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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010, 00:02 UTC
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[00:04:00] markk: sphery, stuartm: any idea if we should be offering to begin transcoding an in-progress recording? gut feeling says no
[00:05:18] sphery: markk: definitely sounds like a bad idea to me. I'd ask Captain_Murdoch
[00:07:40] markk: I'll take the safe option for now
[00:08:19] sphery: markk: it looks like the job queue prevents running any jobs while end time is in the future, with the exception of commflag jobs, that are only allowed to run while recording if AutoCommflagWhileRecording is enabled.
[00:09:28] sphery: based on JobQueue::GetJobsInQueue()
[00:10:15] stuartm: markk: I can't see a reason to allow transcoding, just flagging/editing
[00:10:39] stuartm: markk: btw I noticed that the menu no longer offers the option to delete the recording, was that intentional?
[00:12:23] markk: stuartm: did it have that before?
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[00:28:23] stuartm: markk: I was sure before you asked, now I'm doubting my memory
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[03:27:53] Captain_Murdoch: markk, we currently don't allow transcoding while a recording is in progress, but that may change at some point in the future. I haven't looked at the patch or menu yet, but if they use the word "queue" then it doesn't matter since the jobqueue is what will handle running or not running a job (especially if it's outside the job window for all jobqueue servers). if they say "run job X" then that's misleading since you can't tell
[03:27:53] Captain_Murdoch: a job to run (yet), you can just queue one up.
[03:28:29] Captain_Murdoch: sphery, ^^ just in case you don't read all of scrollback. :)
[03:28:47] ** Captain_Murdoch is afk again **
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[03:35:48] j-rod: dear hdmi connection: please to be playing sound
[03:37:01] ** xris loves his mini displayport + usb audio -> hdmi cable **
[03:37:18] xris: wish they'd make one for normal dvi so I could have one with my mythbox, too
[03:37:22] j-rod: 50ft hdmi cable run through the ceiling and walls
[03:37:36] j-rod: video looks great
[03:37:53] j-rod: alsa says "hey, you've got an hdmi audio device there!"
[03:37:57] j-rod: mythtv is set up to use it
[03:38:05] j-rod: no sound.
[03:38:47] ** j-rod hunting teh googels **
[03:44:42] Captain_Murdoch: xris, I'm getting a similar feeling to what you mentioned earlier about the google box after reading the reviews of the Logitech and the OS. can't talk now, but just read them while holding the baby.
[03:44:47] ** Captain_Murdoch is afk again. **
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[04:18:58] xris: lol. pop in, pop out.
[04:19:44] xris: Captain_Murdoch: yup. would still like to get the work done on the project (and we're going to redo mythweb pretty much from scratch), but I think there are better things to spend SD's money on
[04:21:24] j-rod: oh well. back to the ps3 for watching recordings for now.
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[04:26:32] xris: yeah. can't wait for better dlna support for that... or at least some way to stream minus commercials
[04:28:18] j-rod: simply inserting chapter markers in for the cut points would suffice for me
[04:29:10] j-rod: ps3 playback, at least of hdtv mpeg2 material, is on par with vdpau, if not better
[04:29:59] j-rod: dicking around with a roku hd-xr right now. impulse purchase.
[04:30:03] xris: yeah, I think we've talked about chapter markers before. makes total sense to me
[04:30:49] xris: googletv can't play any of my recordings, anyway.
[04:31:02] xris: which imho is stupid.. given that *most* tv these days is naturally in mpeg2
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[04:33:15] j-rod: yeah, the roku box supposedly may only do 720p h.264… my original thought was maybe I'd use it for a very light-weight frontend for a 3rd TV. not sure if I'll be able to.
[04:39:20] knightr: xris: Hi! Does that seem OK to you? (This is borderline between what I am allowed to do and what I am not allowed to do so I am not sure if this has to be reviewed or not). I found that while searching for something else...
[04:43:05] xris: knightr: ?
[04:43:33] xris: assuming it fixes the issue feel free to commit
[04:43:55] knightr: xris, the locales supported were not declared in an array as they should so they were not processed correctly... Was that the reason for the ?
[04:44:20] xris: pretty much. haven't touched that translation code in 2+ years. heh
[04:44:31] xris: I just don't remember what it's *supposed* to be.
[04:44:37] xris: or what you were asking at first.
[04:47:21] knightr: xris: Sorry, I usually ask Kormoc for things like this but sine MythWeb was originally your baby :) and I haven't seen it tonight and we are getting close to release I figured I would ask you... (Kenn i and I aren't supposed to play with code without review and this is one of the grey areas since we have no choice but to add these lines when we add a translation...)
[04:48:43] xris: he's hopefully passed out on lots of drugs... bad sinus infection
[04:49:12] knightr: ouch!... :(
[04:49:38] xris: yeah. he says it's mostly better, but he seems to get hit pretty hard by this stuff
[04:50:12] knightr: infections in general or sinus problems?
[04:50:29] xris: he had REALLY bad strep throat a few months ago
[04:50:42] xris: lost all of his tastebuds for a couple weeks
[04:50:55] ** xris saw a picture he wishes he could forget **
[04:51:28] knightr: I read about that, that's supposed to be pretty bad... (and I have a pretty good idea of what was on the picture...)
[04:51:48] xris: btw, if you have any translator recommendations, we're planning on doing a mostly-from-the-ground-up rewrite of mythweb for 0.25
[04:53:54] knightr: Hmm, thanks, if we have any suggestion I'll make sure we forward them your way... I know kormoc was suggestion using po for the new MythWeb which would be a good thing IMHO... BTW, we have begun looking at online apps to translate and one of them seem to handle po and Qt ts files pretty well...
[04:54:09] knightr: s/suggestion/suggestions.
[04:54:37] knightr: was suggesting (not was suggestion...)
[04:54:46] xris: not familiar with it.
[04:54:52] xris: I wrote the current one because gettext sucked. heh
[04:55:14] knightr: okolsi, gettext is po, right? :)
[04:55:40] knightr: s/okolsi/ok
[04:56:14] knightr: (not sure how I ended up writing okolsi, that doesn't mean anything...)
[04:56:36] xris: no clue
[04:56:51] xris: been out of the game too long. focused on work, house, kid, SD...
[04:57:07] xris: and lately, brewery...
[04:57:57] xris: guess kormoc and I will have to have a mythtv invite to people in the area if/when we get around to a grand opening party
[04:58:40] knightr: geez, yep, all of these things can take a lot of your time...
[04:58:55] knightr: btwe_afk, gettext is po, I just re-checked to make sure...
[04:59:25] xris: when I first did this stuff there didn't seem to be an easy way to find all of the occurrences to build things out. maybe it's better.
[04:59:30] xris: you have a tab-complete problem.  :)
[04:59:40] knightr: kormoc does not want to use Qt ts files since the support for it in PHP is bad/almost inexistant...
[05:00:36] knightr: xris, I just saw what you mean... That's where my ok0lsi came from and the btwe... thing too...
[05:02:34] knightr: xris, the format seems pretty simple so I guess could be modified to produce it... Only problem would be to merge the translation but with one of the translation tools we saw that would actually be an advantage to only have the strings and not the translations since it could use it as a template...
[05:02:52] knightr: s/translation/translations...
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[05:07:32] xris: having an editor helps. I designed the current format so that it could work in a standard text editor
[05:07:45] xris: but yeah, I plan to make sure the next mythweb follows a lot more standards...
[05:07:58] xris: maybe even go so far as to (blech) use something like smarty
[05:08:53] xris: hopefully going to bring another friend in on the project
[05:09:01] knightr: xris, personally I like that but for some weird reason some translators seem to have some problems with it...
[05:09:52] xris: it's nonstandard. dunno.
[05:10:05] xris: made sense to me in my limited capacity outside of english
[05:10:28] knightr: but it's a text file, it's not that difficult to edit a text file...
[05:10:42] knightr: (but then that's what I do all day...)
[05:12:12] xris: heh
[05:12:16] knightr: only problem with it would be handling some plurals forms (languages where 2 is different from 3+ for example) but for most languages it does the job without problems...
[05:12:38] xris: the one for mythweb should handle that
[05:12:38] knightr: Polish for example is like that in some cases...
[05:12:46] xris: at least 0, 1, 2+
[05:12:53] xris: thought I had it set for N, though
[05:14:41] knightr: yep, it can handles these...
[05:14:51] knightr: s/handles/handle...
[05:15:04] xris: cool. I remember making a point about that...
[05:15:54] knightr: btwe_afk, that other friend is somebody outside MythTV (ie the person who will help you with the new MythWeb)?
[05:16:06] xris: none of the 3 languages I sort of speak (english, spanish, german, in that order of competency) have that kind of differentiation, though
[05:16:21] xris: he is currently outside of myth, yeah.
[05:16:28] xris: said he's been hanging out here as skoneberg, though
[05:16:28] knightr: argh, I hate that name/alias completion thing...
[05:16:53] xris: former intern, current coworker (new company, several years later)...
[05:17:00] knightr: Even for Polish it's no longer that common I'm told...
[05:17:38] knightr: There's also Japanese which doesn't have singular/plural form but that's not very difficult to handle...
[05:17:46] xris: I suspect that Japanese and Arabic have their own issues
[05:18:05] xris: and I know that sanskrit does, but I doubt anyone would translate mythweb into a never-actually-spoken language
[05:18:07] knightr: Arabic is RTL... (Right To Left)
[05:18:17] xris: and has no "to be" verb
[05:18:37] ** xris often wishes he'd stayed in school and studied linguistics **
[05:19:11] xris: brb, off to go set up a bottle of hard cider for carbonation.
[05:19:45] knightr: Ah, you are brewing cider... TTYL
[05:21:28] knightr: (BTW, you have a big advantage over me, I only speak two languages and know a few words in a few other languages...)
[05:23:39] xris: if you speak two fluently you've better off than I am. haven't spoken fluent spanish since I was 13
[05:23:56] xris: and I barely know enough german to read a menu.
[05:24:17] xris: and "brewed" cider. just carbonating a 2l bottle to bring to work tomorrow.
[05:24:25] xris: along with another of barleywine
[05:24:58] knightr: so you brewed cider and wine?
[05:25:20] xris: cider, mead, beer.. barleywine is technically just really strong beer
[05:25:46] knightr: ah, didn't know that...
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[05:26:47] xris: there's technically a style associated with it, but in general it means anything in the 10% ABV range and above
[05:26:56] xris: or rather, anything in that range could qualify
[05:27:09] Beirdo: which means most of your beers ;)
[05:27:12] xris: this one was an accident (bad recipe conversion)
[05:27:17] xris: pretty much.
[05:27:19] knightr: I speak French fluently since it's my mother tongue. My English unfortunately is no longer as good as it was because I don't frequently have occasion to speak it..
[05:27:26] xris: only my sours end up being below 9% these days
[05:27:37] xris: you type it fine.  :)
[05:28:02] xris: knightr:
[05:28:05] knightr: ouch, it's pretty strong...
[05:28:08] xris: kormoc and I each own a part
[05:28:19] xris: and my cousin is the brewmaster.
[05:28:44] ** xris waits impatiently for state/federal paperwork to be processed **
[05:29:14] ** Beirdo waits impatiently for 0.24 to be released :) **
[05:29:16] knightr: okolsi, you are no longer only doing it for your own use, that's nice!
[05:29:57] ** knightr hates that username/alias completion feature, I'll have to desactivate that... :) **
[05:30:02] xris: hahaha
[05:30:09] xris: poor okolsi when he sees the scrollback.
[05:30:12] Beirdo: hehe
[05:30:23] Beirdo: "who rang? HUH?"
[05:30:26] xris: you must have some sort of "auto-complete on comma" enabled
[05:30:43] knightr: ROTFL...
[05:30:48] xris: my brewing is still just for me.. but I like to pretend I can help out in brewing the other stuff.
[05:31:00] xris: actually, we'll be making two sours based on my recipes
[05:31:01] knightr: I thought it was only on TAB but I am pretty sure I am not pressing it...
[05:34:11] knightr: what are sours?
[05:34:41] knightr: cocktails apparently?
[05:36:00] knightr: ok, let's see if I found how to desactivate that name completion thing...
[05:36:10] knightr: yes!!!
[05:41:23] xris: knightr:
[05:41:28] xris: or "lambic"
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[05:45:16] knightr: geez, pretty special beer... definitely sounds like something I would like...
[05:45:34] xris: where do you live?
[05:46:07] knightr: Canada...
[05:46:13] xris: ah..
[05:46:18] xris: check out stuff from unibroue
[05:46:23] xris: they're french canadian
[05:47:10] knightr: yep, I know the name... They have been bought though...
[05:48:18] knightr: I like/liked their Ephemere beer...
[05:48:19] xris: interesting.. by sapporo
[05:48:49] xris: I wasn't sure how to take that. but I plan to brew something like it flavored with maple and some bacon-related seasonings
[05:49:18] xris: I think we have about 10 special recipes to try out once the brewery is up and running
[05:50:17] knightr: Gee, I had missing the Sapporo part, I thought it was still owned by Sleeman...
[05:50:35] knightr: s/missing/missed...
[05:50:59] xris: wikipedia ftw
[05:51:15] knightr: that's bound to have pretty interesting taste... :)
[05:51:28] ** knightr checked on their website... **
[05:51:59] xris: I think ommegang and allagash are probably above unibroue for belgian styles in the americas.
[05:52:13] xris: but Cascade (from Portland, OR) blows both of them out of the water for sours.
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[05:52:46] xris: I'd put the Cascade Kriek up against a 100 year old belgian recipe any day.
[05:52:52] xris: though I buy the belgian ones because they're way cheaper
[05:54:03] knightr: Belgian beers from Belgium are cheaper than american beers?
[05:54:21] knightr: (or belgian inspired beers made in NA?)
[05:55:36] xris: american craft beers can get expensive
[05:56:54] knightr: more expensive than an imported beer? Geez, that's beginning to be pretty expensive... I guess you pay for quality...
[05:57:03] xris: can get a good bottle of belgian kriek for $10–12. Cascade's is $23+
[05:57:12] xris: 750ml, that is
[05:57:46] xris: but that's an exception. most are in the $9–12 range no matter where they come from
[05:58:51] knightr: Like a big chouffe? (
[05:58:54] xris: wow, we're totally OT for this channel and no one complained
[05:59:03] xris: those usually run around $14
[05:59:47] knightr: hmm, you're right, I had forgotten we were on #mythtv and not #mythtv-users... :)
[06:01:21] knightr: (that would be OT for both channels though... :) )
[06:01:33] j-rod is now known as j-rod|afk
[06:02:28] knightr: they are talking about hard drives on -users...
[06:03:14] xris: nah, beer is OT for -users
[06:03:21] xris: we made that a rule years ago
[06:03:30] xris: er, "on topic"
[06:03:55] knightr: :) :) :)
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[07:10:48] el_duerino: markk: to sum up the conversation (followed after I went to bed) for me, is it you who will implement the a/v sync persistency now?
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[11:39:37] stuarta: evening
[11:44:17] ** stuarta does a wave and run **
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[12:12:16] stuartm: stuartm: g'morning :)
[12:12:28] stuartm: meh, auto-complete
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[13:36:39] el_duerino: stuartm: good afternoon..
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[17:26:04] yggdrasil: heloo, i have a pavilion zv6000 and it appears that its got an infrared port built in, just wondering how can i figure out whats it hooked up to or how to use it.
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[17:27:19] wagnerrp: this is the development channel for mythtv, we dont provide support for infrared receivers
[17:27:26] yggdrasil: hehe sorry
[17:29:23] yggdrasil: where should i be then?
[17:29:58] wagnerrp: are you using linux?
[17:30:04] yggdrasil: uh indeed
[17:30:10] wagnerrp: try #lirc
[17:30:13] yggdrasil: thanks
[17:30:22] yggdrasil: preciate it
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[17:47:19] stuartm: "I brought up the git discussion because it should make it easier to maintain multiple branches." "git also doesn't really have branches" ... my head hurts already
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[17:51:14] sphery: stuartm: isn't #9197 a dup of #8707
[17:53:07] stuartm: sphery: unless I'm missing something, no, totally different
[17:55:08] sphery: Ah, ok, null vs linefeed... I just saw #8707 as "non-printing characters should be stripped from EIT data" (even though that's not its title)
[17:55:10] stuartm: 9197 is a problem with Danish eit fixups, it's sticking the entire description into the subtitle field – mythweb chokes on the newline characters but that's not the root issue, 8707 is \0 characters inserted by EIT causing problems with the backend and frontend
[17:56:55] stuartm: mythweb should probably be able to deal with newline characters in the subtitle as an additional line of defence, but since newlines aren't valid in subtitles it's more a problem with a lack of input validation in the EIT parser
[17:56:56] sphery: ah, I didn't get that it was putting description in subtitle from the title or description
[17:57:30] stuartm: sphery: user doesn't mention it, but if you look at the record they post that's what has happened
[17:57:32] sphery: (title or description of the bug)
[17:58:10] xris: sounds like we should fix the EIT parser
[17:58:14] sphery: Yeah, I see it now. You're right.
[17:58:49] stuartm: there, better subject
[18:01:22] dekarl1 (dekarl1! has joined #mythtv
[18:01:48] sphery: stuartm: thanks--helps the slower readers, like me
[18:04:29] dekarl (dekarl! has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[18:11:35] jannau: the eit code should be already stripping non-printable characters, even newline
[18:12:18] jannau: might depend on the encoding though
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[20:51:45] stuartm: the more people try to explain git, the less I understand
[20:53:27] Beirdo: not to worry. Look at the Git for SVN users link :)
[20:53:49] Beirdo: that should get you off to a very good start. After that, it's just incremental learning :)
[20:55:10] stuartm: Beirdo: the basic commands are fine, thing I've already got a handle on those, it's the change to the workflow that'll take me time
[20:55:29] Beirdo: the main difference is you commit locally, then push to the central repo
[20:55:53] Beirdo: yeah, it takes time to adjust to, understood :)
[20:56:33] Beirdo: most people I know who have tried it fall in love with it fairly soon. Of course, there's always exceptions to every generalization
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[21:00:43] sphery: Seems Captain_Murdoch loves the idea of git... "githug" and all.  :)
[21:00:53] Captain_Murdoch: did I typo?
[21:01:22] Captain_Murdoch: if so, I blame that on my bluetooth keyboard
[21:01:22] sphery: heh, just once--but it gave me a good laugh
[21:02:25] Kunalagon (Kunalagon!~Kunalagon@ has joined #mythtv
[21:04:28] Captain_Murdoch: sphery, and actually it appears I blame Beirdo for saying githug based on my wording. :)
[21:04:45] Beirdo: hehe
[21:04:54] Beirdo: githug is cute :)
[21:05:24] Captain_Murdoch: that's what they give to that octo-whatever-his-name-is
[21:06:43] Beirdo: oh, that reminds me... finish setting up octocat on my iphone
[21:10:38] Beirdo: there
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[21:58:21] xris: guess we need a new thing for the streaming video stuff in mythtv:
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