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Thursday, November 11th, 2010, 00:00 UTC
[00:00:19] knightr: xris: Hi! If you do what you suggested to stuartm we don't have much use (Kenni and I) anymore... :(
[00:01:34] xris: knightr: huh?
[00:02:01] knightr: let the translators commit their stuff themselves...
[00:02:57] knightr: (you said that 2 hours ago...)
[00:04:52] iamlindoro: They commit to their git branch, not to the master
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[00:05:35] iamlindoro: knightr, It would just be a different method of bringing in the finished patches, you guys would still do the work
[00:06:08] knightr: iamlindoro, ah ok, I'll have to dig up more info on git then... I'm more used to cvs, svn and, god help me, clearcase...
[00:06:33] ** knightr thanks iamlindoro! **
[00:06:37] iamlindoro: My own understanding is very limited as well
[00:06:48] iamlindoro: will have lot to learn since we don't seem to have a choice in the matter
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[00:07:30] knightr: iamlindoro, bah it's going to be something new... It's apparently pretty good..
[00:07:42] iamlindoro: good is relative
[00:08:54] knightr: (but I agree that I would have prefer to stay with svn for now (especially since we're now starting to use the good stuff like the merge tracking features...)
[00:12:23] knightr: s/agree/must confess, s/prefer/preferred
[00:22:58] paul-h: I'm another who would much prefer to stick with svn but if the majority want to change then I can live with that
[00:26:34] xris: knightr: pull request on github vs submitting a patch in trac... would still need someone to manage things.
[00:26:58] xris: and have in-house translators who work in specific languges
[00:29:38] wagnerrp: jya: i would also like to bump the libraries to 0.25, 0.24.99, or something other than 0.24
[00:34:47] Captain_Murdoch: need to be 0.24somethingorother because we don't need people saying they're running 0.25 just days after 0.24 is released.
[00:36:43] kormoc: we haven't cared about that in the past
[00:37:11] stuartm: well equally we don't need people thinking they are running the 0.24.99 stable point release
[00:37:12] kormoc: why not just set the libs in -trunk to be 0.0.0?
[00:37:23] kormoc: just entirely unversioned
[00:40:56] stuartm: this is generally why we've downplayed the binary version string in --version output, it's misleading
[00:41:46] kormoc: my vote is unless there's a technical reason not to, 0.0.0
[00:42:28] stuartm: tempting to drop the user-friendly version number from the library version and go with an unrelated incremental number or just the date
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[00:47:28] nutron: will .25 have the backend split or the configuration rewrite? I'd love to see backends not require X installed ...
[00:48:15] sphery: stuartm: maybe a nice SHA1 hash, like git would use ;) "I'm running MythTV 75bb5cb07dc178eaa0b179a14fc85a8d636f5423, revision bb81cd3ee9af5658589a9798309561b46cb84c4b."
[00:50:24] Beirdo: Personally (just back from meetings most of the day), I think it's preferable to go with a solid, well-known service for git than to depend on our own admin efforts
[00:50:39] nutron: github?
[00:51:04] Beirdo: over time we have shown that our own efforts are good, but there are times when people are away, sick, etc, and can not give the support that github would
[00:51:23] Beirdo: and we would be pulling to our own server (or pushing from our server) anyways
[00:52:47] Beirdo: I would trust github over our own server any day (as they will be actively adminning for thousands of projects and have nearly no downtime... allowing us to sleep better at night)
[00:53:22] Beirdo: anyways, nobody would need to use their interface if they don't like it. Simply pull from them (or our server)
[00:53:42] Beirdo: I'm not aware of any plans to use their issue tracker (ick)
[00:53:43] xris: Captain_Murdoch: Beirdo says that there's a way to mark MythTV as a corporate/entity account instead of a personal one. and from there we should be able to grant admin access to the repo
[00:54:03] Beirdo: I stumbled across that yesterday, let me see if I can find it again
[00:56:43] stuartm: sphery: if users were referring to the --version output, the same info which incidentally is shown right at the beginning of logs etc, then they'd report sane version info, it's when they refer to the binary version string or their distro package numbers that the problems occur
[00:57:10] stuartm: granted it doesn't happen enough these days that I'm bothered about it, but since the subject has come up ...
[00:57:28] Beirdo: Captain_Murdoch: under Account Settings, there's the Organization tab
[00:57:36] Beirdo: still trying to find their writeup
[00:59:05] stuartm: replacing 0.24 (etc) with 'trunk' in the binary version string would work for me, I'd handle that with a simple constant which gets used where it's needed to construct other versioning strings
[00:59:05] Beirdo:
[00:59:57] stuartm: so a release would involve branching + changing the constant
[01:02:02] kormoc: works for me (tm)(r)
[01:04:01] knightr: xris, sorry, I was afk.. Thanks. btw we have started looking at online translation tools though and if eventually we used that too would change how it's done currently...
[01:04:18] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch: just to add to what Beirdo said, under that Organization tab is a small button labelled 'Turn MythTV into an organization', which is easily missed when compared to the 'Create New' button, at least on Opera
[01:07:00] Beirdo: heh, yeah
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[01:19:55] wagnerrp: stuartm: 'trunk.<revision>' works for me
[01:20:04] wagnerrp: but we cant use the revision if we move to git
[01:20:15] wagnerrp: is there any way to get git to produce a sequential number?
[01:20:58] wagnerrp: thats something we would need for release notes
[01:21:15] iamlindoro: what's wrong with
[01:21:16] wagnerrp: cant very well tell people 'this release encompasses all changes between i02idmj2430fj3 and 290j4fd0243jfds'
[01:30:00] clever: you have an m in that hash
[01:30:26] xris: wagnerrp: especially because there could be 500 ways to get between those two points
[01:30:55] xris: wagnerrp: we could tag master daily
[01:31:39] wagnerrp: clever: its base64 encoded
[01:32:39] clever: ah, it felt base16 at first
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[02:00:10] Beirdo: wagnerrp: we don't *need* to version things that way
[02:00:31] Beirdo: and it's changes from tag BLAH (at time blah) :)
[02:01:19] Beirdo: xris: actually, there is only one way to get from an SHA to an SHA... it incorporates all the history
[02:01:39] Beirdo: and SHA1 hashes are base16 :)
[02:02:48] wagnerrp: Beirdo: yeah, but my keyboard mashing wasnt
[02:02:53] Beirdo: hehe :)
[02:02:56] Beirdo: fair enough
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[02:49:19] Captain_Murdoch: xris, Beirdo, stuartm, I made it an organization so you can play around with it if you want.
[02:52:56] antihc3: I have just installed mythbuntu 10.10. I have checked the DB configuration there is mythtv, %. I am trying to connect with a front end on OSX. In the logs i get "Access denied for user 'mythtv'@'' (using password: YES)"
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[02:55:49] eharris_: I'm trying to troubleshoot a myth problem. Can anyone tell me how myth decides if it shouldn't record a program because it's been recorded before, and which db table that is? I'm guessing oldrecorded, but I have a matching record that myth still shows it is going to record.
[02:57:26] Captain_Murdoch: both are #mythtv-users questions.
[02:57:45] antihc3: shoot sorry
[02:58:19] Captain_Murdoch: why, what did he do? :)
[02:58:46] antihc3: :D
[02:58:46] eharris_: I'm not asking from a UI perspective. I'm writing a program that syncs data from one mythbackend to another.
[02:59:29] eharris_: I'm trying to figure out what I'm not syncing properly for myth to see it as an already recorded program.
[03:01:45] eharris_: is that (db-format specific questions) really appropriate for -users?
[03:01:53] iamlindoro: It's still not a question about the development of MythTV-- I bet that any number of us would be happy to answer you in the proper channel, however
[03:01:56] eharris_: rather than here
[03:02:17] eharris_: ok. I figured it more as a dev question than -users. I'll switch. Thanks
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[04:01:02] dmbreton: Under the Possible future development tasks I see you are looking to standardize the myth protocol
[04:01:28] dmbreton: I am currently digging into the current protocol for a side project of my own
[04:02:23] dmbreton: what is your intent here? Do want to move a standard or just someting that works better. I'd be glad to help out.
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[04:36:13] wagnerrp: dmbreton: at this point, its entirely speculation
[04:36:46] wagnerrp: a couple months ago, someone brought up the possibility of migrating to something like protobuf
[04:36:47] dmbreton: So there are no specific goals at the moment
[04:37:17] wagnerrp: not at this time, no
[04:38:12] dmbreton: the current protocol actually is not that bad, minus the lack of documentation and version compatibility issues
[04:38:36] wagnerrp: theres pretty decent documentation on the wiki
[04:39:04] kormoc: and version compatibility issues will be issues no matter what we do
[04:39:23] dmbreton: i.e. myth protocol version n client should work with myth protocol n+1 server reguardless of the clients implementation
[04:39:31] dmbreton: not realy
[04:39:36] kormoc: no, we're not going to do that
[04:39:45] dmbreton: there are ways around that
[04:39:49] kormoc: that's just an absurd level of work
[04:39:57] wagnerrp: there are, but they are complex and labor intensive
[04:40:21] wagnerrp: consider mythtv to be one combined system
[04:40:27] wagnerrp: he entire system must be upgraded at once
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[04:42:25] dmbreton: I'm not sure I agree with the level of effrot for this kind of design. If I was to mock up an example, where should I send it to?
[04:42:29] xris: dmbreton: btw, I'm the one who gets the emails... sending another message through there still just gets to me.
[04:42:41] xris: sorry for not replying a second time to your earlier email, though
[04:42:46] dmbreton: I forgot who I spoke too
[04:42:49] dmbreton: sorry
[04:42:55] dmbreton: np
[04:43:05] kormoc: send it to the mythtv-dev mailing list
[04:43:21] dmbreton: just started digging in to the wiki/code today
[04:43:43] wagnerrp: dmbreton: at the very least, every backend should have to be updated at the same time
[04:43:56] dmbreton: I would agree with that
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[04:44:05] wagnerrp: and to be honest, if youve got multiple frontends, its generally easiest to just have them on a shared boot, so you update one, you update them all
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[04:44:45] dmbreton: I am thinking more about extending support to other applications
[04:45:03] dmbreton: boxee, xmbc, google tv, etc
[04:45:18] xris: googletv is html5
[04:45:28] xris: can't talk custom protocols
[04:45:30] wagnerrp: and cant be used with mythtv at current anyway
[04:45:50] xris: but one of the reasons for the upcoming api rewrite is to make some of that stuff easier.
[04:45:53] kormoc: they'd make better decision about how to handle feature fallback then we would anyway
[04:46:15] wagnerrp: kormoc: hes talking about fall...forward
[04:46:20] wagnerrp: an old client talking to a new server
[04:46:24] dmbreton: They are going to open up developer applications at some point. I don't know the feasability until they do and I read some more documentation
[04:46:33] wagnerrp: which in 0.24, we added the protocol token to specifically block that
[04:46:47] kormoc: dmbreton, by at some point you mean in the past and we've already looked into it
[04:46:47] xris: dmbreton: there are already a couple of android apps for mythtv.
[04:47:02] wagnerrp: hes saying the server code should be set up to allow connection by old clients
[04:47:30] kormoc: ooh, yeah... that's not gonna work all the time
[04:47:50] wagnerrp: dmbreton: one of the devs is currently working on some xml/json/soap framework
[04:47:59] dmbreton: not soap
[04:48:12] wagnerrp: such forward/backward compatibility would be much easier to manage using an interface like that
[04:48:14] kormoc: ugh
[04:48:15] xris: yes, soap. I read the docs.  :)
[04:48:21] dmbreton: sorry, i hate that protocol
[04:48:30] kormoc: Mp, we should just put dmbreton in charge of the whole project
[04:48:33] xris: doesn't change the fact that it'll be implemented.
[04:48:36] kormoc: he just looked into the wiki today!
[04:48:41] dmbreton: lol
[04:49:04] kormoc: I'm not laughing personally...
[04:49:11] wagnerrp: dmbreton: its a framework, you pump data in, and it will make it available to which ever interface the client wants
[04:49:23] wagnerrp: if you dont like soap, access it over xml or json
[04:50:44] xris: anyway, fall-forward should work for some stuff... once we standardize better on xml/json... but there will be times when there will be too big of a change.
[04:51:03] xris: we're actually working on ways to *prevent* clients from just pretending to be something newer than they are.
[04:51:04] dmbreton: the soap this was a joke
[04:51:13] xris: it's caused a lot of trouble for users in the past
[04:51:15] dmbreton: please take no offense to that
[04:53:27] wagnerrp: the simple fact is that whatever the backend protocol gets changed to, it will be heavily tailored to our application and needs
[04:53:52] wagnerrp: it will be documented and other applications can tap into it, but there will likely be no concessions made solely to make it easier to use
[04:54:55] kormoc: %s/it will be/it will continue to be/
[04:55:13] xris: most of the third-party dev groups have avoided working directly with us.. working around mythtv rather than asking for help to make things easier for them.
[04:55:27] xris: they do stupid things and break, and then users blame mythtv.
[04:56:42] xris: so where are we with the git migration? would be nice to get info for a couple more people (e.g. nigel).. but we could start now
[04:57:32] kormoc: can't we update that info later?
[04:57:41] wagnerrp: is github then going to be the primary repository?
[04:58:11] kormoc: I think the idea will be we'll develop on our solution and have github be a|the public face
[04:58:28] kormoc: but for now, it'll be our primary repo until we rework the server
[05:02:06] xris: wagnerrp: for now, yeah
[05:02:11] xris: kormoc: it's difficult to change later
[05:02:22] kormoc: that's really sad
[05:02:37] kormoc: cause if I change my contact info in the future, my past commits are tied to a broken info
[05:02:37] xris: because git is distributed. the instant someone pulls the info both versions would exist
[05:02:39] xris: and then conflict
[05:02:47] kormoc: jt,
[05:02:59] xris: better than svn that has no info
[05:03:09] xris: the sha is built based on stuff like the email address
[05:03:12] kormoc: outdated info isn't any better :P
[05:03:34] xris: sure it is.. can google it and maybe find a note saying "I can now be contacted at..."
[05:05:05] xris: says the guy who will never change his email address.  :)
[05:05:05] kormoc: meh, I don't have my contact info in the clear anywhere
[05:05:11] ** kormoc shifty eyes **
[05:05:29] xris: wish git would *not* embed email addresses for spam harvesters to pick up
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[05:12:17] xris: jpabq: ping
[05:15:40] [R] ([R]!~rbox@unaffiliated/rbox) has joined #mythtv
[05:16:55] mrand: why not just use a userid without email address, or simply , which could redirected as needed?
[05:18:21] kormoc: we need to wait on the new server to get that in place, but that's the idea actually
[05:18:33] kormoc: xris, although, I could always host the MX for for now and set that up
[05:28:12] xris: kormoc: new server is up.. just needs time to be configured
[05:28:17] xris: migrating the mailing list will SUCK, though
[05:29:04] kormoc: yeah....
[05:29:27] kormoc: we're not using the rackspace one as a temp?
[05:29:36] xris: we are
[05:29:48] xris: but the reinstall will be the same OS so it'll make migration a lot easier
[05:29:52] xris: no upgrades
[05:30:04] kormoc: true enough
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[06:16:42] jpabq: xris, I am here
[06:17:27] xris: please update google doc
[06:17:45] xris: trying to track down the last few recently-active types who haven't updated things. ;)
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[06:37:30] jpabq: xris, done, I think.
[06:39:57] xris: cool, thanks
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[07:18:51] Alex_21 (Alex_21! has joined #mythtv
[07:19:20] Alex_21: Hello.
[07:20:29] Alex_21: Hi All,
[07:20:29] Alex_21: I would like to use an extentin to MythTV that was developed for MythTV 0.2. What are the cahnces of it working on the latest version of MythTV?
[07:21:21] Alex_21: It is called "Talking MythTV"
[07:21:27] Alex_21: .
[07:21:46] Alex_21: Otherwise, is there a way to have the menu options of MythTV read aloud?
[07:25:01] k_ross_ (k_ross_!ad40b024@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[07:25:12] wagnerrp: if MythTV 0.2 ever existed, it would have been like 9 years ago
[07:25:16] wagnerrp: were on 0.24 now
[07:25:27] Alex_21: I get that.
[07:25:37] wagnerrp: and this is the development channel, unless you intend to develop such a 'talking' interface, youre in the wrong place
[07:26:13] Alex_21: But the fact is that that thing is the only thing that will allow me to use MythTV unless someone can write some code to make it speak the menu options and channels.
[07:26:31] kormoc: Alex_21, #mythtv-users
[07:26:46] Alex_21: How hard would this be to write in your opinion?
[07:26:46] wagnerrp: we do not take feature requests
[07:28:16] Alex_21: I understand all that.
[07:28:25] wagnerrp: the UI code was all rewritten in 0.22, so any old code would be completely non-functional
[07:29:06] Alex_21: My question is, given MythTV's existing API ad design, how hard do you think that this would be to write?
[07:29:15] wagnerrp: as to how difficult it would be to insert hooks into the existing UI code and push text to something like speex, stuartm would be the one to talk to
[07:29:28] Alex_21: I am a develoepr myself.
[07:29:46] Alex_21: Is that developer here? The one you mentioned?
[07:30:19] wagnerrp: he is logged in, but not 'here'
[07:32:26] wagnerrp: i would recommend either idling in here and waiting for a response
[07:32:45] wagnerrp: or fire off a question on the -dev mailing list
[07:38:00] gregL (gregL! has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[07:39:51] Alex_21: Thanks for the advice.
[07:40:54] Alex_21: Do you have any suggestions on what programming languages/frameworks I should investigate to prepare for writing this extention?
[07:44:37] Beirdo: Qt/C++ is what the core is written with
[07:51:41] gregL (gregL! has joined #mythtv
[07:59:29] Alex_21: Interesting.
[07:59:41] Alex_21: It looks relatively straight forward then.
[08:00:41] Alex_21: I found a bug in the database of QT bugs that may slow things down, but QT apparently already has accessibility hooks.
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[08:19:42] Alex_21: Are most of MythTV's widgets standard QT widgets?
[08:19:46] Alex_21: ?
[08:22:39] Alex_21: Does it use QT 4?
[08:24:09] Goga777 (Goga777! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[08:36:40] kormoc: no and yes
[08:47:18] Alex_21: So most widgets are cusome?
[08:49:29] Alex_21: Custome.
[08:54:26] duerF (duerF!~tommi@ has joined #mythtv
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[09:14:46] Alex_21: Custom.
[09:19:58] Alex_21: Well thanks for your help.
[09:20:06] Alex_21: Good Night.
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[10:48:13] btwe is now known as btwe_afk
[11:28:11] paul-h: wagnerrp: I've only glanced through it but the patch looks OK to me, I've no problem with you changing it to use the python bindings so long as you don't completely fuck it up, I do still use it occasionally :)
[11:33:39] paul-h: wagnerrp: mytharchivehelper is used both by the plugin and the script so if everything was moved to the script you would need change things so the plugin can still use it. Some things like getting the db parameters wont be needed once he bindings are used, others like grabbing the screen shots are easier to do in c++ at least for me :)
[11:36:00] andreax (andreax! has joined #mythtv
[11:48:54] btwe_afk is now known as btwe
[12:04:05] stuartm: skd5aner: your last name is Saner?
[12:05:23] kenni: are we still allowed to commit to trunk/0.24-fixes through SVN? Or is it at hold until github is up and running?
[12:06:11] stuartm: kenni: keep committing
[12:06:18] kenni: good :)
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[13:54:57] superm1: stuartm_, 0.0.0 would at least cause problems for binary packages that are creating a libmyth-X.YZ package based on that soname version
[13:55:14] superm1: i agree with jya that it shouldn't be the same as the previous release as soon as it's not compatible
[13:56:05] superm1: but i highly doubt that people will use the soname version to refer to what version they're running when they file a bug or ask a question. they'll be using the --version output which should have svn rev no or git sha1 hash anyhow
[13:57:37] Goga777 (Goga777! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[14:11:59] stuartm_ is now known as stuartm
[14:12:18] stuartm: superm1: I wasn't advocating 0.0.0
[14:12:56] superm1: oh sorry it looks like that was kormoc
[14:19:34] andreax1 (andreax1! has joined #mythtv
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[14:45:47] AriX_ is now known as AriX
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[15:37:36] wagnerrp: paul-h: should stuff like preview generation just be taken by mythpreviewgen?
[15:42:26] gregL (gregL! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
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[16:22:36] Beirdo: so I see we are "planning" on a 0.24.1?
[16:24:19] paul-h: wagnerrp: Dunno can mythpreviewgen get frame accurate images? It's not just a question of grabbing a single image but the animated menus would need several consecutive images to make up the animation
[16:27:09] wagnerrp: paul-h: dont know about that one
[16:27:53] wagnerrp: yeah, seems you can give it a frame
[16:28:11] wagnerrp: as well as an infile for use against mythvideo content
[16:28:35] wagnerrp: thats the other thing, the patch i put together just replaces the old code in-place
[16:28:56] wagnerrp: but is still using the old local files for mythvideo content
[16:29:03] wagnerrp: it didnt seem to support storage groups
[16:31:53] paul-h: I don't use storage groups for mythvideo so why would I add support for them ;)
[16:32:31] wagnerrp: i bet iamlindoro would have a good reason
[16:33:03] iamlindoro: "Because soon you won't have a choice?" (I assume that was the reason you were looking for ;) )
[16:33:37] cattelan_away is now known as cattelan
[16:34:08] Beirdo: That's certainly the most compelling reason :)
[16:34:38] kth (kth! has joined #mythtv
[16:34:55] paul-h: Once they support encrypted dvds I will switch
[16:35:45] smithna (smithna! has joined #mythtv
[16:35:46] wagnerrp: cant find anything that will decrypt your isos in-place?
[16:36:10] rhpot1991 (rhpot1991!~rhpot1991@ubuntu/member/rhpot1991) has quit (Quit: Coyote finally caught me)
[16:36:18] rhpot1991 (rhpot1991!~rhpot1991@ has joined #mythtv
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[16:38:04] paul-h: I've not looked what I have now works fine
[16:44:38] smithna (smithna! has left #mythtv ("Konversation terminated!")
[16:47:17] stuartm: paul-h: mythpreviewgen can obtain exact frames
[16:49:57] stuartm: we do need a solution for playing back encrypted DVDs etc from storage groups, anything else would be a regression and add unreasonable additional hoops that the user has to jump through just to play back their legally obtained videos*
[16:50:57] stuartm: * when we're actively trying to discourage using MythTV for pirated content we shouldn't be making it harder to play the legal stuff
[16:51:25] iamlindoro: sigh
[16:52:10] iamlindoro (iamlindoro!~iamlindor@unaffiliated/iamlindoro) has left #mythtv ()
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[17:02:39] wagnerrp: stuartm: the problem is the DVD playback library we use
[17:02:54] wagnerrp: decryption through it requires that the content be available through the filesystem
[17:08:09] stuartm: wagnerrp: I know where the problem lies, that doesn't mean we couldn't/shouldn't be trying to either fix it or be seeking another library
[17:12:16] stuartm: I did suggest a temporary solution to allow use of encrypted isos with the storage group code if the file is local, it's a perfectly reasonable compromise until such time as we fix the issue properly but iamlindoro didn't want to introduce a hack despite it being transparent to both the user and the code
[17:22:28] paul-h: stuartm: seems a reasonable compromise to me. Presumably that would work over nfs so long as the directories are mounted locally
[17:24:25] stuartm: actually I'm looking at libdvdcss now and it seems like it would be very simple to create a wrapper around it so that decryption is done by the server, remotely, that way dvdnav wouldn't have to worry about it
[17:25:36] wagnerrp: stuartm: decryption server-side was one of the things investigated months ago, or at least it was mentioned
[17:25:48] stuartm: libdvdcss has a very simple API, it's basically just – open, read, seek – that's all
[17:25:58] andreax1 (andreax1! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[17:26:18] wagnerrp: there would have then been special DVDRingBuffer and BDRingBuffer objects
[17:26:29] wagnerrp: i dont know what the reasoning for deciding against it was
[17:27:27] stuartm: Captain_Murdoch might remember
[17:28:15] stuartm: I'll take a run at this if I get time during the weekend
[17:35:31] bbc581 (bbc581! has joined #mythtv
[17:35:38] wagnerrp: stuartm: not sure if you checked the backlog, but there was an Alex_21 in here earlier looking to write some interface to make the UI talk
[17:35:53] wagnerrp: i directed him to you either here, or on the mailing list... seems he chose to leave instead
[17:36:21] bbc581 (bbc581! has quit (Client Quit)
[17:39:14] bbc581 (bbc581! has joined #mythtv
[17:39:18] wagnerrp: paul-h: does project X require jpegs for the thumbnails? or is that just what mytharchivehelper outputs, and what you used to make sure it was a valid file?
[17:39:33] wagnerrp: mythpreviewgen outputs PNGs
[17:45:16] paul-h: wagnerrp: project X is the demuxer so has nothing to do with the thumbnails. I can't think of any reason the script can't use PNGs. I can't remember without looking at the code whether it currently uses jpegs or pngs to create the menus.
[17:45:21] gigem (gigem! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[17:45:46] gigem (gigem! has joined #mythtv
[17:45:54] wagnerrp: ah, what is it you use to generate the ISOs?
[17:46:15] wagnerrp: or does the script do its own authoring?
[17:50:29] paul-h: dvdauthor creates the dvd files which are them passed to growisofs to create the iso if needed
[17:53:02] gkeen316 (gkeen316! has quit (Quit: HydraIRC -> <- Go on, try it!)
[17:55:16] justpaul (justpaul! has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[17:56:03] paul-h: The script creates the xml file that dvdauthor uses to author the dvd file structure using the video files created by the script. The video files can be menus or the processed recordings, mythvideo files or any video file in fact
[17:57:40] paul-h: The thumb images are used in the process of creating the main, chapter and details menus
[17:58:26] kormoc_afk (kormoc_afk!~kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc) has joined #mythtv
[17:58:55] kormoc_afk is now known as kormoc
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[18:42:21] xris: Captain_Murdoch: for the git import, what do you think about just setting up email addresses for everyone, based on their login?
[18:42:40] xris: solves the "give out private email address" problem, and gives everyone a long-lasting commit address
[18:53:33] btwe: iamlindoro: Me again, rescanning channels with mythtv-setup did solve my problem. BE logs are telling that EIT data is beeing crawled, but also pruned. Thats all from logs. No Errors. See:
[18:55:51] btwe: sry wrong channel ...
[18:59:28] jamesba (jamesba! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[18:59:46] Beirdo: Captain_Murdoch: and we can forward those emails to the "real emails" or bitbucket em at the user's choice
[19:01:20] cdev_ is now known as cdev
[19:06:46] skd5aner: btw, not sure if it's intentional or not, but --enable-proc-opt no longer shows in ./configure --help, but it still seems to be a valid flag
[19:06:52] skd5aner: (in 0.24)
[19:08:30] Captain_Murdoch: Beirdo, xris, yeah, now makes sense to me.
[19:09:21] xris: Captain_Murdoch: I think I can get that set up easily enough with the current server.
[19:09:26] xris: and it'll make the git import go much more easily
[19:09:36] xris: other question is whether or not we should use a "real name" based login schema
[19:09:45] xris: so xris vs cpetersen
[19:09:47] xris: or whatever
[19:10:15] Beirdo: I think it would be more sane ongoing to have such a schema
[19:10:35] xris: yeah. makes it easier to keep track of who is whom, too
[19:10:47] Beirdo: yup. And so mine changes.. meh
[19:11:24] xris: anyone else here have a preference for login/email standard?
[19:11:37] xris: first.last, initial.last?
[19:12:29] Beirdo: oooh. first.last works for me. Others may like initial.last better
[19:12:32] xris: cool, just a standard /etc/aliases file
[19:12:41] xris: or no dot
[19:12:52] xris: I don't like long username segments
[19:13:28] Beirdo: initial+last works for me too. The only issue there is once we get a collision
[19:13:53] Beirdo: don't have any yet, but it could happen
[19:14:05] Beirdo: heck, could happen with first.last too
[19:14:21] Beirdo: not to me, likely, but some have more... common names :)
[19:17:28] Captain_Murdoch: I think we said a while back that all new devs should have first initial, last name as their logins in the repository.
[19:17:46] xris: makes sense to me
[19:18:02] xris: and with the git move we can try to encourage that for backported commits
[19:18:27] Beirdo: works great until we have... John Lee and James Lee (for instance) :)
[19:18:38] Beirdo: then we have to have a fallback to fix that
[19:18:48] xris: no. just add .2
[19:18:49] xris: :)
[19:18:57] Beirdo: that's a fallback :)
[19:19:04] Beirdo: yeah... jlee, jlee2
[19:19:12] Beirdo: works for me. make it so :)
[19:19:13] xris: well, better to fall back to full first name at that point
[19:19:14] Beirdo: heh
[19:19:18] xris: or worry about it when we get to it
[19:19:22] Beirdo: exactly
[19:19:41] Beirdo: as long as we are aware to check when adding, we should be good for some time
[19:21:14] bbc581 (bbc581! has joined #mythtv
[19:24:43] bbc581 (bbc581! has quit (Read error: No route to host)
[19:27:26] xris: I'll work up the list this afternoon
[19:27:29] xris: then we can do the git import
[19:27:46] xris: or test import, rather
[19:27:55] Beirdo: I'm kinda puttering through an authors map right now
[19:28:22] xris: ok
[19:28:52] xris: make me an aliases file if you want, too
[19:29:02] Beirdo: sure
[19:29:12] xris: have a meeting now.. back in 30
[19:29:12] Beirdo: once I have one, the other's pretty simple :)
[19:29:17] xris: yeah
[19:29:28] xris: well, would be easy to make both from that spreadsheet with a little formula magic
[19:29:43] Beirdo: yeah, but that takes thinking :)
[19:29:56] Beirdo: chuckf. heh.
[19:29:58] Beirdo: OK
[19:31:18] jannau: xris: I'm available for the next 4 hours
[19:38:24] dustybin (dustybin! has quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
[19:40:00] cocoa117 (cocoa117! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[19:49:06] btwe is now known as btwe_afk
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[20:05:33] Logicwrath (Logicwrath! has joined #mythtv
[20:06:38] cdev_ (cdev_! has joined #mythtv
[20:07:56] xris: jannau: lunch now for an hour or so, then we could/should be ready
[20:08:10] xris: dunno if we want to give the other devs more notice, though....
[20:08:21] xris: "surprise, svn is read only!"
[20:08:21] xris: heh
[20:08:28] cdev (cdev! has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[20:09:23] jannau: xris: we can't do that if we
[20:09:33] xris: ..?
[20:09:38] jannau: want proper git tree
[20:09:52] xris: not sure what you mean
[20:10:23] jannau: proper names and emails in the commits metadata
[20:11:02] jannau: import takes a couple of hours
[20:11:36] xris: "can't do" what, though?
[20:12:33] stoffel (stoffel! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:13:04] jannau: make svn read-only without disruption
[20:13:27] xris: does the authors file thing update svn itself?
[20:14:08] ** xris is confused **
[20:14:13] ** jannau too **
[20:14:28] xris: mark svn ro; do git import
[20:14:36] xris: how does that make an improper git tree
[20:15:04] jannau: there is no need to make svn ro
[20:15:57] xris: don't want people to commit stuff that would get lost once we're on git
[20:16:41] xris: ro is just to prevent devs from making commits to svn after we are officially moved to git
[20:16:43] jannau: we will be nothing lost
[20:17:06] xris: anyway, need food.. back within an hour or so.
[20:17:56] stuartm: I assume that if you start the import, then you can still re-sync once it's finished
[20:18:10] jannau: yes
[20:18:25] jannau: that's what I'm doing
[20:18:41] duerF (duerF! has joined #mythtv
[20:18:56] Beirdo: the authors file I just made will be useful during the svn->git import
[20:19:03] Beirdo: maps svn name to git name
[20:19:06] Beirdo: lunch
[20:27:00] len (len! has joined #mythtv
[20:43:47] skd5aner: Mind if I ask for a high-level overview of the plans related to this "git" stuff? I typically use the -commits mailing list archive to track changesets for the release notes...
[20:44:07] skd5aner: so if all this work is going to change that, I'd like to get a heads up so I can change my process for tracking changes
[20:44:28] Mousey (Mousey! has joined #mythtv
[20:44:44] skd5aner: Unless it'll be fairly transparent and any changes would still get sent in a similiar manner as they are to the -commits list
[20:47:22] Gibby is now known as Gibby_away
[21:02:06] superm1 (superm1!~superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1) has joined #mythtv
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[21:06:43] kth (kth! has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[21:17:13] Captain_Murdoch: skd5aner, we'll probably just keep sending them to -commits as we do now.
[21:18:05] skd5aner: Captain_Murdoch: sounds good to me – it's just easier that way for me to sequentially/chronologically see commits and tickets without having to navigate through trac/git/etc interfaces
[21:26:47] stuartm: I don't see anything really changing aside from the repo format for now, it's better to stagger any changes to allow people to adapt
[21:26:59] Captain_Murdoch: ditto
[21:42:45] iamlindoro (iamlindoro!~iamlindor@unaffiliated/iamlindoro) has joined #mythtv
[21:45:01] stoth (stoth! has joined #mythtv
[21:49:10] jya (jya! has quit (Quit: jya)
[21:56:04] Beirdo: yeah
[21:56:23] Beirdo: the format of the commit messages will likely change, but they would still exist.
[21:57:46] j-rod is now known as j-rod|afk
[21:57:59] Beirdo: I mean, the actual messages would look a bit different, but basically be the same content
[22:04:43] stuartm: so long as we don't go back to the list of files _before_ the message :) Took years to fix that, I'd hate to be back at square one
[22:05:54] xris: we also found a script that migrates trac ticket comments over to point to git commit refs
[22:06:14] xris: so the track refs in commit messages will "break", but the references to commits in the tickets themselves will import.
[22:06:47] xris: jannau: talk to Beirdo about getting that authors list file... if you want to run a couple of test imports, I think that'll be the one to use.
[22:11:17] Beirdo: Just sent it on using the email in the spreadsheet
[22:12:11] Beirdo: stuartm: hehe, yeah, that would be unfortunate. We can tweak the hook messages, I'm sure. They just may not end up identical/identical-ish :)
[22:27:05] jannau: Beirdo: replied
[22:27:40] jannau: who is long enough around to remember who created mythgame?
[22:31:54] sphery: was it Greg?
[22:32:02] sphery: GreyFoxx, that is.
[22:32:16] jams: no he only picked it up after it went untouched for a bit
[22:32:42] Beirdo: I remember he was in there early, but I don't think he started it
[22:32:53] jams: for some reason i'm thinking thor
[22:33:12] jannau: chuckf or
[22:34:07] jannau:
[22:38:00] stoth (stoth! has quit (Quit: stoth)
[22:38:44] Beirdo: OMG. That was pre 0.6 :)
[22:43:13] Mav (Mav! has joined #mythtv
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[23:28:42] inordkuo (inordkuo! has joined #mythtv
[23:33:18] abqjp: stuartm: re: , I am looking through the commits trying to spot one that could be to blame. Maybe: ?
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[23:36:59] stuartm: abqjp: I can revert that one and let you know whether it works tomorrow, it's too late to do it now
[23:37:07] stuartm: abqjp: thanks for taking a look at this
[23:40:46] abqjp: stuartm: It has been a long time since I looked at the code that creates that table. It has changed a fair amount since then. I am guessing it is a playback problem though. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me), my HD-PVR records seem play fine, so I don't have an easy way to reproduce the problem.
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[23:42:24] stuartm: I can make a sample available, but whether it would be long enough to demonstrate the problem ...
[23:43:15] abqjp: Heh, It should only take a week to grab a 3 gig file from you ;-)
[23:45:03] abqjp: I see that beirdo fixed
[23:46:33] Beirdo: twice, in fact :)
[23:46:58] Beirdo: first time broke playback for interlaced, second time did it right
[23:46:59] Beirdo: heh
[23:47:38] Beirdo: I couldn't figure out what exactly stuartm was seeing at the time, so I left 9176
[23:48:24] Beirdo: (was getting tired, I guess) :)
[23:49:13] stuartm: abqjp: my 512Kb upstream is a serious restriction ;) They are supposed to be upgrading it to 1Mb very soon, but that's not really going to help much with this sort of thing
[23:50:24] abqjp: stuartm: have you tried to reproduce since Beido fixed 9126?
[23:50:45] abqjp: Beirdo, that is
[23:51:02] stuartm: abqjp: yes, and I can
[23:51:18] abqjp: bummer
[23:52:15] stuartm: might be my imagination, but it doesn't seem so bad after Beirdo's fixes
[23:52:36] stuartm: but that's not really an objective observation
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