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Thursday, January 17th, 2013, 00:51 UTC
[00:51:47] Quantum7: I'm getting all the themes I DL into ~/.mythtv/themes, but selecting any of them never works.
[00:52:42] Quantum7: jpabq: I choose a different one, the frontend restarts, but still Terra.
[01:03:41] jpabq: Your frontend logs should give a clue as to what is going wrong.
[01:18:53] Quantum7: jpabq: Nothing in mythfrontend.log showing any problem.
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[02:55:01] sphery: Quantum7: you likely need to shut down mythfrontend to see the update
[02:55:33] sphery: Quantum7: that happens when you start mythfrontend and your specified theme is a) broken (old version), b) missing, or c) unusable due to permissions or whatever
[02:56:05] sphery: Quantum7: when you say to use an unusable theme, we put in a "session override" that says you'll use Terra until you restart (with a usable theme specified)
[02:56:15] sphery: so, change your theme to a usable one, then restart mythfrontend
[02:57:59] sphery: and, I'm not a fan of the approach, but was told I had to use it because "we shouldn't just change a user's configuration without permission" in case someone installed MythTV but forgot to install their desired theme, then started MythTV--some thought that user would be upset if we changed their theme to Terra, so that they had to go in and change it back to the one they want
[02:58:35] sphery: however, now that all theme installation is done through the theme downloader, it makes even less sense--and really confuses users when they try to change it and it doesn't because of the override that stays in place until you restart mythfrontend
[02:58:56] sphery: (since when they install the one they want, we'd also change the theme to that one)
[05:32:16] Quantum7: sphery: Thanks. But I've started completely fresh, compiling 0.27 and deleting all old Myth directories. The only themes I've downloaded are with the Chooser. It looks like mythfrontend restarts when I download each them, and when I try to choose that theme right after that. But I'll try stopping and restarting.
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[17:26:33] Quantum7: It looks like it's going to work. Restarted and I can change themes at will.

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