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Saturday, November 20th, 2010, 00:13 UTC
[00:13:44] iamlindoro: Well, backend is scanning videos... it's just not the prettiest thing in the world
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[04:48:52] ** xris ponders dump/reload of our svn repo **
[04:56:03] Beirdo: may be a good plan, but I think you'd want to backup first, and disable access :)
[04:56:17] xris: kormoc_afk gave me a good plan of attack earlier
[04:56:21] xris: can dump/reload from specific points...
[04:56:45] xris: so dump, make note of revision, load into new.. then disable the old and dump/load the couple of new commits.
[04:56:48] xris: since load takes a LONG time
[04:57:18] Beirdo: ahh
[04:58:24] xris: loading new repo now
[04:58:43] xris: maybe this will help with some of the merge problems
[04:59:18] Beirdo: you could take down the ssh access while flipping repos potentially
[04:59:23] Beirdo: dunno if it will help
[04:59:43] superm1: does this mean that svn update won't work anymore and people will need to do fresh checkouts too?
[05:00:01] Beirdo: no, don't think so
[05:00:19] xris: I think there will be benefits to a new checkout, but it shouldn't be required
[05:00:36] xris: when I tried it on a copy of the repo, it went from 1.4G to 850M
[05:00:49] xris: so local checkouts should also get some size benefits
[05:01:01] Beirdo: might, yeah
[05:01:15] xris: and maybe speed
[05:01:27] Beirdo: that would be nice
[05:01:39] xris: though I guess there's a "pack" command that I never tried running
[05:02:05] xris: oh, pack is 1.6
[05:02:08] xris: so can't do that on the server
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[06:12:18] xris: ok, svn library rebuilt
[06:14:40] xris: rebuilding trac index, too, just in case
[06:19:13] Beirdo: ahhh
[06:19:21] Beirdo: that's what is going on :)
[06:19:57] xris: only another 25000 commits. heh
[06:20:00] Beirdo: heh
[06:20:03] xris: thought it would background, too.. but no.
[06:20:11] Beirdo: went to look at the timeline... no commits. :)
[06:20:33] xris: only 3k or so left (and any new branches) in the git-svn migration
[06:20:37] xris: heh
[06:23:59] Beirdo: I went to commit, and your commit bumped it from where I was expecting
[06:24:02] Beirdo: heh
[06:24:23] xris: my "test" commit. heh
[06:24:32] xris: just happened I had a couple of changes sitting in my repo
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[06:46:24] ** Beirdo waits for his commits to hit janne's git repo :) **
[06:46:59] Beirdo: think it's in need of human intervention
[06:49:10] jya: what's the original reason for having a different audio device setting between mythmusic and everything else? can't we just get rid of that setting?
[06:52:26] Beirdo: I'm sure there was some reason for it, but I dunno :)
[06:52:41] Beirdo: be nice to be able to simplify that, I'd think
[06:52:45] jya: Beirdo: re: svn, I reverted a change I made earlier, and use the svn merge -c -27250
[06:53:28] Beirdo: ah
[06:53:34] jya: there were lots of file with mergeinfo properties earlier, and the default behaviour of svn when applying a merge, is to move all sub-files mergeinfo to the root where the merge was applied
[06:54:21] jya: no files got actually changed, just the extra mergeinfo removed, but for some reasons, trac show the binary files as if they were actually modified
[06:54:22] Beirdo: it has never done so for me, but that would be what it should do
[06:54:24] jya: but they weren't
[06:54:27] Beirdo: yeah
[06:54:38] Beirdo: just svn spew for the sake of nothing
[06:54:43] Beirdo: stupid program ;)
[06:54:51] jya: usually, when reverting a change, I use an inverse diff
[06:55:05] jya: but this time I did it like what you're supposed to do, using the merge command...
[06:55:19] Beirdo: gotcha
[06:55:30] jya: as many merges have never been done properly before, it did some cleanup on the way
[06:55:45] jya: I hesitated for a while to commit the whole lot... then thought.. what the heck..
[06:55:59] Beirdo: was just curious why it did it then, and not on our forward merges with -c
[06:56:15] jya: because it was within trunk this time
[06:56:18] jya: not within a branch
[06:56:30] Beirdo: oooh
[06:57:23] Beirdo: that's the differentiating factor
[06:57:26] Beirdo: interesting
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[06:58:19] jya: yeah, most of the time people just apply an diff in inverse (patch -R) and then commit
[06:58:40] Beirdo: yeah
[06:58:43] jya: it's a bit annoying actually that svn use a publicly visible property to track all merge changes
[06:58:55] jya: it should be completely hidden to the user
[06:59:10] jya: so you don't have to look at those kind of weird change and think..
[06:59:12] jya: what the??
[06:59:30] jya: and even more weird, it remove some mergeinfo properties on files that didn't have one to start with
[06:59:37] Beirdo: heh
[06:59:42] jya: I thought it was a svn 1.6 vs 1.5 difference
[06:59:49] jya: so I tried with svn 1.5, and got the same result
[07:00:11] jya: so what it actually removed, I'm not sure.
[07:00:31] jya: ok... back to this damn hdmi audio stuff... what a mess that stuff is..
[07:00:50] jya: and of course no one noticed any issues for the 6 months the code has been in
[07:01:34] Beirdo: heh. Yeah
[07:01:49] Beirdo: my HDMI audio is working fine, but the TV does stereo only
[07:02:01] Beirdo: or so it says
[07:03:14] jya: problem is passthrough on some devices
[07:03:27] jya: and I got it wrong in my expression replacement
[07:03:31] Beirdo: ahh
[07:03:47] jya: and people are using ALSA:hw:0,0 etc
[07:03:59] jya: this format doesn't allow to have extra settings added
[07:04:39] jya: problem started when I followed the instruction of James Courtier-Dutton
[07:04:50] jya: those instructions turned out to be only okay for spdif output
[07:05:32] jya: have to go and get a nvidia GT220
[07:06:17] Beirdo: heh
[07:06:42] sphery: jya: Regarding the separate mythmusic audio device, see (specifically where it was taken out in [8864] and users whined :) That said, I'd be all for removing it.
[07:07:33] jya: "database is locked"... again..
[07:08:23] jya: 5 years ago ...
[07:13:03] xris: looking at trac
[07:13:31] jya: weird, since this morning, trac only shows me in timeline tickets
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[07:13:50] jya: no more svn changeset etc.. even though it's checked in the settings on the right
[07:16:05] xris: hmm.. no trac at all for me, despite restart
[07:16:56] xris: and now it's back/happier
[07:24:02] Beirdo: yup
[07:30:46] xris: new svn repo should be faster, too
[07:45:42] jya: has it been upgraded to 1.6?
[07:45:55] jya: I never really understood the technical reason behind sitcking with 1.5
[07:47:08] Beirdo: cascading upgrade chain IIRC
[07:48:09] Beirdo: including some things that had the potential of breaking the system. Which is why we are working on upgrading the system
[07:48:53] jya: so 1.6 is coming or we will have moved to git before then?
[07:49:14] Beirdo: for the read-only svn, I expect we will have 1.6
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[07:49:31] Beirdo: but for committing, I expect we'll be using git by then
[07:49:36] jya: just when 1.6 will make no difference with 1.5 , great :P
[07:49:54] jya: cool, timeline in trac shows me the svn changeset once again.. A bit capricious this trac
[07:51:34] jya: too bad it's so instable, I kind of like trac overall.. easy to use and nice looking interface
[07:53:55] Beirdo: I think tomorrow will be a fun day for me. I wanna get a pile of old mythgallery tickets closed if I can
[07:54:29] Beirdo: and now that I have a usable upnp client that will do all my HD content, I can even tweak the upnp stuff a bit more
[07:54:49] Beirdo: plus more myth_system testing
[07:54:56] Beirdo: it will be a joyous weekend
[07:55:46] Beirdo: but for now... sleep.
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[09:24:54] xris: Beirdo: full repo conversion after cleaning the repo, and limiting only to a specific set of branches.. 8.6 hours.
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[11:01:31] jya: xris: is that with git ?
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[14:34:27] stuartm: jya: might help if we upgraded the repo to 1.6?
[14:35:23] ** stuartm reads on and sees that it was already brought up **
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[16:23:40] j-rod: jannau: holy crap, that was fast for 700+ errors… :)
[16:24:21] j-rod: Beirdo: preview images for the past 5 recordings all look sane after adding your patch
[16:25:03] j-rod: mix of atsc 1080i mpeg2 recordings and pvr-250 mpeg2 recordings
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[16:27:52] BluesKaj: I've been searching google-linux for articles about ati tv-wonder-pro support on mythtv , but I'm finding a real mixed bag of info and it's confusing ..does mythtv support this card ?
[16:28:02] j-rod: wrong channel
[16:28:21] j-rod: need to ask in #mythtv-users or #linuxtv
[16:28:25] BluesKaj: ok , sorry
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[16:30:48] corretico: hi
[16:43:10] jannau: j-rod: mostly easy to fix whitespace ERRORS
[16:44:15] j-rod: I've become a huge fan of the indent script...
[16:44:29] j-rod: ran it over the entire lirc source tree
[16:44:39] j-rod: well, with linewraps at 120 instead of 80
[16:44:50] j-rod: result is that I can actually read the lirc source now
[16:45:29] j-rod: (which is both good and bad… ;)
[16:46:11] jannau: which one? scripts/cleanfile?
[16:46:30] jannau: crystalhd has still 1000 "line over 80 characters" warnings
[16:47:52] j-rod: scripts/Lindent, iirc
[16:48:10] j-rod: I actually ran indent directly, but using the params in there
[16:48:18] j-rod: w/ -l80 changed to -l120
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[16:49:56] jannau: ah, missed that due to the capital 'L'
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[19:52:04] iamlindoro: Do we just randomize the proto token on a proto bump?
[19:56:02] iamlindoro: I really, really hope we don't do #9267
[19:56:19] iamlindoro: Just mash some keys on the keyboard if you want your choice to be random
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[20:10:43] xris: thought we had that documented on the developers list
[20:12:03] iamlindoro: Not sure the developers list is my idea of documentation, but if you have any idea what thread that was in, I'll check it out
[20:13:02] iamlindoro: A search for "protocol token" yields nothing FWIW
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[20:19:11] xris: I think Captain_Murdoch is probably the one we need to talk to
[20:20:21] iamlindoro: found IRC discussion, it's just a random string
[20:20:33] iamlindoro: it was wagnerrp who wrote it
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[20:23:39] xris: interesting. and odd...
[20:23:44] xris: oh, I remember why.....
[20:23:58] xris: it was so clients couldn't fake one by just guessing incrementally
[20:24:18] xris: we *really* need a version-independent API for basic stuff.
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[20:34:32] Beirdo: aye
[20:34:40] Beirdo: j-rod: good to know :)
[20:36:44] xris: Beirdo: I just need to figure out how to convert remote branches into local ones.. and remote branches into local tags.. then I think we can get this thing scheduled
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[20:37:31] Beirdo: cooool
[20:37:34] dekarl1 (dekarl1! has joined #mythtv
[20:37:59] Beirdo: I think that's part of what svn2git did post git svn call
[20:38:25] xris: yeah
[20:38:32] xris: but svn2git can't restrict branches
[20:38:44] xris: and we need that because of all of the f'd up ones
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[20:39:06] stuartm: iamlindoro: just mash some keys on the keyboard if you want a ramdom protocol token ;)
[20:39:22] iamlindoro: stuartm, Heh, nah, I took great care choosing mine ;)
[20:40:43] Beirdo: xris: I meant you could look at their code as an example of how to do it :)
[20:40:44] stuartm: and no, I don't really like  – it clutters the bindings and code for what I'd imagine to be a very rarely used feature
[20:41:15] xris: jannau said he knows how to do it
[20:41:39] xris: and creating tags seemed to be as easy as checking out the branch and tagging. though I don't know how that would work if I then went and deleted the brenach
[20:41:40] stuartm: I mean just how frequently does anyone pick a video to watch or game to play at random? I know I never have
[20:41:45] iamlindoro: nor I
[20:42:26] xris: stuartm: probably for people who use tv as background noise.
[20:42:31] mrand (mrand!~mrand@ubuntu/member/mrand) has joined #mythtv
[20:43:48] Beirdo: well, tags and branches have their own sha, so I'd imagine it would take care of itself.
[20:44:18] xris: yeah. I just don't know how "remotes" work
[20:44:20] Beirdo: you might want to backup the git repo before messing with it in that way so you don't have to reimport though :)
[20:44:30] xris: yeah
[20:44:31] Beirdo: me neither. Hehe
[20:44:38] Beirdo: bet daveo could tell us
[20:44:46] xris: well, I'm reimporting from the master svn+ssh now, rather than a local copy
[20:44:54] xris: so I can actually sync it
[20:45:04] xris: he's cxreg here if you want to ping him.  :)
[20:45:05] Beirdo: right
[20:45:14] Beirdo: ahhh
[20:45:22] xris: takes over 8 hours to import from local repo
[20:45:29] Beirdo: I know I've seen that somewhere before in his info
[20:45:54] sphery: xris (and stuartm / iamlindoro ): IMHO, a proper implementation of tv as background noise would be a new, expanded implementation of playlist support--including randomization and dynamic playlists.
[20:46:07] sphery: not a RANDOM key :)
[20:46:12] xris: sphery: not saying the bug is a good idea. just maybe why someone would want it. heh
[20:46:17] xris: your idea *is* better
[20:46:32] stuartm: well I'm all for improvements to the playlist stuff, I don't use it but it's one thing that I feel we could do much better, especially in mythvideo
[20:46:46] Beirdo: it would be cool to say "play all (showX) in chronological order"
[20:46:51] sphery: yeah, that will be much easier once I start the recordedfile stuff
[20:47:03] sphery: the mythvideo playlist stuff, that is
[20:47:36] stuartm: mythvideo could lift the recordings playlist stuff to start with, the two UIs are totally inconsistent
[20:48:22] iamlindoro: if they are both using the same DB tables/classes for program information, we can write a base playlist widget
[20:48:43] sphery: +1... I say after the recordedfile schema stuff
[20:49:31] sphery: and though I'd never actually use it, I would like to have such playlists just so that users can't provide "background noise" as the one reason for Live TV over recordings
[20:50:02] skd5aner: personally... I don't want to ANY of my recordings to be used as "random background noise", I recorded them because I want to watch them
[20:50:33] skd5aner: but, as we speak, I have the Ohio State – Iowa game on right now, because i'm doing chores around the house, don't have time to watch something, but wanted something on as "background noise"
[20:51:09] skd5aner: a playlist (or random) wouldn't do me any good in this scenario
[20:52:19] skd5aner: better playlist support, for other reasons, is a great idea :)
[20:54:16] skd5aner: so... sphery, to your last comment there – sorry, but I don't buy it :) Live TV FTW in those circumstances... I mean, why not?! Even for people who aren't fans of Live TV at all, I would think could at least see that perspective
[20:54:25] stuartm: I stick on music when I want background noise, TV would keep demanding my attention because it's still a visual medium
[20:54:39] sphery: agreed, what's the point of visual background noise?
[20:54:41] skd5aner: stuartm: me too, most of the time
[20:55:19] skd5aner: sphery, stuartm: not saying it has to be the medium of choice for you, but that doesn't mean it's not for tens-of-millions of people with/without a DVR
[20:55:22] sphery: plus, IMHO, talking in the background is distracting, whereas music isn't so much
[20:56:37] skd5aner: Like I said... I like college football, so it's nice to have a random game on – doesn't mean I need to setup a recording rule and I'm not paying attention to it anyway. The teams I do want to record, I want to give my full attention to
[20:56:38] xris: sphery: btw, I was supposed to talk to you about how to consolidate "back" key event behavior
[20:56:58] sphery: but, yeah, either way, better playlists would be nice and the playlist idea probably maps better to the random key functionality the user submitted than the "play something I don't want to see, so not any of my recordings" idea of Live TV for background noise. The playlist thing will officially go on my todo, now.
[20:57:19] xris: seems like we still have places where back is hard-coded to the ESC sequence.. which is bad if you want to map that to the backspace key
[20:57:45] skd5aner: sphery: agreed, that makes sense – especially in "videos"
[20:58:13] skd5aner: I've got a lot of music videos that I've cut, so it'd be nice to say "play music videos" and let it pick randomly, etc
[20:58:44] sphery: xris: Yeah, if you notice cases where we're using it wrong, please let me know where. Also, I'll see about adding in support for the Qt-usable media keys (see )
[20:59:12] xris: sphery: got a logitech dinovo mini keyboard (awesome, btw).. the "back" functionality sends a backspace event
[20:59:16] skd5aner: I guess nothing you are saying prevents anyone from using live TV for the "background noise" scenario – hehe, I just get a kick out of the fact that there are a ton of users out there that enjoy it that way
[20:59:21] sphery: a user submitted a patch that did Volume Up/Volume Down, but we don't use the others by default
[20:59:28] xris: I don't just want to map ESC to backspace because ithen it'll prevent using backspace to type in the uI
[20:59:35] skd5aner: I turned PBS on the other day, and learned about a ton of stuff I would never of recorded :)
[20:59:37] stuartm: sphery: I have a patch that covers many of them
[21:00:01] stuartm: just needs cleaning up because it was part of a larger set of changes that are now unlikely to be committed
[21:00:02] ** skd5aner goes back to -users now **
[21:00:04] sphery: stuartm: cool, that's even easier :)
[21:00:22] sphery: well, for me, it's easier
[21:00:32] xris: sphery: but the recordings area and mythvideo could definitely use a standalone "go back" handler
[21:00:51] sphery: back to menu?
[21:01:02] skd5aner: xris: I've had that same keyboard for about 2 years now... it's handy
[21:01:10] stuartm: xris: if the 'back' key on your keyboard sends 'backspace' then there's nothing we can do in Myth to help
[21:01:26] xris: it works to map in the menu UI
[21:01:35] sphery: stuartm: I think he tried changing the BACK binding to use BackSpace instead of Esc
[21:01:59] skd5aner: xris: but to your point, the di novo's escape key is an alt- key... which is how I used it
[21:02:04] xris: the problem seems to be that recordings and mythvdeo just expect that the ESC binding be the same as "back"
[21:02:16] xris: skd5aner: I know. can't type it one-handed. it's annoying
[21:02:22] ** stuartm is very confused **
[21:02:25] skd5aner: yea, true
[21:02:49] xris: stuartm: if the main menu "back" binding could be extended to the navigation in mythvideo and "watch recordings", it'd work
[21:03:32] xris:
[21:03:55] stuartm: what do we expect 'BACK' to do in those contexts?
[21:04:38] stuartm: I didn't even realise we had a 'BACK' action, confused as to how it's different from 'ESCAPE'?
[21:04:55] sphery: xris: OK, I guess we have a global BACKSPACE (not BACK) keybinding and a global ESCAPE keybinding. Did you change ESCAPE to use the Backspace key and change BACKSPACE to use something else?
[21:05:53] stuartm: there is a 'BACK' action, it's in the TV Playback context, but it's described as relating to DVDs only
[21:06:05] skd5aner: stuartm: that was just added this release...
[21:06:50] skd5aner: I think he's referring to the fact that the di novo has a physical "back" key, and not a physical escape key... I don't recall what the "back" key sends, if it's a backspace or what, but it's not an escape by default
[21:06:54] sphery: stuartm: yeah, I was confused--BACK is one that Jim S submitted for DVD playback to go back to DVD menu instead of exit player (like ESCAPE does)--it's in [26089]
[21:06:56] stuartm: and fwiw, the "BACK" action seems redundant, we already have a dvd menu binding iirc
[21:07:49] sphery: BACK goes to menu if you're in DVD playback, but exits the player if you're in the DVD menu
[21:08:17] skd5aner: stuartm: I don't think there is a dvd menu binding (prior to "back")
[21:08:37] sphery: there is--JUMPTODVDROOTMENU
[21:08:47] skd5aner: oh, then why have "back"?
[21:09:02] stuartm: ok, makes sense, still don't think it merits a new binding, just a change in DVD playback so that ESCAPE goes to the menu first, either way it's clearly not what xris is talking about so I'm still confused
[21:09:03] sphery: I have a patch that adds ones for the other 2 DVD menus. BACK will exit the player.
[21:09:36] sphery: stuartm: the idea was to not force every user who wanted to exit DVD playback to have to go to the DVD menu, then hit ESCAPE again
[21:09:42] skd5aner: sphery: so... for example, I tested this after the upgrade, because I was confused... I set BACK = ESC...
[21:10:12] skd5aner: when I hit escape in a DVD, it always took me to the DVD main menu, but I was never able to exit out of the DVD back to the mythtv menus
[21:10:27] skd5aner: are you saying, that it should allow you to?
[21:11:23] stuartm: sphery: if you've only got one 'back' button on the remote, you can't have the behaviour of both?
[21:11:47] sphery: skd5aner: Yes, code says it will ( . . . ay.cpp#L4349 )... Never tried it since I don't do DVDs in MythTV.
[21:11:55] skd5aner: stuartm, sphery: remember, the logitech di novo registers as a keyboard, not a remote
[21:12:25] skd5aner: sphery: hmmm, well... it didn't in my testing. I had to use jumpoints to get out
[21:12:35] sphery: stuartm: well, you would likely map JUMPTODVDROOTMENU and ESCAPE if you want both. No reason you'd ever do BACK and ESCAPE, I'd thing (unless it doesn't work properly, as skd5aner says)
[21:13:39] stuartm: skd5aner: the majority of our users use a remote, it's that use-case that I'm talking about
[21:14:00] skd5aner: stuartm: yup, np – just letting you know based on what xris was referring to in his case
[21:14:49] skd5aner: BACK on his keyboard != the "BACK" keybinding – in fact, I'm not exactly sure what key "back" is since it's a media key (i.e., not backspace ttbomk)
[21:15:50] skd5aner: I haven't used my dinovo mini much in the last year, I still have my big clunker IR keyboard :)
[21:16:32] skd5aner: nope – I lied... just pulled it out
[21:16:43] skd5aner: back = backspace on this keyboard, at least 98% sure that's the case
[21:17:00] stuartm: I've not idea what xris is referring to, there are NO hardcoded keys in the frontend (at least not the mythui screens), BACKSPACE action is ONLY used in the textedit widget, nowhere else, ESCAPE is the standard method by which we exit from a screen
[21:18:24] skd5aner: stuartm: yup, I think his complaint is more toward the dinovo's key layout – the ESC key is a FN key (2 handed op), whereas the backspace key, which is labled "BACK" with an arrow pointing left next to all the media keys (i.e., play, ffwd, rec, etc) is available
[21:18:55] skd5aner: maybe he wanted backspace to opperate as the escape command?
[21:19:03] stuartm: skd5aner: so it sounds like he needs to remap the key in X or submit a patch upstream to fix the driver
[21:19:24] skd5aner: stuartm: I'm only speculating here :)
[21:20:00] skd5aner: stuartm: either way, i don't think it's a bug – it's doing what it's supposed to – back = backspace (since there's no other backspace on the keyboard)
[21:20:07] skd5aner: so, maybe remap
[21:20:24] stuartm: skd5aner: mapping backspace to ESCAPE should work, we _should_ process the widget bindings before the screen – anywhere that doesn't happen it's a bug, there is a clearly defined order which we require all key handling to follow
[21:20:40] sphery: the impression I'm getting is that after he remapped his key bindings in mythtv, some things still don't work unless he sends Escape (key)--regardless of what ESCAPE is bound to
[21:20:40] skd5aner: yea
[21:20:47] Goga777 (Goga777! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:20:52] jya: just had a thought. re svn 1.6 and cascading dependencies... why don't we just compile svn statically... no more dependencies
[21:21:00] skd5aner: sphery: yea, same here
[21:21:06] sphery: so I think we have some overlooked code somewhere that needs fixing--I'm hoping he can provide the "somehwere" so I can find it and fix it
[21:21:12] stuartm: not that it's a documented order, but it's the order that all screens I ported follow and it's assumed that others followed the example
[21:21:29] sphery: and I seriously doubt it's mythui stuff... likely something else
[21:21:50] stuartm: sphery: well that shouldn't be possible, but I'd be interested to know if that's the case
[21:22:17] sphery: Yeah, once I get some "where" info, I'll start looking into it. Until then, assume all is well.  :)
[21:24:29] stoffel (stoffel! has joined #mythtv
[21:24:35] skd5aner: I always assumed that logitech would eventually release a dinovo mini 2 and add a physical escape key – it really frustrated me originally too
[21:25:06] skd5aner: but I never tried to remap the esc. function
[21:27:28] clever: ive had similar problems when using a palm VNC client, it had no button for escape, but i never bothered to try remaping ESCAPE
[21:29:24] [R] ([R]!~rbox@unaffiliated/rbox) has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[21:32:30] jya: re: svn 1.6 static, leave trac and python use the existing 1.5 libraries, but the server and core exe used by dev be 1.6
[21:36:23] j-rod: iamlindoro: fyi, updating that ion box to the latest driver did indeed fix that artifact issue
[21:38:03] j-rod: jya: I've pulled the gt220 out of my mbe, put it in a dev box, will try to gather you that backtrace (and see if I can convince it to produce audio over hdmi)
[21:38:12] j-rod: first though, off to my son's hockey game...
[21:38:27] jya: j-rod: from the various report, it seems the crsh is with 256.x nvidia drivers
[21:38:37] jya: upgraded to 260 fixed the problem (and it did for me too)
[21:38:48] jya: with 256, I got ligGL segfault
[21:39:40] xris: stuartm: that's exactly waht I'm saying, though. rather than mapping "leave" to ESCAPE, we should create a new binding for leave/back/previous-navigation, default to have it respond to the ESC key, but allow people like me to add backspace key as well
[21:39:57] xris: since I don't want to bind backspace to ESCAPE system-wide... only areas that don't have text widgets
[21:40:06] j-rod: already have 260 installed there
[21:40:56] j-rod: but apparently, I screwed the pooch, and was running 260.19.12, not .21. ugh. maybe all I needed was newer nvidia bits.
[21:41:13] j-rod: ah well, will try to repro later this weekend, out the door right now
[21:41:55] stuartm: ESCAPE == leave, that's the system wide action for that behaviour, if you want another action to do exactly the same thing then fine, but if ESCAPE doesn't leave a screen then it's left with nothing else to do :)
[21:42:17] stuartm: xris: I don't really understand what the problem is though, why can't you bind backspace to ESCAPE?
[21:42:27] xris: because then I won't be able to type into text widgets
[21:42:33] stuartm: yes you can
[21:42:40] XChatMav (XChatMav! has joined #mythtv
[21:42:44] stuartm: I specifically designed it so that you can
[21:42:49] xris: oh
[21:43:01] xris: so text widget intercepts the backspace event and prevents it from bubbling up further?
[21:43:21] stuartm: BACKSPACE takes precedent over ESCAPE when you are in a text edit field
[21:43:28] stuartm: at least in the mythui widgets
[21:43:42] xris: but aside from all of that (before I forget or get taken away by the baby again).. we should think about adding bindings for the now-standard dedicated media keys.. play/pause/etc would be nice to have work in videos and such without having to use xmodmap to bind them to other keys)
[21:43:49] stuartm: anywhere that doesn't work needs fixing, since it's a bug
[21:44:01] xris: stuartm: that may solve my problem, then. just lack of understanding.
[21:44:06] stuartm: xris: as I said an hour ago, I have a patch for that
[21:44:21] xris: i missed that.
[21:44:24] xris: that's cool
[21:44:24] stuartm: the media key bindings
[21:44:43] MavT (MavT! has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[21:45:08] stuartm: I wrote it back when I started working on the native input layer stuff and if that project hadn't crashed and burnt I'd have committed it already
[21:45:17] xris: I'd offer to try it out, but I'm holding off installing trunk until it feels more stable
[21:47:36] gizmobay (gizmobay! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:48:02] stuartm: xris: I need to clean up the patch, there were input refactor related changes in there that are no longer relevant, I'll try and get that done then committed sometime in the next week
[21:48:28] xris: ah
[21:48:30] xris: cool
[21:48:42] xris: wish this kb had more media-type keys...
[21:49:37] xris: or time to get my harmony working with myth
[21:50:32] jpharvey (jpharvey! has joined #mythtv
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[23:21:22] Beirdo: yay
[23:21:37] Beirdo: adding the hooks back to SVN also got janne's repo to refresh
[23:27:25] stuartm: wait, when did the hooks get broken?
[23:29:24] Beirdo: when xris dump/rebuilt, the hooks didn't get copied into the new repo
[23:29:33] Beirdo: so... right after 27300
[23:37:16] skd5aner: Beirdo: so... -commits mailing list might have missed some?
[23:37:31] Beirdo: yup, about 10
[23:38:10] skd5aner: Beirdo: cool, thanks (if you know if that happens in the future, and you remember, give me a heads up) :)
[23:38:45] Beirdo: will do
[23:52:29] Captain_Murdoch: sphery, I don't see it in scrollback or I wouldn't mention it, but the current recordings 'playlist' functionality does support random play. It's on the playlist menu as 'shuffle' I believe (unless it was yanked out sometime). I use it regularly with my daughter to tag 'all programs' or a few of her series and play the group in random order.
[23:52:38] ** Captain_Murdoch goes back to dinner. **

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