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Tuesday, April 1st, 2014, 02:03 UTC
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[19:02:52] tgm4883: Can someone confirm a bug for me? It looks like if a themer deletes a file, the file doesn't get deleted from the users directory on a theme update
[19:03:28] sphery: did you git rm it and push the change?
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[21:51:37] tgm4883: sphery, yea, here is the commit . . . 145869e5a529
[22:35:29] sphery: tgm4883: IIRC, it should work--unless the user's working copy has any changes to the file
[22:36:00] sphery: I may be wrong, though--it's been a while since I removed anything
[22:45:39] tgm4883: sphery, I just tested here at work and had that issue, jya brought it up to me
[22:45:46] tgm4883: I shouldn't have had any changes in that file

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