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Friday, August 29th, 2014, 02:06 UTC
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[19:31:37] paul-h: Captain_Murdoch3: any reason the Blue Abstract theme hasn't been added to the 0.27 There is a 0.27-fixes branch in the repo here
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[20:47:09] Captain_Murdoch: we only add the new version when a themer requests to do so, we don't assume a theme is ready just because there is a branch. I don't think I have missed any add requests. I should modify the code to read the list from a delimited file instead of hard-coding in the source so it doesn't require a code update to add new themes or versions.
[20:47:38] Captain_Murdoch: plan was to get that into a DB and UI eventually
[20:53:03] paul-h: The problem is Robert the theme author is a little pissed of with us for not committing a patch or pull request so he's unlikely to ask us to include it
[20:54:45] paul-h: It seems odd that there is all those themes in the trunk but only a few themes in the 0.27-fixes. I would have though it would be the other way around
[21:21:38] stuartm: well I was pretty badly burned when I did commit his patches for a new Photo plugin :/
[21:42:15] paul-h: I've sent him email asking if we should add it to theme chooser on 0.27
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