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Monday, December 14th, 2015, 03:52 UTC
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[18:16:50] paul-h: Captain_Murdoch: what determines if a theme is available for 0.27 and the point releases like 0.27.5?
[18:19:13] paul-h: At the moment MythCenterXMAS-wide is stuck on version 1.0 for 0.27 users and only 0.27.5 can get version 1.3
[18:21:48] paul-h: There doesn't seem to be a either
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[20:47:22] paul-h: natanojl: any idea why MythCenterXMAS-wide is stuck at version 1.0 for 0.27 fixes even though the fixes branch of the theme is now at 1.3?
[21:40:33] natanojl: paul-h: Not really. I think the list should be updated every day by some script on our server?
[21:49:46] paul-h: Yeah the script did run sometime in the last 24 hours since it updated the version available for master and 0.27.5 which falls back to the version in
[21:51:41] paul-h: I was thinking it was you who fixed this the last time but now I think about it it was John
[22:01:19] natanojl: Yes, I think so too. I haven't even seen the script
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[23:13:45] Captain_Murdoch: paul-h, the script needs to be updated to include a 0.27.5 section and it create the packages for 0.27.5. it looks like John added a section for 0.27.4 to it a while back.
[23:16:11] paul-h: Captain_Murdoch: the problem I have is some users are still using 0.27 and they are still getting version 1.0 of the theme even though there have been a few updates since then
[23:16:55] Captain_Murdoch: that can be fixed in the script as well. it doesn't look like 0.27 has that theme listed in the script.
[23:17:13] Captain_Murdoch: do you have access to alcor, if so I can walk you through it, otherwise I can make a quick change.
[23:17:20] paul-h: No
[23:17:50] Captain_Murdoch: ok, so you want that theme to be listed in v0.27, do you need a 0.27.5 section created also to make the 0.27.5 file?
[23:19:55] paul-h: Yeah both would be good thanks
[23:20:27] paul-h: The first one is more important adding it to 0.27
[23:21:48] paul-h: We do seem to fall back to looking for previous various of themes so 0.27.5 will fall back to a 0.27.4 if available
[23:23:15] paul-h: previous versions
[23:27:59] Captain_Murdoch: ok, it should be there on the next run of the script.
[23:29:03] paul-h: OK thanks – when does the script run?
[23:29:06] Captain_Murdoch: someone had changed some of the icon lookup files in the web directory without them being into git, so I merged them in and pushed back into the repo. just in case anyone else notices and is asking.
[23:30:01] Captain_Murdoch: about 4 and a half hours. it is timed with the FTP mirror syncs that OSU runs. we run our script right before their stuff runs and then after their stuff runs, we push the index on our side so the newly mirrored files become available.
[23:30:23] Captain_Murdoch: 4:00 UTC and 16:00 UTC to build, and 4:40 and 16:40 UTC to copy the index into place.
[23:30:44] Captain_Murdoch: havt to run, ping me if there are issues and I will check back tonight.
[23:31:36] paul-h: NP thanks Captain_Murdoch
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