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Sunday, November 21st, 2010, 00:02 UTC
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[00:11:16] kormoc: is the svn->git import threaded?
[00:16:27] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch: afaik it's not been removed
[00:17:43] stuartm: jannau: no objections to enabling symbol visibility by default? aka hiding symbols by default?
[00:19:29] Beirdo: kormoc: not sure
[00:20:54] kormoc: I'm confused at the talk of re-doing the import again
[00:21:18] kormoc: if you have it right, just keep appending to it before we swap over? Doesn't seem like we need to take it down for 8 hours?
[00:21:56] Beirdo: that's what I was thinking too. Not sure the precise details here.
[00:22:35] Beirdo: I think the last import is to get it linking to the svn repository remotely so any links to the svn will point there properly, but I'm not sure.
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[01:46:49] Beirdo: stuartm: you happen to be in?
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[04:18:39] Beirdo: OK, who wants #9109 next? :)
[04:19:06] Beirdo: the problem with his recording: it is 29.97fps in commercials, and 23.976fps in the show
[04:19:38] Beirdo: and we calculate the frame->time info based on the framerate at the beginning of the file, it seems... which is 29.97fps
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[05:00:50] elmojo: Beirdo: what is the duration that ffmpeg -i gives for that video?
[05:02:27] Beirdo: one sec
[05:02:47] elmojo: and what is MythTV giving for duration?
[05:02:47] Beirdo: Input #0, mpegts, from '1020_20101101010000.mpg': Duration: 00:59:57.31, start: 54655.404944, bitrate: 3895 kb/s
[05:02:55] Beirdo: and mythtv says 49:33
[05:02:58] elmojo: nice
[05:03:16] elmojo: ffmpeg must look at the start and end timestamps
[05:03:24] Beirdo: I've never seen a broadcaster using film rate like that, but there we are
[05:03:46] elmojo: the reality is that not only is the duration wrong but playback doesn't work properly either
[05:03:51] Beirdo: I figured I'd let you have a crack at it
[05:04:00] elmojo: because it will try to display the 24 fps section at 30 fps
[05:04:10] elmojo: the av-sync code will help compensate though
[05:04:12] Beirdo: well, it works fine if you just let it play, the displayed time slows down
[05:04:20] Beirdo: or seems to
[05:04:27] elmojo: it's a fundamental issue and will take a good bit of rework
[05:04:29] Beirdo: but yeah, not ideal by far :)
[05:04:33] Beirdo: agreed
[05:04:53] Beirdo: we need to fix it *some* time, just don't know where it fits into priorities and all
[05:05:05] elmojo: the problem is that the player was written when repeated frames and variable frame rate wasn't encountered
[05:05:11] Beirdo: yeah
[05:07:43] Beirdo: not sure if there's much else we can do without an overhaul
[05:07:49] markk: elmojo: but presumably the fps change will be handled by the player
[05:08:15] elmojo: I don't think it does
[05:08:29] markk: MythPlayer::SetVideoParams
[05:08:47] Beirdo: you're welcome to the entire recording he sent me if you want the DVD-R :)
[05:08:47] elmojo: oh yeah... should be a stream change then
[05:08:48] markk: should be called by the decoder
[05:09:35] elmojo: so really we just need to get the duration from ffmpeg and not calculate it ourselves
[05:09:48] Beirdo: that would be a stop-gap
[05:10:08] markk: well – presumably there are other complications around seek times, OSD displayed times etc
[05:10:15] Beirdo: but that won't necessarily fix all of it (like the "current time" part in the OSD)
[05:10:19] Beirdo: yeah
[05:11:08] elmojo: ffmpeg also provides the avg frame rate of the video which can be used for seek calculations and display time
[05:11:28] elmojo: Beirdo: could you paste the entire ffmpeg -i?
[05:11:33] Beirdo: sure
[05:12:13] Beirdo:
[05:12:53] elmojo: that's a really old ffmpeg version
[05:13:02] elmojo: the svn version should show the avg frame rate
[05:13:06] Beirdo: avg frame rate would get us close, but not perfect
[05:13:08] Beirdo: oooh
[05:13:09] Beirdo: one sec
[05:14:18] elmojo: Beirdo: you can't be perfect unless you read the entire file.... so for recordings we could probably get accurate numbers but for videos withou position maps we need to use ffmpeg
[05:14:42] Beirdo: yeah.
[05:14:52] Beirdo: or scan em, which is time-consuming
[05:16:35] Beirdo:
[05:16:45] Beirdo: that's using ffmpeg as snapshotted in myth
[05:18:15] Beirdo: using libmythavcodec, etc
[05:18:18] elmojo: heh, 24.23 fps... I wonder how close that is
[05:18:25] markk: it would be good to flag the fps changes in the markup table. at least then we'd have something to start working with. (somebody will probably now point out that we already do it!)
[05:18:53] Beirdo: heh, as far as I know, it des
[05:18:55] Beirdo: does
[05:19:05] elmojo: do you know the total number of frames for the video?
[05:19:11] Beirdo: I added that mid-way through the 0.24 cycle
[05:19:15] Beirdo: one sec
[05:19:44] Beirdo: last mark in the rebuilt seektable is at 89115
[05:20:02] Beirdo: so within 15 of that
[05:20:08] elmojo: markk: the flagger could also count the frames at the different rates and store an accurate duration, total frame count and average frame rate
[05:20:25] elmojo: those three should be all that's needed to get seek and display correct
[05:21:07] Beirdo: right now, it will mark (AFAIK) every time it detects a new framerate, and the corresponding frame number
[05:21:27] Beirdo: we should be able to build a decent map from that, as long as it's actually detecting :)
[05:21:43] markk: elmojo: yes – exactly what I was thinking
[05:22:20] Beirdo: well, I know this is in good hands anyways :)
[05:22:23] Beirdo: hehe
[05:22:29] elmojo: markk: with no position map I think ffmpeg has good numbers to use as well
[05:25:41] Beirdo: just so happens I built that mythtv-specific ffmpeg earlier today. I want to use it for nuvexport.
[05:25:58] Beirdo: need to get it building by default, and installing as mythffmpeg
[05:26:34] Beirdo: then got distracted by tickets ;)
[05:27:58] elmojo: so ffmpeg says 24.23 when it's closer to 24.75 in actuality ... but it's a much better using 29.97 for everything
[05:28:33] Beirdo: yeah.
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[05:31:37] elmojo: markk: I haven't dealt with stream changes before – if you seek from a 30 fps section to a 24 fps section does the stream change get handled or do you have to play through the point where it changes?
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[05:42:20] markk: elmojo: should just get handled – once the seek has finished
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[05:44:10] elmojo: ok, I'll have to think more about this problem... unfortunately we have many wrinkles when it come to handling timestamps, frame rates, repeats, etc plus the fact that some containers just plain suck (ie. AVI, MP4)
[05:45:30] elmojo: I wish I could rely more on timecodes.... but you can have discontinuities in some containers (MPEG-TS being one of them)
[05:45:45] markk: yup – handling it properly will add a layer of complexity to a few areas
[05:46:34] elmojo: I'd like to find a compromise between simplicity, accuracy and reliability
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[06:45:15] xris: sphery / stuartm: it appears that the video player doesn't listen to alternate bindings for ESCAPE
[06:46:11] xris: everything else seems good. responds to both ESC and Backspace when they're mapped to ESCAPE
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[11:17:21] stuartm: xris: can you file a bug for that last one? It's pretty strange since the code only looks at actions, not the bindings but clearly something is wrong
[11:18:29] stuartm: xris: and check the keybindings table to be sure that you haven't got ESCAPE defined twice, once in the TV Playback context or something
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[12:41:28] markk: jannau:: any objections to me backporting the SSA patches from ffmpeg?
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[12:55:28] jannau: markk: for trunk? I'm planning to do a sync beginning of december
[12:56:35] markk: jannau: cool – it can wait until then. thanks (yes – trunk)
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[14:28:01] markk: skd5aner: sorry for not getting back to you the other day. GLSL is not used in 0.24 and still isn't enabled in trunk – so probably not much point in tracking changes to it until it's fully functional. The GLSL version string just sets the version that the GLSL compiler in the driver should use and shouldn't really be a userspace issue (unless broken)
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[16:27:44] skd5aner: markk: np, I'm actually already tracking changes for 0.25
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[18:31:40] xris: stuartm: it looks like default TV Playback usage of Backspace is "clear OSD"
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[18:40:49] stuartm: ok, missed that mapping, but at least it's just a mapping problem and not a bug
[18:41:28] stuartm: it's odd though, ESCAPE clears the OSD, why do we need a secondary binding to do the same thing?
[18:51:15] Captain_Murdoch: probably because someone didn't want to accidentilly hit ESC twice and back out of playback when attempting to clear the OSD.
[18:53:24] jannau: or hitting it once shortly after the osd time out and exiting playback
[19:08:09] Captain_Murdoch: been there, done that. :(
[19:10:26] xris: stuartm: there also seems to be a BACK action for TV.. not sure if I set it to backspace, but it is.
[19:10:47] xris: anyway, prepping for my son's first birthday.. afk a ton today.
[19:11:12] xris: oh.. got Crowd up and running for auth for jira and fisheye. could a few of you test signing up via jira?
[19:11:59] stuartm: the back action for TV is only used for DVDs
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[19:15:34] stuartm: there are no keys bound to it by default
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[19:59:01] xris: ok.. that was me adding it, then
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[21:24:28] stuartm: I _really_ like what the BBC have done with iplayer, you can now seek to any position instantly that's something I've not seen with any other flash based video
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[21:39:00] xris: youtube does that
[21:39:05] xris: in html5 and flash.
[21:39:14] xris: well, as instantly as bandwidth allows
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[21:49:58] stuartm: xris: for me youtube etc have all had a significant, especially when jumping right to the end of the video from the start and it's not uncommon for it to just time out, and the same used to be true of iplayer but they changed something because I'm not exaggerating when I say it was instant
[21:50:15] stuartm: er, that should be "significant delay"
[21:51:17] clever: stuartm: ive noticed that youtube tends to save the video to /tmp/Flashsomething, and i can get much better performance by pausing it, waiting for it to dl, and then just loading mplayer
[21:51:48] clever: myth could do the same if you have some way to force flash to pause
[21:52:48] stuartm: clever: waiting for it to entirely download just to play it wouldn't be an improvement
[21:53:15] clever: thats mostly due to mplayer completely exiting at EOF
[21:53:25] clever: using the ffmpeg libs, you could improve that
[21:53:58] stuartm: if you don't get the entire file then you can't really improve the seeking behaviour
[21:54:07] clever: mythfrontend has similar problems when playing an un-finished recording, EOF == exit!, even if the file isnt done
[21:54:26] clever: yeah, you still cant seek past the end
[21:54:37] clever: i'm thinking more for general reduction in the playback cpu usage
[21:55:48] stuartm: my interest in this has nothing to do with watching flash through MythTV, my cable STB has the same iplayer content available and does a much better job
[21:56:05] stuartm: I am interested in the possible implications for mythweb streaming
[21:56:11] clever: hell, this one video eats 100% of a core on fullscreen, yet bearly registers in mplayer
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[21:56:46] stuartm: flash is crap, that's nothing new :)
[21:57:00] clever: yep
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[21:57:15] clever: could really fix this for the flash plugins on mythfrontend
[21:58:37] xris: clever: flash playback has been broken for me for ages.. I need to make some time to fix it.. but we really just need to fix it and get encoding moved internally
[21:59:00] stuartm: doubtful, most of the decent sources of video use DRM, you have to use the flash player to view them and discarding flash breaks the ability to seek to arbitrary points in any video without having the full file
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[21:59:10] clever: xris: the only mythweb flash problem ive encountered, was that the script cant handle nuv files
[22:00:06] clever: ffmpeg cant handle it, but mplayer could, so i just used mencoder to convert it to raw audio/video on a fifo.avi, which ffmpeg then turned to flv
[22:00:18] clever: but doing it within mythtranscode seems much more sane
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[22:19:10] xris: clever: on my system something prevents the streaming from working at all. maybe just a config problem
[22:19:17] xris: sad when the author can't get things running.  ;)
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