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Wednesday, September 18th, 2013, 00:09 UTC
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[03:19:46] superm1: stuartm: OK it reproduced with those arguments running.
[03:26:45] superm1: the last I see of event handling is around 1490
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[09:42:07] stuartm: superm1: thanks
[09:54:44] stuartm: 1490 (Sep 17 18:20:17) was when you noticed it had happened again, or could it have happened before then?
[09:54:57] stuartm: the last BACKEND_MESSAGE was ~579
[09:56:28] stuartm: err, 736
[09:58:02] stuartm: 17:07, over an hour before – could be that the backend had nothing to notify in that time but it's odd given how frequently it was updating before then
[11:45:18] stuartm: superm1: moving this discussion to #mythtv so other devs can chime in
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