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Friday, August 30th, 2013, 02:30 UTC
[02:30:48] tgm4883: stuartm, I was able to accomplish what I asked about a few days ago, with the group disappearing and recordings shifting
[02:31:00] tgm4883: <tgm4883>
[02:31:00] tgm4883: <tgm4883>
[02:31:00] tgm4883: <tgm4883>
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[08:30:54] Captain_Murdoch: tgm4883, nice.
[08:54:41] stuartm: tgm4883: huh, really didn't think that was possible, just shows how little I know!
[08:55:42] stuartm: goes to show that doing interesting stuff with mythui just requires a little imagination and creative thinking
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[18:13:17] tgm4883: what is the command to run to check the theme code is correct?
[18:13:37] tgm4883: nm, found it
[18:16:16] tgm4883: hmm, is the xml validator updated for animation?
[18:16:17] tgm4883: ./recordings-ui.xml:97: element animation: Schemas validity error : Element 'animation': This element is not expected.
[18:17:58] tgm4883: wait, I see
[18:18:44] stuartm: animations should be covered in the xsd
[18:19:58] tgm4883: it doesn't look like it likes animations inside a group
[18:39:31] tgm4883: stuartm, is the fanart in the mythvideo screen shown differently than the fanart in the recordings screen? Because when I took those screenshots, it didn't grab the fanart even though it was present (which I think is odd)
[18:39:59] stuartm: no difference
[18:41:37] stuartm: tgm4883: if there are issues with the xsd then a patch would be welcome, I don't have time to check it myself as I'm triaging and trying to fix as many open tickets as I can
[18:42:07] tgm4883: stuartm, animation for a group should work though right?
[18:42:15] tgm4883: (it does, just want to make sure that is by design)
[18:43:09] stuartm: tgm4883: honestly, I'm not sure – if it works then it really doesn't matter if it was by design or not :)
[18:43:20] tgm4883: heh, fair enough
[18:43:53] tgm4883: stuartm, last question. Is there somewhere I can look to see what things would trigger a "abouttohide" and "abouttoshow"
[18:44:00] stuartm: seems it was added to all widgets, so I assume it's meant to work with them all, originally though it was only enabled for windows
[18:44:34] tgm4883: ah, that is probably what the xsd was written for then
[18:46:42] stuartm: aboutToHide is fired when a screen would be hidden – either closed, or a new screen is opened in front hiding it completely
[18:47:41] stuartm: aboutToShow is fired when a screen is opened, and when it is revealed by a screen in front being closed
[18:49:18] tgm4883: hmm
[18:50:44] tgm4883: aboutToShow doesn't seem to work as I'm expecting. I've got the recordsgroup set with it, and for a test i'm having it depend on fanart. The first time it shows up it slides in from the right correctly, but when I switch between shows with fanart and some without it doesn't slide in and out, just disappears and reappears
[18:51:16] tgm4883: It seems like that should trigger abouttoshow and abouttohide
[19:11:02] stuartm: those triggers presently only apply to screens
[19:11:27] stuartm: additional triggers haven't been implemented yet
[19:44:11] tgm4883: ah ok
[19:50:41] tgm4883: what hardware are animations dependant on? I've noticed that at 500ms they are a bit jerky, but if I slow them down to 2000ms, they are pretty smooth
[21:14:45] stuartm: no-one has done the benchmarking to get an idea of the minimum requirements
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