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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010, 00:02 UTC
[00:02:05] markk: elmojo: not sure what you intend to do with the frame rate change clip – but it would be nice to figure out why the frame rate change isn't detected
[00:06:49] elmojo: markk: I was hoping you knew :)
[00:07:47] elmojo: I'm going to look at adding frame rate detection using timecodes between frames
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[00:10:22] markk: elmojo: I've never really looked at mpeg2 specs etc – so I have no idea what is meant to happen. might be worth digging in AvFormatDecoder::MpegPreProcessPkt to see if we pick up any change at all
[00:11:38] elmojo: ok, I'm hoping to get a chance soon
[00:12:52] jya: isn't the rate inside the ffmpeg AVpacket structure?
[00:14:12] Beirdo: I know that for MPEG2-PS, I shortcutted it, not detected, but I don't recall how I had it for -TS (which that clip is).
[00:14:26] Beirdo: if I didn't take it from the packets, I should have.
[00:14:53] Beirdo: but.. the packets might even be incorrect, maybe the timestamp is a better method?
[00:16:31] jya: how does mplayer play those?
[00:16:56] Beirdo: it detects a change. I didn't dig into their code
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[00:48:10] elmojo: we can use average frame rate for everything.... in addition we can store the frame rate and playback time for every keyframe in a position map so that when we seek we know exactly where we are with respect to time but that is quite invasive since everything currently is based around frame rates and frame numbers and not actual time
[00:50:08] elmojo: I think I'd rather keep the current scheme of frame rates and frame numbers and give up perfection
[00:53:32] markk: elmojo: maybe we could just flag up in the OSD that the time is estimated/may be wrong – i.e. if avg frame rate differs from actual current frame rate
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[02:08:01] jya: how do you do if to fix a bug in 0.24-fixes , the only way to do so is modify libmyth and the AudioOutput class with a public member?
[02:08:46] jya: is bumping the binary API version okay ?
[02:09:15] iamlindoro: IT seems like that should be fine, since it doesn't disrupt communication between dissimilar myth systems
[02:09:34] iamlindoro: ie, the library version only affects myth within that single system, and they would need to update the whole thing anyway
[02:10:29] jya: not touching the backend or the protocol version. Just that I need libmythtv calls a new API in libmyth
[02:10:54] jya: so only require to recompile mythtv and the plugins
[02:10:59] iamlindoro: yeah, that's what I'm saying-- since the changes are confined to the individual system, it should be fine IMO
[02:11:26] jya: I'm actually wonder how that things ever worked...
[02:12:07] jya: hum.. I see. so myth was always decoding the audio, and re-encoded it to AC3 in one go
[02:15:08] jya: if we were to tag 0.24.1, can we make change requiring new translations ?
[02:15:24] jya: would be a pity to have some new improvements only in 0.25
[02:15:57] jya: in particular, I'm referring to changeset r27318
[02:16:02] knightr: jya, it never stoppped anybody from doing it in the past...
[02:16:22] knightr: jya, if somebody submit a translation update against fixes I would commit it...
[02:16:42] jya: danielk was against a change prior to 0.24 because it would require a new translation.
[02:17:15] knightr: jya, because we were in string freeze and 0.24 hadn't been released I believe...
[02:17:19] jya: though we were in feature freeze
[02:17:23] jya: that's right
[02:18:21] knightr: jya, if somebody submits a translation update done correctly against 0.24 I'm willing to commit it and I'm pretty sure kenni would too...
[02:19:20] jya: ok.. that's good. Because many of the trouble reports I've seen are related to misunderstanding that LPCM setting, so dumbing it down seem like a good idea to me
[02:19:42] knightr: (correctly meaning 0.24 is used as the source of the strings or if it's from trunk the obsolete haven't been removed and marked as such...)
[02:19:59] jya: well, it's a backport
[02:20:04] knightr: s/obsolete/obosoletes...
[02:20:57] knightr: jya, not necessarily on the translation side of things though but if I get something done against 0.24 I'm willing to commit...
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[04:57:07] Suit_Of_Sables: can one capture directly to H.264 from US HDTV? Or is all HDTV in the states MPEG-2? :/
[04:57:27] sphery: Suit_Of_Sables: /topic (you want #mythtv-users )
[04:59:55] Suit_Of_Sables: sphery: Thank you, I apologize for my idiocy
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[06:06:57] elmojo: Beirdo: could you play the variable frame rate video with the following patch ->
[06:07:22] elmojo: this should fix the current time and duration for a recorded show
[06:08:35] elmojo: it doesn't affect the duration for livetv or in-progress recordings.
[06:09:33] elmojo: once livetv and in-progress recordings are dealt with we should be able to finally fix the long standing "duration is wrong" reports
[06:11:08] elmojo: livetv should be good so that just leaves in-progress recordings
[06:13:14] elmojo: cool all we need now is for the recorder class to just return the current recording time – the current start time and we should be good to go
[06:14:30] elmojo: markk: the above patch should take care of the OSD current time and duration issues except for in progress recordings (livetv should be fine)
[06:17:30] markk: elmojo: looks like there's other stuff in there – why would livetv be ok and in progress not?
[06:18:35] elmojo: markk: yeah sorry the patch had some extra cruft that I didn't remember was in there when I started
[06:19:43] elmojo: livetv just uses the actual current recording time and recording end time – but in progress recordings uses frames written divided by the fps
[06:20:57] elmojo: I'd like for the in progress to do the same – I don't see why it would pose a problem
[06:21:24] Beirdo: sure, I'll give that a shot
[06:21:54] elmojo: Beirdo: thanks
[06:27:21] elmojo: Beirdo: I'm not sure if it's necessary or not but we still might want to generate an accurate duration when producing the position map – only reason this would be necessary is if some recorders don't produce videos that FFmpeg can process correctly with regards to duration
[06:29:13] Beirdo: yeah, we'll see :)
[06:29:29] Beirdo: compiling
[06:29:54] elmojo: for the sample you are trying we should be fine
[06:35:05] Beirdo: OK, running
[06:35:17] Beirdo: any particular -v flags I should add?
[06:35:37] Beirdo: the total length looks right :)
[06:37:44] elmojo: Beirdo: it has a position map... right?
[06:37:55] elmojo: does it play to the end correctly?
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[06:38:47] Beirdo: let me skip to near the end, but it did before this
[06:39:24] elmojo: the changes should only be cosmetic
[06:40:01] Beirdo: right. I skipped forward to 49mn in
[06:40:09] Beirdo: let's let it play
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[06:40:31] elmojo: Beirdo: do you have any finished recordings that used to not have the correct duration?
[06:40:47] elmojo: like 1 hour shows with end times like 53 minutes
[06:41:08] Beirdo: not that I know of, but possibly buried in the pile
[06:41:26] elmojo: do you ever record ATSC or QAM?
[06:41:33] Beirdo: ATSC, yes
[06:41:44] Beirdo: both with HDHR and HVR2250
[06:41:58] elmojo: most prime time CBS, ABC, NBC all use repeat frames
[06:42:04] elmojo: so they are usually off
[06:42:15] elmojo: like The Office
[06:42:26] Beirdo: hmm, well, once this is over, I can check some CBS
[06:42:41] elmojo: with out the patch of course :)
[06:42:48] Beirdo: the NBC and ABC I record off DirecTV as the reception on my antenna is borked
[06:43:00] elmojo: ok
[06:43:09] elmojo: I'll catch back up in the morning
[06:43:33] Beirdo: sounds good
[06:51:01] Beirdo: elmojo: yup, plays to the end
[06:51:03] Beirdo: 2010-11–22 22:50:31.500 AFD: display timecode @ [00:59:56.700]
[06:51:14] Beirdo: with the -v playback spewing
[06:51:29] Beirdo: and the display says total length 59:57
[06:51:37] Beirdo: I think 300ms is close enough :)
[06:51:53] Beirdo: now to try a CBS recording
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[06:54:29] Beirdo: 59:55 with the patch
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[06:55:27] Beirdo: 57:34 without
[06:55:40] Beirdo: wow, I never really noticed, good catch
[06:55:53] Beirdo: the 5s short would likely be tuning delays
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[07:04:45] xris: wagnerrp: ping
[07:07:35] wagnerrp: yeah?
[07:09:04] xris: can you re-signup for jira with just username, not in the username?
[07:09:17] xris: I can't seem to edit the user.. plus I need someone to test the auth server integration
[07:11:31] wagnerrp: empty page
[07:12:56] xris: for?
[07:13:03] wagnerrp: all of jira
[07:13:20] Beirdo: odd.
[07:13:21] xris:
[07:13:34] wagnerrp: oh, not on 8080 any longer?
[07:13:51] xris: not for a long time
[07:13:56] xris: though it should still work
[07:15:45] wagnerrp: done
[07:16:23] xris: cool. it created the user.
[07:16:28] xris: but you still used an email address for the username
[07:16:36] wagnerrp: yes
[07:16:54] xris: just username. no @
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[07:17:29] wagnerrp: done
[07:17:55] xris: ok. I think I can at least edit your email address from here.
[07:19:01] xris: need a way to mass-create users.
[07:19:08] xris: but at least jira's creating users in crowd
[07:19:14] xris: hmm.. actually.. I'm not sure that's good
[07:19:21] xris: we have a 500 user license.
[07:19:30] xris: was really hoping to let jira manage some, and crowd manage others
[07:19:54] xris: oh well. if we choose to use it, and need more, I don't think there should be trouble to get more
[07:20:38] xris: lol. can't add you to fisheye yet. haven't scanned enough of the repo
[07:21:32] Beirdo: heh
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[07:32:30] Suit_Of_Sables: do any of you guys have small FF cases for your HTPC? looking for some suggestions. the possibility of an optical drive would be nice. Mostly looking for something not too pricey and purdy with good ventilation
[07:33:22] xris: Suit_Of_Sables: /topic
[07:34:04] Suit_Of_Sables: argh crap sorry, toggled into the wrong channel in irssi... why the hell did I leave it open :/ sorry
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[09:09:55] stuarta: is anyone else missing the commit messages for 27301–27309 ??
[09:10:35] stuarta: s/messages/emails
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[09:19:01] wagnerrp: yep
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[09:25:06] Beirdo: stuarta: the hooks were inadvertantly disabled for that time
[09:25:24] Beirdo: so it didn't mail em at all
[09:26:25] stuarta: okay. glad it's not just me. means my mailserver didn't break itself
[09:26:32] ** stuarta sighs with relief **
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[09:31:12] Beirdo: heh :)
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[09:34:57] stuarta: these things always happen when on holidays
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[09:36:44] Beirdo: yup, seems that way
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[16:48:26] elmojo: Beirdo: thanks for testing the patch... I'll work on cleaning it up and getting it checked-in
[16:49:11] elmojo: I also need to analyze the sample and find out why we don't change the frame interval when the fps changes
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[19:29:17] stuartm: sphery: that one is for you ;)
[19:42:16] Dave123-road (Dave123-road!~dave@ has joined #mythtv
[19:42:45] stuartm: ouch, seems I remembered the issues around auto-hiding the mouse cursor, danielk did have a valid concern
[19:42:57] stuartm: crap
[19:57:40] stuarta: ah well, shit happens
[19:58:34] stuartm: restored the setting but it's changed to be an override instead of the normal behaviour
[19:59:48] stuartm: so much for a 5-minute feature :)
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[20:38:03] sphery: stuartm: Heh, I'm assuming you mean an e-mail? If so, I hope I get it soon. I had a very bad HDD crash on my mail server. I'm currently finishing up the rebuild--hoping to finish before the 48hrs most mail servers are set to keep trying before fail.
[20:39:25] sphery: and, FWIW, xris or whoever might be seeing the list bounces if the list is starting to fail on my missing mail server, I apologize for the mess during the cleanup.
[20:45:57] xris: dunno
[20:52:43] stoffel (stoffel!~quassel@ has joined #mythtv
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[21:10:27] duerF (duerF! has joined #mythtv
[21:17:15] stuartm: sphery: commit which remove a setting, but unfortunately it's followed by a second commit which re-adds that same setting :(
[21:18:37] tris (tris!~tristan@CAMEL.ETHEREAL.NET) has joined #mythtv
[21:22:28] sphery: heh, oh, well it's the thought that counts.
[21:29:40] stuartm: seemed like an easy win, until I re-read the comments surrounding the proposal and realised that Daniel had picked up on an obvious flaw :(
[21:30:55] stuartm: all the other objections were based on a misunderstanding of what was being proposed, but the touchscreen scenario is not only valid it's one I've spent a lot of time working towards
[21:39:39] jannau:
[21:50:49] stuarta: \o/
[21:51:25] superm1: ooh purdy
[21:54:14] AriX (AriX! has joined #mythtv
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[22:27:34] xris: jannau: might want to mention that it's still in testing phase
[22:28:01] Beirdo: please :) before people clone and then say "hey!" when it gets force-pushed :)
[22:30:58] sphery (sphery! has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
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[22:38:37] ** jannau has added a note to git repo page and expects it to be overlooked **
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[22:39:59] sphery (sphery! has joined #mythtv
[22:40:15] stuartm: 'force-pushed'? isn't that an ability you earn when playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic?
[22:40:56] sphery (sphery! has quit (Client Quit)
[22:41:03] superm1: jannau, is it setup to automatically update when an update is pushed to svn too at this point, or just a manual type thing until the switchover?
[22:41:18] stuartm: it's going to take a while before I understand what anyone is talking about wrt to Git, it seems to have it's own associated language
[22:41:37] ** iamlindoro waves his hand at stuartm. This isn't the repository you're looking for. **
[22:41:59] stuartm: iamlindoro: I'll move along then
[22:42:13] iamlindoro: heh
[22:43:57] superm1: stuartm,
[22:44:03] superm1: that should hit on the big confusing things
[22:44:29] sphery (sphery! has joined #mythtv
[22:48:06] jannau: superm1: it's not (yet) automatically updated
[22:50:50] j-rod is now known as j-rod|afk
[22:50:53] stuartm: superm1: thanks, after that War & Peace doesn't seem so intimidating
[22:51:15] iamlindoro: Git: It's simple, just like neurosurgery.
[22:51:27] dashcloud (dashcloud!~quassel@ has joined #mythtv
[22:58:33] Beirdo: ummm
[22:58:52] Beirdo: the plan is... once we are ready to switch to git, no more updates go to svn
[22:58:58] Beirdo: just not ready yet
[23:12:05] superm1: Beirdo, how would you feel if we moved our debian packaging to a mergable branch with the packaging under packaging/debian? then if someone wanted to make debs, they could in theory just ln -s packaging/debian debian; dpkg-buildpackage to get debs
[23:12:23] superm1: and you guys could just service merge requests when we had them then for packaging updates
[23:12:55] Beirdo: I personally like the idea, not sure how others feel. I think we already have rpm packaging stuff in there
[23:13:30] superm1: it would be a bit of a different model from how we operate right now, but we have to switch models anyway since autobuilds has to be redone to do stuff with git checkouts
[23:22:44] xris: superm1: that's why I created that subtree
[23:23:16] xris: isaac wanted the osx/win stuff out of the mythtv subtree, and I wanted semi-official rpm stuff
[23:23:26] Gibby is now known as Gibby_away
[23:24:27] superm1: xris, well as long you guys could commit to regularly merge our packaging stuff i think that could certainly work then
[23:25:14] xris: or just give you access to push
[23:25:43] superm1: that could work too
[23:25:57] Beirdo: once we are using github, a pull request would be simple enough
[23:31:20] xris: too bad I think jannau went to sleep
[23:31:24] mrand: stuartm: if you click on the follow-up at the bottom of that email, you get "War & Peace, Decoded."
[23:31:29] jannau: xris: not yet
[23:31:37] xris: ah
[23:31:45] xris: so how close do you think we are to enabling github?
[23:33:11] jannau: how close is everything else? I still need to verify the old branches
[23:33:45] jannau: I have to update .gitignore files and the version stuff
[23:34:18] Beirdo: jannau: I guess you already have .gitignores? I have a set if you are need of them
[23:35:50] jannau: I need to update them
[23:35:56] Beirdo: K
[23:36:58] jannau: bah, I need to fix the tags
[23:37:46] jannau: the tags are pointing to the actual tag commit which is stupid in git
[23:38:20] Beirdo: I noticed the branches were renamed too. Interesting :)
[23:38:34] xris: yeah, that link I PMd you earlier might be better
[23:38:46] xris: don't you need to check out the branch and then tag it?
[23:40:50] jannau: I though the new names are easier to parse then the old ones
[23:41:40] Beirdo: aye. Not complaining, just noticing
[23:54:08] dekarl1 (dekarl1! has joined #mythtv
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