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Wednesday, September 25th, 2013, 00:44 UTC
[00:44:09] tgm4883: hmm, I think I found a bug
[00:44:37] tgm4883: unless, is there a way to set the pixelsize for widget names?
[00:47:10] tgm4883: I've always found it really difficult to figure out which widget was named what
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[09:57:02] stuartm: tgm4883: when using the debugging you mean?
[09:57:27] stuartm: no, there's no such option
[15:20:02] tgm4883: stuartm, yea
[15:20:05] tgm4883: bummer :/
[15:20:32] tgm4883: stuartm, the text is really really small when I have the theme size set to 8k. Admittedly, I'm doing this on a 1080P tv
[15:20:49] tgm4883: but I would have thought that would scale
[15:40:07] stuartm: I don't think paul-h thought anyone would be creating a theme at such a high res when he added the feature
[15:57:30] paul-h: tgm4883: You could always change it locally while you debug your theme . . . ype.cpp#n519 it's set to 8 point by default if you make it to big things get very messy though
[15:58:33] tgm4883: paul-h, isn't one of the reasons to use pixelsize vs size is so it will scale?
[16:02:22] paul-h: Sound plausible try it if it improves things it can always be changed
[16:02:52] tgm4883: paul-h, I'll try that when I get home
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