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Sunday, November 25th, 2012, 00:57 UTC
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[01:45:19] jpabq: I am working on adding a speed attribute to the the scroll element. A value of zero (0) would cause the text to scroll at the same rate it does now. A negative value would cause it to scroll slower, and a positive value would scroll faster. What should this attribute be called? Just "speed" or "speedadjust"? Something else?
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[13:42:24] stuartm: jpabq: speedadjust is the more accurate description, although I have a nagging feeling that there is a better way to say the same thing
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[16:16:11] jpabq: scrollrateadjust ?
[16:55:57] stuartm: that's better, and since it's an attribute and therefore directly connected to <scroll> you could just use 'rateadjust'?
[16:56:37] stuartm: maybe redundant to have <scroll scrollrateadjust="">
[17:32:21] jpabq: Agreed. Thanks!
[17:36:56] jpabq: stuartm: I had also decided to allow different rates for "forward" and "return" (for horizontal and vertical scroll types). So, when scrolling to the left, the rate could be different than when scrolling to the right. So, should that be "forwardrateadjust" and "returnrateadjust", or perhaps just "rateadjust" and "returnrateadjust" ?
[17:41:50] stuartm: I'd say the latter
[17:44:08] jpabq: Cool. Thanks again.
[18:24:49] Captain_Murdoch: you could leave off the 'adjust' part and treat it as a percentage. 50 == half speed, default 100 == normal, 200 == double speed
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[18:25:39] Captain_Murdoch: jpabq, ^^ coming to the party late, but figured I'd put in my $0.02.
[18:27:12] jpabq: Captain_Murdoch: interesting idea.
[18:35:02] stuartm: a percentage would make it easier to understand the relationship and possibly greater fidelity
[18:38:30] jpabq: Right now, the scroll rate is directly tied to the refresh rate, which I believe is 70Hz. The text will effectively move 70 pixels per second.
[19:05:50] stuartm: there has been a lot of discussion about changing that rate, it would be good if themers didn't need to alter their themes if that ever happens
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[20:06:46] jpabq: stuartm: I assume that 70Hz is define in mythmainwindow (drawInterval and drawTimer) ?
[20:11:39] stuartm: sounds right, Mark changed some things around though so I'd not swear to it
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