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Friday, August 23rd, 2013, 01:24 UTC
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[16:17:14] tgm4883: In the video browser. Is there a way to set how many items are shown in a button list? I don't see a configuration for this and it seems to be set to 13 for some reason
[16:30:28] stuartm: tgm4883: the number of buttons display is determined by the total area of the <buttonarea> divided by the size of each button – accounting for <spacing>
[16:31:24] stuartm: if you want to display more buttons, you need to increase the <buttonarea> in the approximate axis – e.g. height for a vertical list, width for a horizontal list and both for a grid layout
[16:32:19] stuartm: if you increase <buttonarea> you may also need to increase the overall buttonlist size and move the pageup/down arrows accordingly
[16:38:43] tgm4883: stuartm, yea I was playing around with that a bit, but it's not really working for me here. I'm ok with what I've got though, I reworked the browser view quite a bit to show more fanart
[16:38:57] tgm4883: I'm going to try doing the same with recordings
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[17:08:43] stuartm: You can enable area debugging with a key binding, that displays the outline of everything so you can see more clearly what is happening
[17:14:28] sphery: it's the "Toggle Show Widget Borders" jump point (there's also a "Toggle Show Widget Names" one), but neither have a key mapping by default, so you'll have to add one in Edit Keys
[17:27:48] stuartm: sphery: thanks for filling in the blanks
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[23:59:45] tgm4883: stuartm, sphery thanks, I've turned on the widget names and borders, but either we're doing something very wrong in the mythbuntu theme or having things overlaid makes it impossible to see whats going on

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