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Sunday, August 4th, 2013, 00:13 UTC
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[16:06:03] tgm4883: Not sure this worked the first time. Can I get y-lee added with commit access to the Mythbuntu theme github repo
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[17:49:34] sphery: tgm4883: you should have permission to do it, but I can do it for you
[18:06:30] sphery: tgm4883: it's this github user? (there's no e-mail associated with the profile, so I wanted to verify it's the right one)
[18:09:19] sphery: tgm4883: Or you can add him yourself by going to the team management page at and then selecting either Mythbuntu-Admin or Mythbuntu-Commit and typing the username into the text box under "Members" and hitting Add. The difference between the 2 is that Mythbuntu-Admin team members can push, pull, and administer the Mythbuntu repo (meaning they can add new members) and Mythbuntu-Commit ...
[18:09:25] sphery: ... can push and pull, but can't add new members.
[18:19:34] tgm4883: sphery, awesome, I've added him. Didn't know I could do that
[18:19:39] tgm4883: thanks
[18:19:51] sphery: thank you, then
[18:20:07] sphery: probably better that I showed you where to find the fishing pole, anyway :)
[18:20:34] tgm4883: actually, I don't see a Mythbuntu-commit, and I think I'd rather add him there
[18:20:37] sphery: (granted, it took me 10min to find that team management page, myself, because github redid their UI since I last added anyone)
[18:20:54] sphery: mythbuntu-commit is
[18:21:08] tgm4883: sphery, that is a 404 for me
[18:21:12] sphery: hmmm
[18:21:30] sphery: how many teams do you see on that page?
[18:21:34] tgm4883: 2
[18:21:38] tgm4883: owners and mythbuntu-admin
[18:21:56] sphery: I wonder if I need to add all of the owners to the -commit page, too
[18:22:18] tgm4883: and it looks like i'm not in owners either
[18:22:23] tgm4883: which is fine
[18:22:35] sphery: yeah, owners owns the entire project
[18:22:55] sphery: (meaning has access to all of the repos in there)
[18:23:47] tgm4883: yea, i don't need that access
[18:24:01] sphery: ok, please refresh the team mgmt page
[18:24:06] sphery: do you see -commit team, now?
[18:24:18] tgm4883: I can see -commit now
[18:24:33] tgm4883: doesn't look like I can add people to that though
[18:24:44] sphery: hehe, wow, we assumed that those with push/pull/admin capabilities could see the team for push/pull
[18:24:54] sphery: ok
[18:26:34] sphery: so, does it allow you to add to -Admin, now (or not)
[18:26:46] sphery: wonder if you lost that capability now that you're on the -Commit team
[18:26:59] sphery: admin at
[18:27:27] tgm4883: yes I can add people to -admin
[18:27:45] sphery: hmmm
[18:31:17] sphery: tgm4883: I think I'll have to ask some of the others who know github better than I if they know how we can fix that. Thanks for letting me know, and I'll get back to you if we can find a solution.
[18:31:26] sphery: in the meantime, do you want me to move y-lee to -commit
[18:31:38] tgm4883: sphery, yea, I removed him from admin, can you add him to -commit
[18:31:44] sphery: will do, thanks
[18:32:36] sphery: ok, he's on there--and glad you guys have some help for the theme (saw he was doing good work on it)
[18:33:16] tgm4883: yea he does most of the work on that now
[18:33:21] tgm4883: I've not really touched it much
[18:37:50] sphery: will be good get him access, too--makes it much easier for him
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