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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011, 00:00 UTC
[00:00:02] vontrapp: in fact, anybody who is active on the repo will have their own backup
[00:00:05] kc (kc!~Casper@unaffiliated/kc) has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[00:00:20] vontrapp: but an automatic backup, say hourly or something, should be sufficient
[00:00:25] stuartm: xris: yeah, I guess I'm puzzled as to why it doesn't do a single commit merge instead of creating a second commit
[00:00:54] Beirdo: think of it as a binary tree
[00:01:02] Beirdo: (which is fairly accurate, BTW)
[00:01:22] stuartm: so you can never merge a range of changes out of sequence?
[00:01:23] Beirdo: if it shared the one commit, that node would have two sets of parents and two sets of children
[00:01:41] Beirdo: whereas a merge just creates a commit with two parents
[00:02:02] vontrapp: stuartm: you can, locally, then you rebase the new changes *onto* the master
[00:02:09] Beirdo: if you use merge, they merge in order
[00:02:12] vontrapp: but you NEVER EVER rebase the master itself
[00:02:17] xris: vontrapp: don't add rebase here, it's just confusing to newbies
[00:02:30] xris: confusing to a lot of advanced users, too
[00:02:34] Beirdo: as it's actually merging the two commits at the tips of the branches
[00:02:36] vontrapp: newbies don't have commit access
[00:02:46] xris: vontrapp: please be quiet for a bit
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[00:02:50] stuartm: Beirdo: right, but you can't say merge commits 5–10, then later 1–4
[00:03:01] xris: stuartm: that is correct
[00:03:03] Beirdo: not without getting extremely fancy
[00:03:27] vontrapp: *hands up*
[00:03:27] xris: because 4 is one of the parents of 5.
[00:03:29] stuartm: hmm :/
[00:03:59] xris: merges in git are actually "physically" moving the commits around in a b-tree, whereas in svn they're just (re)applying diffs
[00:04:24] stuartm: I suppose there are benefits to both styles, but that is disappointing
[00:04:41] xris: you can reorder commits via rebase, but that starts to get messy if you're not working on a local branch
[00:04:43] Beirdo: there are definitely benefits and drawbacks to both
[00:05:14] stuartm: xris: yeah, it would get complicated fast
[00:05:15] Beirdo: heh. ideally, you'd always be working on a local branch :)
[00:05:35] xris: but with the git workflow, you should never have written changes 5–10 on top of something you intended to merge after them
[00:05:37] Beirdo: as that does make things that much more contained
[00:05:56] xris: the philosophy sort of goes: branch often, merge often, delete branches quickly
[00:07:30] Beirdo: anyways, we'll see if I can get this beast to behave (svnAndGit scripting)
[00:07:42] stuartm: xris: we're assuming here that you didn't know in advance that those later changes would need merging sooner rather than later – say because they represent a subset of the overall feature which is complete and which is suddenly required in master
[00:08:08] xris: stuartm: that's where you'd probably want to use rebase. or cherry pick.
[00:08:45] xris: git lets you. it just adds some effort to it in order to keep a clean tree. and you can still cherry pick and mimic the svn way if you need to.
[00:08:53] kormoc: xris, I thought deleting branches in git was a no-no?
[00:09:04] xris: kormoc: no, we delete all the time
[00:09:07] kormoc: as it *deletes* the branch (*poof*)
[00:09:14] ** kormoc raises an eyebrow **
[00:09:14] xris: deletes the branch but not the commits
[00:09:21] xris: once the commits are in master, why do you need the branch?
[00:09:23] kormoc: but... but... but... the history?
[00:09:35] xris: heck, at work we have an automated process that deletes branches that have been merged to master for over a month
[00:09:39] xris: the history is the commits
[00:09:43] kormoc: ...
[00:09:46] kormoc: not stand-alone
[00:09:49] xris: the branch is just a word that points to a sha
[00:10:01] kormoc: makes it much harder to go over a branches' evolution
[00:10:07] stuartm: heck, if you couldn't delete the branches I'd already be drowning in them
[00:10:31] stuartm: and I'd run out of good memorable names fast
[00:10:34] xris: kormoc: users who want to keep branches can not-delete their local clones.
[00:10:37] kormoc: stuartm, well, I meant a no-no deleting upstream branches
[00:10:46] kormoc: bah
[00:11:00] stuartm: kormoc: ah, well deleting upstream branches might be a bad thing, guess it depends on the branch
[00:11:01] xris: if you want to save points that a branch was created and then merged, you can tag
[00:11:06] xris: git is more about tags than branches
[00:11:32] stuartm: we were deleting the old branches in svn, although the history on those was still preserved so there was no reason not to
[00:11:50] kc (kc!~Casper@unaffiliated/kc) has joined #mythtv
[00:12:03] kormoc: right, and I was shocked when I deleted a branch in git and then tried to get back to it later and it wasn't there
[00:12:12] xris: yeah, that's one thing I like about svn over git.. you can say "show me what branches existed on this date"
[00:12:24] vontrapp: the only problem with deleting upstream branches is that downstream people still have them, and they could always be re-pushed, accidentally or otherwise
[00:12:46] xris: but the git tree view is actually more useful. by deleting the branch, the only thing you lose is that the branch was named "project x"
[00:13:21] kormoc: xris, no? the tree branch disappears
[00:13:30] kormoc: it *never* existed according to the view
[00:13:32] xris: sorry.. merged branch.
[00:13:59] xris: if it hasn't been merged, and you delete it, garbage collection removes the commits after a couple of weeks
[00:14:19] vontrapp: it becomes like a memory leak, the stuff is there, but there's no reference to it and no way to find it (outside the reflog)
[00:14:31] vontrapp: but then prune goes through and cleans up those orphans if/when run
[00:15:07] markk_: stuartm: any objections to /problems with this?
[00:16:04] xris: stuartm: fwiw your 1–4 vs 5–10 example would be an ok use of cherry picking, if you weren't comfortable to rebase
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[00:16:51] vontrapp: xris: and others, sorry i'm just inserting myself here, I realize I'm not a contributer and have no history here, I just would hate to see git abandoned on a project after so brief a trial
[00:17:59] stuartm: markk_: it's not especially pretty, but it's late, I'm tired and so I'll ignore my natural urge to ask what you're attempting to do and say – Go for it ;)
[00:18:31] xris: vontrapp: it won't be abandoned. but there are enough people who don't like git for one reason or another that we will be running it side by side with svn.. even if it hurts.
[00:18:53] Beirdo: we'll make it work one way or the other
[00:19:09] xris: we're about evenly split on the debate (almost 3 ways, with yes/no/ambivalent)
[00:19:45] vontrapp: in that case I would recommend running only svn officially, and letting git users bridge the gap on their own, but perhaps with some official instructions
[00:22:38] kormoc: xris, has that vote been updated recently?
[00:24:50] markk_: stuartm: I'm just working on sending actions into the frontend via the http interface (e.g. frontend-ip:6547/MythFE/Action?text=UP) – that gives me a very simple way of hooking those actions directly into every existing screen by way of a slightly customised QKeyPress event
[00:25:38] stuartm: kormoc: let's just keep taking the vote until we grind the other side down, eventually we'll get the result we desire ;)
[00:26:38] xris: kormoc: no, we stopped the vote once it was obvious that we needed both
[00:28:42] Beirdo: stuartm: trust me, that won't work the way you want :) Quebec's tried that for years in Canada
[00:28:51] stuartm: markk_: ok sounds interesting, if you can add some in-line comments along with that change so that we don't lose track of why it was added then I'm fine with it
[00:29:28] markk_: stuartm: thanks – will do
[00:31:25] stuartm: markk_: I may re-factor at some point in the future to allow bare actions without the fake keypress, I started on something like that a few months ago to allow raw actions from lirc and other input sources
[00:32:22] stuartm: didn't go anywhere because my primary motivation for working on it went away
[00:32:41] vontrapp: damn those illusive motivations
[00:35:57] stuartm: it was part of an input re-write to support the native IR stuff which was added to the kernel, once it turned out that X11 made that stuff worthless there was not sufficient reason to continue with the re-factor
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[00:42:14] markk_: stuartm: we could do with an overall review of how 'input' is working and where the code sits. There are different methods sitting in various spots at the moment – it's not an easy picture to unravel
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[01:29:43] markk_: anyone have pointers on building/linking against the Qt debug libraries on Ubuntu? the default libs are /usr/lib/ but the debug libs are /usr/lib/debug/usr/lib
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[01:33:32] sphery: markk_: they should be using ELF debuglinks in the libs that refer to the location of the debug symbols in ("inverse stripped" = only the debug info and a basic ELF structure) debug files in /usr/lib/debug/usr/lib, and gdb should just find them
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[01:39:32] markk_: sphery: hrm – gdb says its looking at /usr/lib/ – but to be honest it's not the symbols I'm looking for but a debug build of qt. google isn't entirely clear on it :)
[01:40:04] sphery: debug build as in some debug defines active?
[01:41:42] markk_: sphery: yes – as in "trigger nasty assertion here because you've done something really stupid with that QMutex"
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[01:43:12] jpabq: elmojo, stuartm, I am pretty sure I have identified the reason that generates an invalid keyframe table for the HD-PVR. I am not sure, yet, what to do about it. Paul indicates that different SEI handling is necessary, but it results in too many keyframes being detected with the HD-PVR.
[01:44:28] sphery: markk_: ahhh... most of those I know about seems to be accessible through environment vars, like QT_FATAL_WARNINGS (where, for that, if set, qWarning() exits after printing the warning message)
[01:47:00] superm1: sphery, well at least for the *buntu autobuilds, they should build on the same day they're checked out, so it's at least reliable there
[01:48:21] elmojo: jpabq: excellent, more keyframes the better right? :)
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[01:52:23] superm1: fetching the source date isn't too difficult though. could easily add this to to grab it at build time: git log --pretty=email -1 | sed '/Date/!d; s/Date:\ //'
[01:56:08] markk_: sphery: thanks – I think in this case either the particular problem isn't being triggerred on my box(es) or it's not generated as a qWarning – hence QT_FATAL_WARNINGS isn't helping
[01:58:11] sphery: markk_: heh, there are others... FWIW:
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[02:02:07] markk_: hrm – interesting reading
[02:02:37] sphery: ah, looking at the code, you're probably trying to get code that has the code in #ifndef QT_NO_DEBUG , etc... superm1 should know if there are *buntu repos for that. I /think/ I have that in my Qt, so if you can come up with a test case that works on a single combined frontend/backend without VDPAU, I might be able to do some test runs for you.
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[02:04:53] superm1: my best guess would that if they existed; libqt4-dbg would have them. if not – your best bet is to apt-get source the package, make the change to build that way and kick it off to a PPA
[02:05:28] markk_: yes – was trying to avoid the 'build qt' stage :)
[02:05:36] sphery: markk_: hmmm... guess not, mine is a release build--maybe I should do debug-and-release
[02:06:09] jpabq: elmojo, it would definitely be nice if the HD-PVR produce more usable keyframes. As it stands right now, we only get one keyframe out of 128 frames, so it is over two seconds between them.
[02:06:38] superm1: markk_, you might want to check with the kubuntu guys, they're the ones maintaining QT at this point
[02:06:42] superm1: they'd know for sure
[02:06:43] sphery: ah, wait, that's deprecated, so it would be just plain building with --debug
[02:06:46] superm1: #kubuntu-devel i believe
[02:06:52] markk_: sphery: my immediate interest is #9431 – which is baffling me. but I do need it for some other stuff
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[02:07:22] jpabq: elmojo, Back when the HD-PVR first came out, we were able to tag "I" frames as keyframes, but one of the ffmpeg syncs broke that for some reason, and we had to fall back to only using IDR frames as keyframes. The HD-PVR produces an "I" frame every 32 frames.
[02:07:31] markk_: ... what I'd really like is a 4.7 debug version :)
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[04:06:50] jya: jannau: I think I now have completed all the work required for support HD audio passthrough and playback of the various DTS-HD type ; I do rely on features very recently committed by Anssi Hannula ... How far are you from a ffmpeg resync ? Otherwise I could simply merge the required change ; I have well documented the commits from ffmpeg used and can narrow all the change into one commit only ; so prior to the resync I would be a simple matter of reverting 2
[04:06:51] jya: commits at the most..
[04:08:12] jya: But at least, I can merge my fork/branch now and continue working on the normal git repo... Plus I think it adds pretty cool features (though I'm obviously biased) as well as fix various issues
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[05:16:46] elmojo: markk_: pretty sure the problem with the playback display time being wrong is that we don't reprobe the file again for a LiveTV transition- looks like we use the same context as the first tuned segment
[05:21:57] vontrapp (vontrapp!~vontrapp@ has joined #mythtv
[05:24:01] vontrapp: i'm working on the expiry for my feature
[05:24:23] vontrapp: and it occurs to me that a single sql query could produce all recording rules that need any expiring
[05:24:39] vontrapp: currently, it logs "Found # record profiles using max episode expiration"
[05:25:04] vontrapp: with my new query, the result set would only include those rules that *need* expiration, so that log statement would be incorrect
[05:25:45] vontrapp: of course I could change or delete the log statement, but I'm just wondering if that's important, or if the actual number of profiles using max rules is important otherwise
[05:27:08] vontrapp: I'm inclined to use the new statement, which would involve a LEFT JOIN and a GROUP BY, just in case there's project policy about such things
[05:27:25] kormoc: number that are eligible for expiration sounds perfectly fine
[05:28:05] kormoc: no policy against such statements. The only request is to keep it as little mysql specific as possible
[05:28:07] vontrapp: oh, and a HAVING
[05:28:40] vontrapp: i'm not sure of the specificity of HAVING
[05:29:00] Beirdo: stuartm: you still up?
[05:29:14] kormoc: submit the patch with the having and I'll take a gander
[05:29:26] kormoc: typically there's a better way, but if there's not, we'll live with it :)
[05:29:53] vontrapp: how about i just paste the query somehwere, preferred site?
[05:30:07] kormoc: not really, any site works
[05:32:31] vontrapp:
[05:33:49] kormoc: HAVING cnt > max to HAVING COUNT(p.recordid) > r.maxepisodes makes it valid standard SQL
[05:34:37] vontrapp: hmmk, so no 'AS'
[05:34:40] vontrapp: can do
[05:34:59] kormoc: Aye, HAVING with column aliases is mysql specific
[05:35:18] kormoc: you can leave the AS in the SELECT part, just can't use them in the HAVING
[05:39:45] vontrapp: any particular reason those maps are <QString, int> instead of <int, int>
[05:40:11] vontrapp: the keys being used are recordid and maxepisodes, both are int
[05:40:19] vontrapp: ?
[05:40:44] vontrapp: in AutoExpire::ExpireEpisodesOverMax
[05:42:32] markk_: elmojo: what do you mean by 'reprobe' ?
[05:42:46] kormoc: vontrapp, I think it was just overlooked.
[05:43:26] elmojo: markk_: look at avformatdecoder OpenFile – it opens the file when it has enough data and probes the details for it
[05:44:27] elmojo: in the case of JumpToProgram and SwitchToProgram when a transition occurs it just executes ResetPlaying and reuses the original probed context parameters
[05:45:30] vontrapp: ooooh, my query will count a split episode as two episodes i think
[05:46:15] vontrapp: i guess i could still check that when actually deleting
[05:46:38] kormoc: We don't currently weight that in, do we?
[05:47:10] vontrapp: it's not 'weighted' but if a split episode is chosen (or excluded) for deletion, it makes sure it deletes (or keeps) both
[05:47:33] vontrapp: or all even
[05:47:41] vontrapp: if multiple splits
[05:48:11] J-e-f-f-A (J-e-f-f-A!~J-e-f-f-A@unaffiliated/j-e-f-f-a) has quit (Quit: Oh No!!!! ;-))
[05:48:22] kormoc: hrm. I don't recall seeing that behavior
[05:48:59] vontrapp: in the comments "keep trakc of shows we haven't expired so we can make sure we don't expire another part of the same episode
[05:49:01] andreax1 (andreax1! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[05:49:02] vontrapp: "
[05:50:13] kormoc: Interesting.
[05:50:14] markk_: elmojo: I think maybe we're not on the same page. the issue I'm seeing is that the total time is always correct – and increases – but sometimes the current time/position is out
[05:50:25] elmojo: exactly
[05:50:48] J-e-f-f-A (J-e-f-f-A!~J-e-f-f-A@unaffiliated/j-e-f-f-a) has joined #mythtv
[05:50:59] elmojo: the time/position is based off of the ic->start_time which needs to be reprobed when you start playing a new segment
[05:51:11] elmojo: I have a very easy fix for you to try
[05:51:15] markk_: cool
[05:51:48] vontrapp: i think though there's a better way to handle it, split episodes should share the same starttime and endtime, right?
[05:52:46] kormoc: vontrapp, aye, I misunderstood split episodes. Yeah, it's building the 'episode key' off of chan_id and start time (and end time, but that actually shouldn't matter)
[05:52:49] elmojo: markk: edit livetvchain.cpp and change newtype in GetSwitchProgram to always be true
[05:53:25] elmojo: that will cause JumpToProgram/SwitchToProgram to always re-open and probe the new file – that should do the trick
[05:53:58] kormoc: vontrapp, so yeah, if you just pull that data out as well, things should be a-okay
[05:54:31] markk_: ok – but I'm guessing it might not have the greatest effect on the smoothness of the transition.
[05:54:41] markk_: on the other hand – it might improve it:)
[05:54:59] elmojo: I can't tell a difference
[05:57:52] elmojo: markk_: it's time for sleep – please let me know how it goes
[05:59:49] markk_: elmojo: will do
[06:03:55] vontrapp: is this standard sql? "COUNT(DISTINCT p.chanid, p.starttime)"
[06:06:32] kormoc: I've never run into that syntax before. From what I'm seeing, it doesn't appear to be, but I'm digging up the docs now
[06:09:23] kormoc: Aye, standard specifies only one column
[06:09:29] mrfg (mrfg!~mrfg@ has joined #mythtv
[06:11:32] mrfg: Hi, I have question about mythtv on ubuntu server. I have 5 hauppauge hvr-2200 dual channel tv cards and I want record 10 channels same time. Is it possible to using mythtv? what plugins, configuration I need? help
[06:12:09] kormoc: vontrapp, you could do COUNT( DISTINCT CONCAT(p.chanid, p.starttime))
[06:12:36] reddn (reddn! has quit (Read error: No route to host)
[06:13:34] vontrapp: mrfg: should just work AFAIK, so long as you have all the inputs, sources, and tuners set up
[06:14:00] kormoc: mrfg, you want #mythtv-users FYI
[06:14:02] vontrapp: and a good enough computer (or enough computers) and fast enough network if things are going over the network
[06:14:31] vontrapp: and yes, #mythtv-users
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[06:39:21] Captain_Murdoch: vontrapp, split episodes share the same recorded.chanid and recorded.progstart. the starttimes differ since that's the actual starttimes of the split parts.
[06:40:12] vontrapp: Captain_Murdoch: thanks, good to know
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[08:05:19] jya: markk_: change: 8d1c058411db38440740 and . . . /309219.html
[08:05:32] jya: pressing un-pause exit playback
[08:05:53] jya: SHA: 8d1c058411db38440740
[08:06:01] jya: SHA1: 8d1c058411db38440740
[08:06:03] jya: SHA: 8d1c058411db38440740
[08:06:20] jya: damn I can never remember on how to make it show the link automatically
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[08:32:01] stuartm:
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[10:59:27] danielk22: Hmm, don't we have to notify people logging into this channel that it is logged as per freenode policy? And more importantly for those of us who don't remember the URL...
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[11:04:32] stuarta: !log
[11:04:40] ** stuarta larts MythLogBot **
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[14:50:51] stoth: I'm recruiting if anyone is interested.
[14:53:15] stoth: Looking for a Linux UI guy with media playback experience. If anyone wants to discuss then pm me.
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[22:29:53] skd5aner: !url log
[22:29:53] MythLogBot: No match for keyword log
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