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Friday, November 19th, 2010, 00:15 UTC
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[00:17:24] markk: can anyone remember off hand the command line for making a short clip from a larger file? was it dd or cat ?
[00:18:03] iamlindoro: dd if=infile of=outfile bs=1024k count=numberofmegsyouwant
[00:18:06] Anduin (Anduin!~awithers@pdpc/supporter/professional/anduin) has joined #mythtv
[00:18:16] markk: thanks
[00:18:20] iamlindoro: np
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[03:37:16] Beirdo: argh
[03:37:24] Beirdo: looks like we got another improper merge
[03:37:56] Beirdo: packaging/OSX/build/ is tagging along on every tree merge now
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[03:49:40] xris: geesch
[03:49:49] xris: whose svn can we blame this time?
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[03:57:02] wagnerrp: anyone with keys to the mailing list?
[03:57:19] wagnerrp: thats two spam emails now from
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[04:58:50] xris: wagnerrp: users?
[04:59:23] wagnerrp: dev
[05:01:56] xris: I can unsub. but should I block?
[05:02:14] kormoc: unsub for now and if he comes back, then block I'd wager
[05:02:26] xris: I don't even see a way to block
[05:02:38] xris: gone
[05:02:42] kormoc: there is a way, I did it for that crazy dude
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[05:12:21] xris: anyone ever consider adding media key support to myth? looks like we don't.
[05:15:00] clever: xris: i noticed that it was imposible to bind the volume up/down keys in the key binding plugin
[05:15:08] clever: yet they instantly worked fine in mplayer
[05:15:19] clever: mythtv complained that it couldnt convert the keycode
[05:15:23] xris: odd. I think gnome eats the volume keys for me. but that's ok
[05:15:35] xris: was thinking more about the play/pause type stuff
[05:15:35] clever: didnt have gnome enabled, ratpoison
[05:15:52] xris: yeah, I've been too lazy to switch to something lightweight
[05:15:55] clever: my IR remote claims to be a usb keyboard/mouse, so half the buttons are media keys
[05:16:05] xris: but this kb has "back" mapped to backspace. and that could get messy
[05:16:30] clever: i recently switched it over to lirc (devinput driver), so now every button is just lirc'd to anything
[05:18:07] xris: Beirdo bought me a new toy
[05:18:10] xris:
[05:18:30] xris: biggest issue is that it takes using a function key to type ESC
[05:18:39] xris: which makes navigation in myth a big annoying
[05:18:42] clever: nice
[05:18:53] xris: but that's a -users issue. the media keys should be relatively easy to support
[05:18:56] clever: rebind something else to that action then
[05:18:58] xris: since they should be standard OS ones
[05:23:54] clever: part of the problem i see with mythtv's use of lirc, is that every lirc button must be translated to a keyboard button
[05:24:03] clever: which is then translated to an action
[05:25:07] clever: mplayer is a much simpler setup, where every input (lirc, keyboard, mouse, joystick) is linked directly to a command, similar to the ones in the telnet control
[05:34:08] xris: yeah, I think our keybindings need some re-defining, too.
[05:34:12] xris: and/or a better API to deal with them
[05:35:19] clever: i began looking at patching things to make use of QScript, but got a little lost
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[05:36:03] clever: could create functions inside the QScript enviroment to control all of the current UI, and then each key/button would just perform a function call inside the env
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[08:58:03] raynop (raynop!~quassel@ has joined #mythtv
[08:58:16] raynop: hi guys
[08:58:26] raynop: I am very noob
[08:58:52] raynop: what will be the best way to make mythtv work on my kubuntu distro?
[08:59:06] raynop: download and install or can I enable it?
[09:00:26] laga_: raynop: #mythtv-users #ubuntu-mythtv
[09:02:57] raynop: thank you
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[10:07:08] stuartm_: xris: we can only support a fraction of those keys, the rest aren't supported by X, but yes, I have a patch to map them by default
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[10:08:53] jamesba (jamesba! has joined #mythtv
[10:17:17] jya: the big amount of changes in r27300 are due to me doing a reverse-merge and many files having mergeinfo data... svn removed them
[10:24:57] kenni: jya: Ahh, was just about to ping you about it
[10:25:52] jya: would be great if we could configure trac to ignore the mergeinfo property. It really is a property for svn's internal use
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[10:26:08] jya: users should never be aware of it really nor mess with it
[10:38:41] kenni: jya: are there any consequences to the mergeinfo-change in r27300? Or is it only the mergeinfo at the root of the branch which is useful for us?
[10:41:18] stuartm: Anduin: doh, I should have known
[10:42:31] stuartm: jannau: How about we start making symbol visibility enabled by default? It would cut down the instances of trunk compilation being broken by those devs compiling with it disabled?
[10:43:01] stuartm: afaik there are only upsides to having symbol visibility enabled
[10:45:36] stuarta: is there a minimum compiler version?
[10:57:56] jannau: yes, but we're checkig for it
[11:02:29] jya: kenni: I just posted an email about this... Ultimately, it doesn't matter where the mergeinfo is located.. SVN put it depending on how the merge or revert was done
[11:06:07] XChatMav (XChatMav! has joined #mythtv
[11:06:27] jya: kenni: mergeinfo is only useful for svn for when you run the merge commands, so it knows what revision has already been applied or not and do not try to reapply it again so to avoid conflicts...
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[11:17:30] nidhoegger (nidhoegger! has joined #mythtv
[11:17:31] nidhoegger: hi
[11:17:43] nidhoegger: is there planned to be unicable support on mythtv? or i there any patch of existance?
[11:18:02] stuarta: wtf is unicable?
[11:18:23] nidhoegger: some people share one cable
[11:18:52] nidhoegger: like, we have 9 flats in this house and had a very old analog cable system (3 people shared one cable)
[11:19:20] stuarta: you want #mythtv-users
[11:19:31] nidhoegger: we wanted DVB-S now and didnt want to drill the walls oben to put new cables in there, so we got a technique from TechniSat, which allows (like a router in a network) to sahre one cable
[11:19:42] stuarta: you want #mythtv-users
[11:19:57] nidhoegger: i think this is more a development thing
[11:20:10] stuarta: please discuss in -users first
[11:21:06] nidhoegger: what will that change in the point that its a code issue, not a configuration issue?
[11:21:18] stuarta: please humour me
[11:21:56] nidhoegger: what?
[11:22:14] stuarta: discuss it in -users and there i will tell you if it's a development issue
[11:22:26] stuarta: and thus suitable for this channel
[11:23:13] nidhoegger: cu
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[11:26:03] stuarta: can't help some people
[11:27:20] rooaus: jya: I assume you mean in the repo browser for trac, if so you can hide svn properties by adding them [browser] hide_properties in tac ini. See
[11:27:56] jya: but the timeline will still show changes that aren't really there
[11:54:56] jamesba: wagnerrp: hi again, I'm running on 0.24-fixes now and every time I try MythTV.MythDB.settings[socket.gethostname()].NetworkControlEnabled I get an exception
[11:55:15] jamesba: wagnerrp: apparently a weakly referenced database cursor no longer exists
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[15:13:39] jannau: j-rod: moved bcm_70015_regs.h to include/flea in
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[15:33:57] jannau: j-rod: do you have a big endian machine with PCIe? I suspect the driver is again broken on BE
[15:39:57] j-rod: jannau: I do have a powerstation...
[15:40:36] stuarta: aren't they quite big, having turbines and huge transformers?
[15:41:18] jannau: stuarta: "Power Station was a 1980s supergroup made up of singer Robert Palmer ..."
[15:41:36] stuarta: last one i went to the tranformers were 3 stories high and sat there crackling and humming all day
[15:41:43] jamesba: not very super if it was only made up of one guy
[15:41:48] j-rod: well, it *is* big, heavy, loud...
[15:41:52] stuarta: 660MW iirc
[15:42:56] jannau: jamesba: "... , bassist John Taylor, guitarist Andy Taylor of Duran Duran, and former Chic drummer Tony Thompson. Bernard Edwards, also of Chic, was involved on the studio side as recording producer."
[15:43:20] jamesba: ok, that's more super :)
[15:45:11] stuarta: anyway.....
[15:46:00] j-rod: weird. can't find any mention of the ydl powerstation on the fixstars site anymore.
[15:46:29] j-rod: jannau: I'll have to pull my x1 card or wait for those adapters to show up, then I can try be
[15:46:41] j-rod: assuming the freakin' machine will boot.
[15:48:06] j-rod: iirc, fedora 12 was the last fedora w/ppc support, and neither rhel5 or rhel6 kernels boot on this beast. might have to use some other distro.
[15:48:22] jannau: j-rod: I don't think BE support is urgent
[15:48:23] j-rod: (well, I could use old fedora, but meh)
[15:48:32] j-rod: yeah, not terribly
[15:49:55] j-rod: Beirdo: just fyi, cc'ing my irc nick doesn't work. ;)
[15:50:08] jannau: output is much more useful with the "more than 80 chars in line" warning removed, still 724 Errors
[15:50:11] j-rod: (I have a build w/your patch ready for some testing tonight though)
[15:50:22] j-rod: bleah.
[15:50:46] j-rod: I swear we were pretty close to zero when the code went into staging. :\
[15:51:24] j-rod: Beirdo: oh, and still no audio for me w/my gt220, even w/the modparam bs added. lame.
[15:51:36] jannau: j-rod: there was a buglet in the patch I sent, bc_get_userhandle_count in drivers/staging/crystalhd/crystalhd_cmds.c can't be static
[15:51:43] inordkuo (inordkuo! has joined #mythtv
[15:51:56] j-rod: jannau: fixed in the flea sync tree?
[15:52:10] j-rod: I just pulled that onto my laptop, testing w/xine looks fine
[15:52:25] jannau: well, with "22 files changed, 9501 insertions(+), 2712 deletions(-)" introducing 724 error is not hard
[15:52:34] j-rod: true :)
[15:52:36] jannau: and that's after fixing the C99 comments
[15:53:04] jannau: I think I didn't backport that to the flea_sync tree
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[16:07:30] j-rod: jannau: its non-static in what I pulled
[16:08:01] j-rod: and just now pushed
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[16:59:28] wagnerrp: jamesba: what exactly is the line youre calling
[16:59:49] wagnerrp: becuase 'MythTV.MythDB.settings[....' certainly shouldnt work
[17:00:12] wagnerrp: because youre trying to call a method without an instantiated object
[17:00:32] stoffel (stoffel! has joined #mythtv
[17:01:53] jamesba: sorry
[17:02:26] jamesba: wagnerrp: MythTV.MythDB().settings['mythbuntu-box-4'].NetworkControlEnabled = u'1'
[17:02:45] andreax1 (andreax1! has joined #mythtv
[17:02:50] jamesba: but any referencing of a key within MythTV.MythDB().settings['mythbuntu-box-4'] throws the same exception
[17:04:03] abqjp (abqjp! has joined #mythtv
[17:05:34] wagnerrp: when you call that, you have no existing MythDB() objects saved to a variable?
[17:06:01] hashbang (hashbang! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[17:06:07] wagnerrp: i want to say that should work, but im not sure in what order everything would run and how quickly the garbage collector cleans up
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[17:06:52] wagnerrp: if you run "db = MythTV.MythDB(); MythTV.MythDB().settings['mythbuntu-box-4'].NetworkControlEnabled = u'1'"
[17:06:54] wagnerrp: does that work?
[17:07:13] wagnerrp: im thinking it just needs some active object left open to hold onto the connection
[17:07:14] jamesba: it should instatiate the MythDB object before making any calls on it, but if it does asynchronous initialisation then that could be an issue
[17:08:53] jamesba: wagnerrp: just tested, looks like that's the problem
[17:09:56] wagnerrp: ill look at it, and see if theres anything i can do to fix it
[17:10:03] wagnerrp: but i doubt that behavior is going to change
[17:10:23] wagnerrp: either it behaves that way, or i cant use the garbage collector to clean up automatically
[17:11:06] jamesba: well, if the problem is that the call is being made before initialisation is complete then surely you could just make the call block until the resources it needs are available?
[17:11:41] jamesba: I don't know how it works internally at the moment (have been too busy to check today) but that seems natural to me
[17:11:43] wagnerrp: its the opposite
[17:12:09] wagnerrp: you open the connection, and then open the cursor, and the cursor runs some task
[17:12:27] ** jamesba nods **
[17:12:37] wagnerrp: but since you never store the connection, the garbage collector closes it out before the cursor can pull from the database
[17:13:04] wagnerrp: the cursor doesnt seem to have a strong reference to the connection of its own
[17:13:54] RDV_Linux (RDV_Linux! has joined #mythtv
[17:14:13] jamesba: I'm not sure I understand
[17:15:05] jamesba: MythDB() should return a MythDB object, it shouldn't matter whether I store that or not
[17:15:38] jamesba: is this cursor call being triggered by MythDB() or by .settings['blah'].blah
[17:15:39] jamesba: ?
[17:16:09] wagnerrp: '.settings' is another object within the database object
[17:16:25] wagnerrp: so the database object only exists long enough for you to access the settings object
[17:16:36] jamesba: right, I see
[17:16:44] wagnerrp: at which point there are noo longer any references to it, and it, and the connection, are collected
[17:16:56] jamesba: that would suggest that settings needs to retain a reference to its parent
[17:17:11] wagnerrp: cant do that
[17:17:39] wagnerrp: database object retains a hard reference to the settings, settings retains a hard reference to the database
[17:17:40] jamesba: do you end up with a retention loop if you do that?
[17:17:47] jamesba: ah
[17:18:04] wagnerrp: is a circular reference and neither gets deleted even as the process is being terminated
[17:18:12] wagnerrp: the database connection ends up being brought down hard
[17:18:20] jamesba: yeah
[17:18:28] jamesba: trying to see a way around it
[17:19:33] jamesba: of course, the proper OO answer would be that the settings object shouldn't be using the database object if it doesn't retain a hard reference to it
[17:19:51] wagnerrp: there is another class that MythDB/DBCache is layered on top of
[17:20:00] wagnerrp: i could hand that off instead
[17:21:06] ** jamesba sighs **
[17:21:20] wagnerrp: no, because the settings cache is actually stored as an object on that lower class
[17:21:20] jamesba: I do tend to prefer reference counting
[17:21:45] wagnerrp: right, that all happens, its just done automatically by python
[17:22:18] jamesba: I'm being stupid here
[17:22:39] jamesba: have the settings object check to see if the Database object exists
[17:22:44] jamesba: if it does then no problem
[17:23:17] jamesba: if not it creates it and then releases it again once it's finished its request
[17:23:21] jamesba: nice and clean
[17:24:08] jamesba: hmm
[17:24:28] jamesba: actually, why does the Database object need to maintain a hard reference to the settings object at all?
[17:24:40] jamesba: can't that be created on the fly as needed?
[17:24:56] jamesba: that way settings could retain Database and not the other way round, no loop
[17:25:45] wagnerrp: the settings cache isnt just a dumb dictionary, the settings cache /is/ the object that does the lookups
[17:26:17] wagnerrp: but if the reference is dropped, the database object no longer exists to hold onto the settings cache
[17:26:36] wagnerrp: so creating and using a new one at that point would not be circular
[17:26:41] wagnerrp: that should work
[17:27:35] wagnerrp: there just going to be a /lot/ of unnecessary buildup and teardown
[17:29:02] wagnerrp: . . . is the code in question
[17:31:53] wagnerrp: the DBConnection class is a connection pool to the database, while DBCache stores multiple DBConnections matched on hostname and credentials
[17:32:07] wagnerrp: the settings and tablefield caches are stored against the DBConnection
[17:32:20] wagnerrp: which is why they hold a weak reference to the database
[17:34:36] jamesba: the garbage collector should be able to detect a simple reference cycle like that anyway, I think
[17:34:47] jamesba: A retains B retains A can be detected and dealt with
[17:34:52] wagnerrp: it doesnt
[17:35:11] wagnerrp: which is the whole purpose of the weakref module
[17:36:23] jamesba: as I understand it weak-ref is there to cope with cycles and suchlike, but they have to be a bit more complex than that to not be detected by the GC system
[17:36:36] jamesba: A retains B retains C retains A, for example
[17:37:06] NightMonkey (NightMonkey!~NightMonk@pdpc/supporter/professional/nightmonkey) has joined #mythtv
[17:38:56] jamesba:
[17:40:56] jamesba: anyway, I really need to head home now
[17:41:02] jamesba (jamesba! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
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[18:09:29] kormoc_afk is now known as kormoc
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[18:13:56] mrand (mrand!~mrand@ubuntu/member/mrand) has joined #mythtv
[18:37:18] xris: wow. a dump/restore of our svn repo is half as big.
[18:39:00] kormoc: likely just cause noone's cleaned out the failed commit bucket lately
[18:40:05] kormoc: plus we never got around to shading and packing
[18:44:13] xris: yeah
[18:44:17] xris: makes me want to take it down for awhile
[18:45:13] ** kormoc raises an eyebrow? **
[18:45:46] xris: to rebuild the master copy
[18:45:56] kormoc: you don't need to take it down
[18:46:01] kormoc: just dump into clean one
[18:46:03] kormoc: pack it
[18:46:12] kormoc: move into place
[18:46:15] xris: and if someone commits while I'm doing that, the commit is lost
[18:46:21] kormoc: no
[18:46:33] kormoc: you can dump new commits in it
[18:46:45] xris: still some downtime
[18:46:51] xris: easier to just tell people not to commit
[18:46:58] xris: but I think I'll just do it as part of the git migration.
[18:47:01] kormoc: the time for mv svn svn1;mv svn2 svn;
[18:47:07] xris: unless it actually fixes some of the problems we've been having
[18:47:34] kormoc: really, it's a trivial amount of 'downtime' to swap a directory entry
[18:48:31] xris: and re-import commits
[18:48:35] kormoc: ...
[18:48:48] kormoc: you can do that until it's exactly live
[18:48:56] kormoc: we're not doing commits every second here
[18:49:18] jannau: xris: my git svn import is finished, haven't looked at it though
[18:49:42] tris (tris!~tristan@CAMEL.ETHEREAL.NET) has quit (Excess Flood)
[18:50:00] Beirdo2 (Beirdo2!~beirdo@unaffiliated/beirdo) has joined #mythtv
[18:50:20] tris (tris!~tristan@CAMEL.ETHEREAL.NET) has joined #mythtv
[18:50:45] xris: jannau: mine died on mismatched checksums a little after r13000
[18:51:01] ** iamlindoro grumbles about anonymous ticket submitters **
[18:51:12] iamlindoro: If Jira can rquire that everyone leave valid contact info, I'm all for it ;)
[18:51:15] xris: are you importing all branches, or just trunk?
[18:51:38] xris: iamlindoro: I don't know if it validates email addresses.. but we can set it so you must create an account in order to comment
[18:51:44] Beirdo2: iamlindoro: Agreed there :)
[18:51:51] xris: and I plan to set that up
[18:51:59] iamlindoro: A good step
[18:54:59] stuartm: xris: we can set up Trac to require the same, the problem is that it lacks self-registration + email validation, although Beirdo2 was working on that
[18:55:20] stuartm: at least I think it was Beirdo2 ... I don't rightly remember now
[18:55:35] xris: stuartm: probably
[18:56:21] Beirdo2: Yeah we need to get trac doing it too
[18:56:47] Beirdo2: Well finally got to work.
[18:56:49] iamlindoro: Nah, I think it was OriginalBeirdo
[18:57:03] kormoc: not the cut rate clone?
[18:57:17] iamlindoro: What we really need is a Beirdo^2
[18:57:23] iamlindoro: Just think what that guy could accomplish
[19:00:34] stuartm: Beirdo2: fog is so thick here that I popped out to get some lunch and six hours later I've only just found my way back again ;)
[19:01:26] Beirdo: hehe. That would be "critical mass"
[19:01:33] Beirdo2 (Beirdo2!~beirdo@unaffiliated/beirdo) has quit (Quit: Colloquy for iPhone -
[19:01:37] stuartm: but seriously, an entire afternoon wasted running to Ikea to pick up a new desk lamp because the traffic is crawling :(
[19:01:57] dev001 (dev001!~dev001@unaffiliated/pgngw) has joined #mythtv
[19:02:33] xris: jannau: I created a branches list this time.. will see if it goes faster.
[19:02:52] stuartm: it was getting a little hairy on the country roads, visibility down to a few metres
[19:07:11] dev001: hi. i've installed MythTV 0.24 from pkgs on openSUSE. input device is an HDHomeRun. using xbmc+tvheadend, I can see/play LiveTV. swtiching to MythTV, in setup, I can see the HDHR's two channels.
[19:07:14] dev001: But, when I attempt to 'scan channels' (from ATSC 2 -> 83), I get "time out", and no info for *all* channels. Found info online that suggests firewall (mine's OFF), or too-low signal strength (mine's strong/solid) — i.e., neither is a fix :-/
[19:07:24] dev001: any ideas?
[19:07:56] iamlindoro: wrong channel, see topic
[19:07:57] kormoc: dev001, my idea is you should head over to the right channel (#mythtv-users)
[19:09:17] dev001: iamlindoro: gagh! thx.
[19:09:32] dev001 (dev001!~dev001@unaffiliated/pgngw) has left #mythtv ()
[19:10:51] MavT (MavT! has joined #mythtv
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[19:16:50] iamlindoro: paul-h: If you get a moment, can you look at the mythmusic specific portions of #9258? One of the patches is just some worthwhile null checking that should be good, as is switching some "startswith('/')" stuff to use Qt's cross platform functionality to test if a path is absolute, which is nice
[19:18:50] aloril (aloril! has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[19:19:59] dev001 (dev001!~dev001@unaffiliated/pgngw) has joined #mythtv
[19:24:44] ** stuartm groans as even more tickets come his way **
[19:28:46] stoffel (stoffel! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
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[19:57:25] Beirdo: iamlindoro: I'll take a look at the gallery part tonight
[20:02:02] iamlindoro: Beirdo: cool., thanks
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[20:26:38] j-rod: jannau: I've only got two 15 cards left now, so I'm pinging naren to see if he can ship one/some to you directly
[20:28:18] XChatMav (XChatMav! has joined #mythtv
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[20:38:15] nils_ (nils_!~nils@pdpc/supporter/35for7/nils) has joined #mythtv
[20:47:05] jannau: j-rod: thanks, I currently have a -15 card but it's in box which I don't want to mess too much with
[20:47:39] jannau: I could replace the HDD to have something to hack on
[20:48:28] jannau: and I'll have to return the box
[20:58:35] Beirdo: j-rod: I put my patches for the seektable stuff (so far) on #9256
[20:59:10] j-rod: Beirdo: multiple patches? /me goes to look...
[20:59:28] j-rod: (I have a build w/the initial patch I saw there this morning in a build running on my master backend now)
[20:59:29] Beirdo: should be one patch file
[20:59:38] Beirdo: ahh, you already found it :)
[20:59:57] j-rod: yeah, saw the thread related to it on list
[21:01:58] Beirdo: cool. let me know how it goes. I'm not 100% satisfied with the MPEG2-PS part as it still isn't lining up with a rebuild
[21:02:18] Beirdo: but at least it's consistently before the frame, so decoding does work
[21:02:25] Beirdo: at least has for me :)
[21:03:19] j-rod: I have a few things that'll record tonight, some more over the weekend, so I should have some feedback relatively soon
[21:03:37] Beirdo: cool
[21:04:20] j-rod: but for the moment, I've given up on trying to play stuff w/audio through the gt220
[21:05:28] j-rod: of course… the ion box I tried to put in its place last night is showing a myriad of decoding artifacts — scrambled sections of white-ish blocks where it should be mostly black.
[21:05:44] j-rod: not sure yet wtf is going on there. I'm just having shit luck right now.
[21:05:53] j-rod: at least my ps3 still plays stuff back flawlessly :)
[21:07:00] j-rod: (as does the other almost identical ion box...)
[21:08:05] j-rod: not sure if I've ever actually tried playing back video on the ion330 ht before last night, was primarily just using it for IR devel work
[21:08:41] iamlindoro: j-rod: TTBOMK the white "noisE" in black sections is an nVidia driver bug
[21:08:48] iamlindoro: j-rod: Somewhere in the 200-series I think
[21:09:18] iamlindoro: I am not 100% certain but I think a jump to current fixes that-- and if not that I'm almost definitely certain that a rollback does
[21:10:15] iamlindoro: That assumes, of course, that you aren't 100% sure it's the CHD's fault :)
[21:10:32] iamlindoro: But the above has been reported as an nVidia driver issue, and I've seen it myself (but haven't seen it on current)
[21:10:50] j-rod: iamlindoro: oh good, that's promising.
[21:11:27] j-rod: I *think* I have whatever the latest Fedora 13 nvidia driver is/was on that box atm, which was older than current and what's in F14.
[21:11:48] j-rod: trying the latest crossed my mind last night while drifting off to sleep
[21:12:10] j-rod: I'd meant to upgrade it right off the bat, but forgot. too many things going on.
[21:12:16] iamlindoro: Might be worth a shot, anyway
[21:12:21] j-rod: plus, I'm probably going to reinstall that box w/el6
[21:13:09] j-rod: oy. the other ion is still way back on 195.36.31.
[21:13:38] j-rod: I think I have four different distros in play right now. Standardization ftw.
[21:14:32] j-rod: iamlindoro: so something entirely unrelated… ever looked at plex?
[21:15:04] j-rod: Yet Another XBMC fork and Mac-only, iirc, but its kinda spiffy
[21:17:03] iamlindoro: I have run it once or twice on my work computer to see it, but I never have had more than a few minuts to spend on it
[21:17:15] j-rod: metadata management is super-user-friendly
[21:17:19] iamlindoro: It did seem neat, though I didn't explore far enough to know how it might differ from XBMC
[21:17:34] iamlindoro: Yeah, no media here so didn't test that at all
[21:17:45] j-rod: I've never actually *found* the metadata management stuff in XBMC (not that I've really looked)
[21:18:14] iamlindoro: I'll try to look at that part of it when nobody is looking some time
[21:18:22] j-rod: w/plex, you pop open a media management console, set up sources and source types (movies, tv, music)
[21:18:40] j-rod: all mouse/keyboard driven
[21:19:00] iamlindoro: Yeah, combining the grabber setup at storage group setup time would be neat/nice
[21:19:02] j-rod: so perhaps not the best thing to take ui hints from
[21:19:45] j-rod: but for example, just a click or two to correct a wrongly matched title, can see previews of the available images, pick which ones you want
[21:20:50] j-rod: been tinkering with it on a mac at home, interacting with all the files on my myth backend
[21:21:53] iamlindoro: We do previews of available images and pick what we want :)
[21:22:13] iamlindoro: (in .24+)
[21:22:23] iamlindoro: See Arclight, edit metadata screen
[21:22:35] iamlindoro: You can pick and choose any artwork you like from the online sources
[21:22:39] j-rod: damn, I'm behind the times (again) :)
[21:23:35] j-rod: awesome. current xbmc trunk just segfaults shortly after launch.
[21:23:40] iamlindoro: We also do automatic matching/metadata grabbing, etc.
[21:23:41] j-rod: so much for looking at that.
[21:23:57] iamlindoro: Granted, it's not all perfect yet, but it's hopefully a step forward from <= .23
[21:24:29] iamlindoro: But a scan will (assuming you have turned automatic grabbing on) automatically also grab metadata for all found items, including some fuzzy name matching
[21:24:38] j-rod: sadly, I've only *just* updated to 0.24, and have been too busy fighting hardware/driver issues to do a whole lot of poking.
[21:25:18] j-rod: ha. my favorite: plex didn't know what danger rangers was (some pbs kids show, iirc). it picked power rangers instead.
[21:25:22] iamlindoro: and then on the off chance it gets it wrong, a reset metadata/grab metadata, manually invoked, will allow you to choose from other matches
[21:25:46] j-rod: ok, cool. I definitely need to poke at that.
[21:26:22] j-rod: one other nice touch from plex: sound effects, including show theme songs when you navigate into a given show's sub-folder
[21:26:43] iamlindoro: Next step is to get the scanning into the backend-- I have a patch for that, but I got frustrated when I invoked the scan and the backend complains that it tried to connect to itself to gt a list of files
[21:26:49] iamlindoro: and nobody seemed to know how to fix/get around it
[21:26:58] iamlindoro: u
[21:27:27] j-rod: dig the new osd, btw
[21:27:47] iamlindoro: er, ie, I'm just using a normal protocol request for a file listing, but it seems that to get a backend to ask itself for a list, you need to do all sorts of crazy contortions/write local methods for everything
[21:27:51] iamlindoro: Glad you like it, thanks
[21:31:14] gigem (gigem! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
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[21:44:29] iamlindoro: Hmm, and as always, fresh eyes prevail... may be able to work around the MBE trying to talk to itself-- Do we have a function somewhere that takes a hostname and determines if it's the master?
[21:46:50] iamlindoro: ah, never mind, shouldn't even need that
[21:48:28] gizmobay (gizmobay! has joined #mythtv
[21:49:03] gizmobay: I'm trying to update a ticket with feedback on a patch but the ticket is locked. How can I provide feedback?
[21:49:52] kormoc: gizmobay, depends on the ticket
[21:49:55] kormoc: number?
[21:50:12] gizmobay: 9256
[21:51:00] gizmobay: The patch works for me
[21:52:32] natanojl (natanojl! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:55:00] iamlindoro: gizmobay: You can just let Beirdo know (though he will doubtless see this)
[21:55:14] iamlindoro: when a ticket is locked and you have a comment, you can usually send it to the -dev list, which we all read
[21:55:29] natanojl (natanojl! has joined #mythtv
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[22:01:05] Beirdo: ah, good to hear
[22:01:31] Beirdo: yeah, I think it's functional, but not yet "perfect" for the case of MPEG2-PS (like from ivtv)
[22:03:34] Captain_Murdoch: iamlindoro, there's a gCoreContext->IsMasterBackend() to see if the caller itself is the master.
[22:04:10] Captain_Murdoch: nothing to check if hostname XYZ is the master though since we only know the master by IP.
[22:04:18] gizmobay: I ran mythcommflag on some older recordings and it fixed the bad thumbs as well.
[22:04:21] iamlindoro: Captain_Murdoch: Hmm... in this case I have to compare a host value to find out-- I think the little bit I just threw together should do the trick though
[22:04:35] iamlindoro: Captain_Murdoch: Well, that or wipe out my metadata ;)
[22:04:43] Beirdo: gizmobay: yeah, it should. The rebuild should at this point be working, as best I can tell
[22:04:57] Beirdo: it's just the in-recording that seems to still be off
[22:05:10] gizmobay: I see
[22:05:10] iamlindoro: Captain_Murdoch: By the time the scanner gets the host it's an IP, so I'm just doing a comparison against the MasterServerIP value and using the sg.GetFileList function when it's true
[22:05:24] iamlindoro: versus remotegetFileList
[22:05:31] Captain_Murdoch: actually, you can check if a hostname is the master by doing a couple settings queries and a string ==
[22:05:41] iamlindoro: That's what I'm doing
[22:05:46] gizmobay: I haven't run into any negative effects from the patch
[22:09:37] len (len! has joined #mythtv
[22:25:23] j-rod is now known as j-rod|afk
[22:56:16] Kunalagon (Kunalagon!~Kunalagon@ has joined #mythtv
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[23:27:13] Beirdo: WTH?
[23:27:33] Beirdo: can anyone explain to me just what jya did on [27300]? :)
[23:28:01] Beirdo: just what set of commands pulled in all those extra files with no real changes?
[23:34:23] kormoc: he changed the svn:mergeinfo props
[23:34:43] Beirdo: ooooh, cleared them out?
[23:34:59] Beirdo: heh. whatever, it just seemed ... odd
[23:35:02] Beirdo: :)
[23:40:40] Kunalagon (Kunalagon!~Kunalagon@ has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[23:53:33] jannau: sigh, is too slow
[23:53:35] jannau: ./scripts/ – 157.50s user 0.41s system 99% cpu 2:38.31 total
[23:53:56] jannau: j-rod|afk: all errors fixed
[23:57:44] abqjp (abqjp! has quit (Quit: abqjp)

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