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Sunday, December 8th, 2013, 00:05 UTC
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[09:55:44] paul-h: sphery_: How would I get a theme added to the theme chooser?
[09:56:43] paul-h: There is a guy who wants to add a classic version of MythCenter-wide and I'm toying with adding my Xmas version as well
[09:58:11] paul-h: I might change my mind once I'm sober but at the moment it seems like a good idea
[09:59:16] paul-h: I'd need to update it to 2013 spec first though
[10:00:59] paul-h: It's got an animated snowy background that will really piss of some people :)
[10:03:18] paul-h: Wonder if the random background thing ever got committed?
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[23:24:16] sphery_: paul-h: Just need to make sure there's a repo or a place to download the theme from, and let Captain_Murdoch know, and he'll add it to the script that pulls themes into the download section on
[23:26:14] sphery_: paul-h: and there's a sort of random background thing available--Arclight uses it. Put one specific background in qtlook.txt , then use a directory name for the filename of the background image in base.xml (like <filename>Backgrounds/</filename> ). See
[23:26:37] sphery_: I think it just chooses a random image from the dir for the background
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[23:41:29] paul-h: sphery: it's in my fork at the moment but I would probably move it to the MythTV-Themes github repository
[23:45:31] paul-h: I'll have to check out how Arclight does the random background images thing it didn't quite do what I wanted when I tried
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