each packet written to the file" and "duration for each packet can vary" comments you made. 4B int wouldn't be any big deal if we decoded to put it in recordedseek (but it sounds like getting that info while recording would be challenging at the least).
[19:30:58] sphery: er, decided
[19:32:04] stuartm:
[19:33:49] kisak_ (kisak_! has joined #mythtv
[19:36:28] elmojo: sphery: I didn't mean store the duration of every packet in the database :)
[19:36:49] elmojo: just accumulate it the code and store it when finished processing
[19:36:59] elmojo: like we are now doing with commflag
[19:37:36] sphery: ah, sorry... misunderstood :)
[19:37:38] kisak (kisak! has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[19:38:22] elmojo: danielk22: I like the concept of "real" start/end time but in cases where polling fails and we lose packets it will be wrong... but we could always use it in case the commflag duration is missing or zero
[19:39:00] elmojo: it might be useful for in progress recordings
[19:51:01] stuartm: eww, Firefox does not render SVG well
[19:52:05] stuartm: heh, but then neither does Konq
[19:52:14] stuartm: only Opera gets it right
[19:53:29] stuartm: should look like this –
[19:55:02] iamlindoro: Chrome renders it perfectly. As text. Can't get much more accurate than sexy, sexy XML
[19:55:23] stuartm: heh
[19:56:31] stuartm: I thought modern browsers were supposed to be good at SVG :(
[19:56:50] kormoc: stuartm, depends on which svg lib they were compiled with
[19:57:15] kormoc: Chrome for me renders it great (as a image), same with Safari, Firefox, and Opera
[19:57:18] kormoc: but I'm on OS X
[19:57:36] cocoa117 (cocoa117! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[19:57:56] iamlindoro: kormoc: I'm on OS X too
[19:58:06] iamlindoro: kormoc: . . . res_blue.svg  ?
[19:58:08] andreax (andreax! has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[19:58:18] stuartm: Firefox on linux gets close, but fails on the text highlight/gradient, Konq is a disaster, I don't have Chrome installed
[19:58:46] stuartm: iamlindoro: think that's github's fault, they are using the wrong mimetype
[19:58:54] iamlindoro: ah, probably
[19:58:56] kormoc: iamlindoro, that's cause github forces a text mime type
[19:58:57] stuartm:
[19:59:10] iamlindoro: yeah, chrome gets that one right-- sorry, cary on
[19:59:13] iamlindoro: er carry
[19:59:37] NightMonkey (NightMonkey!debian-tor@pdpc/supporter/professional/nightmonkey) has joined #mythtv
[20:00:45] stuartm: out of curiosity, what about firefox on linux? Is it just the Mandriva packaged version or a problem with the linux version generally?
[20:07:25] Steve_Goodey (Steve_Goodey! has joined #mythtv
[20:23:50] MaverickTech (MaverickTech! has joined #mythtv
[20:36:10] sphery: stuartm: FF rendered looks the same to my (admittedly non-artistic) eye--but smaller and offset from top... After zooming in to make it about the same size as yours: . . . x_3_6_13.png
[20:38:11] stuartm: sphery: yeah that looks right, so it's just my version of FF which gets it wrong
[20:38:46] stuartm: sphery: thanks
[20:40:23] sphery: stuartm: wonder if you have the librsvg mozilla plugin in use (and overriding the Firefox built-in SVG renderer)?
[20:42:43] stuartm: it's not in the list of plugins
[20:48:29] MaverickTech (MaverickTech! has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[20:48:51] sphery: stuartm: any apps listed under Applications tab of Preferences for svg?
[20:55:59] stuartm: no
[20:58:15] andreax (andreax! has joined #mythtv
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[21:22:43] danielk22: hmm, anyone notice glitches in LiveTV in master? AFAICT we're not deleting the ThreadedFileWriter and hence never syncing the last few bytes of the file. I'm seeing this in mythtv-rec, but I don't see any significant differences in this code between the two branches.
[21:23:34] andreax (andreax! has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
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[21:39:09] 18VAAA0M4 (18VAAA0M4! has quit (*.net *.split)
[21:40:36] danielk22: I found the TFW delete, so that's not it. :)
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[22:58:27] 84XAAAATZ: jya: did you get the link I sent you?
[22:58:42] jya: I did.. downloaded it this morning
[22:59:52] jya: 84XAAAATZ: you show up as 84XAAAATZ
[23:00:06] 84XAAAATZ: not sure what's going on with that :)
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[23:01:25] elmojo: that seems better now
[23:01:52] jya: yep
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[23:52:38] jams: iamlindoro- did you keep the errata feature?
[23:52:56] jams: or the remove profile or allow ppl to see what info is being sent?
[23:54:11] jams: or display the public uuid and url?

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