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Thursday, November 25th, 2010, 00:03 UTC
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[00:47:02] stuartm: grr, the metadata scripts keep being installed with the wrong perms
[00:47:30] Beirdo: sucky
[00:47:34] stuartm: and existing perms are changed when running "make install"
[00:47:50] Beirdo: the mythweather ones at least should be OK now
[00:48:08] Beirdo: d
[00:48:17] Beirdo: heh, wrong window on that, sorry
[00:48:31] stuartm: yeah, I've not had problems with those
[00:49:19] Beirdo: I switched it to use makefiles instead of qmake for the scripts as qmake just wouldn't do what I wanted to without significant hoop-jumping
[00:49:20] stuartm: since fixes went in
[00:50:21] stuartm: I'm not sure why I'm suddenly having problems with the metadata scripts ... unless ... might not be the install at all but msec being overzealous
[00:50:47] stuartm: meh, I'll look at it tomorrow
[00:54:32] Beirdo: sounds good to me
[00:58:17] knightr: iamlindoro: Hi! Would you be OK with (this touches things you worked on so I want to be sure you are OK with it)?
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[01:11:00] iamlindoro: knightr, I am not okay with the Arclight MythWeather change (I intentionally chose to refer to it as "the Weather Plugin" rather than "MythWeather" as I consider it more user/wife/etc. friendly). Also not crazy about the Netvision changes as I consider Sites and RSS Feeds in this context to be proper names
[01:11:38] iamlindoro: I daresay all the other spots in the default themes where you changed human readable names to plugin names were that way for the same reason
[01:12:18] iamlindoro: ie "General weather plugin options" is both more wife and system integrator friendly than "General MythWeather options"
[01:12:38] Beirdo: agreed
[01:12:50] knightr: iamlindoro, ok sorry... I had noticed some translators had converted that to MythWeather and thought it was a nice idea but I get your point... I noticed the same thing as well for the capitalization of the RSS feeds and Sites too and but I understand what you mean....
[01:12:59] iamlindoro: MythGame default theme change is fine to me, zoneminder correction to one word makes sense since I think that's the only correct way
[01:13:25] knightr: yep, I checked and ZoneMinder is the proper way to say it...
[01:13:30] iamlindoro: All ready->already is good, I thought I had fixed that one myself a while back, but I might have caught it after a string freeze
[01:13:33] knightr: s/say/spell
[01:13:45] iamlindoro: Anyway, think that coveres everything
[01:13:49] iamlindoro: er covers ;)
[01:13:50] knightr: already was fixed in one of your themes, not that one...
[01:13:58] iamlindoro: okay, that must have been it
[01:15:28] knightr: iamlindoro, I can remove the ones you are concerned about but don't be surprised if the translators override these anyway though (but for the MythWeather one I guess that one might deserve I send an email on the translator ML)
[01:15:40] knightr: (or tell them the next time they do it...)
[01:16:15] iamlindoro: I figure translators will do whatever they want, though I would hope they wouldn't take quite that much editorial license with the translations
[01:16:46] iamlindoro: ie using a technical term for a plugin is less friendly in any language than describing what it does/is
[01:17:01] knightr: capitalization I'm pretty sure they will change it to what's most appropriate for were they are...
[01:17:09] iamlindoro: I can live with that
[01:17:16] iamlindoro: Obviously local grammar rules should apply
[01:17:23] knightr: iamlindoro, we could remove the plugin word too I guess, no?
[01:17:49] iamlindoro: knightr, And change the string to what? I thing plugin has mostly entered the common lingo
[01:17:50] knightr: ie "General weather options"
[01:17:52] iamlindoro: er think
[01:18:03] iamlindoro: I guess that could work, ask Beirdo what he thinkgs
[01:18:12] iamlindoro: bah, I'm full of typos tonight-- thinks
[01:18:26] Beirdo: sounds fine here, it might be easier to not try translating "plugin" too
[01:18:29] knightr: OK, didn't think it was used by people not in IT/computer savvy...
[01:19:09] knightr: Beirdo, thanks!
[01:19:45] iamlindoro: knightr, Within the Arclight help text, leave plugin, please ("done configuring the weather plugin") but feel free to fix the capitalization
[01:20:04] knightr: iamlindoro, so I'll remove the capitalizations changes, and change remove plugin...
[01:20:15] knightr: iamlindoro, OK, thanks...
[01:20:43] knightr: iamlindoro, do I need to reupload on track or can I apply directly once I have changed these things?
[01:20:50] knightr: s/track/trac
[01:20:56] iamlindoro: knightr, Since we talked about a bunch, mind letting me get one more look at it?
[01:21:06] iamlindoro: I'll read it right away
[01:21:20] knightr: iamlindoro, np, doing it ASAP...
[01:21:26] knightr: iamlindoro, thanks!
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[01:21:38] iamlindoro: np, thank you for looking at it
[01:23:08] iamlindoro: markk, Very cool/nice/friendly improvements to picture settings, thanks so much for doing that
[01:34:02] knightr: iamlindoro, new version is there under the same name, just ping me if you want further modifications or if it's OK to commit. Thanks!
[01:35:51] iamlindoro: knightr, Looks great, I shoudl have been more clear, if you want to fix where I miscapitalized "Weather Plugin" in that Arclight string, feel free
[01:35:58] iamlindoro: otherwise I am happy to
[01:36:11] iamlindoro: I capitalized it in that original string and it shouldn't be
[01:37:31] knightr: iamlindoro, OK, np... I'll change it. Do I need to reupload one last time so that Trac has the latest version or are you OK with making that one last modification and committing it directly?
[01:37:43] iamlindoro: nah, go ahead and commit, thank you for sharing it with me in advance
[01:38:17] knightr: iamlindoro, BTW, If I see Weather Plugin in another theme (derived from Arclight, I can change it too?).
[01:38:29] knightr: s/I can/can I
[01:38:34] iamlindoro: sure... what theme derives from Arclight?  :)
[01:38:53] Beirdo: I'm sure there's a pile of unpublished ones that do by now :)
[01:39:03] iamlindoro: I'll just flatter myself that my help text was too awesome not to borrow :)
[01:39:08] knightr: iamlindoro, :) The themes which had the same strings as Arclight... :)
[01:39:40] knightr: iamlindoro, Thank, I'll do it in a few minutes. Thank you for your time!
[01:39:45] iamlindoro: knightr, heh, so shoulId just be surprised by the commit? I was very proud of myself for including little walkthroughs in all the settings screens
[01:40:01] iamlindoro: I'll just wait and see :)
[01:41:33] knightr: iamlindoro, if you mean for the themes which seem to derive (at least partially) from Arclight, looks like Childish does (at least based on the strings it contains...)
[01:41:59] iamlindoro: knightr, Yeah, that's what I mean... I'm not offended by it, more surprised I hadn't noticed :)
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[01:43:50] markk: iamlindoro: thanks
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[01:44:29] iamlindoro: jpabq, re: #9284, the only changes I can think of in the last cycle that might be remotely related are the tuning ones-- any idea on this one?
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[01:51:06] Beirdo: there were ringbuffer changes too, not sure if they are related either
[01:51:52] iamlindoro: It doesn't seem like they would be, since the issue is that it tunes, fails, and then retunes, and fails again
[01:51:55] Beirdo: firewire's not one of the test cases I can help with, unfortunately
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[01:52:21] Beirdo: yeah, it did seem that way, but there's sometimes hidden causes to odd bugs :)
[01:53:16] Beirdo: hopefully someone with the appropriate equipment can help run that one down
[01:53:24] iamlindoro: I guess... but hearing galloping and thinking zebras is rarely right ;)
[01:53:44] iamlindoro: Seems prudent to start with the most likely thing, given it's a tuning issue and those were the only tuning changes
[01:53:51] Beirdo: heh, true, unless you are in the serengetti (sp?) which we likely aren't
[01:54:08] Beirdo: yeah
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[02:00:57] iamlindoro: knightr, Nice fixes, thank you for doing that
[02:05:16] knightr: iamlindoro, thank you and and you for taking the time to check them! I guess I better find myself other things to commit because I'm beginning to forget to send a "closes" or "refs" command to Trac in the commit... (I had to close the tickey manually and refer to the changeset, arghh...)
[02:05:47] iamlindoro: I'm sure nobody will complain if you find more things to fix ;)
[02:06:37] Beirdo: no fixing things! :) oh wait.
[02:07:28] knightr: iamlindoro, I guess not... I already have another one I noticed (and I still have a few I hadn't applied before the freeze I think)... It's will be code fixes this time so I'll have to get somebody's OK too next time...
[02:07:50] knightr: s/it's/it
[02:08:24] knightr: (translation issues though I can't seem to find where some of them are used...)
[02:10:12] knightr: BTW, looks like Childish borrow from Arclight but not everywhere, it's weird (or maybe you added some of these after he made his theme, I'm not sure...)
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[02:10:51] knightr: (I would have to check the differences and the date they were committed in more detail to know for sure...)
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[02:17:24] Beirdo: iamlindoro: for your reference:
[02:17:37] Beirdo: I hope to continue testing tomorrow
[02:18:19] Beirdo: stupid cold's really messing with my energy level... getting sick sucketh
[02:19:09] Beirdo: let me know if I have misrepresented maintainers anywhere if you notice, or feel free to tweak
[02:20:01] iamlindoro: looks about right to me
[02:20:30] Beirdo: of course, there's also the list of all the OLD myth_system uses that should probably be verified too. Sigh
[02:20:34] Beirdo: :)
[02:21:28] Beirdo: fairly sure they will be fine, but I guess to be sure, I could go get them all listed and checked off too
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[02:55:01] ** iamlindoro publicly apologizes for besmirching jpabq's good name when the tuning issue was caused by the user "fixing" MythTv ;) **
[02:55:22] Beirdo: oh. hehe
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[02:57:15] Beirdo: not sure how duplicating the ID would cause that symptom, but good to see it's working
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[05:51:44] Beirdo: markk: you there?
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[06:30:13] xris: anyone have thoughts on the name for the webmaster@ email list? was thinking something like info@ might even work
[06:34:12] iamlindoro: pr, publicrelations, outreach, community, contact
[06:34:24] iamlindoro: (feel free to take or leave any of those, just throwing out words :) )
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[06:51:51] xris: heh
[06:51:55] xris: yeah, that's my problem, too
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[07:24:48] kormoc: DarkLordOf@
[07:34:09] xris: heh
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[07:41:49] ** xris ponders which email address to use for the web list... **
[07:41:57] xris: (for myself, that is)
[07:42:00] xris: too many email addresses
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[09:01:22] markk: Beirdo: ??
[09:06:20] Beirdo: Oh, I was wondering if you were around as your quit message triggered a bug in beirdobot, but I've fixed it since.
[09:06:25] Beirdo: sorry to disturb
[09:07:08] Beirdo: it set "lastseen" to current time in every channel you had ever been in, rather than only in channels you were currently in
[09:07:11] Beirdo: oops
[09:08:53] stuarta: danielk22: yeah that was me. dunno if it was a good idea or not! :)
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[11:05:04] psycodad: hello, I have installed the mythvideo plugin on some frontends and now they all want to upgrade the DB-schema on the backend upon starting. I have seen this yet only if i try to connect with a newer client (i.e. 0.22) to an older backend (i.e. 0.21). I am bit scared from saying yes. Is this normal when installing new plugins in 0.23
[11:05:47] laga: psycodad: #mythtv-users
[11:06:55] psycodad: merde... sorry.
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[16:32:28] jannau: j-rod|afk: sigh, do you know why libcrystalhd memcpies everything?
[16:33:36] jannau: ah, it's not important now. happy thanksgiving
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[17:10:36] superm1: could someone look at potentially merging the patch that was added for zoneminder a couple of months ago ? Gibby_away wanted to get it pulled into ubuntu builds since they're affected and have to rebuild fixes with it manually, but it seems like something that's fairly harmless and should be pulled in upstream
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[17:39:04] stuartm: danielk22: doesn't merit some comments in the code about what values have been tried and why the current value was chosen?
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[17:55:49] danielk22: stuartm: I just started with 1MB and kept halving it until it failed to play my test stream, then I doubled it again. It turned out to be double the current value, but that is a coincidence. But really no value is the 'right' value, and the value that works in 99% of cases seems to change on every other ffmpeg sync.
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[18:12:35] iamlindoro: superm1, He's been told that the patch isn't correct
[18:13:06] iamlindoro: it was evaluated at that time and I believe the final decision about it was that it was trying to use a palette that doesn't actually even exist
[18:13:22] iamlindoro: He asked about it a few weeks ago and we told him the same-- I see he's playing all the angles
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[19:00:29] Beirdo: should get paul-h to take a look at it one final time and make the final-final ruling :)
[19:01:00] Beirdo: and if it's to ditch it, it should get closed, but the final patch I see there shouldn't theoretically break things for others anymore
[19:05:08] Beirdo: wonder if I shouldn't setup a camera out the window for the heck of it
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[19:16:03] Beirdo: oooh. #6330 is closed. I guess I can delete that local branch now.
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[19:36:14] stuartm: my streaming encrypted dvd hack isn't working, but it's probably just because of a stupid error on my part, I feel sure this should work :/
[19:41:30] Beirdo: maybe you need a break or something?
[19:41:38] Beirdo: that helps me sometimes.
[19:41:43] robert____ (robert____! has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[19:48:48] stuartm: throwing some additional debugging at it
[19:50:12] Beirdo: that's another option
[19:50:14] Beirdo: :)
[19:54:14] Kunalagon (Kunalagon!~Kunalagon@ has joined #mythtv
[20:08:51] ** xris twiddles thumbs waiting for hdhomerun announcement **
[20:09:12] iamlindoro: Heh, you've got two weeks, you'll wear them down to nubs
[20:09:57] xris: facebook says black friday deals + prime announcement coming soon
[20:10:12] iamlindoro: They sent an e-mail re: prime last night
[20:10:25] iamlindoro: saying that they would announce pre-order deals/dates in two weeks, and the price will be $249
[20:10:37] iamlindoro: and they have the Dual tuner HDHR on sale at newegg for $79
[20:10:56] iamlindoro: and that RTM is in two weeks too
[20:16:32] stuartm: ok, I'm stuck this isn't going to be as easy as I hoped
[20:16:53] xris: ah.. so announcement via email but not on fb
[20:17:02] xris: figured the fb one might be something additional
[20:17:06] xris: but they just forgot
[20:19:31] Kunalagon (Kunalagon!~Kunalagon@ has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[20:19:39] Kunalagon (Kunalagon!~Kunalagon@ has joined #mythtv
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[21:15:19] Beakster (Beakster! has joined #mythtv
[21:15:23] Beakster: hello
[21:20:41] ** xris points at the topic **
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[21:38:25] kormoc is now known as kormoc_afk
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[23:13:50] iamlindoro: !seen rmeden
[23:13:50] MythLogBot: rmeden was last seen 1 day 16 hours 52 minutes 59 seconds ago
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[23:14:43] stuartm: heh, ah well
[23:24:52] PointyPumper (PointyPumper!~pintlezz@ has joined #mythtv
[23:25:47] acidfreeze (acidfreeze! has joined #mythtv
[23:26:00] acidfreeze: is this the right channel for mythweb support?
[23:27:59] acidfreeze: im not sure why when i schedule it is not working.. and i get file not found when i try to go to the recordings
[23:29:23] acidfreeze: the /pl folder doesnt exist if that helps
[23:33:01] markk: danielk22, iamlindoro, Captain_Murdoch: any reason why the dvd/bd ringbuffer shouldn't go in asap? (obviously after some testing?)
[23:33:18] markk: we can add the extras in the ticket later
[23:33:48] acidfreeze: its looking for the recorded programs under .... which doesnt exist
[23:34:03] acidfreeze: what im not sure where to configure that
[23:34:31] iamlindoro: markk, the sooner the better, it is just going to get more complicated as I try to podge my way through the next bit of Blu-ray code
[23:34:40] Captain_Murdoch: markk, I'd defer to the two others because I'm not too familiar with the BD/DVD specific code.
[23:34:48] iamlindoro: acidfreeze, You want #mythtv-users, see topic
[23:34:59] acidfreeze: k thanks
[23:35:00] iamlindoro: I only read the Blu-ray portions this morning, but from what I saw there was little risk there
[23:35:45] iamlindoro: and I'm sure nothing we couldn't fix up with months to go before next release, if something was broken I'd see it fairly quickly
[23:36:22] ** iamlindoro has to go to Thanksgiving dinner now :) **
[23:54:37] dekarl (dekarl! has joined #mythtv
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