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Sunday, April 13th, 2014, 02:45 UTC
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[09:00:22] paul-h: tgm4883: I wonder if it can be something to do with the size of the please wait screen? If it isn't full screen then the background screen won't be drawn behind it so you can briefly see the menu screen?
[09:11:16] paul-h: tgm4883: Just tested that theory and that is your problem so changing the area for the videowindow in base.xml to full screen will fix it.
[09:16:39] paul-h: It does mean you have to decide do you want the Please Wait screen to be a small popup and put up with the main menu showing when switch channel in the guide or make it a full screen popup
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[09:21:56] paul-h: Or you could bug someone who knows about this stuff to tidy the whole thing up so it seamlessly switches from the guide to viewing TV rather that the mess it is now :)
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[16:54:48] tgm4883: paul-h, That please wait screen shows up in multiple places right? Whenever starting a video? I'm assuming it's the same one shown in mythvideo?
[17:05:35] tgm4883: paul-h, that's not working for me, I changed both <area> in videowindow and also the backimg <area> under videowindow to <area>0,0,100%,100%</area> and I'm still getting that issue
[17:06:42] paul-h: yeah wherever the internal video player is used it's shown at the startup to tell the user something is happening because it can take a while for the video to show
[17:07:15] paul-h: it seemed to work for me but I used the actual values not %
[17:07:25] tgm4883: let me try that
[17:07:36] tgm4883: did you change it both places?
[17:07:44] paul-h: no just the area
[17:07:58] paul-h: the window area that is
[17:09:09] tgm4883: paul-h, yea now it's showing just a black/light black screen when I switch
[17:09:14] tgm4883: paul-h, no message though
[17:09:46] tgm4883: that works for me, but is it expected?
[17:14:49] paul-h: Ideally you would see the popup with all the widgets/animations as they should be but because the popup doesn't get to update properly before the video window takes over they never draw properly
[17:15:12] paul-h: Animations have never worked for example on that screen
[17:15:54] paul-h: The black screen works for me but they are a tough crowd on the users list :)
[17:16:00] tgm4883: yea they are
[17:16:31] tgm4883: You have a minute for a few more short questions? I've asked some question in here over the last few weeks to crickets
[17:17:14] paul-h: I help if I can but stuartm is the king of mythui though
[17:18:25] tgm4883: ok, I've got three
[17:18:28] tgm4883: Is there a way to use "Preferred channel format" in a theme? I don't see a way to use it in the schedule ui
[17:18:53] tgm4883: Trying to use that one in schedule UI to make someone happy rather than have it hard set to some values
[17:19:51] paul-h: I'd have to got look at the code. Which screen are you talking about?
[17:20:06] tgm4883: the program guide
[17:21:06] tgm4883: I mean, I'm OK not fixing this since this guy has his setup completely wrong (he has CHANNUM+CALLSIGN set in his DB for CALLSIGN, then complains that the channel number shows up twice in the guide)
[17:21:19] tgm4883: but if it's configurable, I'm OK making that change
[17:32:52] paul-h: Can you give me an example where you can change the format?
[17:33:16] tgm4883: yea just a sec
[17:35:30] tgm4883: in the frontend, Setup > Video > General First page has "Channel Format"
[17:46:43] paul-h: OK it's hard coded to use the kChannelShort format which is the format in "Channel Format" but you can add other text areas and use any of the formats shown here callsign, channelname, channelid, channelsourcename, channelnumber, majorchan, minorchan
[17:48:05] paul-h: In the channellist button list you would want to hide the buttontext text area and add another one to show the format you want
[17:49:41] tgm4883: paul-h, so if I wanted it to use that (kChannelShort) then I would just remove my text area there?
[17:50:21] paul-h: I think it should already be using that by default
[17:50:33] tgm4883: ok, I've got a template in there, so I should just remove that part then
[17:50:52] paul-h: Yeah that could be it
[17:51:04] tgm4883: ok, I'll try that. second question
[17:51:11] tgm4883: Would a system with a smaller DPI show the fonts larger is using <size> instead of <pixelsize> (and would switching to <pixelsize> fix that?
[17:51:30] tgm4883: *if using <size>*
[17:52:22] tgm4883: I'm seeing inconsistencies in how the theme looks on other displays that are also 1920x1080
[17:54:52] paul-h: I though Stuart or Sphery fixed things so the dpi doesn't matter and the fonts would be scaled properly but I could be wrong
[17:55:44] tgm4883: It's possible, I'm really grasping at straws on this one
[17:56:57] tgm4883: last one In the recording screen, is it possible to have an image pop up if coverart does not exist AND the focus is on the recordings pane?
[17:57:44] tgm4883: I can get an image to pop up if there is no coverart, but I only want that to happen if the focus is on the recordings, not the groups
[18:00:02] paul-h: Don't think that would be possible. You can do things with depends but I don't see how that would work in this case
[18:00:38] tgm4883: yea I couldn't figure out a way either
[18:01:09] tgm4883: one more, where is the radio list screen? Its showing up as 1280x720, but I can't find it anywhere
[18:01:25] tgm4883: I grepped for some of the textarea names, but I don't have them
[18:04:24] paul-h: If you open the Play Radio Streams screen the press menu and Add or Edit stream then press the Search for Stream button that will open the list I think you mean
[18:05:29] paul-h: You've not themed that bit :(
[18:05:58] tgm4883: paul-h, ah, well that would make sense why I can't find it, but why is it showing up not full screen?
[18:06:10] tgm4883: . . . .05%20AM.png
[18:06:43] tgm4883: Someone opened a bug with that, I can verify that is what it looks like
[18:07:03] paul-h: It's using the default 1280x720 screen when your theme is 1920x1200?
[18:07:08] tgm4883: yea
[18:08:39] tgm4883: which I've had happen before (I forgot to convert the music screen to 1920x1080 when I did the conversion), but that was an XML file I had and fixed
[18:13:01] paul-h: You will just have to copy the default version to your theme and tweak it to look right at the higher resolution
[18:13:30] tgm4883: ok, that I can do
[18:16:15] tgm4883: paul-h, thanks for your help, I've been wondering about that stuff for a few weeks
[18:16:39] paul-h: np glad to help
[18:18:59] paul-h: I think you deserve all the help you can get after the mob from the user list :) Now you know why the devs get a bit uptight occasionally :)
[18:20:42] tgm4883: yea, I find the users to be a bit laughable sometimes
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[21:26:12] sphery: paul-h / tgm4883: The DPI shouldn't matter other than to the level of precision available, but the aspect ratio is /definitely/ important. If you have a 5:4 resolution monitor (i.e. 1280x1024) that's 4:3 aspect, you must set X so it knows it's 4:3 output, or things will be very bad. Similarly if your screen is 16:9, you need to tell X 16:9; or if your screen is 16:10, you need to tell X 16:10.
[21:28:09] sphery: however, if you're using point sizes for specifying fonts, they are completely based on the user's DPI--you're using an inch measurement in the theme, so it's dependent on their specified dots per inch
[21:28:46] sphery: if you use pixel sizes for specifying fonts, their DPI won't matter
[21:32:00] tgm4883: sphery, so in theory, since I was using <size> before, their DPI does matter
[21:32:07] tgm4883: I just switched it all to <pixelsize)
[21:32:32] sphery: yeah, that sounds right to me
[21:32:41] tgm4883: awesoe
[21:35:35] sphery: stuartm would know for sure, but I think the users' specified DPI will matter if the theme specifies point sizes for fonts--at least to the point of if you specify point sizes with a properly-specified DPI (i.e. based on the physical measurements of your screen), and a user configures their display with improper DPI (i.e. 100x100 when the physical display is really 260x260 DPI), their fonts will look huge.
[21:36:17] sphery: however, if you and the user have wildly different DPI values--but both are correct for the physical measurements of the screen/pixels--it would look the same on both
[21:38:07] sphery: as far as precision, basically just means that if you specify 40pixel height font with a base res of 1920x1080, but the user is using a display that's 1280x720, the font should be scaled to 26 2/3 pixels, but we can't do fractional pixels, so it's actually 26 pixels high.
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