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Friday, November 7th, 2014, 03:02 UTC
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[23:39:04] MistStlkr: hi folks. tryi8n to figure out where the theming info is to modify the popup used to select coverart and not having any luck tracking down which file it is in.
[23:44:38] MistStlkr: any help pointing me to the right file would be greatly appreciated
[23:46:09] paul-h: I think you are looking for MythArtworkResults usually found in base.xml
[23:47:20] MistStlkr: paul-h: tahnks a ton; I was digging through video-ui, mythvideo and a few others. as usual,looking in the right place is key to finding what you need
[23:51:14] paul-h: It might be MythMetadataResults as well
[23:53:59] MistStlkr: trying to make the coverart previews in the popup big enough to actually see them. I'l sort it out, thanks!

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