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Thursday, August 22nd, 2013, 00:35 UTC
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[18:24:01] peper03: tgm4883: (Moving to this channel as I guess it's more appropriate) From what I can tell, you need to add '<wrapstyle>flowing</wrapstyle>' about here . . . y-ui.xml#L22
[18:24:59] peper03: For consistency, it should probably be done in the gallery view for MythVideo too.
[18:27:30] peper03: Just checked in MythVideo. It does wrap there but only on the same line (i.e. pressing 'RIGHT' on the right causes it to jump to the first icon on the same line rather than the next line)
[18:28:29] peper03: . . . -ui.xml#L740
[18:28:49] peper03: I don't know if a grid layout is used anywhere else.
[18:33:16] peper03: And whilst I'm on the subject, can anything be done about the highlighting in the Image gallery? It's sometimes quite hard to see which picture is currently selected as the highlight is only a little bit bigger than the thumbnail and isn't significantly brighter than the background.
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