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Monday, February 21st, 2011, 00:02 UTC
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[00:08:10] markk: jannau: any ideas why neon detection wouldn't be working on a beagleboard?
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[00:10:52] jannau: markk: it probably needs extra cflags --cpu=armv7-a --extra-cflags="-mfpu=neon -mfloat-abi=softfp"
[00:12:33] jannau: replace the softfp with hard if you have system using vfp registers for floating point argument passing
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[00:16:06] markk: jannau: thanks – just re-runnung configure. How do I tell if I have vfp registers? (it's identified as vfp3)
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[00:22:06] jannau: markk: depends on the system/compiler. try gcc -dumpmachine or gcc -v
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[00:24:27] markk: jannau: great – picked up neon support – gcc -v output show -with-float=softfp – which I assume tells me all I need to know. thanks again
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[00:26:33] jannau: markk: yes. are you trying to test opengl es on it?
[00:28:25] markk: jannau: yes – though may need to customise a theme to minimise memory footprint. opengl es 2.0 demos are working on the board – so fingers crossed :)
[00:38:52] jannau: great. Koen Kooi will be interested
[00:39:31] jannau: openembedded/angstrom hacker working for TI
[00:40:07] jannau: koen in #beagle
[00:40:25] markk: does he know mythtv?
[00:41:41] jannau: yes but he doesn't code
[00:42:51] markk: ok – I may amble over to #beagle
[00:43:17] markk: on a slightly different note – do you know whether there are any plans for openmax support in ffmpeg?
[00:47:55] jannau: not to my knowledge. codec engine support might come via libdce
[00:50:12] jannau: do you have openmax experience? if not try to stay away from it.
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[00:52:11] markk: jannau: is it that bad? I've done nothing with it to date. libdce looks to be omap4 only though?
[01:00:33] jannau: markk: I don't have any 1st hand openmax experience but everyone who has tellls me to stay away from it. one problem is that the codec layer is implemtention specific
[01:06:17] Beirdo: oooh, that was fun
[01:06:56] Beirdo: I just spent a couple days... syncing my git repo to using a new sync of ffmpeg from
[01:07:21] Beirdo: I think I'll need someone to look over the mpegts.c merge if we were to use it
[01:07:48] Beirdo: ours is significantly divergent from ffmpeg code
[01:08:51] jannau: libdce should in principle support all of TI's codec engine in practice it's omap4 specific
[01:09:04] Beirdo: and *definitely* will be doing a squash on the merge :)
[01:09:45] jannau: Beirdo: you haven't seen it 2 years ago
[01:10:03] Beirdo:
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[01:10:23] Beirdo: hehe, yeah, I can see why you didn't want to sync often, for sure
[01:10:46] Beirdo: but now, I have it as a subtree locally, so hopefully, much of the rework is reduced
[01:11:37] Beirdo: I'm running it on my frontend right now, so far so good on that part
[01:12:05] Beirdo: the CPU flags stuff needs some tweaking too
[01:13:02] markk: Beirdo: any particular reason you wanted to sync?
[01:13:47] Beirdo: well, we're going to need to do it eventually... partially as an exercise, I guess
[01:14:38] Beirdo: and if jannau is taking a break, I figured it couldn't hurt for another of us to have a shot at it
[01:14:39] jannau: ffmpeg-mt is going to be merged soon
[01:14:47] Beirdo: nice.
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[01:16:03] jannau: or it is already committed but the h264 decoder changes are still missing
[01:16:04] Beirdo: and I was feeling like a challenge too :)
[01:16:20] Beirdo: oooh, multithreaded H.264 decode?
[01:16:26] ** Beirdo drools **
[01:16:43] jannau: not yet
[01:16:48] Beirdo: aww
[01:17:03] Beirdo: something to look forward to, but I'll live.
[01:17:54] Beirdo: anyways, a couple syncs a year is always good. And last one was August
[01:18:18] Beirdo: I guess once the dust settles a bit more, there will be plenty to pull in.
[01:18:30] jannau: Beirdo: have you synced configure too? that's the one which still needs to done manually
[01:18:39] Beirdo: yeah, I did
[01:19:02] Beirdo: manually, but I think I got it all. Pulled the HAVE_LIST, etc from ffmpeg's
[01:19:26] Beirdo: it is configuring and compiling here anyways
[01:20:32] Beirdo: h264 playback on vdpau is working. I'll find me an MPEG2 to play back next. I have TS and PS both here on the box to playback
[01:21:04] jannau: proper three way merge or patches and resolving conflicts manually?
[01:21:25] Beirdo: this time around, it was patch-based
[01:21:46] Beirdo: and plenty of manual intervention, especially in mpegts.c
[01:22:28] Beirdo: but I expect that it will be more mergeable now that I can just pull the ffmpeg repo into the directory to merge it in
[01:23:12] Beirdo: and I certainly don't want to push it as is to github :)
[01:23:28] Beirdo: that would push all of ffmpeg's history over, which would be a mess
[01:24:13] Beirdo: after a bit of testing, I'll create another branch with a squashed version of the sync if people wanna play
[01:26:10] Beirdo: a weekend well wasted, anyways :)
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[01:35:50] Beirdo: -28595/+105705 after squashing. Not that bad, I guess
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[02:10:27] sphery: kormoc: I pushed the fixes for the invalid format datetime literals you found. I'd appreciate your running current master without the patches that change the bindValue() calls to verify things work properly. I also added a patch that would be easier for you to use to prevent false-positives in your DB log grep'ing. Thanks.
[02:11:28] sphery: Oh, and if you want to verify that the Qt bindValue() does the right thing for QDateTime, I have some test code I can link for you. Just let me know if you want it.
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[04:01:01] elmojo: seriously – the automatic fanart detectiong is quite embarrassing – I just had to explain to my wife why I have a video titled "Semen, a Love Sample" – and even more embarrassing that a recent house-sitter may have seen this too
[04:01:38] elmojo: it's the only video with fanart in my samples folder so it got selected for the folder art too!
[04:02:05] elmojo: if anyone is interested the video that got this lovely fanart was called sample.nuv
[04:04:41] kormoc: sphery, awesome!
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[04:10:51] markk: elmojo: I have that same fanart :)
[04:15:53] elmojo: markk: I guess I'll be disabling it from now on – my wife says "so it just popped up out of nowhere?" and I was like yeah, it really did
[04:17:16] markk: elmojo: what are we talking about now? :)
[04:20:11] elmojo: I don't know anymore :)
[04:24:50] elmojo: markk: I saw a comment by Philip Langdale concerning his CrystalHD patch for ffmpeg that stated – "Implemented comprehensive handling for cases where
[04:24:50] elmojo: multiple ProcOutput calls are needed per decode().
[04:24:50] elmojo: This fixes playback of hard telecined content."
[04:26:23] markk: elmojo: I'm not sure what hard telecined content is – or why it would need multiple decode calls
[04:26:27] elmojo: I look forward to trying out his code once it gets merged
[04:27:15] elmojo: markk: me neither but I believe he does special stuff for interlaced content
[04:28:08] elmojo: markk: given that Naren is no longer responding to us then it's going to be upto Philip to get any changes needed to the driver/library accomplished
[04:28:22] markk: is he still just doing 70015?
[04:28:40] elmojo: no he does 70012 but said it does have some unresolved issues
[04:29:23] elmojo: markk: you can look at his latest post to ffmpeg-devel in last few hours and he lists the outstanding issues
[04:29:36] elmojo: 70012 having problems is one of them and interlaced content
[04:32:39] markk: elmojo: looks like he pretty much has the same issues as us.
[04:33:13] elmojo: yes, I'm hoping that it is the same and might get Naren to look at them – we've waited over 4 months and nothing
[04:45:55] markk: elmojo: before I forget, at some point we should try and 'sit down' and figure out any remaining av sync/playback type issues in trunk. I noticed some strangeness watching a bluray last night (though that box needs some updating) and we need to re-think how we deal with serious av sync issues when software decoding. It's relatively easy at the moment to get into a position where frames just aren't displayed (as they are continually dropped) an
[04:45:56] markk: d playback never catches up.
[04:47:02] elmojo: markk: was this a bluray rip or disc playback?
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[04:49:32] markk: elmojo: rip. I've not looked into it but it seemed to lose av sync on chapter changes and took anything from 5–30 seconds to recover. it could have been some other system load issue but there was no frame dropping or video glitches – just lost audio sync
[04:49:56] elmojo: markk: update and see if it goes away
[04:51:40] elmojo: I found that when doing a seek that an old timestamp got released by the decoder when playback resumed – when that occurred the fixup code started tracking the bad timestamp
[04:53:52] elmojo: markk: also, the latest code has excellent debug now so in the future just send logs with -v playback,timestamp,extra and I can take a look
[04:54:36] markk: elmojo: cool – I'll have a dig. Time to try out the windows build script...
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[06:11:47] beren: I was thinking of perhaps a low-priority process which runs in the background scanning for new music for mythmusic?
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[07:05:50] wagnerrp: beren: likely going to happen when mythmusic gets migrated over to storage groups, and then it will get lumped in with the existing video scanner for mythvideo
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[07:48:11] beren: I guess the issue as I was seeing it, was in mythmusic, I was essentially viewing the music in a tree format, where it was identical to file browsing, and then was wondering why a long scan was needed just to add a new album
[07:51:35] wagnerrp: this is really a user support topic if you want to hop over to #mythtv-users, i can explain a bit more of whats going on that may cause a scan to take a long time
[07:52:24] beren: just wondering what you meant by being migrated over to storage groups?
[07:53:06] ** wagnerrp prods beren over to #mythtv-users for further non-development discussion **
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[14:19:38] ** stuarta sp0rks Beirdo for breaking the OSX build **
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[14:35:05] jamesba: does anyone here know why the number of frames played reported by the Network Inerface at any particular time would be reported correctly for 5.75s before the time the response is generated?
[14:35:18] jamesba: rather than the time generated
[14:51:20] markk: jamesba: do you mean it's always 5.75 seconds out?
[14:51:58] jamesba: pretty much
[14:52:15] markk: early or late
[14:52:42] markk: or more specifically 5.75 old...
[14:53:33] jamesba: the video and audio are 5.75s late compared to the reported framecount
[14:53:35] jamesba: actually
[14:53:43] jamesba: which is the oposite of what I said just before
[14:53:44] jamesba: sorry
[14:53:52] elmojo: markk: was the bluray rip you had issues with VC1 by chance?
[14:57:54] markk: elmojo: yes – just checked. vc1
[14:59:35] markk: jamesba: I'm not too sure I understand quite what you mean, but regardless – how are you measuring that time difference? and is it consistent?
[15:07:14] jamesba: markk: I have a Universal Control server providing an indication of how far through the currently playing video playback is, based on information it gets from the frame-count reported over the Network Control interface. I'm using that mechanism to play back audio in time on an external device. I get lip-sync if I subtract 5.75s from the current point in the file as reported by Network Control before providing the data (I'm already taking into account
[15:07:14] jamesba: network delays and suchlike, those aren't what's going on here)
[15:08:28] jamesba: it's always the same amount of delay when playing mpeg 4 in transport stream AFAICT, but may vary with other types of video
[15:09:02] jamesba: it's a subtle issue, and I can work around it, but it does seem odd to me, and nothing obvious jumped out in the code suggesting why it was happening
[15:09:36] markk: jamesba: and audio is disabled on the frontend?
[15:09:55] jamesba: I have it muted here for testing purposes
[15:10:04] jamesba: it would just be confusing otherwise ;)
[15:12:13] jamesba: All I can think is that the frame-count listed by Network Control is from before some sort of delay in the frontend, but as I said I couldn't see anything obvious in the code
[15:17:28] markk: jamesba: firstly I'm pretty sure the frame count returned is the number of decoded frames – which, depending on your choice of video renderer and other settings, could be 10–30 frames ahead of the frame currently on screen
[15:18:03] markk: but that shouldn't account for 5.75 seconds.
[15:19:37] markk: secondly, you don't necessarily know what offset there is between audio and video timestamps – and they may be quite large
[15:21:07] elmojo: markk: good, probably same issue I fixed
[15:21:14] jamesba: the audio and video in this case are both running off the same PCR
[15:22:02] jamesba: but yeah, 5.75 really does seem too large for it to be the difference between decode and display
[15:22:47] markk: elmojo: it was Inception and my mother-in-law was confused enough already :)
[15:22:52] jamesba: I note that it was 0.625s back on an earlier repository revision
[15:23:16] jamesba: and has jumped somewhere between there and the current 0.24-fixes branch
[15:25:13] markk: jamesba: I take it back – the frame count should be from the displayed video frame – so back to square one...
[15:27:17] markk: finally finished building myth on the beagleboard – only 5 1/2 days give or take a few false starts... really should have focused on cross-compiling :)
[15:29:11] stuarta: bah these version constants are all defined the wrong way around
[15:29:16] ** stuarta hits stuff **
[15:29:48] elmojo: markk: heh, let me know if it's not fixed and I'll have a look – Inception is next in my queue to watch :)
[15:35:50] danielk22: Beirdo: Re: f3b2b0599 Isn't the whole point of the version stuff to check that the version constant in the library matches that of the binary?
[15:36:11] stuarta: danielk22: that commit is totally broken
[15:36:18] stuarta: well the whole version stuff is
[15:36:49] stuarta: my suggestion would be to make mythversion.h just exist at the top level with only the #define's and constants
[15:36:59] stuarta: thoughts anyone?
[15:37:31] danielk22: stuarta: if it works, go for it. :)
[15:37:53] stuarta: it'll certainly work, it's just if it's to everyone's taste :)
[15:38:30] stuarta: i can't even find anyone who uses the GetMythSourceVersion() from mythversion.h
[15:38:49] danielk22: I have to admit I often disable the whole version thing because it makes my recompiles take 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds...
[15:40:01] danielk22: (That doesn't mean I don't like the concept. I think it keeps down error reports from using mismatched libraries.)
[15:41:39] jannau: markk: cross-compiling some of mythtv's dependencies for a sysroot is a pain (especially Qt). distcc with cross-compiler on fast PC is easier
[15:41:47] clever: i had the same problem with svn, you could probly use some git hooks to solve it completely
[15:42:07] clever: svnversion was usualy the slowest part of a recompile
[15:43:25] danielk22: clever: git is actually slower than svn for a lot of operations when you keep your code on an NFS mount. :[
[15:43:51] clever: yeah, but you could use the git hooks to update mythversion.h, and set a flag to not check it
[15:50:27] stuarta: hmpf. mac disappeared off the network :(
[15:50:36] stuarta: i'll have to hit it when i get home
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[16:17:17] clever: stuarta: ping and arping both down?
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[16:56:00] stuarta: fecking packet loss
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[20:31:37] Beirdo: stuarta: danielk22: yeah, that info should be in a global header rather than/as well as a global source file
[20:31:47] Beirdo: it's completely buggered.
[20:32:47] Beirdo: in trying to make it compile right, it's just buggered in a different way
[20:34:08] Beirdo: the mythversion.h is the one used to determine that the libs and bins are using the same version of the API
[20:34:50] Beirdo: version.cpp just has the VCS-related version, which really shouldn't be hidden in a lib.
[20:35:34] iamlindoro: anyone tried pausing in master lately? Seems to cause a persistent failure of playback on unpause
[20:35:53] iamlindoro: ie, drops back to the menu
[20:36:27] wagnerrp: most users would consider that a crash
[20:37:13] iamlindoro: heh, which is why I specifically avoided the c word :)
[20:37:45] wagnerrp: but mplayer exited, how else would you drop back to the menu?
[20:40:58] Beirdo: AHH, I know how to fix this right. myth_source_version -> MYTH_SOURCE_VERSION (ie a #define rather than extern const char *)
[20:42:34] Beirdo: then we don't have symbol issues
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[21:20:15] danielk22: markk: Ian Forde's backtrace on mythtv-dev appears to show an assert in /usr/lib/nvidia-current/ in the backend.... that doesn't make any sense to me, any ideas? Just a corrupt backtrace?
[21:22:38] MavT (MavT! has joined #mythtv
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[21:41:43] Beirdo: kormoc: BTW, your mythtv repo isn't setup with your email :)
[21:42:02] kormoc: yug!
[21:42:12] kormoc: it keeps losing it...
[21:52:52] stuarta: Beirdo: i briefly started hacking on a solution to the mythversion issue until the mac decided to goto sleep :)
[21:53:09] Beirdo: hhehe. ahh
[21:53:32] Beirdo: well, I changed it a bit, but feel free to redo it differently if you wish
[21:53:44] Beirdo: even revert what I had if you have a better fix
[21:53:49] stuarta: you've committed something today?
[21:53:57] Beirdo: yep
[21:54:02] ** stuarta checks email **
[22:04:23] stuarta: looks like it should do the trikc
[22:04:53] stuarta: my theory was similar. make it just a bunch of defines in a header
[22:22:03] Beirdo: yeah, it means a bit more recompilation, but it totally avoids the symbol issues
[22:25:39] stuarta: it always should have been a simple header file
[22:26:01] stuarta: couldn't find any user for the function that's in the original mythversion.h either
[22:26:17] Beirdo: can likely nuke it then :)
[22:26:48] Beirdo: using a function like taht would decrease compile thrash, but then those functions need to be exported, etc
[22:31:50] stuarta: the best overall solution is libmythversion
[22:31:58] stuarta: utterly ridiculous mind
[22:32:10] stuarta: a whole library for a version string...
[22:32:33] Beirdo: yeah
[22:32:42] Beirdo: well, a set of them, but same thing ;)
[22:37:39] stuarta: it built on OSX
[22:37:41] stuarta: \o/
[22:37:48] Beirdo: yay
[22:38:06] Beirdo: good to hear
[22:38:28] ** stuarta larts himself for not getting the buildbot working yet **
[22:38:33] Beirdo: using shared libs and trying to compile for several platforms... always fun
[22:40:18] natanojl (natanojl! has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[22:48:46] jya (jya!~jya@mythtv/developer/jya) has joined #mythtv
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[23:08:41] GreyFoxx: Kormoc: FYI I had no problem getting MySQL 5.5.8 to work with both IPv6 and IPv4 clients
[23:08:54] stuarta: \o/
[23:09:32] GreyFoxx: I just had to set the bind-address to ::
[23:09:58] stuarta: i've been wondering quietly to myself how simple it would be to get autodiscovery over ipv6 working
[23:10:20] stuarta: probably as simple as ping6'g ff02::1 on all interfaces.
[23:10:23] GreyFoxx: I just starting looking at the multicast stuff in v6 today.
[23:10:26] GreyFoxx: yeah probably
[23:10:40] stuarta: that's where it becomes nice
[23:11:17] kormoc: GreyFoxx, awesome. That's new then :)
[23:12:00] GreyFoxx: kormo: I just started experimenting and it worked :)
[23:30:19] j-rod is now known as j-rod|afk
[23:33:15] markk: danielk22: that backtrace looks a complete mess. I doubt it's of any use (unless of course the backend really is that broken)
[23:35:08] andreax (andreax! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:46:47] Beirdo: GreyFoxx: you make me smile :) Thanks for the work on IPv6 support

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