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Tuesday, February 8th, 2011, 00:01 UTC
[00:01:26] Beirdo: elmojo: just a heads up... I haven't retested after jpabq's changes last night, but I saw another H.264 (720p to be precise) recording giving an odd length last night. 31:00 for a 1h show
[00:01:45] Beirdo: not sure if this is to be expected, or if it's even repeatable
[00:02:06] Beirdo: but I thought we were past that mess a while back, but who knows.
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[00:30:24] Argilo: Does anyone know how the closed captioning code tells Myth that it's time to refresh the OSD?
[00:30:48] Argilo: I'm trying to get it to update as each new character arrives instead of one line at a time.
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[00:38:42] markk: Argilo: are you sure it's arriving one character at a time and not one line at a time?
[00:42:15] kormoc: . . . x/README.vbi seems to say it's line by line, "4 bytes for a header and 2 * 18 VBI lines with a 1 byte header and a 42 bytes payload each."
[00:42:50] Argilo: Yes, I'm watching the packets arrive, there are one or two letters in each one.
[00:43:10] Argilo: The captioning code processes them individually but nothing updates on the screen.
[00:43:42] markk: what sort of captioning are you talking about?
[00:43:57] Argilo: DisplayCC708Subtitles only gets called once per line.
[00:44:41] Argilo: So I assume there's some flag that the captioning code sets to say that it's time to refresh the display.
[00:45:03] Argilo: I just couldn't find it after lots of grepping, so I thought someone here might know.
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[01:40:47] markk: Argilo: DisplayCC708Subtitles gets called once per frame – it's part of the OSD screen. If the cc708reader tells it there are new captions, it will display them. The cc708reader/decoder code hasn't really changed for some time and it has some deficiencies. That said you need to make sure that what you are trying to do is actually achievable. i.e. are you actually seeing one or two extra characters every frame or does it actually receive a whol
[01:40:47] markk: e line in the period between frames? how does a 'commercial' app/tv display those same captions?
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[02:26:13] Argilo: Thanks markk. You're right, DisplayCC708Subtitles is called on every frame, it just doesn't do anything unless win.changed is true. So I just need to get that set more often.
[02:31:30] elmojo: Beirdo: please paste ffmpeg -i for the video in question
[02:34:14] Argilo: Adding "changed = true" to the end of CC708Window::AddChar did exactly what I wanted. Now captions appear the way my TV displays them.
[02:55:22] markk: Argilo: cool – is that something worthy of getting into the code? (I'm not in the US – so testing that stuff is difficult) – the 'one line at a time' approach may have been an optimisation at some time in the past
[02:55:31] Beirdo: elmojo: will do for the next one, I think that one got mistakenly deleted
[03:00:37] elmojo: you gotta be kidding me
[03:03:01] elmojo: Beirdo: was that 31 minutes or 31 hours?
[03:03:15] Beirdo: 31min
[03:03:44] Beirdo: sorry, my muscle memory deleted it before my brain kicked in :(
[03:03:59] elmojo: you need to set up an Undelete group
[03:04:27] elmojo: you and a few other devs who report problems like this and delete them then complain with zero proof
[03:04:41] iamlindoro: markk, US subtitles as displayed by a TV do tend to be by character/word (they appear "typed")
[03:04:44] Beirdo: I know. let me see if I can find another here
[03:05:06] iamlindoro: markk, So I guess it would come down to whether you think it's worth doing/worth any performance hit
[03:05:20] elmojo: Beirdo: we may just need to bite the bullet and generate duration when creating a position map
[03:05:34] Beirdo: The other thing is, it may have been fixed since it was recorded
[03:05:47] Beirdo: it was a recording from just over a week ago
[03:06:29] elmojo: it's as easy as taking every video AVPacket.duration and accumulating it
[03:06:45] elmojo: what do you mean "maybe have been fixed"
[03:06:53] elmojo: are you running 0.24-fixes or master?
[03:07:09] Beirdo: master
[03:07:32] elmojo: was the time wrong while it was recording or was it finished recording when you started playback?
[03:07:34] Beirdo: and the code may have changed from recording time to playback time in such a way that it won't reoccur?
[03:07:56] Beirdo: it was recorded over a week ago, played back last night
[03:08:36] elmojo: we use the ffmpeg ic->duration for pre-recorded playback
[03:08:42] elmojo: so nothing has changed
[03:08:51] elmojo: and that's been checked in since last Nov
[03:09:27] Beirdo: OK
[03:09:50] Beirdo: well. IF I see it again, I hope my brain kicks in faster, and I don't delete it
[03:10:14] elmojo: yes, just think about how hurt I will be if you do
[03:10:33] Beirdo: OK, now this is odd. As I scroll through recordings, the "HD 1080i" icons appear and disappear on recordings...
[03:10:53] Beirdo: like on, then off, then on, etc
[03:11:04] elmojo: just delete them :)
[03:11:14] markk: iamlindoro: on reflection, I have a nasty feeling it was an optimisation I added :) need to check
[03:11:15] Beirdo: I think I'll distclean and rebuild my frontend
[03:26:50] elmojo: Beirdo: when you get another video with the problem please create a sample, put on a helmet and full body armor and head over to the ffmpeg-devel ML and let them know
[03:27:54] iamlindoro: But which ffmpeg-devel list ;)
[03:28:01] Beirdo: hehe
[03:28:34] Beirdo: for sure I'll be sure not to delete it until AFTER we are done poking at it. it doesn't seem to be reoccuring... yet.
[03:28:57] Beirdo: sorry for the noise :)
[03:29:10] elmojo: thanks, I won't be able to sleep tonight now
[03:29:23] Beirdo: you're on a roll :)
[03:29:50] Beirdo: anyways. yeah, next time, I'lll ffmpeg -i it as well
[03:29:55] Beirdo: I blame the beer
[03:30:20] elmojo: I hope you aren't using git while drinking! :)
[03:30:46] Beirdo: pull only.
[03:30:59] Beirdo: heh.
[03:32:58] elmojo: Beirdo: are you interested in working on storing duration with the position map?
[03:33:40] elmojo: I don't mind doing the avformatdecoder/mythplayer side but I don't know the position map code very well
[03:33:47] Beirdo: sure, I can take a look at that.
[03:34:25] Beirdo: oh cool, you have a good handle on how to get the value, and need me to store it? That's cool.
[03:34:35] elmojo: yes, exactly
[03:35:04] Beirdo: sounds good to me
[03:35:22] elmojo: currently we use variables like framesRead and I can add a totalDuration
[03:36:14] Beirdo: sure. Just need to then tell it to store it in the map as a new type at the end of recording... Should we just put it at "frame 0" you think?
[03:36:44] elmojo: then in the player we can check if the field exists and is non-zero and use it else we use ffmpeg ic->duration
[03:36:45] Beirdo: it would be set after the entire recording, of course, but it would be easier to look up at a fixed frame number as that's our index
[03:36:52] Beirdo: K
[03:37:10] elmojo: Beirdo: just create a totally new field
[03:37:46] Beirdo: shouldn't be hard
[03:37:47] Argilo: markk: I'm going to do some more work on the captioning code and submit a patch once I have tested on various channels and programs. There are a couple other bugs I want to squash.
[03:44:10] markk: Argilo: great – you might be interested in . . . v1.2zero.trp  – I took that for a test run a few days ago and the biggest issue is rollups. they work well for 608 captions – very badly for 708
[03:46:13] markk: that's just a test stream btw
[03:46:44] Argilo: markk: I'll give it a try. Does it play in mythvideo?
[03:47:00] markk: Argilo: yes
[03:47:30] Argilo: markk: Cool. The more to test on the better.
[03:50:15] Beirdo: markk: thanks for that config fix for opengl. I just noticed the frontend being glitchy while compiling... mythfrontend was 65%, X was 40%... I was running playback in Xv mode.
[03:50:32] Beirdo: same video after that recompile... 5%/0%
[03:50:47] Beirdo: yay for working VDPAU and OpenGL
[03:51:11] elmojo: Beirdo: Ubuntu 10.10 by any chance?
[03:51:25] Beirdo: 10.04 server
[03:52:20] elmojo: I noticed some pretty bad Xv performance when upgrading to 10.10 – mplayer had higher Xorg cpu load as well
[03:53:07] Beirdo: but I can say for a fact that a E5400 processor can do 1080i H.264 fine... just don't compile :)
[03:54:48] elmojo: Beirdo: can it play Planet Earth is the better question? :)
[03:55:11] Beirdo: couldn't answer that
[03:56:41] elmojo: you should use the Killa sample as your benchmark
[03:57:00] Beirdo: heh.
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[04:39:07] elmojo: Beirdo: you can now take totalDuration in avoformatdecoder and store it in the database when the pos map generation is finished
[04:39:31] elmojo: I can make mythplayer changes once the duration is stored in the database
[04:40:03] Beirdo: OK. I'll get to it in a moment :)
[04:40:23] elmojo: no rush it's been broken for more than 5 years
[04:40:35] Beirdo: hehe
[04:40:54] Beirdo: true. I'll try to get some code there tonight, if not tonight then tomorrow
[04:41:03] elmojo: it should be useful though and if you want we could add average frame rate and bitrate too
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[04:41:41] elmojo: Beirdo: seriously, it's no rush – it will be nice if you can spot another broken duration so we can have a good test sample to use
[04:42:10] Beirdo: yeah, I'll be keeping my eyes open for it
[04:42:23] elmojo: time for sleep – good night
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[05:33:29] xris: sucky. every time I sit down to go over how to redo a bunch of stuff in mythweb, I want to tackle it from different angles
[05:50:33] Beirdo: elmojo: you have duration at an int64, but we can easily store an int
[05:50:43] Beirdo: i.e. int32
[05:51:24] Beirdo: any issue if I convert to seconds for storage (and drop the microseconds?)
[05:52:00] Beirdo: I guess I could split it into two items... seconds and us, and save both
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[06:23:04] markk: at ******* last – mythfrontend finally rendering in OpenGL ES 2.0
[06:24:18] Beirdo: YAY
[06:24:29] Beirdo: congrats :)
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[12:46:17] aerofly5: I don't suppose there are any home theatre system forums or chatrooms/channels anyone can refer me to, is there?
[12:49:53] aerofly5: I don't suppose there are any home theatre system forums or chatrooms/channels anyone can refer me to, is there?
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[16:52:53] elmojo: Beirdo: just do (int)(totalDuration / 1000) which will provide it in milliseconds stored in a 32-bit int which should be able to represent duration upto 1193.047 hours
[16:54:20] elmojo: I need to keep the cumulative amount in microseconds to avoid error over a large number of frames being added but milliseconds is more than enough for display purposes and calculations
[16:55:30] elmojo: it's possible to keep it stored in a double precision float but I usually favor using integers since they are easy to manipulate and store
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[18:16:45] Beirdo: elmojo: gotcha. I have it provisionally coded up to store seconds + useconds as two int32, but yeah, that was another option I hadn't considered.
[18:17:01] Beirdo: I'll look at it again tonight anyways, I didn't quite get done anyways
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[18:47:34] elmojo: Beirdo: thanks, keep it simple and just store it in a single location in msecs
[18:48:16] Beirdo: OK, then convert back to usec on loading. No prob
[18:49:17] Beirdo: still not sure how this will be triggered (or when). The simplest would be in the recorder, one would think, but the data's from the decoder, which isn't running during recording
[18:49:24] elmojo: no need to convert back after loading – I use usec for accumulation purposes to avoid precision error adding up of thousands of frames
[18:49:30] Beirdo: so I'm thinking it would be in the commflag run?
[18:49:38] Beirdo: ahhh, OK
[18:50:18] Beirdo: I think I shall go get me more coffee. :)
[18:50:34] elmojo: Beirdo: that's where it gets a little complicated – we create a pos map during recording and I would prefer if we added it at the end of that as well as after comm flagging
[18:51:05] Beirdo: yeah, we'd need to add support for generating the duration during recording. That's where it gets messy
[18:51:14] elmojo: I'm not sure how the recorder generates the pos map... I might need to add another totalDuration accumulator for that as well
[18:51:18] Beirdo: but for certain, we can add it to the commflag run
[18:51:29] Beirdo: yeah, I think you likely will ;(
[18:52:00] Beirdo: BRB, caffeine is beckoning
[18:52:03] elmojo: we if it demuxs using ffmpeg then it should be easy
[18:54:10] sphery: elmojo: FWIW, thanks to Beirdo's mention, I modified recordedfile's streaminfo.length to use a 64-bit int so once we switch to the new schema, we can move the data there and start storing it in full precision. (Currently using signed, but can switch it to unsigned if you prefer. See . . . e_schema.png .)
[18:56:49] elmojo: sphery: nice – I'm using signed in the code so it should be fine
[18:56:57] sphery: thx
[18:58:57] Beirdo: yeah, there might be easy ways to add it in, not sure. I ran out of oomph before finding that last night
[19:01:32] elmojo: Beirdo: I imagine the recorder looks for the key_frame in one of the AV* structs for the pos map generation of maybe it solely relies on the parser functions
[19:02:21] elmojo: hmmm, we could also just take end time minus start time and use it until comm flag runs
[19:02:25] Beirdo: I think it might rely on the parsers, but even then, we should be able to pull out what we need?
[19:02:57] elmojo: in fact I really want the recorder class to return the curr time minus start time so that in-progress recordings have the correct duration
[19:03:25] elmojo: the parsers will not provide the info we need for duration
[19:03:30] Beirdo: dang
[19:04:21] elmojo: but I like the idea of just using the delta between start and end to set the duration
[19:04:32] elmojo: that's how livetv works
[19:05:27] Beirdo: sounds reasonable, but not too precise... will get us to seconds anyways... which I guess is good enough
[19:05:53] elmojo: definitely good enough
[19:06:36] elmojo: when we get near end we are off a second or 2 anyways
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[20:49:48] elmojo: wagnerrp: I think that guy upgraded and never retested to see if it's fixed
[20:50:46] wagnerrp: elmojo: eh?
[20:51:05] elmojo: #9563
[20:51:12] sphery: elmojo: thanks--I was looking for the ticket that was a dup of, but couldn't find it--your response was much easier :)
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[20:51:34] wagnerrp: elmojo: you misunderstand what im doing
[20:51:35] elmojo: sphery: apparently the guy is saying that a newer version is having the issue
[20:51:40] elmojo: very unlikely
[20:51:51] wagnerrp: im moving the version info to a file, as per 'please attach all output as a FILE in bug reports'
[20:52:18] elmojo: yes I know and the version is later than the fix so I doubt the person's ticket is valid but he'll have to confirm
[20:52:22] wagnerrp: because when i search for 'python' or any number of a dozen other keywords, all i get is a flood of version info strings
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[20:53:03] wagnerrp: which means when they copy it in as text, it makes the search function in trac useless
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[22:09:04] jcarlos: I'm completing MythTV Spanish translation. I did it starting from the mythtv sources provided by debian (0.24-fixes). Now I would like to generate de corresponding diff file with all my aditional translations. Reading seems that it must be done from the git sources. My question is, how can I clone mythtv 0.24-fixes branch from git ?
[22:09:44] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has joined #mythtv
[22:10:09] jcarlos: Because doing "git clone git://" I will get master ...
[22:12:52] jcarlos: Or am I missing anything (I am a git newbie) ..
[22:12:55] sphery: jcarlos: see and (or, once you clone master, do a git checkout fixes/0.24 )
[22:14:13] jcarlos: sphery: I undestand ... thanks ... :-)
[22:14:19] jcarlos: understand*
[22:21:38] jcarlos: sphery: One question. Must I change to mythtv dir before checkout the fixes branch ?
[22:24:09] sphery: jcarlos: you need to be inside one of the directories of the repo--don't think you /have/ to be at the top of the repo, but I always have been
[22:24:48] jcarlos: OK ... so I must do a "cd mythtv"
[22:27:09] jcarlos: sphery: And I suppose once switched to fixes/0.24 branch I don't need to do it again (if I remain at this branch) ...
[22:27:45] sphery: jcarlos: in theory, yes, but it's always good to use git status and/or git branch to make sure you're doing what you think you're doing :)
[22:27:59] jcarlos: sphery: He he ... I see
[22:28:03] sphery: (yes you don't need to do it again)
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[23:16:11] jcarlos: sphery: Well, my first contribution is done. I hope it not to be the last ... :-)
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