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Friday, November 26th, 2010, 00:18 UTC
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[02:50:46] danielk22: markk: Nope, it really should go in sooner rather than later, I just have limited time for testing.
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[02:52:34] danielk22: I mentioned the other stuff mainly because, by itself that patch doesn't provide any additional functionality nor make the interface much nicer and I didn't want people to be scratching their heads too hard as to why I bothered with it.
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[04:15:56] iamlindoro: elmojo, markk: Somehow in the past few days, Blu-ray playback no longer shows a duration of any kind, it's always 00:00 of 00:01... is there any chance this could be related to . . . bs/libmythtv etc?
[04:17:50] iamlindoro: I have rolled back two weeks of BD playback changes to try to rule that out, but the ringbuffer is setting all the values properly
[04:18:30] iamlindoro: And since I can't tell if HDMV mode is working properly now without a proper OSD duration setting, I'm sort of stuck :)
[04:21:12] elmojo: iamlindoro: it's possible
[04:21:25] elmojo: did you try the revision before the change?
[04:21:50] bmidgley: hey, which table refers to mplexid in dtv_multiplex?
[04:21:57] iamlindoro: Unfortunately I localized my rollbacks to the BDRingbuffer thinking I must have caused it, but I'm definitely back into the range of "I knew it worked"
[04:21:58] bmidgley: (couldn't find an er-diagram)
[04:22:17] iamlindoro: elmojo, I will revert the duration stuff next, just wondered if I was on the right track
[04:24:31] elmojo: iamlindoro: I assumed BD processing took all the same code paths that I made changes to
[04:25:07] iamlindoro: elmojo, blah, more changs sicne those, so it's going to take me a while to get this reverted
[04:26:17] iamlindoro: oh, just one other changeset, whew :)
[04:40:16] iamlindoro: elmojo, r27323 plays properly, r27330 plays BD without duration.... only intervening changes that could be relevant are the duration ones
[04:46:26] elmojo: we'll need to special case BD and DVD then
[04:52:13] iamlindoro: elmojo,
[04:52:20] iamlindoro: Just as a test, restores BD duration
[04:52:48] iamlindoro: Probably a nicer way to do it, but just FYI
[04:54:04] elmojo: iamlindoro: hmmmm, my sample ISO has the correct position/duration for the initial title but when I switch I see the 00:00 of 00:01... most likely the duration is getting set incorrectly
[04:54:17] elmojo: waiting on
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[05:06:53] elmojo: iamlindoro: it appears the running av_estimate_timings(ic, 0) for BD results in duration set to 1 which is puzzling
[05:07:20] iamlindoro: elmojo, Why do we want libav to estimate timing? We pull that information directly from the lib
[05:07:29] iamlindoro: from libbluray, that is
[05:07:37] elmojo: can you play just the m2ts directly that you are seeing the 00:01
[05:07:49] iamlindoro: duration/OSD values are set by using functions in BDRingbuffer
[05:08:06] iamlindoro: which use the lib to return accurate values for duration, size, location, etc.
[05:08:35] elmojo: yes... so it might be best to avoid running av_estimate_timings in OpenFile for BD like we already do for DVD
[05:08:48] elmojo: I already tried the change and it works
[05:09:50] elmojo: I'm still interested if playing the m2ts directly has the issue also
[05:10:00] elmojo: let me try on my sample
[05:12:33] elmojo: iamlindoro: playing the videos directly works properly
[05:13:00] elmojo: we should probably just avoid running av_estimate_timings for BD and that will ensure duration is always zero
[05:13:22] elmojo: does that sound like the right thing to do?
[05:13:40] iamlindoro: That sounds correct to me, I can't envision a condition in which we'd ever want to run it on BD
[05:13:48] iamlindoro: since the library already provides accurate values for the information we need
[05:14:18] elmojo: ok... lets just fix it that way... you want me to fix it or you can if you like
[05:14:21] elmojo: getting late here
[05:14:40] iamlindoro: elmojo, If that commit looks good, I'll just commit it (and add a check for ringbuffer, too, I guess)
[05:15:10] elmojo: no... I suggest we just avoid running av_estimate_timings
[05:15:20] elmojo: your patch avoids setting duration
[05:15:25] iamlindoro: Oh... then just fix it how you like, whenever you want
[05:15:33] elmojo: ok
[05:16:25] iamlindoro: markk, I have a different question (and I am off to bed)... I finally have HDMV navigation mode sort-of behaving itself in that it properly repopulates the current title info/member variables as titles change... but the OSD min/max values aren't being updated... ie, if the first title played has a length of 13 seconds, all subsequent titles still show a value out of 13 seconds... do I need to signal the player somehow that it needs to reloa
[05:16:25] iamlindoro: d duration values? If so, where can I look for how something like DVD does so?
[05:16:41] ** iamlindoro heads off to bed, hopefully to read an answer to that sometime tomorrow :) **
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[05:21:10] Beirdo: night, hope the turkey rests well
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[06:07:39] superm1: iamlindoro, can you make sure comments like that end up in the bug too then? i wasn't aware that there were any problems with that most recent patch. thanks
[06:08:23] superm1: (at least not until you mentioned above that is)
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[11:31:50] stuarta: \o/ mini mac lives
[11:31:58] ** stuarta builds mythtv **
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[13:07:46] stuartm: stuarta: oh good, you can let me know if the mouse auto-hiding is working correctly in the OSX build :)
[13:38:21] stuarta: build fail :(
[13:49:50] markk: stuartm: is it me, or is there no obvious logic to pixel size in QFont?
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[14:26:50] elmojo: markk: nice work on the picture controls, very slick!
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[15:10:32] stuartm: markk: pixel size should be (point size / 72) * DPI – corrected/forced to 100dpi – or something like that, but that may not be what you meant?
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[15:56:47] stuartm: well that's funky, I've no idea what I just changed, but this patch is now sorta working, failing to decrypt but it's playing back which is progress :)
[16:03:21] stuartm: heh, it's a timing issue, worked once and now isn't working again
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[16:32:42] sphery: superm1: When Gibby first asked for #8182 to be applied (in Aug, shortly after the updated patch that doesn't break things for others was added), it was determined that MP_XXX isn't the proper name of the palette, but Otto didn't know what it was (and didn't feel like/know how to hunt it down). j-rod|afk explained that it's VIDEO_PALETTE_RGB565 , as defined in include/linux/videodev.h . The patch needs to be updated with a proper ...
[16:32:48] sphery: ... name for the palette, then it's much easier for paul-h to review and apply.
[16:32:50] sphery: Gibby: ^^^ If you can update the patch with the palette name changed to MP_RGB565 , upload it to trac, and add a new comment referencing that the palette name was corrected to agree with include/linux/videodev.h , then it will get the right kind of bump, rather than the "please drop what you're doing, fix the patch that's there, and fix my problem" bump.  ;)
[16:33:10] sphery: Yes, I could have done that in less time than it took to type in these comments, but I didn't feel like giving any fish today when I could instead give fishing lessons.
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[16:57:23] castlec: hello all. is anyone working on a pandora plugin for myth?
[16:58:55] castlec: i'm going to start working on one but thought I should check to see if anyone was aware of someone attempting the same before embarking on it
[16:59:07] sphery: castlec: TTBOMK, no. If you have specific questions about problems you encounter when doing so or if you want design advice on integration with, for example, MythMusic, please feel free to ask here or on the -dev mailing list. Otherwise, please discuss in #mythtv-users or on the -users mailing list.
[17:01:31] sphery: castlec: There is work being done on MythMusic, now. Ideally, Pandora support would be added to MythMusic, and not a separate plugin. The developer working on MythMusic isn't here, today, but you can likely find him on the -dev list.
[17:02:11] castlec: thanks sphery. i'm sure i'll have lots of questions as I've never done any myth programming and haven't done any c++ in years. I'll be digging through docs/src for a while yet to understand the architecture better. I'll probably start with a standalone facility to help understand everything and then integrate
[17:04:39] sphery: castlec: mind coming over to #mythtv-users?
[17:04:42] superm1: sphery, fishing lessons are a good thing :)
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[17:05:56] stuartm: dynamite
[17:06:24] iamlindoro: oh, so Java
[17:06:33] iamlindoro: (I heard you can kill all the fish at once with it)
[17:08:08] stuarta: consume all the memory in the world
[17:10:43] stuartm: and generally be ugly/clumsy
[17:13:07] stuarta: although apparently it is possible to write fast efficient java programs
[17:13:16] stuarta: rarely are these seen in the wild
[17:13:54] ** stuarta goes home **
[17:18:11] danielk22: strange is anyone else seeing the first word of each line of 708 captions in bold and the rest normal?
[17:19:04] danielk22: Actually it looks like it is in a different font altogether.
[17:20:54] danielk22: heh, only in the english captions, not the spanish ones... It appears that Univision has some caption problems.. The Spanish captions are tagged as "English" and the English captions show up as being in an unknown language...
[17:27:48] stuartm: iamlindoro, Captain_Murdoch: is it possible, or do you know how it might be possible, to determine whether the frontend DVD code is currently looking at an IFO/VOB etc in an iso on the backend machine when streaming?
[17:29:06] sphery: jannau: We have a user on the -users mailing list compiling with all sorts of options he shouldn't be using ( ). Can we add an extra note at the end of configure's --help output to say something like, "Most Linux installs should simply use:\n ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --enable-proc-opts\nOr see the scripts in packaging for Windows, OSX, RPM, and Deb builds."
[17:29:14] stuartm: the dvdcss code requires different decryption flags depending on which file it happens to be seeking in, which means I'm having to implement a nasty workaround where I try each seek three times with each flag until it succeeds
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[17:39:25] stuartm: heh, and it really does work anyway, damn it, I'll just have to hack the protocol/remotefile to carry that information
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[18:45:41] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch, iamlindoro: disregard what I asked before, I've gone a completely different and more promising direction
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[20:01:09] Gibby: sphery; thanks, will do
[20:04:48] Gibby is now known as Gibby_away
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[20:08:55] Gibby: sphery: I will take fishing lessons over fish anyday... I had no clue that j-rod|afk had pointed out the correct palette
[20:09:02] Gibby is now known as Gibby_away
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[20:38:39] Gibby_2: !log
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[20:54:12] Gibby_2: sphery: uploaded the new patch to Trac
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[21:11:48] sphery: Gibby_2: Thanks. Since Trac doesn't send out updates when an attachment is added, please also submit the comment I mentioned, above (referencing that the palette name was corrected to agree with include/linux/videodev.h ). That way, Paul will see that there was an update on it, and see the reasoning for the change.
[21:13:06] Gibby_2: ok, I added a comment to the upload, it put it in as a new comment, should I put another comment in?
[21:20:09] sphery: Gibby_2: yeah, a standalone comment triggers an e-mail, but an attachment or attachment comment doesn't. thanks
[21:23:14] stoffel (stoffel! has joined #mythtv
[21:26:59] Gibby_2: sphery: will do thanks
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[21:45:45] stuartm: which is just as well, receiving 20 emails because someone attached 20 different logs to a ticket ...
[21:46:06] stuartm: it's just a shame that minor changes in ticket state generate emails
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[21:48:06] duerF (duerF! has joined #mythtv
[21:48:48] stuartm: kormoc: iirc you did some experiments with switching the database from myisam to innodb? I'm thinking that we should be doing that sooner rather than later so your experience would be useful
[21:49:21] kormoc: I've been running innodb only for the past few months, aye. Haven't had any issues at all
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[22:15:58] jannau: sphery: second part doesn't help, distros have also weird switches. the first is ok
[22:16:45] stuartm: aside from the improved integrity, I was just discussing using transactions for schema upgrades but I've realised that you can't use transactions for ALTER TABLE, CREATE TABLE et al unfortunately
[22:18:45] digitalstimulus (digitalstimulus! has joined #mythtv
[22:20:20] kormoc: Aye, sadly that's true for now
[22:20:53] digitalstimulus: I am having an unusual problem using mythvideo on Ubuntu 10.10. 1) I am unable to retrieve/save movie ratings from 2) I am using storage groups for video, but have a separate folder defined for ISOs so that they play. The fanart/coverart seems to change from "/var/lib...cover.jpg" to "cover.jpg" even after I set them all up.
[22:21:01] digitalstimulus: any ideas?
[22:21:37] kormoc: try the correct channel (#mythtv-users)
[22:21:45] digitalstimulus: thanks, that is good to know :)
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[22:41:09] jya (jya! has joined #mythtv
[22:43:54] jya: hi everyone..
[22:43:58] danielk22: Beirdo: what's the status for the myth_system rework? Is the ETA more like 2 wk's or 4 wk's ?
[22:44:26] MaverickTech (MaverickTech! has joined #mythtv
[22:44:50] jya: Looking at changing the audio configuration, so when the user gets to view the audio settings, the devices have already been populated... I avoided to do this before, because the settings classes are created right when mythfrontend start
[22:45:14] jya: so... is there a way to call a given function easily when the user pressed the next button on the previous page ?
[22:45:19] jya: and only then..
[22:46:07] Beirdo: danielk22: likely 3–4 weeks to be able to have it all tested, etc.
[22:46:49] Beirdo: wagnerrp is working on putting in Windows support, and I'm going through and testing all the new users, and finding buglets all over the place in the process :)
[22:47:27] danielk22: Beirdo: hmm, don
[22:47:38] danielk22: 't a lot of the calls require /bin/sh ...
[22:47:48] danielk22: are you adding a flag for that?
[22:47:56] wagnerrp: theres a flag
[22:47:59] Beirdo: there is a flag for that, yes
[22:48:24] wagnerrp: and all the myth_system calls automatically run in a shell
[22:48:26] Beirdo: in windows, it would likely be using cmd.exe, presumably
[22:48:29] danielk22: sounds cool :)
[22:48:43] wagnerrp: its optional to not run in a shell if youre calling the MythSystem class directly
[22:48:53] Beirdo: other than finding fun bugs as I go along, it's going pretty well
[22:48:57] danielk22: i'm assuming you're adding pipe in & out support too so it can replace some of the qprocess uses.
[22:48:59] MaverickTech (MaverickTech! has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[22:49:02] Beirdo: yes
[22:49:23] Beirdo: that's all in place. replaces popen, QProcess, fork/exec and system
[22:49:43] Beirdo: we had a grand variety of ways of doing the same thing
[22:49:44] danielk22: is there a branch somewhere?
[22:50:31] Beirdo: yeah, in my git repo. :) Once we've stablized the github repo, I plan on pushing the branch there (probably squash some stuff down first)
[22:50:42] Beirdo:
[22:50:55] xris: I think we're close to stable.. just need to talk to jannau
[22:51:25] Beirdo: it's possible to setup to pull the repo from me to get it all, but if the repo's nearly ready, might want to wait until I push it there
[22:52:54] wagnerrp: danielk22: IO is currently fully buffered, with a pair of threads spawned, one to write from buffer to pipe, one to read from pipe to buffer
[22:53:18] wagnerrp: as it stands, its really only set up to handle low volume data
[22:53:41] wagnerrp: it wont work if someone wants to do something like piping large videos
[22:54:02] danielk22: wagnerrp: that will work for the current uses...
[22:54:34] Beirdo: so far
[22:54:35] Beirdo: :)
[22:54:54] wagnerrp: yeah, as far as i know, all the current uses involve pulling text data from external grabbers
[22:55:10] Beirdo: you can read large data, or write large data, but it's not really designed for maintaining data flow speeds, etc
[22:55:37] wagnerrp: Beirdo: no, since there is currently no way to flush out data when the buffer gets too large
[22:56:02] Beirdo: of course, if your program gives a large output, it will all end up in a huge buffer, it's not streamed, you get a buffer in the end
[22:56:42] danielk22: wagnerrp: yeah, xmltv setup..I wrote that code before I knew about the QProcess issues. Isn't it also used for mythfilldatabase, or is that popen ?
[22:56:56] wagnerrp: Beirdo: what was that one non-myth_system call that neither of us really knew what it was for?
[22:57:19] Beirdo: mythterminal... used by xmltv setup
[22:57:25] wagnerrp: i think it used QProcess
[22:57:31] Beirdo: but it's going to get nuked in 0.25
[22:57:35] Beirdo: afail
[22:57:43] Beirdo: afaik, yeah
[22:58:14] wagnerrp: is that something that will get rewritten in the setup rewrite?
[22:58:17] Beirdo: mythfilldatabase used various methods, all of which have been tested
[22:58:25] Beirdo: wagnerrp: that was my understanding
[22:58:40] Beirdo: stuartm would know more exactly, I'm sure
[22:58:45] danielk22: mythterminal is for doing xmltv setup.. it's likely to be replaced in the 0.25/0.26 time frame.
[22:58:47] stuartm: wagnerrp: not rewritten, it will be going away because we'll switch from manual configuration to api configuration for xmltv
[22:58:59] jya: the setup rewrite using web interface, that's for the backend only right ? :)
[22:59:01] Beirdo: rewritten/ripped out :)
[22:59:01] danielk22: xmltv setup can probably change a bit due to the new api..
[22:59:15] stuartm: jya: correct
[22:59:31] stuartm: jya: effectively what is now done in mythtv-setup
[22:59:33] wagnerrp: so thats something that can be left as is until it is replaced
[22:59:40] Beirdo: jya: for now, yes, no designs yet for changing frontend setup that I've heard of
[22:59:51] Beirdo: wagnerrp: that was my thought
[22:59:56] jya: plan to movie it to mythui still ?
[22:59:58] Beirdo: it's only ever used in mythtv-setup
[23:01:41] jya: so... how can I override the "next" button in the settings so I can start a given method ?
[23:01:50] danielk22: jya: no current plan to move it to mythui...
[23:01:55] stuartm: jya: we've no firm plans for frontend settings
[23:02:44] stuartm: jya: something that we'll look at when we have the current lists of tasks behind us
[23:02:45] jya: because I had try to make the audio configuration self explanatory, but seeing the various problems, it's obviously a fail there..
[23:04:10] jya: so the new idea I had was to start the scan of devices when you press the next button on the previous page ; then have a "test" button at the bottom that test the current settings and play a channel test
[23:04:59] ikonia (ikonia!~mattd@unaffiliated/ikonia) has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[23:05:42] jya: I should mention that following the latest backport in 024-release, there's should be no need for people upgrading to scan their audio anymore..
[23:08:31] ikonia (ikonia!~mattd@unaffiliated/ikonia) has joined #mythtv
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[23:29:44] sphery: markk: as the perfect impetus to remove XvMC support?  :)
[23:30:03] sphery: markk: Also, thanks for the comment on #8631 "Treat cutlists like lossless transcoding". I'm also not a fan of the UX changes--and I agree that the changes are pretty invasive for little gain (and the confusion they will likely cause).
[23:30:13] sphery: I was just looking to see if we might be able to salvage the extra info for themers portion, but it seems that's still a hefty chunk of complexity--and will likely be invalid on many recordings due to the current frame rate/no-repeat-handling assumptions. While elmojo just fixed them for actual duration and position, the "calculated from markup map" one wouldn't benefit from those changes since FFmpeg code isn't involved there.
[23:31:48] Beirdo: yay, another myth_system victim. Q3Process, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.
[23:32:29] pheld (pheld! has joined #mythtv
[23:36:59] superm1: sphery, we were getting all sorts of crash reports from people who had xvmc enabled too. i'm not sure how many of them (if any) had enough info to float upstream
[23:37:10] superm1: but there were enough that we disabled it in our builds recently
[23:38:39] Dave123-road (Dave123-road! has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[23:39:36] sphery: superm1: yeah, I think the new nvidia drivers changed something that's causing most of those. now with the VLD (Via) having problems, and since XvMC is something we're considering (planning on?) removing...
[23:40:18] wagnerrp: XvMC hasnt been supported by nvidia since the 173 series
[23:40:42] mrand: sphery: at least one person, perhaps more, said they weren't running Nvidia drivers. Note that it wasn't just myth crashing – they would have to re-login to xfce/gnome. Considering that mythtv didn't change, it's either been a long standing problem with xvmc support in myth, or else something changed in the window managers
[23:41:51] sphery: yeah, that could be, too... maybe bad interactions with compositing WMs or something? I'm sure those who know the player and xvmc better than me have some ideas about what's really happening.
[23:43:12] stuartm: well to state the obvious, if more than mythfrontend crashes it's not a bug in mythtv
[23:44:12] stuartm: anyway, I don't think we need an additional reason to remove XvMC, we've already agreed that it goes in this release
[23:46:47] stuartm: why exactly do people with really old hardware think that upgrading to the latest release is a good idea? Apologies if I'm repeating the same old moan, but seriously ...
[23:49:59] _charly_ (_charly_! has quit (Quit: _charly_)
[23:50:14] _charly_ (_charly_! has joined #mythtv
[23:51:21] Beirdo: because: unless we state otherwise in the Release Notes or other release-specific documentation, the expectation is that we will continue to support what was supported.
[23:51:31] digitalstimulus (digitalstimulus! has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)
[23:51:32] Beirdo: that's a fairly sane expectation, really
[23:52:25] Beirdo: now, of course, we may not know something is now borked as we don't have said hardware :)
[23:52:48] stuartm: I'm not sure I agree, but let's leave it there :)
[23:53:34] Beirdo: basically, if whe *know* we broke something, we should tell em. But what we don't know, we obviously can't. :)
[23:53:34] stuartm: I'll post a news item tomorrow informing users that XvMC support will not exist in 0.25, then markk can pull the plug
[23:53:46] dekarl1 (dekarl1! has joined #mythtv
[23:54:10] Beirdo: yup. That was supposed to go out with the 0.24 release itself, but cool :) Time to rip out old cruft :)
[23:54:12] Dave123-road (Dave123-road! has joined #mythtv
[23:54:55] stuartm: Beirdo: well I agree when we've broken a feature unwittingly, but I was more referring to the user with an Epia who doesn't account for new releases requiring a little more horse power
[23:55:10] Beirdo: ahh, yes :)
[23:55:47] stuartm: it was a tangential observation, not one directly relating to xvmc ;)
[23:55:49] superm1: stuartm, right, it's likely an nvidia or X bug just exaggerated by mythtv's use
[23:55:52] Beirdo: we likely could do a bit better at communicating increasing "requirements" as we go along, but your point is well taken :)
[23:56:18] Beirdo: s/communicating/documenting/
[23:56:23] Beirdo: we communicate it fine :)
[23:56:27] dekarl (dekarl! has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[23:57:46] stuartm: Beirdo: often it's not that simple to quantify changes in the processing power etc required, it's not as though we keep a plethora of older hardware handy to run comparisons, that's assuming we even had a set of standard benchmarks to run
[23:58:06] Beirdo: agreed
[23:58:24] stuartm: I just think it's reasonable to at least assume new software is always pushing the new hardware
[23:58:46] Beirdo: yup :) especially after we've set that precident with past releases.
[23:59:31] danielk22: I made some real benchmarked optimizations for 0.23 and ppl were still complaining that things that just barely worked in 0.22 didn't in 0.23...
[23:59:42] markk (markk! has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)

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