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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013, 02:56 UTC
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[18:38:59] tgm4883: I think I found another bug in the themes
[18:39:05] tgm4883: "The above example would place a 300x100 item 10% across and 20% down the screen. Percentage may also be used to size an item, relative to its parent item (which can be the entire screen, the container size of a button, etc.)."
[18:40:01] tgm4883: So I have a group, with 6–7 buttons, laid out horizontally. Each button has a width of 10%, but the further right the button is, the skinnier it is (they aren't all 10% of the group width)
[18:41:58] stuartm: that would indeed be an odd bug
[18:42:16] stuartm: jpabq: could that relate to any of the changes you made?
[18:42:39] tgm4883: stuartm, yea, it's almost if it's doing the calculation for the 10% from the starting point of the image to the end of the group
[18:42:48] tgm4883: let me grab a screenshot
[18:43:09] stuartm: tgm4883: can you pastebin the xml too?
[18:43:28] tgm4883: yea sec
[18:45:01] tgm4883:
[18:45:34] tgm4883:
[18:53:09] stuartm: tgm4883: for the audio and videoprop statetypes you've not defined an area for the imagetypes, so they default to the size of the image itself
[18:53:26] stuartm: tgm4883: did the fix for the double scaling work?
[18:55:05] stuartm: the narrowing of the areas definitely is a bug ...
[18:55:33] tgm4883: yea I know I haven't defined that image part yet
[18:55:40] stuartm: but not the only one, why is the audioprop area so far over to the right
[18:56:05] tgm4883: I've run into that bug a few places, but that is the best clear cut example I have
[18:56:20] tgm4883: I'm not sure, there is an area missing (cutlist)
[18:56:34] stuartm: hmm, nevermind, I mis-counted, it's about the right position
[18:56:50] tgm4883: oh wait, 2, yea it's in the right spot
[18:58:03] tgm4883: stuartm, the percentages work three different ways I think, so it gets a bit confusing
[18:58:14] stuartm: if you ignored the outlines for a minute, the spacing appears correct, I just held a ruler up against the image to help verify that
[18:59:31] stuartm: on my ruler, each icon is positioned exactly 16mm from the start of the previous one
[18:59:35] tgm4883: stuartm, for things like audioprops, I need to define the area for each one?
[19:00:05] tgm4883: right, I think the starting percentage works, just the "how wide/tall" percentages are broken
[19:00:44] stuartm: tgm4883: yeah, it gets a little messy, but if you want to scale the icons up/down then you need to define an area for each image
[19:01:03] stuartm: if you plan to replace the icons with ones which are natively the right size then you can skip that
[19:01:48] tgm4883: does imagetype take svg?
[19:02:30] stuartm: no, unfortunately not, I've looked at adding svg in the past but I've never got around to implementing it
[19:02:37] tgm4883: ok
[19:02:58] tgm4883: ideally i'd like to do SVG, and make most (if not all) of the theme using percentages
[19:03:06] tgm4883: i do weird things, that expose bugs :/
[19:04:54] stuartm: I tend to avoid percentages myself because of their inherent problems when it comes to scaling. The rounding can cause all sorts of problems, and things that lined up perfectly at the native res no longer do so at another res
[19:05:44] stuartm: in fact I'd discourage use of percentages for just that reason
[19:06:16] tgm4883: hmm
[19:06:47] tgm4883: I see that point. I was trying to avoid having to completely redo a theme when we need to do a resolution change
[19:07:06] tgm4883: *proving the aspect ratio stays the same
[19:10:26] stuartm: in effect with percentages you negate the increase resolution of your theme, instead of 7680 px wide it's just 100 units
[19:11:19] stuartm: tgm4883: if you're still targeting 8K you won't need to change the base res again for a very, very long time (likely the theme won't even be around when that time comes)
[19:12:17] tgm4883: stuartm, true, I was thinking more in terms of some of the watermarks we currently have. Those need to be redone in a higher resolution
[19:13:54] stuartm: it might not be too difficult to write some code that would automatically update all the <area>, <size> etc automatically ... if someone were to do that it would maybe breath new life into the themes which were based around 1280x720 – getting those up to 1920x1080 seems like a very good idea
[19:14:32] stuartm: even so there are still rounding issues to contend with, there's no such thing as a 1/3 of a pixel
[19:14:46] tgm4883: stuartm, hmm, that actually might not be too difficult. going from 1280x720, initially I was just multiplying everything by 6
[19:17:57] stuartm: I'm sure by the time I have to face writing a theme at 4K or even 8K that someone, maybe even me, will have written a GUI tool to help – I don't particularly look forward to calculating x,y coords at with 4 digits in my head
[19:21:41] stuartm: although doing the work at 1920x1080 and scaling up ought to produce good results since it's a direct multiple
[19:23:20] tgm4883: stuartm, good point. I think I'll go back and do non-percentages for this
[19:23:44] tgm4883: stuartm, any reason you can think for why I should do 1920x1080 instead of 4k or 8k?
[19:25:46] stuartm: well apart from the fore-mentioned fact that it's a little easier to do the sums, a 1920x1080 theme will be much smaller in size (disk space) and will be faster to download via the theme downloader
[19:26:36] stuartm: 4k TVs are also unlikely to be in use by consumers for several years (unless they happen to be rich)
[19:27:31] stuartm: a different viewpoint would be that I cannot see a reason to do a theme in 4K instead of 1920x1080
[19:28:31] tgm4883: stuartm, providing there is a conversion tool, I'd have to agree
[19:28:45] tgm4883: if not, then not having to redo this in 3 years would be a reason
[19:29:31] tgm4883: but I agree, there isn't really any artwork at that resolution anyway, so currently it's not just a drop in replacement
[19:30:02] stuartm: in three years there will probably be a lot of new UI features that you'll want to take advantage of, you may even decide that you'd prefer to start again from scratch with a fresh design using some of the new stuff
[19:31:17] stuartm: very few themes last 2 years, let alone 3 or more, the users want to see something different and so do the theme authors
[19:31:24] tgm4883: stuartm, if there is one thing I've found from taking over our theme, it's that any changes I try to make are met with pitchforks and torches
[19:32:04] tgm4883: personally, i'd like to use more animation, but there isn't much to choose from and it doesn't seem to have a consistent way of working
[19:33:23] tgm4883: stuartm, also, it's a bit difficult to do since I don't use things like mythmusic or mythgallery, so I rely on others to submit patches for the theme for those
[19:34:50] tgm4883: stuartm, I'm still working on the double scaling patch. I can't get it to apply cleanly to 0.27
[19:35:10] tgm4883: granted, my patch working skills leave something to be desired, but it looks like it should apply fine
[19:35:42] stuartm: AFAIK it should apply cleanly, master and 0.27 haven't diverged that much
[19:36:48] tgm4883: it fails on one hunk, let me look
[19:37:09] stuartm: oh, it'll be the version change
[19:37:22] stuartm: you can just delete that hunk
[19:38:26] stuartm: thought about that the other day but I forgot to mention it :)
[19:38:46] tgm4883: already did that, it's something else
[19:38:56] tgm4883: sorry, cooking lunch too
[19:41:27] tgm4883: stuartm, it's this I even tried removing the orientation line since it's not in 0.27
[19:42:03] tgm4883: everything else applies fine it seems
[19:43:17] stuartm: ah, ok, there was a patch added to support rotation of images for the new gallery, that's why it's conflicting
[19:44:32] stuartm: simply removing that line from the patch won't work because then the line numbers in the patch header won't be correct – it's possible to fix those manually, but tricky to get right
[19:45:09] tgm4883: I tried fixing it manually, but yea, didn't get it right
[19:45:22] stuartm: tgm4883: you should be able to edit the file directly and insert the line, from that you could generate a clean patch (if you need one for the packaging process)
[19:45:54] tgm4883: so just remove that hunk completely, then edit the file directly?
[19:46:05] stuartm: yeah
[19:46:14] tgm4883: ok, i'll try that
[19:46:22] tgm4883: i'll need a patch for the PPA
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