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Tuesday, September 17th, 2013, 02:17 UTC
[02:17:58] tgm4883: Is there a set of default files we can pull if we're starting a new theme?
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[04:33:20] sphery: tgm4883: I'd recommend those under, say, Steppes :)
[04:34:33] sphery: (the default theme is a mish-mash of fallback-in-case-it's-not-in-a-theme/let-me-cram-in-everything-that-could-possib ly-be-here-regardless-of-how-ugly-cramped-unreadable-it-is/... and, IMHO, should never be used as a starting point
[04:35:46] sphery: I'm sure there are some other complete themes, but Steppes is one that I'm pretty sure is as near 100% coverage as you're likely to see
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[20:39:29] superm1: so it looks like the mythbuntu theme in 0.27 isn't refreshing when recordings start to be active, complete, or when you mark stuff as watched. not really sure where to even start debugging though
[20:39:41] superm1: it does seem to be a regression from 0.26 to 0.27 however
[20:45:27] stuartm: it's not the theme, it's probably this bug – #11777
[20:45:27] ** MythLogBot **
[20:45:43] stuartm: superm1: restarting the frontend would fix it, or the backend
[20:46:01] stuartm: I really wanted to get that fixed for 0.27 :/
[20:46:09] superm1: oh....
[20:47:15] superm1: well glad to know it's not a theme problem. i was really scratching my head when i spawned a frontend on another machine with a different theme that DTRT
[20:47:23] stuartm: I don't know where to start looking for the problem, although it's probably in the socket or protocol handling, i.e. the socket dies and we aren't restarting it or there is a deadlock in the event handling
[20:49:20] superm1: i guess it would be a lot easier to debug if the reproduce steps didn't involve "let the frontend sit for a few days"
[20:53:37] stuartm: superm1: yeah, it's not easy to reproduce, although it can happen in just a few hours
[20:54:20] stuartm: and when it does happen, you need to be OK with firing up gdb etc there and then, which isn't always convenient
[20:55:01] superm1: well if it's a deadlock in the event handling, can you hop on the thread later?
[20:55:07] stuartm: devs tend to be restarting their frontends often, making bugs like this even harder to debug :/
[20:55:30] stuartm: superm1: you can ...
[20:56:28] superm1: i'm not super handy with gdb myself, but my frontend is in that state and I have debug symbols if you'd be interested in poking around on it
[20:56:50] stuartm: but if you are trying to watch an in-progress recording and it's failing to update the seektable/duration so you keep getting booted back to the menu every few minutes then you'll want to restart the frontend immediately
[20:57:29] superm1: oh that's exactly what happened last night when i was trying to watch under the dome
[20:57:31] superm1: gotcha
[20:57:55] stuartm: superm1: a simple BT would be a start, if it is a deadlock it would point us in the right direction
[20:58:24] stuartm: gdb -p {pidof mythfrontend.real} --args mythfrontend
[20:58:29] stuartm: gdb -p {pidof mythfrontend.real} --args mythfrontend.real
[20:58:52] stuartm: then at the prompt – "thread apply all bt full"
[20:59:18] stuartm: actually, first "set logging file mythfrontend_bt.log"
[20:59:21] stuartm: set logging on
[20:59:54] stuartm: then the backtrace, it will be written to mythfrontend_bt.log in the current working directory
[21:01:43] stuartm: if the backtrace doesn't help, you could try running with some additional logging enabled. I'd need to check, but -v socket,network probably
[21:01:49] superm1:
[21:01:50] stuartm: maybe a --loglevel debug
[21:02:07] stuartm: superm1: thanks
[21:02:10] superm1: sure
[21:04:13] stuartm: well there are no locks being held there, so it's not a deadlock, seems pretty quiet in general
[21:04:39] stuartm: most threads are idling, waiting for work
[21:06:09] stuartm: and there's nothing relating to the socket code
[21:06:51] superm1: OK, i'll get the frontend to spawn with -vsocket,network and loglevel debug and clean up my old logs
[21:12:46] stuartm: thanks again, doing the same here, hopefully we'll get a quick result
[21:13:03] superm1: sure
[21:13:17] superm1: i leave the frontend running all the time on that machine so hopefully comes up quickly
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