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Saturday, January 26th, 2013, 00:08 UTC
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[21:28:55] tgm4883: Is the correct way to validate a theme still
[21:28:55] tgm4883: xmllint --noout --schema path/to/your/theme/*.xml
[21:50:41] tgm4883: I ask, because it seems to throw errors on even the example theme files given
[21:51:25] stuartm: that looks right, it's been a while since I last ran it and it's very likely that the XSD wasn't updated when jpabq added some new features a few months ago
[21:51:57] tgm4883: ok, so then I shouldn't rely on it too much?
[21:52:22] tgm4883: I mean, it throws errors on themeinfo.xml
[21:58:15] stuartm: it would throw errors on themeinfo.xml, that's expected, just something I've not got around to adding support for
[21:59:30] tgm4883: stuartm, ok, should it throw errors on animation as well
[21:59:44] tgm4883: base.xml:1487: element animation: Schemas validity error : Element 'animation': This element is not expected.
[22:01:19] stuartm: tgm4883: ah, ok, the copy on the website wasn't synced with master, give me a minute and I'll fix that
[22:02:27] tgm4883: stuartm, ok thanks
[22:05:55] stuartm: try now
[22:09:50] tgm4883: stuartm, looking way better already
[22:09:52] tgm4883: Element 'format': This element is not expected.
[22:09:59] tgm4883: but at least some of the files validate now :)
[22:10:30] stuartm: format was phased out a couple of years back iirc
[22:10:41] stuartm: replaced with <template>
[22:10:52] stuartm: this is a <clock> definition?
[22:10:56] tgm4883: stuartm, is it a straight replacement? eg. could i just use sed?
[22:11:12] tgm4883: stuartm, well, there is a bunch of those in different files
[22:11:27] tgm4883: I inherited this theme, so it takes me a bit to go back through it
[22:11:33] tgm4883: which is why the validator is so important
[22:12:29] stuartm: yeah, it's a straight replacement
[22:12:40] tgm4883: stuartm, this is the current status of the Mythbuntu theme
[22:12:43] stuartm: was changed for consistency
[22:15:06] stuartm: shadow and dropcolor were changed even further back, I'm not sure those are so easily fixed, the new schema for those is here: . . . _definitions
[22:15:56] stuartm: the <area> errors are because there are too many commas (,) there shouldn't be one after the final value
[22:16:51] stuartm: colours are hex codes '#000000' for black, string values like 'black' and 'white' aren't valid
[22:17:03] tgm4883: yea I'm going through and fixing all that
[22:17:07] tgm4883: was that ever acceptable?
[22:18:37] stuartm: tgm4883: it was never acceptable in the new UI, but it was in the old, it did kinda work early on but only because we'd fall back to the old font parsing code to allow a smoother transition
[22:18:48] tgm4883: ah
[22:18:54] tgm4883: so that's why it's still in here
[22:19:04] tgm4883: I'm sure this theme originated around 0.20/0.21
[22:19:15] tgm4883: if not earlier
[22:21:28] stuartm: the gradient errors are because <gradient> inside <imagetype> tags was dropped in favour of <shape> gradients instead – . . . shape_widget
[22:22:14] tgm4883: man, I look at some of these errors, and I'm like, "how would that have ever been valid"
[22:22:24] tgm4883: I mean, -2% for area?
[22:23:49] stuartm: at least one error is just because the XSD file wasn't updated when the code was, ellipse is a valid type of shape
[22:27:28] stuartm: fixed
[22:30:07] tgm4883: stuartm, what about categorycolors in categories.xml?
[22:30:16] tgm4883: looks like it should be valid?
[22:33:00] stuartm: categories.xml is OK, it's valid just not documented in the XSD, many themes don't bother with it
[22:33:25] stuartm: the format hasn't changed since it was first introduced in 0.11 or whatever
[22:34:00] tgm4883: ok
[22:34:17] tgm4883: working on the bulk of mytharchive and mythburn errors now
[22:34:30] tgm4883: I don't use them, but didn't mytharchive replace mythburn?
[22:40:18] stuartm: I don't use them either, but I believe mythburn just became part of mytharchive, so that stuff is still valid
[22:40:38] stuartm: Paul wouldn't have converted it to mythui if it wasn't still be used
[22:41:33] tgm4883: ok
[22:41:58] tgm4883: mytharchive-ui.xml:84: element context: Schemas validity error : Element 'context': This element is not expected.
[22:42:09] tgm4883: I don't see anything regarding the context element on the wiki
[22:45:26] stuartm: grepping the code it's only applicable as part of the "triggeredevent" element, I'm guessing that's not how it's being used in mytharchive
[22:45:58] stuartm: I seem to remember the old UI had a <context> element, maybe it was accidentally left behind during conversion
[22:47:46] tgm4883: I'll blow it away and see if it causes any bug reports
[22:48:10] tgm4883: I'm guessing not, since it probably isn't working anyway
[22:48:49] stuartm: tgm4883: it's not being parsed anywhere, so it's not going to do anything :)
[23:13:39] tgm4883: stuartm, this seems to indicate gradient is still used . . . etype_widget
[23:13:55] tgm4883: unless the wiki is outdated too
[23:21:01] stuartm: wiki is outdated, or rather I failed to remove all mention of gradients when I updated it
[23:21:51] tgm4883: stuartm, ok, i got it to add the shape gradient
[23:21:56] tgm4883: so I'll convert all those now
[23:22:13] tgm4883: which is the last thing I need to fix :)
[23:22:53] stuartm: the code to draw imagetype gradients was removed in 0.26
[23:54:11] tgm4883: thanks for all the help stuartm I've pushed the changes up to git so it should be better now

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