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Sunday, November 14th, 2010, 00:06 UTC
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[03:41:37] xris: damn, trac's git stuff is REALLY slow
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[03:52:18] Beirdo: incredibly
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[04:55:05] Gibby: bummer newegg is sold out on the hdhomerun's today
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[05:35:36] iamlindoro: Gibby, I can only assume you meant that for #mythtv-users?
[05:46:47] Gibby: iamlindoro: you are correct... little blurry visoin now
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[07:16:12] xris: any other devs want to try? please sign in with your address:
[07:16:14] xris:
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[07:30:49] wagnerrp: whats our password?
[07:35:11] xris: don't have any users imported
[07:35:18] xris: just sign up with your @Mythtv address
[07:35:28] xris: and on port 8060
[07:35:41] xris: though no super hurry.. I'll install the unified auth system to make this a bit easier
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[07:43:28] sphery: stuartm: If what you were saying about subtitle decoding while in the recording editor means that toggling subtitles/captions off before entering the editor prevents the lockup, it would probably quiet things down a lot if you were to say so on one of the threads about it and/or the ticket. Thanks.
[07:44:19] sphery: stuartm: uh, nvm... seems markk has fixed it.  :)
[07:45:04] xris: wagnerrp: made you a jira admin
[07:46:10] wagnerrp: woo!
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[07:48:46] xris: cool. jira and fisheye running on mysql
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[08:44:17] stuartm: markk: thanks
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[08:52:52] Beirdo: omg
[08:53:09] Beirdo: we are using system() to do chmod?!
[08:53:19] Beirdo: I think I'll be fixing that... like now.
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[08:59:13] Beirdo: and can anyone tell me why in the world mytharchive is chmod dirs to 0777 anyways?!
[09:01:41] stuartm: so that those pesky permissions don't get in the way ;)
[09:01:57] Beirdo: holy crapola :)
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[09:06:40] stuartm: Beirdo: might be time to draw up a list of dos and don'ts for plugin authors/code contributors
[09:07:05] Beirdo: might be, yeah :)
[09:07:26] Beirdo: chmod 777 shouldn't be enforced by myth :)
[09:08:00] Beirdo: but for now, I'll just change system(chmod) to chmod() (using the system call!)
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[09:35:40] Beirdo: ooooh
[09:35:57] Beirdo: and system("echo Cancel > file")
[09:36:05] Beirdo: this just doesn't seem right :)
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[10:29:32] Beirdo: OK, headscratcher
[10:29:53] Beirdo: I created an new function in util.cpp called RemoveDirectory
[10:29:57] Beirdo: it compiles...
[10:30:21] Beirdo: but I get an error saying it's not in scope when using it in mythburn.cpp in the constructor
[10:32:59] stuartm: iamlindoro: fixed the 'accouncement' typo
[10:33:18] Beirdo: ahhh, but accouncement sounds so cool!
[10:34:37] Beirdo: ooooh
[10:34:57] Beirdo: it's not seeing the new version of my header file as I didn't make install in libmyth
[10:35:01] Beirdo: heh
[10:36:02] Beirdo: there it goes
[10:37:02] stuartm: wonder just what it's going to take to get Opera to fix this css rendering bug that affects, I keep reporting the issue but it's obviously not a high priority
[10:37:35] Beirdo: they probably are waiting for a patch
[10:46:26] stuartm: Opera's not open souce
[10:46:30] stuartm: source
[10:46:44] Beirdo: ahh, that's a shame :(
[10:46:56] Beirdo: then they are probably waiting for a bribe.
[10:47:08] stuartm: might go that way in the future, they've started open sourcing other apps
[10:49:04] stuartm: but considering that every other browser ends up stealing their ideas from Opera, maybe they are staying closed source for a reason, they can't remain the 'innovative' browser if everyone else nicks the ideas the second they are committed
[10:51:50] paul-h: Those permissions go way back to the days when MythArchive was in MythWeb. I think it was so the apache user could access stuff in the mytharchive work directory. I've been using linux as long as I've been using Myth so when I wrote it I was naive on linux file permissions :)
[10:51:59] Beirdo: hehe
[10:52:12] Beirdo: not a problem, we can sweep through and fix the perms as well
[10:52:35] paul-h: Beirdo: are those VERBOSE macro's missing a %1?
[10:52:42] Beirdo: which ones?
[10:52:50] Beirdo: ohhh
[10:52:56] Beirdo: one sec, let me look
[10:53:26] paul-h: in r27214, you have a .arg() but no %1
[10:53:29] Beirdo: good catch :)
[10:53:43] Beirdo: yes they are. Feel free to fix if you wish, or I can
[10:53:47] Beirdo: whatever works
[10:54:26] Beirdo: I *meant* to put ": %1" at the end of each
[10:54:56] paul-h: I'm busy at the moment with other non Myth stuff so if you could fix it
[10:55:04] Beirdo: sure, no prob
[11:02:09] Beirdo: done
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[12:08:09] markk: stuartm: where you seeing the problem in #9218? if so, have you tested the fix?
[12:08:53] stuartm: markk: I was, I've tested the fix and so far I cannot reproduce the problem
[12:10:36] markk: thanks – still slightly worried that the tryLock is going to hamper performance under certain conditions – but I guess I'll wait and see. I guess that's a thumbs up for backporting as well?
[12:12:02] stuartm: markk: yup
[12:14:42] stuartm: I don't think the trylock can make things worse than they would be if we simply waited for a lock, so it's an improvement even if it's not a perfect solution
[12:20:52] Beirdo: OK, other than a funky "gimme the process id of this program" system() shell out... I have eradicated system() from the code
[12:21:09] Beirdo: that one's gonna take me being fresh in the morning
[12:22:59] Beirdo: still have popen and QProcess to go. wagnerr p (let's not beep him) is working through QProcess already
[12:23:38] Beirdo: his reworked (again) myth_system is working quite well for where we had myth_system before
[12:23:56] Beirdo: still need to test/debug the popen-like functionality
[12:24:30] Beirdo: and stress-test the timeouts again
[12:24:39] Beirdo: but so far so good
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[13:47:34] Beirdo: OK, impressive
[13:48:00] Beirdo: someone actually did the work to get mythtv to *crosscompile* for Windows, from Linux
[13:48:07] Beirdo: I very much like that idea :)
[13:58:57] markk: although the resulting binaries don't sound great. I don't think I've heard of a problem with direct3d code before.
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[14:03:43] Beirdo: well, there may be some unresolved issues :)
[14:04:04] Beirdo: but being able to build on a high-powered linux box has a lot of good to it.
[14:04:42] Beirdo: and to be honest, aren't people having some issues with native-built windows frontends at times?
[14:05:01] Beirdo: been a while since I last test-compiled even
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[14:47:05] hever: Hej. Is it possible to use mythtv for a web conference over webcams? I'm going to connect my camera to the pc. Then a user should be able to connect over some URL and we could chat...
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[15:21:18] stuartm: hever: no, entirely the wrong software for that
[15:21:31] stuartm: and you want #mythtv-users in future
[15:22:05] hever: Actually I'm thinking of using a flash app for this via mythtv.
[15:22:28] hever: Even if mythtv is not made for this. It would be really nice if it could support this...
[15:22:50] hever: If not you have to start another GUI somehow
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[15:26:29] stuartm: well that's what plugins are there for, so good luck with it
[15:36:31] paul-h: I never used it but didn't MythPhone do something similar to what he wants?
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[15:38:00] hever: its defunct
[15:38:30] hever: paul-h, I even can't find one flash based free video conference tool for download.
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[15:41:53] paul-h: It's only defunct because non of the current devs use it and it needed a lot of work to convert it to MythUI.
[15:42:04] superm1: iamlindoro, just FYI, i helped debug someone with broken python bindings the other day, and it was boiling down to them having some laying around in /usr/local from a source install previously. packages are doing it properly
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[16:17:36] stuartm: Chutt: have you considered changing the -dev and -users lists to auto-reject instead of holding for moderation?
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[16:34:15] Gibby: This was not fixed in 0.24 however the release notes state it was
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[18:39:29] stuartm: markk: another deadlock while editing, this one appears to be because we seek to a point in the video where the aspect ratio has changed, it deadlocks as it tries to reinit
[18:41:13] stuartm:
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[19:20:39] Beirdo: stuartm: I think sphery was seeing soemthing along those lines too. Aspect ratio switching in playback may be a wee bit buggy.
[19:21:04] jpabq: Any objection to adding a keybinding to bring up a list of upcoming recordings for a recording rule?
[19:22:00] Beirdo: I would have thought we had one already. No objections here, as long as it's not a default value that will mess people up :)
[19:24:57] jpabq: We have a binding for bring up a list based on the show title, but not based on the recording rule. The recording rule is useful if you have custom record setup. For example, I have a recording rule for "Creating the world of Harry Potter%". Since they did that series as individual specials, instead of as a "series".
[19:25:19] Beirdo: Ahhh
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[19:54:50] stuartm: hmm, github is fubar, so much for that vaunted stability that it was supposed to offer ;0
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[20:30:44] stuartm: xris: the timing is amusing –
[20:32:49] xris: hahahaha
[20:32:57] xris: ouch
[20:34:23] stuartm: been down approaching an hour now :)
[20:34:29] xris: geesch
[20:34:42] xris: wonder how often this happens
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[20:48:41] stuartm: xris: but importantly you can still buy your github branded clothing –
[20:48:52] xris: lol
[20:49:02] xris: gotta make sure the important stuff still works
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[21:14:56] Beirdo: this almost never happens that I've seen
[21:15:13] Beirdo: but I'd rather have them fixing their database than having to fix ours :)
[21:16:50] xris: probably a website db, not the git backend.
[21:16:52] stuartm: seems to have been more than a database, "We've restored a GitHub Pages config backup from a few days ago. Most Pages sites should now be accessible." << 'Pages' is their web-hosting stuff
[21:16:55] xris: db probably holds ssh keys and such
[21:17:14] stuartm: 'a few days ago' is hardly reassuring
[21:17:25] stuartm: but, we'll see
[21:18:11] xris: well, nice thing about git is that if they *do* go down and we decide to stop using them, we can just repoint everyone's master to our box
[21:18:32] xris: new fisheye is nice
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[21:26:39] stuartm: xris: automatically?
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[21:31:05] xris: stuartm: no.. users would have to repoint their repos
[21:31:54] stuartm: xris: ah, thought it did something cleverer than svn
[21:32:12] xris: well, svn can't do that, so it's cleverer.  :)
[21:32:24] stuartm: yes it can
[21:32:39] xris: not without some hackery in every single .svn directory
[21:32:40] stuartm: svn switch
[21:32:45] stuartm: nuh-uh
[21:32:52] xris: swich changes directories within a repo. it can't change repo URLs
[21:33:02] xris: at least, not the last time I looked inti ot
[21:33:41] stuartm: we've been using it with new developers for years, switching from the http url to the svn+ssh url
[21:34:02] xris: I tried to use it to switch servers once and it didn't work
[21:34:30] stuartm: and I've used it to rebase a repo when it was moved from a private server to sourceforge
[21:34:44] xris: huh. you win, then.
[21:35:10] xris: I think I was just trying to get it to change the URL so it didn't have user@ in the svn+ssh url and couldn't get it to work
[21:36:02] stuartm: nbsp;– The --relocate option causes svn switch to do something different: it updates your working copy to point to the same repository directory, only at a different URL (typically because an administrator has moved the repository to another server, or to another URL on the same server).
[21:36:40] stuartm: anyway, it's not really that important
[21:37:07] xris: ahhh
[21:37:16] xris: anyway, it's basically the exact same as svn, then
[21:42:43] stuartm: it's a comedy of errors – :)
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[21:52:19] xris: lol
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[22:46:01] stuartm: 3 hours+, but who's counting?
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[22:54:02] bedlore_ is now known as Bedlore
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[23:05:17] xris: yeah
[23:05:18] xris: wtf
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[23:21:31] xris: and seems they're back
[23:21:37] xris: just under 3 hours, apparently
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[23:22:29] Beirdo: still restoring the action data.
[23:22:51] Beirdo: that's pretty good, though. To be fair, if our database failed, it would likely take all day to fix
[23:23:12] Beirdo: and at least one of us would be USELESS for a week after
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[23:29:14] xris: huh?
[23:29:30] xris: git? we'd just blow away the server, clone off of a dev, and ask everyone to re-push
[23:30:51] stuartm: xris: just over 3, I first noticed problems at ~19:45GMT it came back at ~22:53GMT, their first tweet acknowledging problems was at 19:50:47 GMT
[23:31:12] stuartm: Beirdo: if we had regular backups it wouldn't take 5 minutes to restore from one
[23:31:22] stuartm: afaik we don't actually keep any backups at all
[23:36:44] xris: new server should get backed up to GreyFoxx's work stuff.
[23:36:47] stuartm: in many ways services like github are burdened by the sheer size of the operation, if a database goes down then it's vastly more complicated, I'm not knocking github but it does put a dent in the argument of greater stability :)
[23:36:59] xris: hmm, though not sure if I've actually asked him yet. he does it for SD, though.
[23:38:54] stuartm: it's mostly just funny that it should happen right now, when one of the major reasons given for using github was stability ;) S**t happens, whether it's a private server or a massive cooperate operation with a full time staff of admins
[23:40:57] Beirdo: you may be witnessing the only downtime for the entire year
[23:41:13] Beirdo: so... maybe it's outta proportion? ;)
[23:44:13] ikonia (ikonia!~mattd@unaffiliated/ikonia) has joined #mythtv

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